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(2013-05-08 - 2013-05-09)
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Jidro Gerrison Ame-No-Torifune, the great airship rides along the heavens. Clouds of lightning and thunder crackle in the air. It casts a cloud over the city of Cornelia and even over the cursed temple of fiends. Its presence continues to produce lightning and thunder. This relic of the Muraame family is made of black steel with bars that gleam neon blue lights, flanked by a pair of crackling curved spires. A large energy sail, glowing blue and arced backwards allows for propulsion to go along with the ear engine thrusters.

With the clouds passing by, a young Black Mage is observing the passing clouds from the foredock. A wistful, dreaming look draw on his face as he holds the book close. He gives a thoughtful look, considering the chain of events.

Some days had passed since the incident of Wutai. Here he is, taking in a young girl by the name of Jade. Currently, she is sleeping at the quarters of the ship. However, Jidro knows that she would be better off with Kyra and the others.

It'll be good for her.

At the same time, it has been a while since Jidro had seen his siblings.
Alma Hyral The Ame-No-Torifune.

An airship, even the seat of a corporate office, still made for cramped living. And during the day, when it was bustling with activity, Alma felt out of place. She was nervous around crowds of people in general. The night was more her time. The time when she felt comfortable, calm. She had solitude for both her prayers and her research. When dawn came, she typically was in bed...

For all of an hour.

As the company doormat, she was treated like she was an unpaid intern in general. Minette and Helena would wake her up for coffee runs. Then she'd generally be making lunch for the employees who asked. Then a few hours of napping before she'd be up, making dinner again for Helena or whoever asked her. Then another nap before the stars would be out... Then the cycle would continue again. She was growing used to functioning on less and less sleep.

And now there was a deadly fried flan that the other employees had loosed in an inane or awesome experiment depending on your perspective, with a deep fat frier. Alma had gotten even less sleep than usual, as after she'd returned to the Ame-No-Torifune. Helena had convinced her the flan was stalking her.

Can't sleep, Flan will eat me.

And so after she'd made coffee, she'd walked through the foredock, in a sort of sleep walk while holding the coffee cup, having intended to make her way back to her quarters. It was at about that time, that she'd pass behind Cid...

She didn't notice that he was there, so it was a spot of ill luck she made a misstep, which caused her to stumble forward with a sort of suprised gasp. Fortunately she managed to catch herself before she tumbled over outright. That turned into a muffled shriek of pain when she spilled freshly made hot coffee all over her frumpy robes.
Artyom W. Valodjn There is a little known fact about the hallways in the Ame no Torifune: When you are an eight foot tall man, they can sometimes get to be a little difficult to walk through. Not that Artyom can't get around that little issue by hunching over and hoping for the best, but the point stands that it can be a tad inconvenient. This is why he tends to favor the open decks to the ship's interior, though he has been known to spend quite a bit of time chizeling away at a block of stone, or trimming one of his many tiny trees, in the ship's coffee room.

Artyom would have taken Basket Weaving in Alexander, but they told him his hands were too large to weave the baskets.

But today, he has something else to do. Something that demands that he remain within the Torifune's halls. Artyom strides, stooped, through the ship's corridors, trailing a fine line of irregularly shaped pebbles in his wake. Occasionally, he makes a small grunt of displeasure as he shimmies to turn a particularly tight corner. He does not come down into the narrower halls very often- Artyom does not enjoy overly cramped spaces that are not dozens of feet underground.

But he has a job. That job is a vital one on an airship that is at least partly made of flammable material.

There is a fire resistant flan on board, and that means one of two things: Water damage, or something is going to be catching fire very soon. Alternately, Minette accidentally created a Grease Flan from the remains of a previously not-Grease Flan, and the Torifune will be able to run a combustion engine for the forseeable future.

Either way, the creature must be caught, and so Artyom is hunting.

It is about then that he spies one Alma Hyral and one Jidro Gerrison having an... Incident.

Artyom squints, narrowing his eyes slightly. Didn't the girl have some kind of irrational fear of mousey wizard nerds?
Annia Leradine A somewhat slender arm helped Alma to stay up, just making sure she didn't stumble. This is dangerous after all. And honestly, bullying people is only amusing when the people are not overly injured, unconcious or perhaps dead to feel the embarassement. Think what you want of it, Annia actually CAN save people from injury. "...There's ointment in the first aid kit over there." She says flatly, not the kindest of girls after all.

