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(2013-06-12 - Now)
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Jidro Gerrison This is the illustrious Theater District. This is where the scenic view is offered of the mountainous city. The area is home to a number of ambitious and creture businesses. Within the upper area, there are various centers dedicated to the arts, especially around the Tantalous Theatre.

The night air gives the city a beautiful glow. The plant-life have been well taken care of by the workers.

Yet this night, outside the theater, one individual is exploring the city. His eyes drift about, taking in the wonderful, aristocratic atmosphere. The young heir of the Gerrison family holds the Codex Aetherium close to him. The wizard lifts his gaze into the sky, getting a feel of the atmosphere.

He is looking for someone. He heard that his fiancee was here but he has not been able to find her.

A sigh of exasperation is given, his posture hunched over in exhaustion "...I will never find her at this rate."
Annia Leradine Oh, but she's not all that far away. Its just that, she's not making herself easy to spot most of the time. Maybe she should have been a ninja rather than a dancer. Not that it really matters here. She's sitting atop of the Tantalus hideout, a ladder was nearby so she used it to get up there. What is she doing exactly? Looking at the stars. She has a book in hand, but she closed it up after marking the page. Looks like she might have spent the better part of the day there too.

She heard a voice from below though. At this time of the night, most people are either home, or they are at the bars or theaters around the place. So she peeks her over the side of the house... Jidro. She hmphs a bit, and picking p a tiny rock, she flicks it at him.
Jidro Gerrison "Maybe some sort of sign will come forth and---"



Jidro is nailed right in the head with the tiny rock, his head recoiling from the impact. He stumbles over, holding his head in pain. He winces a bit, then he lifts his head up to see that Annia is atop of the hideout.

"Ahhh! Annia!" There is a patient smile that falls on his face. "I've been looking for you."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's arms come to rest along the side of the rooftop, looking like her head is sitting top of them, which is just a trick of the angle you're looking at her since her head is horizontal right now. "And what did you need me for?" She points at the ladder, before disapearing back atop the roof, leaning against the top's brick chimney. She seems like she found another quiet spot, like she does so often. Somewhere that noone can see her if she doesn't want to.
Jidro Gerrison When Annia points towards the ladder, Jidro stares up at the simple tool. There is a look of fright, but he swallows. He musters up his courage and he starts climbing the ladder. Railing by railing, th young mage is pushing himself higher. However, which each bit of strength that he is exerting, he is becoming more worn.


As he makes it to the roof.

Wheeze. Wheeze. Gasp. Breaaattthe.

After catching his breath, the young mage looks ahead to see her. "...I wanted to see you again, Annia."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves over herself, as if it was all he needed to see right now. She's rather... blunt at times. "Take a picture, lasts longer?" Its her usual 'darts' there, always cut and dry. She has ehr own reasons of course, she's always been like this.

She's not quite as 'spiky' as usual though, there's that tiny bit of softness, as if she was in her special place and just relaxing. She often rather be alone with herself for that reason too. Less abrasive.
Jidro Gerrison "Ah hah.." Jidro lowers his head, a sigh of exasperation following. He would expect for her to be as difficult as always. A smile is given towards her, nodding at her dry humor. Despite her thorny side, he does notice that it has soften.

"..I am glad I found you here." He lifts his head toard the sky, turning to face the moon. "This is a lovely city. It has a wonderous site and there are a lot to see here." He flutters his eyes shut. "Yet, within this night, it is a perfect time to enjoy atmosphere."

He straightens, extending a hand her way, "Annia, my dear. Would you care for a dance?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is actually more surprised, and just a little annoyed at the offer. She frowns "... Why would you want to dance on a rooftop, it took all you had just to climb up here, you wouldn't be able to stand here for long." She points next to herself "Sit down instead."

She shakes her head, and then slides a hand through her mass of orange curls. "... Alma that put you up to this, huh?"
Jidro Gerrison . o O ( *CHI-CHIK!* *BOOM!* )

Welp, there went that attempt.

Annia can see the physical deflation of the young mage when she shoots down the idea. Though, he does give a sheepish smile as he admits, "... Perhaps so, but, I think I can last a bit here."

