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(2013-02-28 - 2013-03-01)
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Jidro Gerrison Traverse Town is the town filled with various occupants. Many of them are refugees from places from unknown lands, but the most current and the largest amount are those from Manhattan.

Nevertheless, the place offers a great wealth of information.

One of those who is walking through the narrow district to observe the chapel is none other than Cid. The teenager lifts his head up, adjusng his glasses as he considers the place with wonder.

However, he cannot lose focus.

"We need to get a set of radios established for the group. We need to have some lines of communications with each other."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine was about to leave town, packing up a chocobo. Not too big of a pakcing though, just a few basic things like clothes and cosmetics. She can't go far without her academy vest, in case of sudden professor aggro ~_~

As far as she's concerned, she already has the communication part down, a phone into a leather holder at the waist of her shorts. She pushes her backpack up on the chocobo's back, patting it on the head a bit.
Kyra Hyral Fortunately for the cowardly Cid, he is not alone! Unfortunately for Cid, he is not alone with Kyra. It's actually not that bad a position to be in, provided he doesn't get himself hurt. The white mage walks alongside him, her hands buried in the pockets of her hoodie. Much like him, she too is pretty curious about this place, looking around, observing each person that comes by.

"Tech is a little higher level here, it seems." Kyra offers, moving a hand out from within her pocket to grasp at the strap to her laptop bag. "I agree, Cid. They've gotta have some kind of phone in this world. Hopefully-" her other hand comes out and she makes a circular motion with a finger. "The mobile kind."
Jidro Gerrison That is why Cid ha been /veeery/ careful as to not get something like a stubbed toe. He fears Kyra more than the potential injury! Nevertheless, with his trusty friend by his side, Cid regards the woman with a glance.

"It seems to be so." He rubs the his chin briefly. "We should gather enough of these phones to distribute to the other crew. If possible, I can try to make some deals with the vendor and I can leave you to wire them all to the appropriate channels."

He blinks, looking over towards the person with the chocobo.


Jidro has half-a-mind to hide behind Kyra. However, he swallows before he asks, "You're preparing to leave?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over sideways to Jidro. And he's with Kyra. Well, whatever. "I got about all the info I could get here, so was going to check on the Southern Continent a bit. Its not too long on chocobo, from what I heard." And she turns around just a bit, showing off her rear. Well, actually, the leather case at her side "I got a phone, so you can reach me if there's anything." She points to the shop nearby, the MaBell store.
Soan Sagittarius Speaking of phones, Annia's newly acquired piece of electronics begins to ring. Hopefully it's not one of those embarassing new ring tones a new cellphone gets.
Kyra Hyral "Oooh, I'd definitely enjoy that. Maybe give a little something extra...some surprise ringtones or two, eheheheh." Kyra's eyes practically glow with the impending mischeviousness and mayhem she will unleash upon the phones of her classmates. All in good fun, really, but it wouldn't be a surprise if Souji got stuck with some kind of super-emo song for all of his ringtones.

All in the name of academic rivalry!

Annia comes by...with a chocobo no less and Kyra sighs. "Cid..." she reaches over grasping him by the wrist. There was no time to see the black mage get bullied now! "Yep, that's exactly where we were heading, weren't we Jidro." she says briskly, tugging her companion in that direction.
Jidro Gerrison There is a bit of a mirthful laugh from Cid at Kyra's plan. Part of him, being the responsible adult, wants to recommend against that. However, he lifts his fingers and nothing comes out.

"Ahhh... well."

It is then that CId's grasped by the hand.


"Wh-whoa!" The Reliable One is tugged along by Kyra. They are making their way towards the Ma Belle shop. It looks like Cid won't be able to speak to Annia now! "I'm coming, Kyra! I'm coming!" He staggers, almost falling on his face.

"...It looks like she already has her, it seems." He sighs, "Nevertheless, we can grab the others for the rest. Hopefully, we shouln't have too much trouble getting them."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine's ringtone is actually a sort of montage of 'evil laughs' to the tune of the 101 Dalmatians. Go figure. She doesn't even know what it is really. She blinks a bit, feeling the vibration, and she wonders for a second what it is before she remembers that it is her phone doing that racket, even if she was drawing attention to it.

