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Aerith Boat trip finished. Snorkeling, check. Dolphins played with, check. So then, what would they do next?

Well apparently it was time to go back and get something to eat before their next act of silliness. And of course, they had the rest of the week to do it. With that, Aerith headed to a seafood shop nearby where they served some of the best Ahi Tuna this side of the island. Or at least, that's what they said. Only one way to find out, right?
Kim Possible Kim had gone along with Aerith, and it was a great time. It was what Kim needed to take her mind off a lot of things on her mind, and being with her BFF Aerith was all the better for going along. She'd also met Garnet before, although she wasn't fully acquainted with her yet. "That was a great time," Kim says with a grin to Aerith. "That's gotta be more than badical! Now let's see if we can get something badical to eat!"
Elysiana Glyphanos The Crackle of thunder and the zap of lightening-- and falling fro mthe clear blue sky.... a girl. The air racing past, the fingers outstretched reaching veingly for nothing. "No..." The sound of a body hitting something. A foreign language, though the unmistakeable tone was definately some of the courser language. Her body lay sprawlled. "Ahh.. I appologise.." the tone was soft and delicate, and Elysiana's purple eyes flicked to the crowd around her. The scent of food caught her nose and she tried to move...
Aerith Aerith's eyes widened as a girl came from out of thin air! Too late to stop the fall, she instead jogged over to see if she was all right. "Took a bad fall down there, you okay?" She seemed more concerned for possible injuries than the fact that someone just came out of nowhere. Aerith even extended a hand out to her.
Serah Farron Now in what part of the world did she end up into?

Evern since she got in this world, it seems all she's been doing is running away from heartless. And by running away, its pretty much going anywhere that they aren't at. But since they are everywhere, she hasn't been very successful at it, and just ends up lost even more. This doesn't even LOOK like anywhere she's been at before, which was Tycoon the last time she was able to stopo and ask.

She sighs as she looks at the dagger that she was given to defend herself, and sheathes it back behind her, tucking it away from sight as she steps off the ferry, unto this place.

Maybe the heartless won't come all the way over the ocean to this island, right?

Either way,s he hopes she can get a bit of a break, and look around the place on her own. So soon enough, there's a cute girl with pink hair trotting around the plaza.
Kim Possible Kim does a double take before rushing over to the girl. "Are you all right? That was a totally uncool fall that you took!" She says with concern in her voice as she kneels down to look at the girl to make sure she's not injured.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos doesn't get up right away. her brain is trying to make sense of he myriad of langauges comes her way. She loks between the other girls. She inhales slowly. "I am... fine." she says softly. She gets to he feet slowly. A wide arrangement of clothing styles and outfits from the young ladies make her smiles. "Elysiana Glyphanos," she says softly. Her musical tone, and is softly. "its a pleasure... to make your aquaitences. Thank you for.. worry about my condition.. I am not... injured. ust... didn't realize.. that why they were doing would drop.. me over where..."
Garnet Dagger had joined the other girls at the beach, although she had lingered for a while behind the others, staring intently at the warm waves lapping at her sandalled feet as if trying to remember something. What was this place? Why did it seem..Familiar, somehow? There was a memory there, buried, that was trying to surface, but..

"Oh dear..Where has everyone gone?" She murmurs as she glances around, realizing she has been left behind. Then she spies them up ahead, along with a girl that just popped out of the sky!?

