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(2014-03-24 - 2014-03-26)
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Aerith Daybreak never really came over Traverse Town, especially in Bodhum. But Aerith had a sense of time anyway, as her morning alarm went off. Normally an alarm would consist of a clock being annoyingly loud, but she had her own wake up call, developed over years of having to be cautious of attempts to snatch her away in the dead of night.

Five in the morning saw her awake, and the events of the past few hours replayed in her head like a miniature movie. She smiled to herself as she headed for the bathroom to get ready for what would prove to be an interesting day...
Chita Of course, the Viera that had stayed the night was still quite unconscious. He hadn't slept this well in quite some time. He laid on the other side of the bed atop the covers, half-dressed, and for a change looking quite relaxed. No restless sleep with the sword haunting him, no worries about anything, just...

For a change, there was nothing wrong. Not even her getting up or going to shower and such seemed to dredge him out of his sleep. Meanwhile underneath the cushion of the matress he had tucked the sword away. No point leaving it in the open in case someone slipped in during the night to abscond with it.
Aerith She decided to give him two extra hours before actually doing anything about waking him up. Aerith wouldn't be so cruel as to expect someone else to follow her schedule, and she was perfectly fine with letting him sleep in.

It didn't stop her however, from peering into his room. A wistful smile crossed her face as she watched him rest, his features at peace for the first time since... Spirits, when had he ever been at peace?

Well, never mind. She cleared her throat. "I think that's enough. Time to rise and shine, it's ten in the morning."
Chita "Hm?" When she finally spoke he looked a bit confused. Not having the sword in hand he couldn't see. He didn't reach for it, though, slowly sitting upright as he tried to orient himself a bit. Ten in the morning? Couldn't tell, blind. She seemed in good spirits, though. "Good morning. What has you so perky?" he asked through a yawn and stretch.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Well I'm just an early bird, that's all." She entered the room and closed the door behind her. "I'm going to assume you're all good to go... besides the clothing bit, which we'll take care of." She giggled. "Or do you need more time?"
Chita Shaking his head just a little he thought about it before saying in a half daze, "What was the plans this morning again? Maybe I should take a shower first." Without thinking much about it he stood and wandered towards the bathroom carefully. "You're welcome to j--nevermind, you've already bathed." He gave a little sniff as he noticed the smell of her shampoo. Attempt at flirting failing he instead just ducked into the doorway, half shut it and went about getting ready for his shower.
Aerith Aerith giggled. "Nice try, swordbunny." She headed out the door again, opting to wait outside for him. There was a time and place for this kind of thing, and this wasn't it. She had to focus on what lay ahead. In fact, she felt it best to simply head out without him for a bit, just outside the hotel, to meditate and harness her energies.

She had a feeling she'd need them.
Chita Chita finally made his way out of the hotel after a bit with the sword in hand. Suffice it to say he looked like a wet rat. His long hair was completely soaked and pulled back in a messy half-combed state and the clothing he had on was a loose set of jeans as well as a simple shirt. It wasn't held aggressively so much as not really having the best kind of sheath for it to look less, well, out and ready to hurt someone suddenly. "Hey there beautiful... really, what got you up so early? Couldn't wait to kick my butt?"
Aerith Aerith sat on the ground, her legs folded beneath her in lotus posture.

She didn't respond to Chita for several moments, her eyes closed and breathing almost indiscernible. Yet the hairs on Chita's neck would stand on end, and whatever magical senses he had would be pinging like crazy. Indeed, a pale green aura radiated from her, small motes of light breaking off from the waves of energy she gave off.

It was something she hadn't told him about, ever.
Chita Well, that was different. He didn't really have any magical senses, but even he could see that it was different. That this was all... something he hadn't expected from her. Deciding not to interrupt he instead moved off to the side and leaned against the nearby wall while waiting for her to finish whatever it was she was doing.

Of course that left him enough time to try and wake up, the shower not having really done that much for him.
Aerith Aerith's eyes opened after five more seconds as she picked up Chita's presence nearby. The aura faded as she stood and lifted her right hand in the air. A single mote of pale green energy, the same as her wavelength, hovered above her palm before she closed a fist around it.

With a brief flash of light, a six foot long staff made of whitewood appeared where the sprite once was. "Okay then. You ready?"
Chita "..."