Her hand reaches down to the phone, distracted from the conversation, flipping it open as Jidro and Kyra walk away. She speaks into it "Listening."
Kyra Hyral Drag drag draaaaaaaaaaaag.

"Well that was a close one. It woulda been really embarassing if I was the one to stand up to your not-girlfriend back there, hmmm?" She continues dragging until she's got him inside the Ma Belle shop. "If you don't mind me pointing this out, as a friend, Cid, you've got terrible luck when it comes to the opposite gender."

But enough about that. "Seems she got one already, yeah. Cute ringtone~" she giggles, "This assignment's pretty easy."
Soan Sagittarius Soan's voice comes from the phone, echoing with it self as his own voice.

"Whaddya thinking you're doing going off on your own alone? Good initiative on getting the phone, mind you."

The Thief's voice origin is revealed as he comes out of the side of a lamp post, holding a phone in his hand and over his ear, his back kept to most of the students there, but he's clearly in plain sight. "Seriously, we probably should get grouped, unless you're good at this scouting thing."

An arm bend around, pointing at Kyra. "She's right, too, that's a very nice ringtone, a keeper I'd say."
Jidro Gerrison As Kyra points out the embarassment of having HER defending him against his fiancee...

It is as if he loses all of his spirit. His body hunches over as a ghost emits from his form. The waves of sorrow and suffering. Giving up the ghost, alright. Agony. Agony. Suffering.

"...Don't remind me of that, please."

After a moment, Cid is recovering. Her statement regarding the opposite gender earns a frown. "I.. I--wh--..." He lowers his head. Sigh. His eyes drift towards Soan, who is beside them in plain sight.


Cid turns around, "Soan?! So you're here as wel?!" He furrows his eyebrow, "So you already bought a phone here as well." He sighs, shaking his head, "...I wonder how many others have cellphones." %
Kyra Hyral Kyra leans forward, reaching throuuuugh the ghost of misery and prodding Cid's cheek. "You know it's true though." she deadpans. "And since we're not on our world anymore, can't you argue that arranged marriages don't apply anymore? Hmmm?" Her eyes half-lid, "You seem like someone who wants to-"

Familiar voice.

Kyra's heart suddenly LEAPS in her chest.

"S..soan?!" Oh she knows that voice. She knows it all too well. Completely canceling any contact with Cid, she rushes over to him and hugs him from behind. "SOAN!"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine flips the phone back down when Soan announces himself, shaking her head "Don't call me for no good reason. I didn't say I was leaving alone, but I will if noone's going to follow either. There's-" But then she gets cut off, as he's hugged by the one trying to shield her fiancee from her.

She rolls her eyes a bit, and walks over to the now 'unprotected' Jidro "Haven't found anyone better to hide behind?" Pleasant as always.
Soan Sagittarius "Oh, I think it was very important. Patience, Annia." Soan answers, pleasantly into the phone. "Rushing ahead wont help. We need solid grounds if we are to survive in this wo--"

Soan might be a little smug about his little mysterious move there. He was about to answer Cid through Annia's phone, but he is rather interrupted by Kyra that comes up on him, hugging him mercilessly from behind. "Woah!" The thief lets out, flailing a moment before calming down, looking over his shoulder, grinning. "Hey, Kyra. I'm glad to see you're fine, too. I was worried." He says, not doing much beyond twisting his neck to look at her, kinda awkward in her grasp.
Jidro Gerrison Awww...

Kyra and Soan are having a nice reunion. Cid is offering the two a smile. This is perhaps a good moment for the two to catch up. However, Cid cannot help but feel the total amount of dread creeping up on him and he doesn't know wh---


Cid whips his head over to see Annia.

"Aaah!" He springs back, diving to hide behind a stand.

