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(2013-11-13 - 2013-11-13)
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Aerith Far be it from Aerith to never return to where she got her start in a new life.

This jungle was where she'd gotten one of her most prized treasures, from a friend she rarely saw these days. She walked through the foilage with it now, a symbol of how she'd made the commitment to change herself for the better. The staff was not her metal one, easily bent and heavy to use. This one was white wax wood, six feet long and shining with a faint gleam of light.

It bent, but refused to break. It channeled energy of all sorts as easily as a copper wire. And it held the potential of whatever the King had done to it. She had no idea what that was exactly, and she hadn't ventured to find out, but it would come to her sooner or later.

But not right now.

Right now, Aerith found herself in the middle of a clearing, perfect for what she planned to do. She'd come here to find an isolated spot where no one else would find her, so she could practice with her weapon in relative safety.
Paulo Mysidi With a similar idea in mind, there happens to be a young Mysidian sage out in this part of the jungle. He isn't readily visible just yet. The lack of civilization making it quite peaceful. You have exotic birds chirping and things rustling in the underbrush. There are probably snakes out there as well slithering about-- as well as skeletons and hungry reptiles that look like dinosaurs but are not quite.

Still a peaceful location-- perfect for focus. Perfect for training.

Perfect to have a blonde Mysidian fly through the treeline and through the clearing. 'Aaaaggghhhhhh! *thunk*' emites the projectile that vaguely looks like a robed Paulo. The tree he hits, just outside of the clearing, shakes as a series of birds fly away from it. Surprisingly he is fine-- albiet a bit 'burnt' looking from what looks like an explosion. He sits below the tree he had a random encounter with a large leather-bound tome open, jotting something down.
Aerith Flowergirl turned toward the sound of screaming, just before the subsequent noise of birds scattering. She peered into the distance, trying to figure out what exactly went on, but decided after a few moments to simply investigate.

What she found was a man, slightly burnt, taking notes in a quite large book of sorts. "I'm not one to make assumptions..." She chuckled. "But I think that was you who blew up and found a nice tree to smash into."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi continues writing in his book-- very quickly. The mind is a great thing but it tends to be slippery at times. With the last of his notes put down, he raises his head up. As one might expect his face has become charcoaled and hair is slicked back in a 'Boom!' fashion. This happens with all explosions. It is practically a law.

"It was a very soft tree, at least," Paulo replies with a broad smile. With a 'bomf' he closes the large tome-- holding onto it as he clambers to his feet. Interestingly enough the tree itself doesn't look like a human hit it. It looks like a human-size hamster ball hit it. "For a good cause, I promise. No experimenting with the laws of nature or trying to find the secret to gummyship fuel," he says. Do they even USE fuel?

Paulo presses a hand to the tree-- a small white light passing from him to the flora and mending the wound caused by the human-sized projectile. With that done he turns to Aerith, "Hey. You look familiar. We've met, right? Probably saving the world from some villain or two? Or saving a stray puppy? Neither-- perhaps?" He tilts his head to the side and sways-- trying to jog his memory. "Susan, yeah?" Bzzzt. Wrong.
Aerith Flowergirl chuckled. "I can assure you that we've never met. Name's Aerith." She let go of her staff, causing it to scatter into several motes of pale green light. "I don't think much anyone comes out here anymore... what are you doing in this place?" She gave his clothes a good once-over. "Besides the obvious."
Paulo Mysidi Thinking about that a moment Paulo gestures his hand around himself in a circle. A mixture of wind and moisture spirals around him to clean off the soot. His hair is still a mess-- which he remedies in a more mundane way by combing it back with his fingers. "This jungle is an amazing place to study!" he chirps enthusiastically.