Turning towards Aerith, Chita looks a bit concerned before he finally says, "I cannot fight you in good faith like this without telling you that this weapon... it is quite powerful. If you want me to hold back, I will. If you want me to fight you seriously... I will as well. You deserve my respect when it comes to that, so the choice is yours." And he left it up to her how this was going to go. "But if we are to fight seriously, we should move elsewhere. I could take us somewhere nothing gets destroyed if that is what you want."
Aerith Aerith nodded. "I figured so." She turned toward him. "Well, let's see how strong that thing is, then. If you had a particular place in mind, let's head over." She smiled. "I do have a nice story to tell you, but I won't do it now." She'd save that for when the time was right.
Chita "In that case..." Reaching into his outfit Chita pulled out the long silver whistle he used to summon his Chocobo and gave it a silent blow, his Chocobo coming around the corner and bumping his head into him. "Hey there silly. Come along then Aerith, you can ride him." And only waiting for her to hop on he leapt up a few nearby crates and made his way onto the top of the building, casually making his way off towards an empty area near the Bodhum beach. Senra would have no problem following, light on his talons as he was, taking the same path up actually and silently crossing the roof with ease.

Once there, it could be seen as a little cleared out space inside the woods next to the beach, a place where people might sneak off to in order to neck or be alone. At the moment it was quite empty though. "You may attack first, at your own pace. This is no fun without a wager, though. You can place the bets, I'll go along with anything."
Aerith Aerith enjoyed the ride for the most part, staying silent as she watched the city from the view of the rooftops. But once they reached the clearing, Aerith dismounted and dusted her jeans off. "Wager, huh? I dunno... that's a pretty tall order. What would I bet?" She giggled as several things came to mind, but did not respond otherwise. Once she was a few feet away from him, she turned a sharp one-eighty, whirled her staff over her head, and struck an offensive pose.

"Once upon a time, there was a group of monks in a forest, just at the base of a mountain."
Chita "You're betting me a story? While I'd normally be quite interested, that wasn't what I had in mind." Chita's sword remained down, at his side. He'd never been the type to 'prepare' for an encounter like that. It was far too obvious and easy to get around. Held at ease, no one could be certain how he would defend himself, or for that matter, how quickly he could.
Aerith Aerith wasted no time in advancing forward in advancing steps, her rear leg moving before her lead. She rushed Chita with a series of thrusts, testing his defenses. "They were sworn to uphold all life in the highest regard, and took an oath not to kill!"
Chita When her attack came he lifted his weapon and swung it out sideways, a scream cutting through the air from the weapon to connect with her mid-section. It wouldn't cut, but it'd sure as hell blow her back if it connected. A burst of sound physically manifesting like a shockwave. When the sound came he visibly winced and let out a curse of sorts before jumping back and wishing she wasn't telling him a story. Because he'd put his earplugs in if she wasn't! Taking the distance to his advantage he began to weave shockwaves of that screaming sound out towards Aerith, high, low and to the sides in swift cuts, forcing her to either deflect them, or avoid them.
Aerith Just like the fight with the monster that weapon used to be, it apparently used sound as its weapon.

Aerith was ready.

"The monks were targets from bandits..." She leapt over the first... "Beasts..." Rolled under the second, spun around the third... "And all manner of dangers!" And came at him again with one, two... then circled the staff and tried to knock the wind out of him, her weapon flashing with that strange energy she gave off just before impact.
Chita When the next attack came, he let her get close and when she struck he reached up to grab it at the moment of impact. Sure, it still hit and hurt like hell, knocking him back a step, but what he did next might have surprised her. He gave the sword a flick and swung it straight up, a tornado of screams and sound flooding around Aerith to lift her into the air. The screaming rage was followed by him jumping back and trying to catch his breath, another series of waves of screaming sound flung at her in succession. "Why are you telling me this?! Trying to guilt me about not being willing to kill someone?"
Aerith Aerith was launched into the air, as expected... but recovered mid flight, turning herself in a flip so she would land on her toes. The attacks came yet again, and she avoided... all but once, which caused her to spin slightly off axis. She recovered and continued with the tale... even as she whirled her staff in a figure-eight, her staff whirling like a saw blade. "One monk, coming from a distant land, saw the fate of those who lived there and decided to teach them how to strengthen themselves, in mind and spirit." She charged forward, the weapon still whirling. "It was meant to be exercise... but the monks turned it into a martial art!" Her aim, to whack him to kingdom come, several times!
Chita Aerith evaded that attack? Maybe she's a better fighter than he thought! Her story caused him to simply shake his head. He had no idea what she was getting at. Yet when she came, his sword raised to block the attack, striking out in measured motion to block away the attacks. He was hardly a skilled swordsman but the sword was light and ue was used to defending himself with polearms, so if nothing else he could deflect away attacks decently enough. Pushing back to force her away and into the air again he brought the sword up and began to spin it around in loops above his head, a little swirling pattern before slashing downwards, a large gust of screams coming out, up and then down atop Aerith. When the sound hit he held the sword out, the weapon making an awful noise, a strange, unrecognizable song of sorts, musical, haunting... disorienting. In this moment Chita leapt forward and attempted to slash the sword into her staff to knock it away and out of her hands.
Aerith She didn't bother continuing the story, because she was being harassed at this point. Oh he was good. And the weapon was definitely strong enough, but for some reason... he didn't seem to want to really wail on her.