"Err.." He emerges, trying to recompose himself, "Hello again, Annia. We are trying to get phones for everyone so we have a channel of communications with each other. Besides, with Nik preparing to explore, we have to have something to be able to keep in touch in case we end up separating for one reason or another."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine crosses her arms over her chest "That's why I pointed you here, what are you trying to teach me now?" She hrmphs. Oh well. She takes out her notebook from its hiding place (a pocket of her shorts, nothing else) and scribbles something down in it. She rips the paper out and hands it to Jidro "Pass that on, if you need to reach me. Soan apparently got it from god knows where, but maybe he's a stalker too."
Kyra Hyral Whoops. Looks like Jidro is on his own~ %R
"I was worried!" She unwinds from him so he can turn around to face her as needed. A grin is upon her face and it almost looks like there are tears in her eyes. "Everything disappeared. Everything's...everything's gone. I was afraid you had gone with it!" Part of her, deep in her heart, felt that this wasn't the case though. She knew Soan. She knew how much fight he had in him. "Oh there's like half a dozen other people around. Kamon's here, Nik is here, Mister Green is here, Myla is here..uh...Seloria...Souji..."

She claps her hands together. "And it looks like you already got one of those phones that runs on the network they have here. Cool! Cid and I are about to get one."
Soan Sagittarius Soan will remember that 'stalker' comment. For now, there is more important things going on.

"Yeah." He replies, quietly, while still grinning back at Kyra. "It was really scary. It all happened so fast that we couldn't really... We still don't fully know what /happened/." He nods, giving Kyra a brief hug again now that he's free. "Yeah, I've met Kamon, Nik, Myla and Cid and Annia over there, around the outskirts of the town. I ... I hope we're not just it. But we've got to keep spirits, up, you know? I'm... just glad you're OK, too." He says.

Soan blinks, looking at his phone. "Oh, yeah. I bought one right before Annia. That's how I got her number, actually -- I just dialed the one after mine." He says, his grin turning mischevious. "Ended up they do the /same/ thing as Mognet do."
Jidro Gerrison Cid is left with Annia! Help! Help!

The young mage looks over at Annia as she chastizes him. "Right, right..." He rubs his forehead a bit. He gives his fiancee a sheepish smile. He knows that she isn't too happy with him, but he dismisses it. Hopefully, he can move past it.

When she scribbles something on paper and passes it to him, the man takes it. "Ah! Thank you. I'll pass it to the other students. In fact, we'll set it up or everyone's frequency for speed dial." He rubs the back of his head, "...I'll leave it to Kyra to set things up. She is the person most experienced with technology."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine doesn't care about Soan's specifics, stalker he is! ~_~

She trots back to her chocobo (those hips!) quietly "What are you and your girlfriend going to do then?" She stated what she's doing of course, and she'll go alone if need is. She's not scared or worried either. She can't be the onyl girl travelling alone around here, can she?
Kyra Hyral "Oh jeeze, I hope so too. I hope Rena is out there too." Rena being one of the few close friends of Kyra that she had yet to see again. That Shivan was pretty tough though so, much like Soan, she thinks she probably made it through all that somehow. Not that strength seemed to be a good measure of who survived and who didn't. She and Cid are here, after all.

"Which reminds me-" she pats her laptop bag, "I saw they do have some kind of network here so I'm hoping I can get my computer hooked into that too. I guess the phones run off of it? Anyway, we're really here to get everyone else these phones."

Turning away, she sees that Annia had moved in on Cid...then moved out. She frowns a little, finally interjecting, "Hey, wait a second. I'm not Cid's girlfriend." Regardless of what she might think about the pushy dancer, she seems pretty sincere about this.

"Let's do this, Cid." Kyra resumes dragging into the shop.
Soan Sagittarius "I bet she is. She's a tough cookie." Soan says, still smiling as he looks over her laptop bag, following her along to Cid's doom. "Yeah, there's SOME kind of network here. Wireless, I think, too. I think that make sense the phones run off it."

Soan causaly stroll after Kyra, arms crossed behind his neck as he snaps his cellphone shut, passing by Annia to which he gives a nod. Just, keep think of him as a stalker. That tell him he's doing his job as a Rogue. Informations are precious, after all! The Departement taught him that much. He follows Kyra dragging Cid inside, not wanting to miss this for all the world.