She crosses her arms as she moves closer to Jidro. What is she even doing on the 'enemy airship' anyway? Well, not quite enemy as much 'hate that guy, rather not be close to him', and its hard to find a spot FAR ENOUGH away from him within the airship. But still. She was here. She tugs on his ear a bit, meaningfully as she pulls him down to level just a bit "... You better have a good reason to get me to ride this airship." Of course, she knows Jidro has been working for Souji, and she's been pulled along often... just to make sure Souji doesn't get to push Jidro around more than she does.
Jidro Gerrison At this very moment, Jidro is unaware of a Flan on the loose. He had been letting his mind wander into the reminiscence of his home world and his family. Jidro gives a sadden smile. In the end, Jade is better off with Niklas or the others looking after her.

...There is too much on his end for the little girl to associate herself with him. However, she did trust him. Inwardly, he wanted to be an older brother again.

With the heavy thud to the deck and the shriek of pain, Jidro snaps into attention, "Huh?" Jidro turns his head towards the fallen girl, then he kneels beside her, "Are you alright?" A hand is offered her way, a smile present.

His eyes drift towards Annia, "We will likely land at a rest stop at some point. I will be leaving Jade with you for a while." It is probably best that she isn't in the ship for too much longer, after all.
Alma Hyral Fortunately she was caught by Annia mid-stumble, preventing herself from falling all the way. The coffee was a lost cause.

After the initial shock of pain, it was mostly embarassment that she encountered. She pushed up the glasses on her face with her free hand, mumbling to Annia in a manner she'd probably heard before many times. "I-I'm sorry miss.. s-should have watched where I was g-going." Alma didn't recognize Annia. Annia had apparently been transferred just before their world fell, and she'd already been pulled out of school by that time. She knew the girl by reputation. And if she'd known who it was she might have been terrified. She decided that she would take her up on that burn cream, rather than use her magic for such trivial injuries.

When Jidro came to check on her, she didn't look at him at first, just mumbling. "I-I'm alright."

And then she'd look at his extended hand, her gaze following up his arm and to the face of...

The former student body president.

And then her eyes widened in a look that Annia would probably know all too well, the look of a doe caught in the headlights. A look of pure terror. "G-Gerrison...!"

Numbly, she'd take a few steps forward at a steady pace. And then when she appeared to be out of range of being grabbed, it looked like she had started trying to run. Only to trip over the hem of her robe clumsily, her arms wind-milling comically. Falling on the ground, and nearly faceplanting immediately as she reflexively turned her head to preserve her glasses. And then she'd start to sob. Partially from pain, and embarassment but... mostly terror.

She was terrified of Jidro Gerrison.

And then she'd pathetically start to try and gather herself up, so she could make another attempt at getting up and running off.
Artyom W. Valodjn It is only slightly distressing to see someone react with such terror to the person who is likely the least threatening individual on Souji Murasame's retinue. Seeing anyone recoil with genuine terror at Jidro Gerrison is just about as unnatural as seeing a chocobo piggyback on a moogle. It's just awful and backwards and wrong.

Artyom frowns and has the distinct feeling that some switch has been thrown in reverse at the great engineworks of the world.

"So the girl is disembarking?" Artyom asks as he moves closer to the gathering, depositing another irregular pebble on the floor as he moves. He casts a worried eye, briefly, towards the fleeing Hyral before turning his gaze back onto Jidro, "I suppose that is for the best. This airship is not a place for children."

He pauses, then glances back at Alma, "...Did you say something to Miss Hyral, Jidro?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine lets Alma go, she doesn't really have a reason to chase her right now. She blinks at Jidro's tone. Its not usual for him to sound this... distant. Solemn perhaps. "Jade? Oh right, that girl you picked up. What's going on? Why do we need to leave?" She wonders, considering the situation, wouldn't the airship be one of the safest places to start with?

"Where are we going to go then, after we disembark?" Jidro seems to have something on his mind alright.
Jidro Gerrison "No. It is not. Jade will be in better hands with the others on the ground. She'll have an adventure with them. I think she would fit in fine."

The young man had offered his hand. Nothing more. It was a gesutre of kindness despite the girl's plight. However, Jidro also realized who he was addressing. Already, he could forsee the panic coming. Given the radio conversation before, Jidro pointedly turned it off to prevent her from being anymore frightened than she was before.

This time, it is inevitable.

Given the look on Alma's eyes, Jidro is inwardly sinking in dispair, realizing that the commotion is about to get worse. And she takes off, but trips. Jidro winces, then he takes a couple of steps.

