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Test of Courage
(2013-04-16 - 2013-04-16)
Within Carwen, Annia had been tending to Jidro, who collapsed from a backlash of the forbidden magic that he used. After a serious discussion, the two discuss on their relationship a bit further. And then, Jidro makes a test of courage...
Jidro Gerrison Carwen is a port town within a small peninsula that leads to the ocean. The colorful little town is filled with cobled streets and waterways feeding into the ocean on the lower level. This pleasant place offers quite a nice spot for people to take a walk.

Within the inn, out in a small room is a young wizard who had fell unconscious. He had not moved for a while, having paid the price for drawing upon a forbidden art. However, with the tides of the ocean churning, Jidro is slowly starting to wake up.


The eyes are fluttering open, his glasses set aside on the nightstand. It is rather hard for him to see, but he can feel the ocean ringing in his head.
Annia Leradine The door opens around that time, and the familiar figure of Jidro's fiancee walks through the door, carrying a plate with a bowl of soup. Yes, the bullying fiancee. While Jidro was unconcious, she still had to get him to eat, so liquid was the easiest way to do that. She's been feeding him like that for the past few days, not going too far from the inn while tending to him.

That you're awake though, is a bit of a surprise. And she spends so much time preserving appearances too ~_~ And he ruins it by waking up and noticing!

Oh well, she'll make suffer in another way, when he's actually concious to remember it.

"You're finally awake huh." She puts the platter on the bedtable nearby.
Jidro Gerrison It had been some time, alright.

Jidro's eyes flutter open. His head lifts up, gazing at the ceiling. However, he slowly turns his head towards Annia, who is greets him in her usual manner. Well, it is good to be noticed. Though, his eyes drift over to see the bowl of soup set nearby the tray.

Inwardly, Jidro is smiling. However, he keeps it silent. Facing Annia, the young mage offers a perplexed look, "...Annia, how long was I out?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes up, tossing her hair a bit as she thinks about it "About 2 weeks." She crosses her arms over her chest, hands on her upper arms. "You sent the Behemoth away, and then passed out." She doesn't mention what happened to that behemoth afterwards though.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro looks troubled after a momet, "Two weeks, you say?" He shuts his eyes, thinking over the his predictament. He did tap into a very forbidden art through his codex. "...So I did. The spell worked. However..."

He looks at Annia, "I used a forbidden art." He considers while resting his head. "There is always some sort of price or backlash for delving into such power. This was actually the first time that I tapped into it."

"...I was scared, more than I usually was." He considers, "Some forbidden spells that you tap into... sometimes change people."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine sits on the side of the nearby bed, frowning "Change people?" She doesn't know much about black magic of course, but something that knocks you out for two weeks is nothing to laugh about either. She looks even worried for a moment, before shaking her head "Here I thought it was because you're a weakling." Not quite honest there either, just her usual prodding.
Jidro Gerrison Hrghk. Right while he is down! Cid's head droops a bit, comical tears flooding along his closed lids, "You know how to kick a person when he's down, as usual."

He sighs, then he lifts his head up, "...It's actually why we inscribed that it is a forbidden art and warn that those who draw upon its power are to be careful and to make sure they are using it for reasons that they should."


"One of our ancestors had to be banished by his offspring because he grew insane from overusing the forbidden arts. It drove him to worship another being. However, to banish him, it relied on that same forbidden art." He muses, "...It's ironic, using the forbidden art to seal off someone who was driven mad from the same type of magic."
Annia Leradine Suddenly hands clutch your collar, and pulls you up, a set of green eyes 'meanly' looking straight into yours as she pulls you to eye level "I'm going to say this only once so you better listen here. If you keep using magic like that and go crazy I'm going to kick your ass myself, got that?"

Was that... actual concern? Probably, she just doesn't handle 'normal' emotions very well and it always comes out weird. She almost tosses you back down on the bed, crossing her arms as she looks away through the window instead. Anywhere but you. "... I'm not going to be fianced to a monster."
Jidro Gerrison It's a sad look. There are some secrets of the family lore that Jidro doesn't like sharing with the 'outsiders'. It explains why the Gerrison family a very secretive about their arts. There has been some Black Sheep that had to be... expelled.


However, it is when Annia's hands take his collar and he is pulled up to gaze at her with a shocked look. A gasp is given, "Hrrggkkk!" That is a clear threat. A very clear one. He gives her a slow nod of his head, a wordless agreement to her terms.

Tossed along the bed, he oofs and he grimaces. A faint smile is given, "...I won't. It's not something that I'd like tapping into. That... is hopefully the last time I use that. I've learned what I should be using from my mother."

