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(2013-07-07 - 2013-07-07)
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Ariel After a harrowing Heartless encounter, Ariel finds herself walking into a bar. No 'walking into a bar' jokes, please.

She's a little moody, because fighting Heartless is always troublesome. But since the Heartless was defeated she's not really too depressed. She is, however, keeping a bit to herself for the most part. She's found some new clothes, and she blends in better in more modern worlds than she used to. Maybe, she'll even find her way home some day...

Not that she WANTS to, but...

Maybe she kind of does?

She's found this bar, in particular, because she knows Tifa and Aerith hang out here.
Kim Possible Kim Possible is here looking for Tifa. Why? Because they're BFFs. And Kim likes nothing more than to be with her BFF after a rough day. What's the problem, you ask? Either problems with Bonnie or maybe having to babysit her brothers. Just don't ask Kim now, because she's not looking too chatty.
Aerith Okay, so two redheads walk into a bar....

Yeah, no. No jokes.

Aerith however is present, wiping off the counter with a terry cloth. The bell just above the swinging doors chimes and she looks up to offer the customary welcome. Instead, she smiles when Ariel and Kim walk in. "Hey, you two! Long time no see!"
Ariel Ariel waves, and sits up at the bar. "Hey!" It's good to see Aerith here.

When she realizes, 'you two,' she turns around and sees Kim. "Oh! Hi! How are you?"
Kim Possible "Don't ask, seriously," Kim says as she takes a seat. "I just had the most totally uncool day ever." She pauses and looks around. "Where's Tifa? Isn't she here too?"
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment at the bad vibes coming off of Kim. Part of her wanted to just go over and hug her, but she held herself at the bar for now. "Tifa's in Twilight Town, watching out for Cloud Nine. That leaves me to hold down the fort here, but it's worth it." She glanced down at the counter and smiled at her reflection. Aerith put the rag away and walked out from behind the bar to meet the girls. "Have a seat with me, ladies. We need to catch up."
Ariel Ariel nods, and crosses her legs at the bar.

Though she's not... totally sure what to catch up on, at first. She clears her throat. "So have things been keeping safe around here?"
Kim Possible "Aw man, things just got even more uncool. I was hoping to see Tifa, but she's not here?" Kim sighs and puts her chin in her hands. "I hate days like this, they're total bummers!"
Aerith Aerith glanced at the usually spunky cheerleader. Right, time to breach the topic. "You know you can talk to me, right? Just start from what happened and we'll go from there." She moved to sit on the side of Kim that Ariel wasn't on and leveled her gaze on the secret agent. "Start whenever you're ready."
Ariel Ariel nods. She's more interested in hearing why Kim's day was a bummer, than complaining about her own.