"Don't worry, it ain't so bad, chosin' a cellphone with Kyra. Girl knows what's good."
Jidro Gerrison Those hips...! For a moment, Cid is mesmorized by them. However, he shakes his head and blanches at Annia's comment. "Wh--what?! You have it wrong, Annia! Kyra is a good friend of mine! ---" And Kyra doubles his comment. Truth be told, Cid is grateful for the interjection.

After all, part of him does want to try to make the marriage work.

However, just as always, the Reliable Student is dragged into the shop. "Accckk! I'm following, I'm following!" He nearly stumbles, adjusting his glasses as it falls off of his nose.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves a hand dismissively at the replies. Not that she cares a whole lot. But the reactions from Jidro are worth it anyway. She walks back to her chocobo, petting its mane a bit. She didn't get any answer to her question though, so she guesses they'll call her if they need anything.
Kyra Hyral Funny how she definitely doesn't want anyone to get the wrong idea with Cid. "Mmhmm, yep."

Once inside, Kyra seems to just vanish from Cid's vicinity. She's already looking over the various models with the scrutiny of a nuclear power plant inspector. "Ooooh...iiiinteresting. Look at this one." she picks one up, but only so far since it's tethered to the counter, "I would -love- to open this thing up and poke it around. I wonder how much data it can hold. That's a funny looking port. Oh, hey, a camera."

One of the store assistants comes over and asks if Kyra needs help. This poor bastard is suddenly assaulted with questions. Horrible, technical questions.

It's a bloodbath. Soan and Cid ought to look away.
Soan Sagittarius Soan stays back, not getting into the crossfire of nerdity that is displayed before him, patiently waiting until the dust settles and the gratitious geek violence of technical questions dies down. After all, he's not the one that is stuck there to get a phone. He got one himself, like a big boy.

Idly, the Thief looks around on display cases, humming to himself as he looks over some accessories, including a case, which he pick up from the display. "Oi, that looks nice." He mumbles, sizing up his phone while gauging it's size.
Jidro Gerrison Whew.

While Annia is no longer the threat or targeting him, he is left alone once more. So, he is distanced from the group, taking the moment to observe both of them. While Kyra is drawn in by the various models, he is giving a more critical eye.

At her recommendation, Cid joins with her along with Soan.

Annnnd she is giving the store assistant an assault of questions. Cid turns away, grimacing while shaking his head. "...Leviathan, save this poor soul." He looks at Soan, "...I would say we aid the poor kid, but..." Well, it's Kyra and she may make him pay by treating his wounds.

"...I shall think better of it."

One of the phones catches his attention, looking over towards the device on the other side of the counter, "What about this? We may want to pick up all similar models for the uniform look. They may give us a lower price in a bulk."
Kyra Hyral The assault leaves the poor clerk reeling in horror, though he does seem semi-prepared to answer some of her questions. He does WORK here, after all, and he's getting paid pretty well by Xanatos to do so! He does know his stuff, it's just that moment of getting surprised by "tech girl" that really throws him off.

"Similar models, sure. Similar...but not /matching/. Maybe a few from the same line." she walks away from the clerk to lean over the counter and observe the model that Cid is pointing out. "I know whatever I'm getting better have lots of storage on it. And a camera. It sounds like three-dimensional projection technology isn't really a thing in these devices yet which I bet makes map reading pretty cumbersome. Hm."

Kyra leans her back against the counter and jerks her thumb at the model. "I'd say that one checks out. Soan, what phone did you get?"
Soan Sagittarius "I pretty much snatched the costier one of the bunch with the most gizmos on it." Soan replies, truthfully as he looks up from the cool, snazzy cellphone protector. Looks like to be made of faux leather. He fling his cellphone around on his hand, before handing it over to her. "Looks decent, if a bit costy. I mean, we can get money, we can get a few jobs. We don't wanna slack off in that kind of things."
Jidro Gerrison "As long as we have enough to get everyone one, I am happy. I am not picky on the type of device. Please remember, our main purpose is to have one for all parties."