"Oh..What is going on? Are you alright?" She glances curiously at Elysiana as she introduces herself, breathing a sigh of relief when she seems alright. "My apologies. I...This place reminds me of something.." She frowns softly at that, as if that locked memory bothered her, somehow.
Aerith Aerith glanced around at the new arrivals, then brought her focus back toward the now standing lady, who'd named herself Elysiana. "Well met. So someone sent you here, huh?" She placed a hand on her chin. "Maybe it's for the best. This is a place known for vacactions, so maybe you needed one!"
Kim Possible "i'm Kim Possible, but you can call me Kim." She smiles and then adds, "You're gonna be Ok here, this is a totally cool place, and we're gonna take totally cool care of you!"
Serah Farron The pink-haired girl isn't part of the group though, just wandering around the place. She missed the 'landing' of the new girl entirely. She wasn't close enough to hear the commotion. Right now, her nose is in one of the glassed displays of the shops here, peering through at some of the clothes inside idly. She's going to take this 'no heartless' time fully.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods. "I did, though I've no money to pay for the teleportation .. back..." she mutters. She looks around , they were closer to the town that the beach but far enough to where people might not freak out at a girl falling from the sky. "Thank.. you..." she says slowly. to Kim, taking the note of the young lady's red hair "Cool care?" she notices the pink haired woman, nearby but looks at the girls who are just around. quite a collection. "Reminded you of.... something.." she says to Dagger... "Perhaps I can help you remember?"
Garnet Dagger smiles politely and curtseys to the newcomer. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Elysiana. I apologize for not introducing myself earlier, but.." But she seems somehow preoccpied. "My name is Dagger." She nods to the others, "Indeed, you are fortunate to have landed here, amongst such good people. I believe they call this place..Hawaii?"

Dagger nods as Elysiana prompts her about her memories. "I..Cannot say for sure, but somehow, I seem to have had a repeating dream of running along a beach with the ocean water lapping at my feet. But, this place is so warm and sunny. That place was...Cold, frightenning..As if I were running away from something, in the middle of a thunder storm.." She hugs her arms as if she were suddenly cold, then realizes what a fool she must look, and she forces a smile.

"Ahh..I apologize again. We should be more worried about you. Where did you come from, if you do not mind my asking?" She didn't come out of a heartless portal..Did she?

Dagger is only vaguely aware of the pink-haired girl who is window shopping nearby, but most of her attention is upon the new arrival. For now.
Aerith Aerith shrugged and turned toward the restaurant entrance. "Well you know what, let's just go in. I suppose I could pay for a few more people, right?" She glanced at Kim. "Unless you want to split the bill between the two of us, I mean being a secret agent has to have its perks, right?"
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos chuckles. "Sounds like a dream I had.. chasing mother though the halls... the shadows growing, and my sister and brother following her like..." she stops. And glances at Dagger. "Ha-why-eee?" she asks softly.

She takes a moment. "I know that thunderstorm feeling... the rain that follows though can be cleansing." she mumumurs. "From... a city.... a few places. My home.." she gestures to the sky.. "Long shattered like adropped glass bottle. This was more an... girl attempting to get a ritual from her homeland to work.." she points to herself.. "And.. to have it.. bounce me like light from mirrors." she runs her fingers along her white hair, removing the dust and sparkly-dirt of magical travel from it. She loks betwen the gathered women. "I wish I could pay... I.. don't do that please..."
Kim Possible "Well I do get a super-cool allowance, so yeah, we could do that!" Kim says with a grin, before looking to Elysiana. "Don't worry about it, it's gonna be totally fine!"
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Don't worry about it." She turned toward Elysiana again. "Well you came here on your own power, and if your spell just dropped you on this island, consider it fate." Aerith grinned. "Now come on, I bet you're hungry after using so much energy!"
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods. "A bit.." a loud gugle confirmed it. "Ok so a lot hungry... its a down side of only being able to work on occasion.. and not much work..." she gestured a moment. "For someone like me."
Garnet Dagger smiles and nods to the others. "Yes. Let us grab a bite to eat. Where do you think we should go first?" She smiles at Elysiana, "Yes, Hawaii. Is it not beautiful? I am sure the food is good too. It is supposed to be very..Exotic, I believe, although I have not eaten at any of these restaraunts before."

Dagger glances at Aerith and Kim, "I have quite a bit of money on me, so I shall be able to pay for myself and Elysiana if need be. Do any of you have a particular preference for food? I am afraid I do not know this place that well.."
Aerith Aerith started heading toward the nearby restaurant. "If you have a thing for fish, this place is supposed to have the best tuna on the island. I hear the fish out here are particularly delicate and tasty." She licked her lips. "Can't wait to find out!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron hears the girl talk about money... that's something she hadn't really thought about herself. She reaches into one of her pockets, taking out her pouch, checking inside idly. Well, whatever money she had apparently is now the local currency... that's pretty odd. But compared to the other things in this world...