Zipping over to a tree he runs a finger along it, "The sap produced is unlike the trees back where I am from." Zip to a plant. "And this is a great catalyst for binding healing magic." Zip to a rock. "And this... well its a rock." He sits on it. "It makes a good seat. My name is Paulo Mysidi, of the family Mysidi, of which over the months I am discovering doesn't ring any bells in this world-- or worlds." His smile tones down to a more casual, friendly one.
Aerith Aerith blinked for a moment as he zipped this way and that, pointing things out as he did. He finally introduced himself, and she gave just a slight bow. "Good to meet you, Paulo. While a rock does make a good seat, I'd prefer just this tree here." She leaned against the one he'd smashed into and subsequently fixed. "So that's what you were doing here, studying?" She tilted her head to the right. "What exactly was it you studied?"
Paulo Mysidi "Specifically?" Paulo asks as he taps his chin. To get the details he takes his tome back out. It is a big thing-- a folio sized book that is often at his hip. Flipping through a few pages he shows Aerith a page where he had several plants sketched out. They are noted about the properties of the plants-- growing seasons, how they fertilize, how they effect the plants around them. "I guess you could just consider it cataloguing. Towards the end I was checking alchemical properties. You never know where you might find a flower that can defeat the darkness, you know?" Closing the book he smiles, "Heroes come in all sorts of places if you spend a little time looking for them. What about yourself, Aerith? Whacha doin' out here?"
Aerith Aerith gave a nod. "Well at the very least, it's good for potion making." She motioned for him to follow her. "I was actually going to do a bit of practice. Found a good place where I could work without any sort of crowd to watch me. After all, wouldn't want to hit anyone inadvertently." She glanced over her right shoulder. "You wanna watch? I don't mind if it's one person."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi claps his hands together. "Oooh. That does sound fun," he says as he flips his book to a fresh page. He gets a quick sketch of her down with the over-the-shoulder glance before saying, "I'd love to watch-- and you can hit me all you want." Sketch sketch. Wait, that was weird. He looks up, "Because I'm resilient. Not because I want you to hit me." He taps his chin with the back of his pen-- then shrugs. Back to watching and sketching. Analyze mode: Activate!
Aerith Aerith moved toward the center of the clearing, forming that same sphere of pale green light in her right hand before closing around it. The staff sprung from where she'd closed her hand, glowing with an aura of energy for a moment before it faded. She stopped just where she figured the middle was, then turned toward Paulo.

He was about to draw her? Well good luck with that.

Her face maintained an air of serenity as she took in a breath and prepared herself. Bow, prepare, and...

The first few seconds were a blur as she struck, parried, blocked, and thrust at invisible attackers, in response to unknown attacks. For a few moments, it almost seemed as if she really was in a fight, attempting to make her way out of a sudden ambush.

In fact, if one used their imagination enough, the next leap was over a low attack at her ankles, just before her staff glowed for a brief moment. When she brought it down, the ground seemed to shake just a bit. Whoever got hit with that was in bad shape.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi is actually a pretty good artist! When he puts his mind to it, at least. He actively watches the blur of motion and the shadow sparring. Not with actual shadows-- fortunately.

The sage's blue eyes flicker between the girl and his book. Sometimes he is watching and his hand is just moving. He winces-- that imaginary baddie just got the stuffing kicked out of him. He has to place his foot firmly on the ground to keep the faint rumble from jarring his pen-- the vibrations somehow passing around his rock.
Aerith It wasn't long before the sequence moved on, this time with a few spins of her weapon added in. Oddly enough, one could see they weren't just for demonstration. Any sort of flower-spin she did was both defensive and offensive, and as she walked forward, whatever was in her way would more than likely get whacked on several times.

As she reached the end, Aerith closed her eyes and let the routine take care of itself. She'd done these steps before, and performed the form in total silence, with more kicks and thrusts added in. By the time it was over, the clearing was completely silent for a few moments before the sound of birds and insects crept back in.
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi continues to sit. Sit and watch. Watch and sit. Watch, sit, and sketch. For a moment his mind wandering-- the eloquent motions reminding him of something else. What was it, exactly? The silence breaks his concentration as he finishes up his final sketches.

