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(2013-05-28 - Now)
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Jidro Gerrison The storm arises from the heavens. There is the dark clouds that encompass the sky. Heaven and earth. In between, Ame-no-Torifune. This mass of construction is hovering at the sky, silently going through yet maintaining a presence in the sky. This storm eludes all who travel through the World of Ruin.

The outer deck is filled with a few of the magicians that stand by the young Gerrison heir. The heir is leaning forward against the railings, thinking over matters. His father told him that he is to learn much about the book that he can.

..But can he really do so? Does he want to? How much will he sacrifice to do so?
Artyom W. Valodjn If Souji Murasame is the storm that defines the border between Heaven and Earth, then it is his retainer- the last of the Mountain- who lifts the sky from the land. Artyom W. Valodjn rises from the depths of the great stormship, his equipment left somewhere below deck in favor of more restful attire. Instead of armor and weaponry, he's dressed in a linen shirt and black slacks.

"Jidro," Artyom rumbles as he steps onto the deck, his pockets stuffed with his massive hands. He steps into the gaggle of magi as if he were parting a small sea of people. "Did your business conclude on good terms?"
Jidro Gerrison The young mage looks outside, watching the ever flow of people pass by. The wind passes through, allowing the young man to stare out into the world. Close in his hand is the codex that has been passed down by the generation of families. His head lifts up to feel the breeze flow along his hair. He takes in the scent of the air, feeling more restful.

At least, until a voice calls out to him, snapping him out of his trance. At the same time, the Black Mages surrounding Jidro turns to face Artyom, eyeing him before they clear his way.

"You are all dismissed," notes Jidro. As if the world is law, the Black Mages are slowly depart from the young man, moving back towards their stations.

As the deck is now emptied with himself and Artyom, Jidro offers a faint smile, "It has. It was a bit of coming to understanding with myself." He pauses, choosing to change the topic, "I have your device made. It was quite a bit of work, but with the help of the Synthesizers, we made good progress."

Underneath the robe, Jidro procures a small trinket. It is a metallic chain with a couple loops.

"When you insert the crystal, it will form based on its shape and give a magic radiation to keep the crystal suspended and protected."
Artyom W. Valodjn Jidro brought minions. Artyom regards the mages with silent acknowledgment. It seems that the young man has acquired quite a bit of support since his departure. They are not what he has come for. The colossus gently takes the chain and its setting in one hand, raising it up to get a better look at the craftsmanship. "You have done a good job," Artyom rumbles with a slight smile, coiling the trinket in one palm. "It is appreciated."

"I am glad to hear that everything's gone well for you," Artyom says after a moment, moving to peer over the boundaries of the Torifune. "I see that you've accumulated quite an entourage. Not too friendly though, are they?"

Considering that not a single one had even said hello. Jeez.

"So, was the job particularly difficult?" The giant asks, looking Jidro's way, "You mentioned synthesizers. The materials must have been... Problematic to acquire."
Jidro Gerrison "Thank you, Valodjn."The young man bows his head low, then he lifts up once more. While he looks over towards the other mages upon their departure. "They often work on supporting Ame-no-Torifune's ability to remain aloft in the air. They are also under the employment by my father." He offers a faint smile, "I have been busy with my father's teachings. He is the current head of the family, since mother is no longer around thanks to the fall of our world." His expression softens to a sadden gaze, "He is not very traditional, but he is powerful with his magic."

He muses thoughtfully, then he tilts his head over at Artyom, "The job itself was moderately difficult. It was not quite the gathering of the materials, but the artificing of them. I was able to enlist the assistance of the Synthesizers. They were able to teach me a good deal about synthesizing and artificing in general. I have established good connections as well, thanks to this encounter."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn, I see. Well, that is certainly useful to know," in case he sees one wandering the halls chanting in some eldritch tongue, or something. "I... apologize, for your mother. But it is nice that you have some family who made it out of the fall of the world. It is always good to have some manner of support." Most of those he knows have come away with absolutely nothing at all. Only themselves, the shirt on their backs, and a few precious belongings.

Or, in Artyom's case, a giant sword made mostly of stone.

"So, Synthesizing," Artyom asks. "I admit that I'm... Unfamiliar with the process. I understand that it is similar to alchemy- you add one thing, and use its properties to create something novel. Not quite chemistry, or other physical sciences. Certainly not geomancy." Though geomancy /does/ incorporate some alchemical basics. "I'm pleased to hear that this arrangement was... fruitful, for the both of us."
Jidro Gerrison "Ah, don't worry too much, Valodjn." Jidro manages a smile, as sad as it is. "We all have our support. I am hoping that we can be there for Jade." He pauses, then he furrows his eyebrows. "It seems that Annia has left her at the inn in Lindblum." The young man offers a smile, "It will be time for me to set foot to the surface again. I will be able to pick her up along the way."

Jidro turns his eyes to face the sky, "... As nice as it is up here and taking care of important matters, I do miss Nik and the others." He furrows his eyebrows, then he faces Artyom, "It is good that we have gained something from his endeavor. I hope that the gem will remain well under your care."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Sometimes I wonder if standing in the sky will make me lose the perspective of the people who dwell below," Artyom sighs over the side of the ship, his arms crossing over his massive torso. "I hope that it doesn't become the case. I am a man of the Earth, after all."

Quite literally, too!