He will let Kyra pick out the one with the gizmos, "Alright, I will let you pick out the ones that we should get." And then, Kyra does finally pick the one that 'checks out'. Furrowing his eyebrows over, the former student president peers closely at the device.


He leans over to speak with the vendor. The bits that are made out in the chat is more of a group payment plan and the likes. After a few moments, Cid is approaching both Kyra and Soan. "....Y-yes. It is a bit more expensive than expected. We will have to take a few jobs in order to get the set. The seller did agree to sell it to us for a cheaper price with the group plan once we bring the money to him?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine leans in the doorway, hands crossed over her chest, hands on her upper arms as she just observes the trio for now "Why are you worried about the money? We need them, just take them, worry about the money later." She's been somewhat generous herself with meals for her classmates, despite her bitter attitude most of the time, its not like she doesn't understand either.
Kyra Hyral "Heh, you are the last person I'd expect to hear suggesting that we get jobs to make money." Kyra smirks, wiggling her fingers at Soan. "Seems like there are a number of odd jobs in this town that are ideal for making some extra cash though."

Then Cid delivers the bad news that the phones that she wants to get are...kind of expensive. "Or we could get Souji to buy him...if he's got any of his money here. I don't exactly like this solution though..." Grumble grumble. "Take them and pay later? Is that even an option in this case...?"
Soan Sagittarius "Now, now," Soan says, waggling a finger back at Kyra, grinning. "I may be a Rogue, but that dosen't mean I don't earn my money in a honest fashion!" He says, grinning as he spin the leather case on his finger deftly. "Besides, 'job' is a wide descriptor. I'm sure there's some dungeons to raid around here tha we could make some money out of."

Soan rolls his eyes, shaking his head. "I would advise against that, I doubt he got his fortune on himself right now. Taking them and pay later would be a rather bad start in our situation, wouldn't it? Either we look at different phones... or grit it and get money."
Jidro Gerrison Unfortunately, Cid would have to bring the bad news. It is the fact fo the situation. He looks back towards Annia as she arrives to the group. "...Uhh... Wh--what do you mean? Take them and worry about the money later?!" He furrows his eyebrows.

"...Are we even able to do that?"

And then, the Gerrison heir frowns, rubbing his forehead. "...I would not agree wit the paying lter. Given our situation, it would end poorly." After a moment, he exhales a sigh, ".. Let is grit it and try to make some money. There should be some jobs that are available for us to handle."

However, mentally, Cid is just imagining all of them involving large monsters chasing him and he's screaming, trying to flee from them.

He shudders.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes "I didn't say anything about stealing them. You have the money, grab them, can worry about getting that money back after." She walks over to the counter, pulling out her purse. "This is a task from the professor as well, the school will probably pay back for the service once we get it running." Maybe that's why she's not overly worried by it either. She sets down the munny for the batch of phones.
Kyra Hyral "He's managed to summon his airship here, actually." Kyra tells Soan. "He's got his company of black mages doing it. Apparently Cid's dad is there too." Glancing over at her companion, she frowns, "I guess Cid's lucky in that he didn't get roped in to helping all the time. Maybe he recognizes Cid's duties as a fellow classmate."

Then Annia just drops a bunch of money down for their phones. "Oh, so that's what you meant." She pauses, then roots around in her pockets again to produce her wallet, which she empties of all of her money. She doesn't want this dancer girl to take all of the credit for accomplishing this assignment.

She puts down what she has on the counter. "There, take some of yours back."
Soan Sagittarius "...Huh. Did he." Soan replies, evenly, grabbing his phone back, looking at Annia just... drop the cash for it. "Well then! That solves the issue, if you are willing to bite the dust for it. We'll find a way to pay you for it, then."

Soan search into his pocket, tossing over a purse full of what sounds to be coins. A few spills out. Looks local. "I've been busy." He says, as if defensive.
Souji Murasame "It's taking you long enough."

Speak of the devil. The voice is coming from the doorway, as the stern expression of Souji Murasame takes in the present classmates. His gaze moves to the pile of Ma Belle phones that they're acquiring, and he arches an eyebrow. "So you're buying phones." He states. "These worlds are unusual." He says, looking away. "There's a great deal of new ground and information to take in."
Jidro Gerrison This is a surprise.

