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(2012-12-26 - 2012-12-26)
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CADUCEUS CADUCEUS was back with the various refugees which have flocked to Traverse town. He stood over a child who had several injuries related to something with sharp claws. He held his disk over it and was poking at green light on one end, the other end shining green light on the boy. The more he poked and prodded, the boy's injuries seem to heal, healing in the shape of green circuit lines.
Aerith "That's one very interesting way of healing!"

A voice behind him would disturb him, or not. Either way, a woman with light brown hair and clear green eyes observed the scene, smiling at the child to keep him from being so afraid. "It's not my preferred method, but whatever does the trick, right?" She tilted her head to the right, curious. "How does it work?"
CADUCEUS "I am a program. I am the Clinical Assistance Directorial Utilitary Companion with Enhancement Upgrade Systems. You may call me CADUCEUS or Cad if you are the type to use nicknames. I was a medical program designed to aid medics in the care and treatment of users, as well as develop methods to increase physical capability." He says as he pokes at the green light some more. "Because of this, my identity disk has been modified to be able to treat the injured. I scan the patient and go about fixing the injuries and the disk transmits the energy and does what I am doing on the patient." He explains as he finally fixes the cuts and the disk stops glowing. He turns to look to Aerith, green eyes glowing like like his circuit patterns on his armor.
Aerith Aerith placed a hand on her chin for a moment, wondering just what he meant... then she gave him a good, long stare. It wasn't like she thought he was lying or not, or that the green lines, much like circuitry, didn't give it away. But she wanted to see what was inside, and her green eyes, whether from his own light or from something else, began to glow as well.

She'd developed this little trick from a bit of research into her heritage. Time to see the results, so to speak...
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS was alive but something about him seemed artificial. He was too...average. He had no diseases so to speak and seemed to be in perfect health. Normal people had sligh imperfections but CADUCEUS has hardly any to his lifeforce so to speak. "Are you alright, Miss?" He asks with a concerned tone.
Aerith Aerith's eyes stopped shining and she shook her head with a smile. "I'm fine. Just trying to get your measure, is all." She walked toward the child and placed a hand on his forehead. "Your parents are worried about you. Go on and head for them."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "Measure?" He asks, seeming somewhat confused and then looks back to the child as he wanders off. He then just smiles a bit. "Users are often the most confusing things but they are worth fighting for." He says happily.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "We're all worth some sort of value. At least, I think so." She turned back toward the program. Yes, he was definitely artificial. Nothing she knew about could be in such a pristine state. "I have a few... talents... that involve seeing people for what they really are instead of what they show on the outside. It's not just a good lie detector, it gives me information on their physical state, much like your programming."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "See...where we are from, users are the people who make programs. I am a program. To some programs, Users seem like gods. However programs and viruses however see the users as something to destroy and consume." He says calmly.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment. "Gods?" She chuckled. "Hardly. We're fallible to the extreme." She glanced around the camp for a moment. "But at the same time we can create some pretty amazing things when we work together." She turned toward Cad again. "I'm going to assume a few... viruses... were part of what made Manhattan fall into darkness, yes?"
CADUCEUS "LEXUS is one of the viruses, yes. I dont know if you have met him but he is without a doubt a being of incredibly evil. Where we are from, we are forced to play games to the death by a tyrant named the Master Control Program. Those who arent willing to be integrated are either put to the games, or derezzed, our version of dying." CADUCEUS explains.
Aerith Well then, that sounded... unfortunate. But that left a quite important question... "How did you manage to get out? And how did these viruses and rogue programs escape with you?" She knew there were a few rogue programs out there too, everything had two sides after all.
CADUCEUS "Come to find out the rogue programs who worked with the users who can control the heartless and the darkness were let out to help them. As for me, a program escaped and during the chaos I escaped as well. The program which escaped first is perhaps the strongest of the programs who believe in protecting and fighting for the users. He refused to bow down to the MCP and fought to protect others. He is much more then a program in many eyes." CADUCEUS explains.
Aerith Aerith smiled. "A hero. A symbol." She folded her arms for a bit. "Naturally then, if you're speaking about him, you've run into him before. I'm not going to ask you for his name, I can do that just as easily with him when we run into each other." She sighed and peered around again. "Enough about that... how about I join you in helping these poor folks out?"
CADUCEUS "I actually never seen him with my own eyes but the stories of his defiance is known. You see, I am a military based program, hence why I glow green. I was abducted by the MCP because he hacked into the military database stealing everything he could. He now rules over his mainframe hoping to gain control of everything, and eventually he will try and gain control of your worlds and grids and if you do not become a part of him, you will be forced to the games, or die as well, atleast in his eyes. The program which defies him is a program from the same mainframe and he does it without thought of himself, he keeps others safe."