"Wait, I am not going to..."

A sigh exhales, followed by a shake of his head. His eyes drift towards Artyom, "I just asked if she was alright... However, I am afraid that I am aware as to why she is afraid of me." There is a sadden smile.

As for Annia, "There are some matters that I will have to tend to. My father will be awaiting me soon, so I will have my hands tied for a couple of days. It is not conducive for you nor Jade to remain here."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shrugs a bit "Alright, I'll take care of your girlfriend then." She says mostly to prod at him than irked by it. They are still ironing things out as a 'couple' either way, its not like they set down any real rules either. They are both acting like an odd couple in many ways.

"Anyone else I need to watch over?" She looks over to Alma. She wonders what she's doing on the airship, meek little thing. Maybe that's what Souji likes too, those that break down easily.
Alma Hyral Ow.

Between all the plaintive sobbing, the girl was actually a little rational. Her mind comprehended the following.

1. A member of the Gerrison family, whom her father had painted as a boogeymen in her youth to frighten her, was not in fact casting some Forbidden Chaos Spell to snuff out her life.

2. He had in fact been rather gentle with her. While it could be a trick, she didn't think so.

3. That was his fiance, Annia, MORE TERROR.

4. His fiance didn't seem to care enough to bully her. LESS TERROR.

5. And then Artyom was there. Artyom had saved her life. And he'd stated that Jidro was made of Marshmallows and terror. Mostly terror.

And so more or less, everything clicked in her head. It just took longer than most. While it was tempting to keep running, she decided it would only compound her embarassment and make her look just as boorish and intolerant as her sister always claimed she was. And so, after she collected herself, and what was left of her dignity, which was in its death throes.. she'd get up, wipe away her tears, push her glasses back up, and then through sniffling approach the trio, standing at a safe distance.

"I-I'm terribly s-sorry. T-That was r-rude of me." She'd state this demurely, without looking at them. Obviously ashamed of her reaction.
Artyom W. Valodjn Artyom makes a sound that could possibly be one of mild disapproval, if it weren't for the fact that Artyom had as much ill will in him as there was moisture in a desert. He regards Alma with a slight smile as he rests his massive bulk against one wall of the corridor. "It is alright, Miss Hyral. Do not be so self-conscious. Whatever your quarrel with Gerrison, I am certain that it is nothing what cannot be overcome, mmn?"

Except her issue with Gerrison is one of religion, and that's something that's more than a little difficult to deal with, at times. Not that Artyom is presently aware of that fact.

"Come," Artyom rumbles, "You are clearly out for a reason, yes? There is no reason to run."
Jidro Gerrison "It is alright." Jidro offers Alma a faint smile, "...I do not blame you for your actions." He shakes his head, "The Gerrison family do not have a good reputation under those who follow Cosma." He offers a smile, but then he turns his head towards Artyom.

"It is something that is easily to overcome. Do not worry too much, Artyom."

The young man lifts his head up, gazing at the sky, "I was just getting some fresh air for a bit before I return to my studies. My presence will be required soon."

A glance is given towards Annia, "I think you and Jade will get along, Annia." He muses, "...Just don't teach her too much."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shrugs her shoulders at Jidro "I'll do what I want, you know that." She turns around, walking away a few steps, but stopping midway. She looks over her shoulder, one eyebrow lifted questionningly, if only for a second, before saying "... I'll think about it." Then she sways off. She's going to check on the 'little girl' that Jidro picked up. She heard the story but hasn't met the squirt yet either. What's the worse that can happen?
Alma Hyral No, it wasn't so easily overcome. Years of indoctrination couldn't be undone with a single act of kindness.

It was easier to actually /approach/ him though. Helena had managed to somewhat overcome it by gradual acts of kindness.. or if not kindness, then just open honesty between the two. She tended to respond to kindness more than anything else after years of having people treat her like a social outcast.

And so, as Artyom addressed her, she'd move a little closer to him, gradually. She didn't respond at first to his comment on whether their differences could be overcome. She was still frightened after all, and was measuring her words carefully. She did however tell him why she was out and about, speaking meekly, "I-I was just a-about to set up for the n-night on deck. I t-think I've f-figured out w-which constellations of the Z-Zodiac of I-Ivalice correspond to o-our own."

She'd then venture to give Jidro another look, biting her lip momentarily before responding, "N-No. My f-father used to tell me t-tales of y-your family wielding f-f-forbidden arts of C-Chaos." She cringed, afraid that he might change his mind suddenly and blast her with some forbidden flare spell that would disintegrate her on the spot.