She glances toward the girls, and bites her lips a bit, before approaching "Ah, I'm sorry, but do you know the name of this island? And maybe where I could get maps?" She has no idea where she wants to go, but a good start is knowing where she is.
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos follows quietly. though as the pink-haired woman speaks. "Ha-why-eee..." she says softly. "That's the name of this place!"
Aerith Aerith stopped for a moment as the new girl asked her something. "Well, you are on in the Hawaiian Islands, a particular one called Oahu. As far as maps, there are a few at those hotels we came from. If you want something to eat, you might come with us for a bit."
Serah Farron Serah Farron tilts her head a bit as she ponders that, a bit of her head nodding as she memorizes the name "Ha-Y-ee? Okay.. I'll take a look at the maps then." She shakes her head "I'm not really hungry right now." Well, that's what she said, but whenever someone says something like that, that's when you hear a stomach rumbling. She blushes and puts a hand on her stomach "... Okay, maybe I am, but stomach is in knots after running in with those heartless..."
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "It'd be like that for anyone." She resumed her trek toward the front doors of the eatery. She noticed the place was only half full and picked out a good spot for them to be seated at, then told the hostess there would be a table for five. Flowergirl in a bikini looked around as they headed for their destination, and noted a kind of nautical theme for the place, with antique ship's wheels and models of ships around. "Not bad, this place has a nice feel to it."
Kim Possible "Yeah, it sure does, doesn't it," Kim comments to Aerith as she takes in the general sights, sounds, and smells of the restaurant. "I think we made a good choice for sure."
Serah Farron Serah Farron follows at a pace behind the others, looking around "Well I nearly had my heart wrenched out... not really a good feeling... I've been... restless since then..."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods her head. "No I quite agree, Calavia, has a wonderful harbor..." she said. "This sort of reminds me of those sea breezes back home... and the warmth of the sun in spring." she glanced a Serah. "Heartless... its like... the darkness has touched more worlds.. destoryed.. more... people .." she gestures to Serah. "Or tried."
Garnet Dagger smiles at the pink haired girl. "Do not worry, we are all relatively new to this land, but, I am sure the food is good, if you like seafood! Feel free to join us. I am also looking for a map. It would be very helpful..By the way, my name is Dagger." Maybe she'll stop getting lost at least.

Wait, what was that? She frowns, slowing down, peering over at Serah. "Excuse me? Heart wrenched out? Was it..The heartless then?" That causes Dagger to clutch the crystal around her neck with a soft, worried frown. "Is that what they do then, wrench your..Heart out?" How..How horrible..
Serah Farron Serah Farron slides down in a seat, sighing "Its what it felt like... I was, in the middle of them, and they were all ready to jump on me. They did, they piled up on me, until I cuold see nothing but black and darkness. And then, its like everything was in slow motion, a standstill, a second felt like an hour..." She puts a hand over her heart "And then, a pain, something indescriptible in words, as if a clawed hand was reaching out, grabbing and yanking on your soul."
Aerith Aerith nodded, a solemn expression on her features. "Almost happened to me too. I was in the middle of it when my world fell." She sighed and picked up the menu. "I try not to think about it though, and there's hope after all since Manhattan came back to normal!"
Kim Possible "If only Middleton would come back," Kim says to herself with a sigh, looking down at the ground. "It has to come back eventually. I know it!" She then looks to the others and then says, "But let's put that on back burner for now, shall we?"
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos says, "It did?" she raises her ears softly. The slight points on them more pronounced... "Wait it came back?""
Garnet Dagger blinks at Serah, looking quite alarmed. "they..Piled upon you? How..How terrible. How on earth did you survive? You are most fortunate.." Well, heartless were after too, but she never got to find out if they were showing her more attention than most people. these creatures really scare her however, and she already looks more worried by the moment, as she clutches that big crystal around her neck as if for comfort.