CADUCEUS then looks about. "I believe I handled the injuries of those present, but if you wish to see what my world is like I can show you." He says as he holds his disk up. "Do you know what this is?"
Aerith Aerith directed her gaze toward the disc. "No idea, really. I just know it's what you use to heal people, and that makes it handy. But now that you've asked, I'm curious as to what else it's capable of."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods and offers it to her to let her look it over. "This is called an Identity disk. everyone in my world has one, every program. If you were to enter my world, you would be issued one as well. The purposes of these disks are they store everything we know, experience, and do. If that disk was ever destroyed, There is a good chance I will either become derezzed or lose knowledge of everything. It is also designed to be a weapon, the edges will glow and become able to cut through anything, except another disk or something of equivalent force." He explains. "Because of my programming, My identity disk also works as a tool for me to heal others as well as scan a person for injuries and abnormalities."
Aerith Aerith takes the disc and turns it over in her hands for a few moments. "So then, if that's true... I can essentially access a part of your world from this, since it contains your memories." She glanced up at him. "Is that right, or am I missing entirely?"
Aerith Aerith grimaced as the one in blue disintegrates. If that was being derezzed... it didn't seem very pleasant at all. "So you're saying that's what a game looks like... one of those little gladiator sessions that the MCP has going on?"
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS nods. "The red ones are those who serve him. The blue ones are programs from the mainframe." CADUCEUS explains as he shows another holographic memory, this time of light cycle racing or so it appears though it is as if the viewer is one of the riders because the view keeps moving and close hits to colored walls. "This is Light Cycles. You ride around making an energy wall behind you and try and get people to crash into it. Take a guess what happens when you do." He says calmly.
Aerith Aerith sighed. "Fun as that looks, it's a race to the death." She shook her head. "Such cruelty is beyond my comprehension... why would someone, anyone, computer or otherwise, do this?"
CADUCEUS "Those who dont integrate themselves as part of the MCP are forced to the play the games. See, those red guys are those who integrate themselves. No matter how many times they are derezzed, the mcp has them inside him so he can bring them back. The others, when they derez they are gone permanently. He does this so those who resist will eventually give in. Become a part of him, meaning they cannot disobey him. If he ordered you to kill the user which made you, you would either do it or be derezzed and altered." CADUCEUS explains as the hologram changes and while everything looks hightech and modernized, everyone is green now or shades of green and seem more military based, each doing various military procedures. "Thats how it was before I was abducted." He says as he finally makes the hologram changed now.

A blue program is in the middle with four red ones throwing disks at him. The blue throws his disk back and actually manages to avoid being hit and after a while, one by one, he defeats all the red ones. This blue program has what looks like tetris blocks shaped like a T on his chest. "That is TRON. He is the program who fights for the user."
Aerith She did say that she'd ask who it was later, but this was as good of a time as any to see what he looked like. "TRON, huh?" She observed how he fought, and was duly impressed by his ability to fend off multiple attackers. "He's something else, isn't he?" She looked up at CADUCEUS. "I'm going to assume he's out there somewhere? He might even have passed through town without my notice."
CADUCEUS "Yes. While the MCP and LEXUS tried to spread rumor he was derezzed, recently a message on a mural done by an artistic program had the message TRON Lives. Personally though, He is a symbol of hope that one day we will have a free system. He has been in the games the longest and has not been beaten, obviously as you can tell since you can wager what happens when one loses." CADUCEUS explains.
Aerith Aerith nodded. "Well then, I'll keep my eyes open, see if I can't find him, and relay his last known whereabouts to you. He's important, after all." She gave the disc back to him. "So... is there something you want to ask me? I mean you've told me a lot about yourself..."
CADUCEUS "What is your world like?" CADUCEUS asks as he puts the disk back onto his back and it stays on his back. "Most worlds I have discovered doesnt know what a computer is let alone what a program is." He says calmly.
Aerith Aerith smiled. "My world is..." She sighed. "It's all run by a corporation, or at least most of it. If you haven't heard of ShinRa yet, be thankful. If they knew a living program existed, they'd want to exploit and take advantage of it to make more money off the backs of those less fortunate. The only thing that's stopping them from taking even more is that they're at war with a nation called Wutai... and even then, that's not the real problem." She turned her gaze toward the east, back toward Goug. "The Heartless are being controlled by ShinRa's enemies, which means someone is manipulating this whole thing to the boiling point. And I have no idea who..."
CADUCEUS "I see. I havent heard of them but then again I keep to the homeless. when I first left the grid, I was in manhattan. When manhattan fell, I was amongst the refugees. The homeless protect those who help them, especially someone who can heal their diseases and treat their injuries. Several people protected me and kept me from fighting to defend that world." CADUCEUS says. "A female program named Deelel is the one who seems to be more knowledgeable about the users and their societies and even she doesnt know much. The only other person is LEXUS and he is a virus which uses the heartless or so I am told."
Aerith Aerith turned toward CADUCEUS again. "Well then I'll have to meet this Deelel then, won't I? I'm sure talking to her will be of great benefit." She smiled and turned back toward the hotel she was staying in. "Well since there's not much else for me to do here, I'll just head back. Getting late anyways." She started making her way back, waving over her right shoulder as she did so. "Keep up the good work! Maybe next time, I'll get to help!"
CADUCEUS "Stay safe Miss. These are dark times. If you ever need me, seek me out." He calls. He gets his disk and aims it at her and if she should have those phones which can be used to speak across the verses, she would hear it beep as a new number appears in the directory.

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