She'd continue once she felt certain he wasn't. "I d-don't tend to like b-black magic, but you d-don't seem..." She gulped, "..l-like w-what I was t-taught."

And then, after a moment's debate, she'd offer something that suprised her, though not too terribly much considering that Helena was actually assisting her on occasion, "W-What sort of s-studies? I d-don't suppose you have a-any interest in a-astronomy? I-I'm conducting r-research tonight..." She'd be purposefully vague, in case he had absolutely no interest in the matter.

Readjusting her glasses again, he'd look between Annia and Jidro, "Uh. M-My apologies, I d-don't think we've met, miss. I'm A-Alma H-Hyral. I d-don't believe I met J-Jade, is she a guest h-here?" She knew who Annia was, but she still went through the motions of introducing herself, at least. She seemed relieved when she started to walk away.
Artyom W. Valodjn "Chaos?" Artyom asks, incredulous. Indeed, it's about as incredulously as someone like Artyom could possibly intone. He gives Jidro a stare as long as Titan is tall, before launching into a deep laugh. "Oh, no. Not at all. Not that I know of. Jidro's magics are terrible, yes, but they are not... of /Chaos./ That would be preposterous."

About as preposterous as Souji going out to find shards of Chaos to try and figure out how to put a broken world back together! But then, that's fine, since Souji is Souji and Jidro is Jidro.

"I am pleased, however, to hear that your studies have progressed well, Alma. Perhaps I will accompany you tonight, while I wait for our gelatinous intruder to show itself." Artyom rumbles contentedly, his arms unfolding briefly to deposit another small stone onto the ground before he straightens once more. The pebbles form long lines through the corridors, each perfectly straight. Should any be disturbed, Artyom would find out- one way or another. Of course, the problem is that there are more forces at work upon the ship than a simple wayward Flan.

Forces such as 'other people.'

"Jade is--" Artyom rumbles as he starts to reply, but quickly cuts out. "I believe Jidro is better prepared to explain who miss Jade is, mmn?"
Jidro Gerrison In the end, Jidro was very thankful that Alma was able to approach him. It helps that Artyom had been able to convince her that he is not exactly a bad guy. The fact that he is a bit wimpy and mousey likely helps the disarming appearance.

"Hrm? What's this about the Zodiac?" Jidro addresses Alma, looking rather curious. THere is a thought that runs in his head, recalling that he needs to ask Ramza about the stones tht he once talked about.

Nevertheless, the girl addressed him. The tales that her father told her about earns a frown. The forbidden arts of Chaos. Jidro shuts his eyes, holding onto the codex. In fact, the grip around the small book becomes tighter. His entire body becomes rigid.

"... Yes, those tales." Unfortunately, those tales by her father were not without merit. After all, those who tap into the Forbidden Arts tend to undergo some form of change. The young mage shakes his head, deciding to dismiss that topic.

The smile is given, "It's a few studies on where we are and where shall we all go from here. Many of us have been trying to find fragments of our world in hopes of restoring it." His expression becomes more sadden. "I would be interested in astronomy. If you would like, I can assist you in your studies."

Ah, Jade. "There was an incident in Wutai, which we briefly discussed regarding rites before...." She freaked out upon hearing his name over the radio. His head hangs low, "She is a child who lost her brother to a Dark Knight. I did not want to leave her all alone, so I decided to take her in. Or at least, have her join with the others. Ame-no-Torifune is no place for a child. She deserves a better environment where she can wander around."


"Wait, what is this about a gelatinous intruder?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine turns over to Alma as she strikes up conversation. Well, she's rather meek and shy, isn't she? Perfect for pushing around most of the time. BUT, not right now, there's a time and place for all of it. Its all in the timing for best effect after all. "I heard you have a problem with some monster of the edible kind? Since we're not getting off the airship anytime soon, want me to help you find it?" If it attacks, she can get some training done at the same time, probably. Those daggers she's wearing aren't for show after all.