He looks at Annia, "...I will become a proper husband for you."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine would dump the bowl of soup on his head after that one, but instead she just slides the platter on your lap, and then gives a flick on your forehead "You're going to need to evolve into a man first, so I won't hold my breath on that."
Jidro Gerrison Oh thank Leviathan that she is not being totally mean. Jidro is given the platter on his lap. His eyes widen, his mouth watering for something to eat. "Ahh! Thank y---" *FLICK!* "Ow!" The young wizard clutches his head, then he lowers his head.


He frowns at her, "I will try my best. ...It's just difficult getting used to the actual adventuring." He sweatdrops, "...And the thought of being toothpicked by a monster is not a pleasant one."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine sits back on the other bed. It was a two-bed room, and the other bed does seem like it was used, even if its cleaned up and made up. Maybe she was sleeping there too. "Hmph, you need to tough up more." She kicks her legs off the bed a bit. Those /legs/, with all of the dancer's grace too. "... I'll just make sure you survive until then."
Jidro Gerrison Frowning, a sweatdrop accompanies his next statement, "Magicians aren't known for being tough, I'll have you know." He cannot help but to gaze at those legs. He is, admittedly, supposed to be the bookworm, but he really cannot help but appreciate those fine legs.

However, at this point, Devil Nik is appearing by over his shoulder. "Make the move on her, man. Make the move on her. Man up! You are her fiancee! Totally take her!"


"I need better influences." He rubs his forehead.
Annia Leradine Angel Nik on the other side is all "Do it"
Devil Nik looks at Angel Nik "Aren't you supposed to be the good one?"
Angel Nik shrugs "What can I say, those legs are DIVINE!"

The two Niks high-five, and then disapear.

Meanwhile, Annia chuckles at that "You're right, maybe I'm asking too much of a black mage huh." She's prodding again, but that's how she is too.
Jidro Gerrison At this point, Cid is going to bury his face into his hands at the antics of the two Niks. However, they are right. He should man up! It takes a bit of pepping. Maybe it is the soup that he's eating. Maybe it's the antics of the two. However, there is a look of confidence on his face as he feels souped up by the vote of confidence.

Cid blinks, giving Annia a smile, "Hey Annia, could you come here? There's something that I wanted to tell you." He offers her a sincere smile. The expression on his face is calm. It is the usual look he had at his time at the school with the other students.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine tilts her head. Wondering what he wants to say that he can't while she's sitting 6 feet away. "... yes?" She just moves closer, sitting on the side of your bed instead, with her legs facing outward as she turns her torso a bit toward you, hands in her back to support her.
Jidro Gerrison It is that moment that Jidro is feeling like a BAWSS! There is a huge confidence boost. That nice boost of confidence where one feels like a manly man and no one can bring you down! That is holding true when Annia comes close, just as the man predicted.

As she turns to face him...

Jidro reaches over to cup her cheeks with both of his hands. And then...

He leans forward to presses his lips against hers. It is a soft, but firm kiss that is given to her.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's eyes go wide as his hands grab her her cheeks like that. And even more as he has the BALLS to just lean in and kiss her.

In a fraction of second, a thousand thoughts go through her mind at the speed of light.

"Why is he kissing me?"
"I'm his fiancee of course he'd kiss me."
"He's SOOO dead."
"Well he managed to do something like a MAN right?"
"Am I supposed to kiss back?"
"What I wouldn't give for a wooden bat right now."

When that tought process has gone through, she finally reacts and pushes away with the flat of her palm on your chest, pulling back with her wrist over her lips, and the most SCARLET color on her face "What the-"
Jidro Gerrison Live the life! YOLO! his may be the one chance that Jidro will do something brave. And boy, he better make it good. This is going to be bad otherwise. However, as he finally starts to release the hold of the kiss, Jidro isyelping when she pushes her hands at his chest to knock him back onto the bed.

He coughs a bit.

"...Well, you did suggest that I act more like a man..." Jidro reaches over to his glasses, finally adjusted it. A smile is given as he sees her cheeks redden, "...You look beautiful, Annia."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine reddens even more! And then she gets off the bed, and simply runs out of the room, mumbling a 'gonna kill you for that' as she disapears through the door.
Jidro Gerrison Once Annia runs out the door, Jidro is watching that backside! He tilts his head curiously, then he slowly relaxes against the bed. Thinking to himself, he exhales a sigh, "...I am so dead when she comes to."

Considering that he is still a bit bedridden?

"...But, it was worth it." A smile is given.

Both angel and devil Niks are giving Jidro the thumbs up.

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