However, when Annia does point towards the spot next to her, Jidro joins beside her, his legs crossed a bit while he stares towards the moonlight. Or rather, he is staring past it, letting his mind wander while he considers her questioning.

"I wouldn't say put me up to it. She rose my awareness of the matter." He turns to face Annia, his eyes focused towards her, "It has been a while since we spent time together, I admit. But, she did bring up a good point. We... haven't danced together. And dancing is a bit of your passion." He tilts his head with a smile, "It is a good chance for us to bond."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over sideways to Jidro, and then up to the moon. "Well I am a dancer. There are nothing I know better than dancing. Its ingrained in me since I was young." She shakes her head. She hates having to talk about the past. For her its filled with nothing pleasant.

She stands up, and moves along the thin point of the rooftop, where the two sides join together in a triangle. "I wouldn't ask you to dance here, you could break your neck. And then you'd be even more uless than you are now." Its her usual 'bitterness', more like sarcastic humor there...

But balanced like that on the tip of the roof, she lifts her arms up, pulling a veil upward, that she drapes over herself while twirling elegantly. Looks like you can't dance, but she can. A bit of a private show, the thin veil seemed to point that she had it in mind at least, even if not with an audience. She stands to dance like this, the veiled stretched between her arms, sticking to her upper arms as she rolled them in the veil, that shines with the moonlight.
Jidro Gerrison "That is true," Jidro concides. After all, there is nothing that Jidro knows more than magic. Etiquitte is there, but there is merely magic that he is best at. The Gerrison heir does fall silent, letting her trail off about her youth. In a way, it is more rewarding that she reveals this much information to him.

Even through her barbed words, Jidro smiles. She is opening to him a bit more, even in the midst of her words. It is why her quip does not affect him that much. Instead, he contents himself to watch her get up.

While Annia balances herself, Jidro is watching with rapt attention. His focus falls on her, gazing at her veil before his eyes fall on her. In this moonlight night, Jidro has a peaceful smile, giving his fiancee an admirable smile.
Annia Leradine That she manages to turn and move so much while balanced like this is also a show of its own, like walking a tightrobe, she has no hesitation, no imbalance. She turns on herself, making a spectacle of the wavy sparkly veil with the moonlight. She really is as natural as she can be when she is dancing. One of the few things that she does that lets her mind be a blank, and forget about all of the unpleasantness of her life.

Well its not that terrible, but her mind is always riddled with so many things that hapened before in her life, before Jidro too. Before coming to this world. Where would she start to talk about it if she had to?

Instead, she hides and dances like this.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro gives Annia every bit of his undivided attention. His focus is on her and only her. He watches her movements along the roof in awe. There is that look that is filled with admiration and revere for her ability SUre, she makes a show with the sparkly veil, but it does look magnificent to watch.

A smile grows, removing his glasses to clean then off before returning his gaze at her.

Annia Leradine Annia Leradine finishes the dance, it didn't last that long, but it might have been an eternity for a avid watcher. She flourishes, bowing toward you, and even has the tiniest show of a smile. She really shows her more natural side like this, something quite unusual for her. She moves to sit back next to Jidro... and tosses the veil on top of his head, while she reaches for her juice, sipping out of the straw. "Dancing under the moonlight. Must be a song somewhere."
Jidro Gerrison It was a dance that did feel like an eternity. Time did not matter to him. While the time passes, a smile remains formed. Though, through the bow, Jidro even sees that smallest hint of a smile. There is hope, after all!

Of course, she sits next to him and tosses the veil over his head. Jidro takes the veil from his head and holds onto it.

This time, he moves his hand to cover her hand. "I profess, I am not familiar with the song, if there was one." A smile grows, "...But I am sure that there is. Perhaps next time, I'll arrange an orchestra, when given the chance."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shakes her head "The only music that matters is the one that we hear in our head when we dance. We follow the rhythm even if our ears don't listen to any. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a dance, it would be random movements." She leans her head back against the chimney, looking up to the stars. "Maybe I'll let you dance with me some time, but not on a rooftop."
Jidro Gerrison "Fair enough." Jidro decides against the orchestra ideathen. Nevertheless, Jidro rests his hand against her own hand, letting his eyes lift towards the stars. He is able to relax with her. In fact, it feels good to relax near his fiancee.

He missed her.

"I would love that, Annia."

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