Or at least, that's what it felt like, as she was tossed in the air, forced down hard, and then knocked upward again.

She somehow took the hits in stride, then got to her feet in the space of a few seconds.

The smile never left her face. She didn't even seem to be in that much pain!

Aerith whirled her staff again and planted it onto the ground with a loud clack. Floes of energy shot up from the ground and seeped into her, making her green eyes shine. "Months of training later, bandits attacked the temple yet again. This time, thirteen monks armed with noting but staves just like mine rose to the defense of their home." Her eyes narrowed as she got into stance again, gesturing for him to come at her.
Chita Aerith stood there, seemingly defiant despite it all. True, he still wasn't going all out. He was only using the weapon's ability to scream, to rage, in order to combat her. But he'd never actually attack someone with the blade itself. He has no intention of letting the weapon spill blood. The only blood that's been on it so far was his own when he cut his hand attempting to grab it blind when it first came into existence and so help him he'd keep it that way.
Still, he said he'd give it his all, so he'd have to do that otherwise. Leaping forward and vanishing from sight he reappeared behind Aerith, though it was a feignt, vanishing from there and appearing directly over her head. With a quick overhead chop downwards a blast of sound shot out towards her, a scream as if he cut the air in two. Before he fell he gave a single spin around and then slashed out towards the nearby trees, screams encircling them, encircling Aerith, slowly advancing towards her before the sound would lash out at once and try to literally blast her away towards the treeline.
Aerith Aerith did not move when he vanished. She closed her eyes, held her position... and listened. Not for him, but for the Voice.

The whispers in her mind came seconds later as he made his gambit... and she shifted to her left. Eyes still closed.

The second attack came, and she simply was not there, leaping over the attack instead of simply taking it.

The screams died down, and she opened her eyes, a serene expression on her features. Aerith said nothing, simply began to move her staff in the figure eight again... but this time, as she picked up momentum, the weapon began to glow with that pale green aura. Once she reached top speed, she rushed at him... but somehow was right in front of him within the space of a second, her weapon whirling, aiming to batter him into submission. Yet the final hit was not performed while standing, but with a leap into the air!

She came down on him with a chop of her staff, aimed right for the top of his head. She'd more than likely knock him back, or knock him down...
Chita That's right, she could sense him... not that he truly knew how, but when she evaded it partially clicked. Evading the attacks seemingly perfectly, she counterattacked on her own and attempted to knock him flat on his ass with a hit to the head. But despite being blind, the sword gave him all the sight he needed to see it coming. Weapon raising and ears folding back he quickly brought it over his head and intercepted the attack. What he didn't expect was the sword to flex despite such due to the force of it and finding himself still hit right atop the head.
"Gah... damn..." Despite the hit having barely connected due to the blade, it still hurt enough that he was a bit dizzy, standing up and stepping back, wobbling a bit.
Was this how it was going to be? He was going to be beaten up by mages using staves because he couldnt' bring himself to use the power in his own hands? He didn't want to hurt her though... but she had agreed to this, urged him into it. She was a healer, and he could stop himself short of hurting her. He simply needed to learn to trust.


And her.

This time he did something entirely different, he darted forward and when he got close, he swung out, from below straight up in front of her face. It wasn't meant to hit her, but the wave of screaming that followed /was/, and the next, and the next, a steady assault of screaming waves from his weapon as he advanced on her, finally using the sword for more than just a glorified screaming fan.
Aerith Well finally!

Chita launches into his first real attack, and Aerith spins out of the way. The wind itself seems to carve in his wake though, and knocks her into the air... only straight upward. And the only way down was through the sword bunny.

Fair enough. She had an answer.

"The results of the battle," she called out to him, "Were decisive!" With that, gravity began to take its toll, yet she turned a front flip with her weapon's first two quarters leading the way. She aimed to ram her staff into his head, one of his shoulders, anywhere she could manage. Her weapon glowed yet again, something that Chita would probably note as bad news.
Chita This entire fight was pissing Chita off... for some reason. Why was it pissing him off? Maybe the weapon was getting to him and he didn't realize it. Or maybe it was something else. The strike came and Chita did something that might surprise her. He dropped the sword blade-down into the sand before reaching his hand up and grabbing the staff, blind, and stopping it from hurting him too much. It did hurt, but not near as much as it could have.