She pushes some hair out of her eyes as she leans on one elbow, to listen.
Kim Possible "Well it was a perfect day to go to the beach, so some of my friends and I were gonna go." Kim sighs. "But my parents had to go out for something, leaving ME to watch over my twin little brothers. So while my friends are off having fun, I have to watch the twins." She rolls her eyes.
Aerith Aerith pouted and squeezed Kim's right shoulder, just enough to reassure her. "I know how that one feels... we had so much fun out there in Hawaii. Tell you what, to make up for it we'll go somewhere else like that. I know of one place that'd be great." She grinned. "Trust me, you're gonna love it." She shook her head. "Sorry. Keep going."
Ariel Ariel looks around. She... doesn't see twins now, so she assumes that must have been earlier. "...Can I go?" she asks Aerith. Since where ever it is, it sounds fun. Though this place is at least pretty interesting and different.
Kim Possible "What else is there to say?" Kim says to Aerith, before looking to Ariel. "I don't see why not. I'm sure that Aerith would like to have you join us..."
Aerith "Come here you." Aerith put her arms around Kim. "I know stuff like this can get you down. But you're here with us now, and we got you to open up. It's a bad idea to let something like this stick around your head." She glanced at Aerith. "And of course! I'd love to take you along!"
Ariel Ariel nods. "Well, that's great! I didn't mean to interrupt, though. I mean, yeah. I know it can be rough. I'm the baby of the family, though, so, um, I don't know what that's like, but I probably bothered my sisters..." Oops, Ariel clams up (pun unintended). She doesn't want to really talk too much about her sisters.
Kim Possible Kim seems to lighten up but doesn't show much in that manner to be honest. "I can't help it! It happens so often it's not even funny!"
Aerith Aerith frowned and pulled away from the hug. "Well what you need is something to do; to take your mind off all this." She hopped off of the bar stool. "I'm glad you two showed up, by the way... I have something I've been meaning to do for a while now, but I can't go by myself."
Ariel "Oh?" Ariel is very interested, sitting up in her seat. She puts her back against the bar. "What's that?!"
Kim Possible "What is it?" Kim asks, still trying to show interest but something's really got her down it seems.
Aerith Aerith headed behind the bar and dipped beneath the counter. "Before this place was as you see it right now, it was part of a city called Midgar. It was divided into different sectors, each one with a sort of shanty town underneath. One of them, Sector 5, had a church, and it was the only place you could see the sky from." A pair of clicks could be heard from where Aerith disappeared. "Ever since my world fell, no one's seen it, and with the war going on, people have started to lose hope." She emerged with a six foot long white wood staff, a pair of silver bracelets on her wrists, glowing with the colors of several gems. "I've been meaning to find out where it's gone and see what I could do to get it opened again."
Ariel Ariel listens raptly, leaning her chin on her hands. She nods a few times. "...And we could save your city, and that church? Do you think we really could?"
Kim Possible "Are you sure that's a good idea?" Kim asks. "What's to say there aren't Heartless there or worse?" It's obvious something's on Kim's mind, since she's generally not this pessimistic.
Aerith "Oh, there are." Aerith smiled. "I don't doubt it. It's why I didn't want to go out alone." She tilted her head to the right. "You know... I think something else is up with you. You don't ever talk in the negative. There's always a way for you." She propped her staff against her right shoulder and folded her arms. "I think there IS something else you need to say, isn't there?"
Ariel "Well, it's... possible there's Heartless there, but I know we can beat Heartless..." Ariel adds, shying away from being totally certain, but showing her support.
Kim Possible "It's Ron... he's gone away for the summer..." Kim shakes her head. "We were gonna have so much fun together, but his parents decided they would take a summer trip. It's so uncool!"
Aerith Aerith frowned, her brows turned upward. She made her way out from behind the bar again and gave Kim another hug. "I'm sorry to hear that... he's a really good friend to you." It wasn't a question, it was an affirmation. She didn't know Ron at all, but she could feel Kim's heartbreak. "After this, we are definitely going somewhere fun, okay? Just us girls."
Ariel Ariel is sympathetic! It's clearly her boyfriend. And she misses her boyfriend too...

Even if she never, like, met him so much...

She puts her chin on her hand and sighs.
Kim Possible Ron isn't exactly Kim's boyfriend... at least she won't admit it. But she does appreciate the show of support. "Well, thanks. I suppose we could go someplace fun, yeah."
Aerith Aerith glanced over to Ariel and gave her a cheeky grin. "You don't get to sit over there and mope, come here and join the hug!"
Ariel Ariel gets up, and hops over to join the hug as instructed. She's okay with hugs, especialy if they're with friends.

She...DOES have to ask though. "So, is Ron your boyfriend?"
Kim Possible "He's not my boyfriend," Kim replies firmly. "We've just known each other since childhood and we've been close friends all this time."
Aerith Aerith giggled. "You two are gonna have to talk about that later." She squeezed Kim for a moment. "You're gonna be okay, okay? I'll be right here with you until he gets back."
Ariel Ariel shrugs, her mouth a little crooked. "Right, sorry, I don't want to be rude! I just was thinking about some... stuff I left behind, too. But it's not really a big problem. I'm sure you can get back with Ron really soon!"
Kim Possible "It depends on when he gets back." Kim says. "And don't worry about it, I'm fine."
Aerith Aerith broke away from the hug. "No you're not. But we'll help you until you are." She headed for the bar again. "Now then, you girls do what you need to before we go, because I have a feeling we'll be in for a long trip."
Ariel Ariel grins. "Okay! Should I meet you back here? Is there anything special I should pack? I have... stuff." Ariel is collecting lots of 'stuff.'
Kim Possible "I suppose I could do that. After all, I can do something and be home in time for dinner and stuff like that," Kim looks at her watch. "Not to mention, I'll be sure to pack well. But I hope we can convince Tifa to come too."
Aerith Aerith giggled. "Seriously, what have you and Tifa done while I was away? You're getting awful attached to her, aren't you?"
Ariel Ariel doesn't know, but she assumes Aerith is joking. Still, she smiles. "Well, it's her world too, right?"
Kim Possible "We've just hung out together and taken on Heartless. What else is there to say?" Kim seems to be short but to the point.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Okay, I'm just asking." She headed toward the upstairs rooms. "Go get whatever you need. We'll be headed out shortly, I think." With that, she was gone, for the moment.
Ariel Ariel stands up also. She checks her bag... frowns in it for a second, and then shrugs. "I... will be happy to head out! I might need to get some potions. But I'll be right back!"

She turns for the door, but then spins around a little bit before exiting. She's energetic at least.

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