Serah Farron Serah Farron looks over at Dagger, and then looks down a bit "... That's... uhm... a long story I guess... but you could say that when I felt something grabbing at my heart, something awoke inside of me, and uhm... I used magic. I pushed them off me, just in time it would seem..."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos nods. "That is the way magic tends to work. At home, I was five when my mother and family-- we moved-- and we... went to a Temple.. this pretty box, with this pretty thing was in it.. and they picked mom.. but I think it was.. calling me... drawing me to it..." she whispers her voice was almost.. mystically lace.
Aerith Aerith couldn't help but wonder if everyone had a story here, but before she could make a comment, the server that brought them here asked for their orders. "I'll take the Ahi Tuna Fillet, baked with a side of lemon and some hush puppies. Tartar sauce on the side, and a glass of soda."
Kim Possible Kim decides to try the same thing that Aerith orders, always one to try something new. Then she looks to Aerith and smirks a little. "Thanks for taking me here, I had no idea this would turn into such a badical time!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron doesn't know about these foods, so she goes for the same thing as Aerith... not as much copycat as going for safety right now. "I'm not sure what Ahi Tuna is, but I guess its seafood?"
Aerith Aerith nodded in Serah's direction. "Yup, and I hear it's a good kind too. But I think there's more than that, like the salmon steak here, or the breaded fish sticks." She glanced at the menu again. "There's battered shrimp, lobster... ooh, a few sandwiches and burgers if you don't like fishies."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos thinks. "Umm can I get some of that.. battered shrimp." she orders carefully. "Though I will take a soda.." she focuse on he other girls in the group. "So.. a group of ladies... out eating and sigh seeing... perhaps we'd best make a trip? See what this Hawaii has to offer us?"
Garnet Dagger continues to seem increasingly worried about the idea of heartless tugging at peoples' heartstrings, so to speak. In fact, it's something she'd rather not even think abot, and so she tries to push it to the back of her mind for now, as the waitress comes to take their orders.

"Hmm, I am uncertain what most of these dishes are. I suppose I shall have what Aerith and the others are having." Whee, everyone's following Aerith! She glances over at Elysiana and nods. "Yes, perhaps after dinner, it would be nice to see what Hawaii has to offer. I would love to try on one of those Leis, and experiment with Hula dancing!"
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos smiles. "I wonder if dacning here as dancing was at home. Perhaps learning something different will be good for all of us?"
Aerith Aerith chuckled, happy to see the mood in a much lighter state. "So then, I think we're done here!" The waitress nodded and took their menus, returning five minutes later with the drinks they'd ordered and a basket of battered onion rings. Aerith blinked for a moment, then grinned. "Sweet, they're free of charge! Dig in, these are tasty."
Elysiana Glyphanos Elysiana Glyphanos looks at the battered and fied food and bites. "Yummy!" she says excitedly.
Serah Farron Serah Farron reaches for one of the rings, munching on it as she awaits for the rest of the food "... So have you all been long in this world then?" She's barely arrived herself, so everything is so very confusing.
Kim Possible Eating some of the rings, Kim nods to Aerith. "This is the type of stuff that we need to have more." Not just because it's tasty, but it's because what BFF's do!
Aerith The food arrived, and with quite the turnaround, too. Aerith couldn't wait to dive in, and as soon as her plate was presented and the hands pulled away, she did so with a flourish of her fork. Her eyes widened as the first bite told her everything she needed to know. "This is great stuff!"
Kim Possible "This stuff is badical!" Kim says as she tries her food. She enjoys the food and sips her soda occasionally. "I think we have a new place to go from time to time," She says to Aerith.
Serah Farron Serah Farron shrugs as her question gets ignored in favor of food. Oh well. Everyone hungry after all. She looks at her food, smelling it first, and then starting to eat it. Well, fish is fish. Its something that was quite different on Cocoon for her, since it was mostly artificially made by the fal'Cies.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "We really do need to come here more often." She dug into her food again for a few minutes, only to put her fork down and stretch her arms. "Okay, so. We really do need to plan this out, now that we've all agreed on doing things." She glanced toward Kim. "Should we take them jet-skiing with us?"

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