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1376UnfinishedJidro GerrisonNo Title SetNo Description Set
1298UnfinishedJidro GerrisonNo Title SetNo Description Set
1192FinishedJidro GerrisonNo Title SetNo Description Set
1146FinishedJidro GerrisonNo Title SetNo Description Set
1089FinishedJidro GerrisonJidro and An Old FriendJidro was relaxing in Carwen until the familiar Helena Celba greets her co-worker on business that he had been absent from. Of course, Annia gets involved in the encounter...
1072FinishedJidro GerrisonTest of CourageWithin Carwen, Annia had been tending to Jidro, who collapsed from a backlash of the forbidden magic that he used. After a serious discussion, the two discuss on their relationship a bit further. And then, Jidro makes a test of courage...
812FinishedJidro GerrisonNo Title SetNo Description Set
777FinishedJidro GerrisonMaybe It is Love...?Jidro and Annia have a bit of alone time together as they try to adjust to their situation.
776FinishedJidro GerrisonBanish the DarknessThe shadows over Fluorgis at last unleash their true power. The malaise which has so oppressed the once-lively citizenry suddenly condenses and then erupts in a dark rain over the desert, a veritable storm of Heartless weltering down upon the weakened city. With the light of the Fire Crystal flickering and its defenses depowered, Fluorgis's last hope and protection are the adventurers who have heeded her call. A desperate battle in the streets ensues as the siege -- and the Shadows Over Fluorgis plotline -- reaches its climax!
768FinishedJidro GerrisonThe Students' Arrival to Traverse TownAfter leaving Cornelia, the Alexander Academy students journeyed through on foot to arrive at Traverse Town. Through a wandering mercenary, they learn more about their situation. Shenanigans also ensue.
743FinishedJidro GerrisonNew World for the Class ActIt took five minutes for the students of Alexander Academy to lose their world by the Heartless. Now, this journey takes them into the World of Ruin. Destintion: Cornelia.