"Stop aiming for my head, damnit Aerith! You're pissing me off!" And it showed when he tried to use that grip on the staff to pry it out of her hands and use it to swing like a baseball bat straight for her midsection - or if she was still on it, back-firsti nto the ground, fully intending to knock the air out of her with a single, powerful strike.
Aerith It worked.

Just not as he expected it to.

Aerith rolled backward as she hit the ground. Most if not all of the force was transferred elsewhere, and she saved herself some energy. "Well then, how about I do something else?"

She chuckled as yet another attack was launched... and for the first two shockwaves, she simply wasn't there, moving out of the path of attack. The third glanced her right side as she moved, yet she turned gracefully.

And then she turned again, aiming to ram her staff into his ribs like a really, really long baseball bat. Again, the staff gleamed with her personal energy. By now, Chita would realize that this meant the strike was far more potent than usual...
Chita Reaching his hand down next to him to get his sword again once she rolled away, it was just in time to see her coming at him. "This is through, Aerith. It ends now." His hand once again grabbed the the end of the stave and this time he spun around closer, trapping it beneath his left arm and attempting to twist it enough to push it right back into her. Ultimately not working, though, all he said was, "Please... stop. I don't know why this is all making me angry, but it is and I'm starting to want to hurt you and I know that's not right. If you continue this, Aerith, abusing my nature to get the upper hand in a friendly fight, you won't like the result."

chita's voice was soft, almost a growl of sorts. Almost. He was trying to control himself, and so far he'd managed.
Aerith Chita seemed to be wising up to her. Good. But perhaps he would begin to notice her other intention as well. "Well then, if you think I'm abusing your nature, consider this..."

She continued to speak on her story, nearing the end. "The monks defended their temple gates, and not a single bandit made it inside. Yet at the same time, the bandits... limped into the forest with broken bones, damaged limbs, and more bruises than they'd ever had in their lives. Defeated... but alive."

She whirled her staff again and planted it into the ground. "You wanted to know my resolve not to cause bloodshed. Even after you started to give me everything you had, and I could really tell you did... you're still alive. And you can tell I didn't hold anything back, from the start." Aerith shrugged. "This weapon... despite everything it can do... can't kill a sentient being. Injure, yes. Disable, yes. It can even knock them out. But kill?"

She shook her head. "No. I might accept the realities of this world, but that doesn't mean I adhere to them. I picked this weapon, and re-trained myself in this specific style, because it would quite literally render me unable to kill a living soul." She chuckled. "The Heartless on the other hand..."
Chita Taking a slow deep breath Chita shook his head and looked down at his sword before making a rather annoyed sound. "Seems I don't quite have as much control over you as I thought. Maybe I should see about that..." And that's when he realizes, he never got back to Seith regarding the last incarnation of this weapon. As Aerith speaks, though, he idly listens to her and when she seems to make a point about the weapon being unable to kill, he turns towards her and says, softly, "It is not just the weapon that makes a difference... it is who wields it. Which is why, in the end, several who have keyblades are still murderers, despite having the ability to change worlds. Just because your weapon cannot kill... it does not mean you cannot kill. Words kill just as much as weapons."

Fixing the weapon back into the leather cord scabard he had devised on his hip Chita adds in, "Feel free to use Senra to get back to the hotel or the city. I will call him back in about ten minutes. There are some... things I need to take care of." And with that he quickly turns to leap away. But what was he going to do? And where?
Aerith Aerith nodded. Well that was good enough for now, she supposed. As she watched him leap away, the same questions went through her mind, plus one other. He did realize that was as much as an apology as an explanation... right?

Aerith sighed and turned toward Senra. "Your owner is stubborn." She smiled. "But then again, that does mean I get to try my trick on you... hope you don't mind." She placed her right hand onto one of Senra's wings and closed her eyes. This was sort of new to her, but she had to at least give it a shot. She reached out, not with her mind, but with her spirit, and offered one simple word... a greeting. It was odd, and felt strange, but she had to at least try.
Chita Senra is a Chocobo.

A well-bred and trained Chocobo.

But still a Chocobo.

Aerith Aerith sighed. "Oh, well. Worth a shot." She chuckled and hopped onto the saddle. "So... where should we go..." Her eyes widened as an idea came to mind. "Hey, let's go have some fun on the beach." With that, she made her way toward the shoreline, all thoughts of Chita set aside, for the moment at least.

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