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1965FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
1913FinishedAerithReconnect: KaydinAerith, in preparation to track Chita and find out what he's up to, enters her usual space in the Targ Woods to begin a training session. While she would usually make her own sparring partners, a live one conveniently shows itself before her.
1864UnfinishedAerithPaths Yet UnseenMuch time has passed since the first meeting between a certain sage and a certain flower girl. Oddly enough, she had homework to do. But with so much else going on, an embarrassed Aerith calls up Paulo Mysidi to inform him of her failure. How will he take it?
1849FinishedAerith"Understanding"The path to change and progress begins with one small step, and Aerith takes the first step to changing the way she thinks about things. Of course, no great journey happens without help, and who better to guide her than Chita?
1823FinishedAerithConnection: EchoAerith heads back to the woods near Goug after the irritating Black Friday fiasco to clear her head, and perhaps take a moment to commune with the spirits there that have been untouched by Shinra's reactors. Of course, one is never alone in places like these, and she ends up meeting a peculiar creature. And Aerith always was a sucker for cute things...
1805FinishedAerithReconnect: MairaAfter recovering Alice and bringing her back to VALKYRI HQ, Aerith finds herself with more questions than answers. To clear her thoughts of a few of them, she turns to one who she's sorely in need of a re-evaluation with.
1795FinishedAerithConnection: AviraThey've run into each other far too many times for her to believe it's coincidence. Now the leader of VALKYRI and the eponymous Flower Girl of Goug have a heart-to-heart, during lunch hour at Cloud Nine. Oh, and some guy named Raine butts in too.
1791FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
1776FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
1773FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
1656FinishedAerithAerith the Architect, Part 1: Five Moves AheadThe long-forestalled meeting between one seeking more knowledge and one who has answers is at hand, and a mere flower girl takes the first step into becoming something more...
1496FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
1150UnfinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
991UnfinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
872FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
457FinishedAerithOdd Little DucklingAfter her return from Twilight Town and a long deserved rest, Aerith admires the new upstairs addition to Seventh Heaven. But while on her tour, she discovers someone that catches her interest.
448FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
414FinishedAerithKick The Training WheelsAerith invites Synestria to Traverse Town's second district in order to demonstrate the results of her experimentation into the use of spirit energy. Of course, she's always looking for pointers, so she asks for advice and perhaps training in using magic without relying on materia...
390FinishedAerithThe Maiden and the Temple KnightAerith extends her stay in Traverse Town, having arranged with Faruja Senra to train in the ways of his weapon. While there, Kaydin and Luso join in, and as Aerith becomes inspired by one of the nezumi's signature techniques, so to are Kaydin and Luso inspired to train their own techniques as well. Of course, this can only end one way... a duel between the two of them.
379FinishedAerithStars In The Darkness: AerithJust after returning from her training trip in Targ Woods, Aerith returns to Goug, only to leave again for fairer shores. She ends up in Traverse Town in a place known as Bodhum. She has no time for the scenery however, for the flower girl has much work to do, and a path she must tread if she wants to aid those lost souls in Manhattan...
370FinishedAerithHow Aerith Got Her Groove Back, FinaleAerith gets her new toy, taking her first steps into a world of possibilities. Making a vow not to rely on her materia during the extent of her training, she makes plans to further her knowledge in preparation for the eventual retaking of Manhattan.
361FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
352FinishedAerithHow Aerith Got Her Groove Back, Part 3Aerith and Pixi head for the Targ Woods in order to begin her first real day of training. Instead of the workout she expects however, she is tested by a strange presence as old as the forest itself, and is introduced to Pixi's former teacher. Within the sacred grove, the Cetra is offered a special gift...
335FinishedAerithHow Aerith Got Her Groove Back, Part 2Aertih discovers that when Pixi said training with her would not be easy, she meant it. The difficult process of learning how to truly defend herself however merely makes her look at it like a puzzle to be solved. A very intricate and long-winded one...
322FinishedAerithHow Aerith Got Her Groove Back, Part 1After the loss of Manhattan, Aerith is driven more than ever to improve her self-taught fighting skills into a true style worthy of defending those around her. As she goes into a light sparring session with Tifa, an opportunity arises for her to push her training to the next stage... And being the upstanding guy that he is, Kaydin offers to go along for the ride.
303FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
299FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
293FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
283FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
273FinishedAerithSo Much To LearnAerith returns to Manhattan after the incident in Casino Gold to refresh herself. Having met so many new interesting people along the way, she begins to ask just who they are and what they stand for... because knowing could save her life.
263FinishedAerithDown To BusinessAerith finally begins teaching her protege in the ways of properly controlling her magic. Easier said than done, of course.
258FinishedAerithWeight of One's BurdensNo Description Set
256FinishedAerithDestiny Waits For No CetraAerith, running out of supplies, decides to make her own batch of what she's missing. Naturally, as with everything else in this world, things are not so easy, and she falls into a trap she didn't know was waiting for her. In the midst of the conflict, she discovers her purpose, and something that comes with it...
215FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
207FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
185FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
182FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set
181FinishedAerithNo Title SetNo Description Set