"And what do you do around here anyway? What's your work? Do you work for Souji Murasame too or something?"
Alma Hyral Oh. So he was interested, for some reason that allowed her to speak more openly. She still measured her words, "B-Basically. The c-configuration of the stars here in this n-new world is d-different. They're oriented on d-different p-planes. By c-compiling enough c-charts from various w-worlds from b-before their f-fall, I can f-find which s-star would have b-been ours. If the stars are s-snuffed out with w-worlds, then I c-can s-still triangulate w-where it would have b-been with e-enough d-data. T-Then o-once I have a three d-dimensional m-map of the s-stars and a-all the known worlds in my c-computer, I can f-figure out the r-rotational spin of this w-world. Then I-I'm going to have M-Minette calculate the t-trajectories of least r-resistance, as to w-where world shards might h-have fallen."

She'd take a breath, trying to judge if she'd lost any of them yet. "I-It could w-work for literally any w-world, not just our o-own if I have e-enough charts. I-Ivalice is interesting i-in that their stars have t-the same configuration, d-despite coming from a-at least t-three seperate worlds. So it makes f-for a good c-control baseline. I'm t-theorizing that the w-world of I-Ivalice is the same, but c-comes from alternate r-realites like in science f-fiction, or timelines. The Z-Zodiac are their c-constellations. The h-houses of the night s-sky."

Then she decided to change the subject. Her research was still woefully incomplete until she visited more moogles and Mount Bur-Omisace, she didn't want to get anyone's hopes up yet. "O-Oh, that p-poor thing. D-Do you need a-any help c-caring for her? I'm o-often away from the s-ship. I c-could volunteer some t-time."

And then she'd cringe as Annia addressed her, "I work for M-Mister Murasame. And I d-do research m-mostly, but.. I also c-cook for s-some of the other e-employees."

And then on the Flan... "I uh.. m-my sister, T-Thirza and Minette were playing with a d-deep fat fryer and.. d-decided to fry a flan. The f-fryer exploded, but the f-flan survived. It's on the ship.." She'd look down at her hands, which were fretfully playing with part of her coffee-stained robe. "H-Helena thinks it's s-stalking me."
Jidro Gerrison "Oh, I see. So, you will start trying to find our constellations and you are using that to possibly track where our world shards may have fallen?" Jidro offers a wider smile, "That is a brilliant idea, Ms. Hyral. I would love to assist you in those endeavors."


Jidro's expression becomes pale as terror starts creeping up on him. The young mage is starting to shake, imagining the gelatinous monster.

In the World of Ruins, the jello eats you!

Jidro shakes, holding onto the book as Alma briefs them on the Flan. They tried to fry a flan. It survived.


Jidro screams like girl.

And he books for the inside of the dock, "Run away! Hide under the covers! Hide under the bed! Oh Leviathan the escaped Flan will kill us all!"
Artyom W. Valodjn "Yes," Artyom frowns, his shoulders heaving in a long sigh. "There is currently a Flan aboard the ship. I am tasked with removing it." His arms cross easily over his torso as he continues, "Minette was to be doing this in my stead, but she is apparantly stuck in a vent... Somewhere." Artyom pauses. "Honestly, I'm not certain as to where that is--"

And then, Jidro promptly freaks right the Diabolos out. Artyom just sort of squints.


"W-well, I believe that is my cue to resume my search." Artyom inclines his head cordially to the two ladies, "Excuse me. I must catch the beast before Jidro encounters it and accidentally warps half of the ship to the other side of the World of Ruin."

And with that, Artyom continues on, depositing little pebbles in his path as he moves through the Torifune's many corridors. His quarry: Living dessert. His weapon: /Justice./

And also his sword.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks back at Jidro... well, par for the course there when it comes to her fianceed "Well if its stalking you it just maens its going to be easier to find and send it back in the frying pan, don't you think?" Silver lining here, really. She says that without a smile though. Maybe she's enjoying the idea of Alma being spooked by a stalking monster and just entertaining the thought "We could use you as bait to get it out of hiding."
Alma Hyral Someone actually called her idea brilliant? She was shocked. Helena told her that she thought the idea was a longshot and would be unlikely to bear any fruit. Souji supported it, but she had a feeling that Souji would support her if she decided to research what was the best blend of coffee and recipe for apple pie. He was rather lenient with her given her family ties. She actually flushed a bit with pleasure, looking down at her hands bashfully.

And then Jidro would freak out. "W-Wait, we should s-stick together in c-ca..."

And then Annia would suggest that she be used for bait. And her eyes would widen suddenly, "Y-You can't m-mean to!" Terror, then a shriek, "KYAGHH!"

A moment later she was tearing after Jidro. She'd only more time, running after him. She'd get up more hurriedly this time, trying to catch up.

Better the SCARY BLACK MAGE than the bully fiance that would use her as bait.

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