"So, are we going to have the child on the ship?" He asks, glancing toward Jidro. "Have you run in by Souji? I assume he'd have little problem as long as you take responsibility for her. But it may be best to find a more permanent place of residence than... This ship. So she can have friends of her own age."
Jidro Gerrison "I often felt that way every time that I've remained up here. It is not healthy." Jidro looks over at Artyom, "After being up here for so long, it does change the perspective a bit. That is why I will go back to the surface."

A smile is given, "As I am a man of the water."

As for the child, Jidro shakes his head, "No. She will not be in the ship. This is no place for someone her age. If anything, we may take her traveling with us for a while until we can find her a good place of residency."

A smile is given, "She will be under my care until then."
Artyom W. Valodjn "I understand that Kyra and Alma are planning to set up permanent residence in Archades. I may be assisting them with their construction, if they accept my offer." Artyom begins, shrugging slightly, "Perhaps you could leave her with them? I'm certain that Alma would be glad to take care of a young lady like Jade."

"Unless you get attached, that is." Because Jidro is totally cut out for surrogate fatherhood/older brotherhood.

"It's my opinion," the colossus suggests, "That we should all find places within this new world to dwell. Somewhere on land, or near water. Until we find our way home, it is best to try and... Settle down. The ship will be here, of course- for business and so on. It is best for the company if we are all in one place, but still."


"Mmn, though any permanent home is still quite far off."
Jidro Gerrison "That is an idea," Jidro considers, "If they have a permanent residence, we can have Jade live with them." For a moment, Jidro pauses with a tense look. His eyes lower slightly in regards to the getting attached part. His younger siblings. Jidro dies a bit inside upon realizing or recollecting the current situation.

His eyes furrow.

"...Yeah. We'll see as things go." Jidro lifts his head up, offering a faint smile. He overhears the recomendation, "..It would be nice to find a place near the water. I am not sure how cut out I am for a place without water." The Levitani blood in him could not accept a place without water nearby, truth be told.

"...That would be best, finding a place for ourselves."
Artyom W. Valodjn "Mmn," Artyom rumbles, "Archades has a very... Different culture from her origin. There will be some time to adjust, but if they have a stable home, then it may be for the best." He is silent for a good, long time before releasing a sigh. "We will see. Just keep in mind that you do this for her sake. I'm certain you will do what is best when the time comes, whatever that decision is."

He cranes his neck slightly, popping the vertibrae along their joints.

"If you wish to find a place for yourself, I'm sure that Souji would not object- so long as you have a means to return to the Torifune for work." He notes, "Though I understand that Warp is... Somewhat problematic, as a spell. Maybe you can develop a less strenuous variant? A ritual spell of some kind, that can bring you between two set locations."
Jidro Gerrison "I am afraid that I have not looked into Archades too much." Jidro considers Artyom's words. "I will have to make a visit to see how Jade may be able to adjust to the place. If it seems like a good place to her, we can have her there." He places a hand towards his chin, looking more thoughtful.

"We'll see when the time comes."

Jidro takes the moment to adjust himself, propping the book over to his chest once more. "Hrm." The subject of the Warp Spell is brought up. The young man finds himself thinking back to whe he used a Forbidden Spell.

"...Yes. Father is helping me with that matter." For better or worse. "I'll see about composig a spell that will be less strenuous. It'll take some setting up, but this can be done." A smile grows.
Artyom W. Valodjn "I understand that the laws in Archades are very... Rigorous. Very strict. But I assume that those who follow them are well protected in turn." Artyom does not know in great detail that Archades is, in fact, one of those infamous 'evil empire' things that pop up every so often. They seem very orderly, in fact! Not all too... 'evil,' really. "I have met one of their judges. Very terse- though not a bad sort of person."

"Do not strain yourself overmuch," He cautions as Jidro responds. "I remember the last time you tried to cast that spell- you were out for a week," Artyom chuckles, patting the boy's shoulders. "It would be nice though, would it not? There would probably need to be... Keystones. To ensure that these gates are not used by those who should not."
Jidro Gerrison "... Archades is out," Jidro immediately notes. The young man thinks back to the incident during the battle against the Dark Knight, "Given what she did before, she would be at odds with the law, if that's the case." He does offer a faint smile, "...I'll see things for myself."

It is then that he is cautioned about his use of magic. He shouldn't have to strain himself, Jidro, no. Jidro nods slowly, "...Yes." His eyes become downcast in recollection of that week. The pat on his shoulder snaps him out of his daze. "I am taking care to prevent an incident like that again." A smile is given, "Hrm, keystones." He rubs his chin, "Now that is an idea that I should look into." A smile grows, "Thank you, Valodjn."

His shuts his eyes for a few moments, taking in everything. After a moment, he snaps his eyes open, slowly turning around to depart back into the ship. "For now, I think I should turn in for the night. ...There is much to do."
Artyom W. Valodjn "If not Archades, then perhaps Rabanastre. Things are less restricted there," Artyom suggests, recommending those places he's personally visited. It's not like he's exactly had much time to travel outside of Ivalice- it's a massive place on its own, after all. "There are places for everyone, homes for all, even we who have lost our land. It's just a matter of finding it again, yes?"

"It's no problem," the colossus replies, pulling his arm back around his chest. "If you require my assistance, I am more than happy to give it. I know a thing or two about stones, yes?" he raises the trinket once more, "As payment, in part, for this. Though I do not mind assisting besides. We are comrades, after all."

Jidro begins to leave, but Artyom remains where he stands. He reclines against the side of the ship, staring into the roiling clouds below. "I will be here for a while longer," Artyom says, breathing in the storm-mist, "Rest well, Jidro. It is good to have you back among us."

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