After making sure that was the last leg of the training, Paulo claps. "You must be a very skilled fighter, Aerith," he tells her. Out of all of those moves-- most of which were well placed blurrs-- he managed three sketches. It tells a nice story if from the linework alone: One of her walking away with her looking back over her shoulder, one of the leveled thrusts of her staff forward, and a final one with a spinning defensive/offensive akin to many a bo staff. It is all linework with no shading or definition yet-- but being able to capture anything in still frame hints to Paulo's mental prowess.
Aerith Aerith walked over to him. "Actually, it's only recently that I was able to move that fast. It took a lot of people training me to even learn how to properly use a staff in the first place. And then, it took months of actual fighting to learn how to be efficient." She released her weapon, and again it dissipated into motes of pale green. "Did you manage to... get anything... wow." She looked at what he'd drawn, and smiled. "Oh yeah, it's good stuff. To think you were able to capture all that while I was moving so fast...!"
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi tilts the book a bit to show off the line work. He chuckles at the praise for his work. "All this stuff is very fascinating," he admits as he motions to her arms, "like the way you move your shoulders and your hips. Its like a concert of motion." Indeed of all the things he captured it was more around the joints and a stillframe that captures the impending motion.

"Vocational habit, though. Your trainers must have been very skilled as well. A lot of that isn't something you can just read on-- you need all sorts of muscle memory," the young blonde man says as he looks around, "I can see why you come out here now. Do crowds distract you?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "Normally, I like people. But sometimes you just need to filter out certain things, you know?" She sat next to him, if at all possible. "You know, you remind me of someone I had a conversation with last night, out in the Phantom Forest..." She placed a hand on her chin. "In fact, it was about strategy of all things. He has a very unique way of teaching it."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi scoots over to make room for her. His personal space bubble is membrane thin in most cases. "Oh? I'd like to be like that one day," he smiles. He may /look/ older-- but he is still very young. Way too young for the title of a Sage. "Teaching, I mean. I'm not so sure about strategy. I've read up on that and-- well-- I didn't like what I saw." At all. "Im sure it suits other people better. Like your friend-- hopefully it was a good conversation. The mood for the forest is very... sad and somber. It feels like loss." He spins it around to something more positive, "Or just rememberence."
Aerith Aerith gave a nod. "Well what did you read exactly? I mean, if it were bad to read about, you read the wrong thing." She tilted her head to the right. "But never mind... I was wondering if you could help me on that. See, everything you just saw was a direct result of me trying to improve myself. It's not even for me, either; it's for my friends, caught up in this whole heartless and shadow lord conflict." She chuckled. "I can't even call but a few of them friends, but I intend to change that someday. Regardless, I'd like to be a bit more... active, so to speak. The aggressors seem to always be one step ahead. Maybe someone needs to change that, and I'd like to be that someone."
Paulo Mysidi "That is very noble of you, Aerith," Paulo says with a warm smile. He has a sincere look in his blue eyes. The gears behind are turning. Parts of the puzzle are fitting together. He appraises from head to toe, toe to head. "Then maybe we can help each other," he concludes with a nod. "What can one Paulo Mysidi help you with. Want to track down heartless? Perform tense duels while I play the harp? Maybe sail the ocean in search of lost treasure." Pause. "By the way, I don't have a ship and I can't play the harp."
Aerith Aerith giggled. "You really are like that person I talked to! Maybe you've heard of him... his name's Blivon."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi thinks hard. "Blivion. Blivion." A hand motions over his tome as it flicks through pages. Dozens-- hundreds-- holy cow how many pages are in this tome?! It finally settles on the first page that simply reads 'Mysidi Family Tome' and below it are the names of many people-- authors-- with Paulo's name at the bottom. All Mysidis. "I don't think I've met him but the /name/ seems familiar. Could be because of 'Oblivion'-- which is not a fun topic-- or that I've heard people talk about him before." He chuckles, "For a second I thought you were going to compare me to old man Arthur-- the synthesist."
Aerith Aerith giggled again. "You know, you're pretty silly. I like you already." She shrugged. "Well regardless, I'm not talking on any sort of adventure or things of the like. I go on plenty of those already. But..." She tilted her head to look at the forest floor, roots and grass intertwining in nameless patterns. "...If you haven't heard already, the Shadow Lords are going for the elemental crystals held by four different nations. If it weren't for sheer luck, they'd have gotten Baron's water crystal... and they announced, flat-out, their next target. The Wind Crystal." She frowned. "If they even get one of them, it's not going to be good. But I have no idea how I'm going to contribute in stopping them." She looked up at him again. "I don't think just being there will be enough. We need a response in place, and a proper one."
Paulo Mysidi "Heh. Thanks! It sounds like you are forming a strategy," Paulo says with a subtle smile. He never did say what he didnt like about strategy-- but it wouldnt serve the conversation at the moment. "In my time slash world we originally held the Water Crystal. The elders of Mysidia at least. Though the fact that it ended up in Baron doesn't surprise me." If nothing else 'Do not be surprised' has been a guiding motto. So many worlds speak of the crystals its hard to tell which is which.

"It also sounds like you want to do something proactive," the young man observes, "but... still working on a plan, yeah?"
Aerith Aerith shook her head. "I don't." She chuckled. "I'm not even a strategist. I'm just someone who wants to be, as you said, proactive. It's why I'm looking for someone to either guide me, or point me in the right direction. And though I already have one person trying his best, he's a bit... confusing at times." She shook her head. "You seem intelligent, flexible, well-read, and enthusiastic about a lot of things. I was wondering if you'd... y'know..." She shrugged. "Give me a hand, maybe?"
Paulo Mysidi "Mmm," hums the sage as he rubs his chin. Paulo makes an observation, "The problem with this is it comes down a lot to intelligence. Not the 'smarts' kind but the kind of... awareness... of things. In the grand scheme of things I don't know the motivations of the Dark Lords. Things like 'Why they want the Crystal' or 'How they know where it is'.' He goes to give the girl a poke on her sides, "None of it is all that fun, you sure you want insight on this?" Its a mild point of concern for him-- like asking a soldier to go off on a war knowing what can happen-- or opening a door knowing what you see beyond it can't be unseen.
Aerith Aerith shrugged. "If everything were fun or easy, it wouldn't be worth learning. Besides, I've been in nasty situations before. Learning how to do something like out-think people who are up to no good is the least of my worries." She nodded. "Whatever you have, give it to me."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes a deep breathe, "Ooooookaaayy." He takes a moment to think about it all and explains, "You'll need to know about the person that wants to take the Crystal." Surprisingly he notes, "Maleficent, right? Motives. What do they gain. What do they risk. What do they require to take it?" A hand motions, "You have to understand your adversary. For example if they know it is in a castle-- and they only know this because of public knowledge... they you replace it with a replica and move it. If they require soldiers you thin their ranks. If they require arms you destroy them and cut supply for more. If they require morale-- you discourage."

He flips to the page where Paulo was sketching Aerith and points to her body, "It is a concert of motion-- just like you were. Only the body parts are different. They need something to see-- so blind them. They need something to grab-- so disarm them. They need to move-- so trip them." He looks over to her, "Do you have any intel that could be applied to that?"
Aerith Aerith placed a hand on Paulo's right shoulder. "I think... I'm starting to understand." She looked at the book. "That's what I'm here for, actually. To understand things instead of just being taught." She looked back at him again. "Hey... do you mind if we do this again? I mean, I have a lot to learn from the both of you, and I don't intend to neglect either one. It's best that we set up a time to meet, see if we can't do this on a regular basis."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi chuckles a touch at that-- and the hand on his shoulder, "I guess this is one way to live out my dream of being a teacher, right?" He winks over to Aerith, taking light of an otherwise heavy topic. "How do you want to stay in contact," he asks. Linkshells. Phones. Carrier pidgeon. "Mmm. Maybe next time we can get ice cream though. Lots to learn from a tasty snack." Truth.
Aerith Aerith chuckled. "Ice cream sounds lovely. Tell you what, how about this same place? And we'll stay in contact via phone. I happen to have a spare one with me that I haven't given away to anyone." She withdrew it from the inside right pocket of her jacket and handed it to him. "My number's already on there. Just dial it when you've set up a time."
Paulo Mysidi Paulo Mysidi takes the phone and looks at it a moment. "This place never ceases to amaze me." Which is why he is often so chipper. "Alrighty-- I'll give you a ring and book your appointment. One learning session with ice cream." He puts the phone into one of his robe's many pockets.
Aerith Aerith gave a nod and stood from her seat. "Okay then, shall we resume this another time?" She smiled and walked backward for a bit. "You know, I think I should get you and this other person to meet. Would be interesting!" With that, she began to head away, back in the direction she'd come.

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