As Annia puts her money in, Cid blinks. For a moment, Cid is smiling at her. Then, he takes the munnies from his pouch. While not as rich as someone like Murasame, the Gerrison family do have their own riches. With that, the young man pools his money in.

With that, the vendor looks very pleased and he hands the batch of phones over to the group.

...And he grimaces over the competitive streak in Kyra s she pools her money in. He decides not to speak on the matter. Instead, he starts handing the phones over and...


As Souji comes into the shop from the doorway, Jidro faces Souji. "Mr. Murasame. I trust you are well today, sir." He looks quite calm, "Annia and I have been gathering information to learn about the politics and the current events here."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine takes what change is left from the series of phones, lifting her shoulders at Kyra "It wasn't out of pity, but out of necessity." She's flat as always. She'd be alot more likable if she wasn't such a pain in the behind the rest of the time. She puts the pouch back at her belt. She walks toward the exit once her work is done (yes, those hips), and even brushes past Souji as if he was't there. Can't say she likes the guy either way.
Soan Sagittarius Soan turns around. It's somewhat of a surprise, but not that much. The thief heavily belives in portents at times, and 'speak of the devil and he shall appear' fits more than enough with that man. He smiles, buying the faux-leather protector for his phone, slipping it in. "They certainly are, Murasame." He says, friendily, yet offstandish in it's own way. "However, they seem to have people in them, people we can understand, despite all the unusual things we are unused to lying in wait for us in the wilds."

He pockets his now safe and stylish phone, looking outside a window. "Starting by here. Quite a lot of secrets here to be found."
Kyra Hyral "He did." Kyra picks up 'her' phone-or rather the phone full of neat features she had initially picked out for herself but was getting ready to hold off on because of money. Except now money wasn't a problem anymore. Whee!

Speak of the devil indeed: "...Souji." she says flatly, half-turning to face him, sparing him no further words behind that. There's a grimace on her face for a few seconds when Cid actually calls him 'Mr. Murasame.'

"Very fascinating. Anyway, these are easy to get set up. I can give anyone who needs a hand the help." In fact, in that short amount of time she's already halfway through her own phone set-up.

Part of this is, of course, excuse to mess with people's phones.
Souji Murasame Souji turns to Kyra, and... gives a bow. "Ms. Hyral." He says, respectfully, as he does so. "A pleasure to see you again."

He glances over, straightening as he looks to Soan. "You might be unused to it. I paid more attention in my classes instead of coasting by on stealing all the traps out of Dungeon class. Most of this falls within calculations and extensions."

He folds his arms. "But you are correct... There are many secrets remaining out there. What are you planning to do, go find them?"

He looks over, and taps his Moogle Glasses. They pop up a faint image in the background as he adjusts a few settings. "I've already connected my communications devices to the local networks. You /have/ reserved a communications band for our use, correct?" He asks the latter to Cid, whom he apparently expects to have thought about this.
Jidro Gerrison And Souji is regarded by the others. There is a bit of tension in the air between Souji and the other students. However, most of that tension is felt between both Kyra and the Murasame heir.

"Given the other Nik and the others, I would wager that would be the next course of action." After all, Jidro understands that his friends would rather search for them itself. To someone like Nik, it is the journey rather than the destination.

And when he is asked about the communications band, "Already made reservations for it, Mr. Murasame. All is taken care of." After all, he has to plan ahead for people.
Soan Sagittarius Soan lifts his shoulders, spreading his hands outward. "What can I say? I've had quite the talent in the Applied Thievery Theory class." If one thing he learned, is to roll with the blows like that coming from individuals like Souji. They are so convinced of their self-importance, that it's basically a waste of effort to argure against it. "There's no 'planning to do'. I am already doing that. I've spent the last day looking around town for things, rumours and the surrounding region."

He shoves his hands in his pockets, thumbs pincing against the fabric of his coat. "Namely, I've witnessed some of the same creatures that swarmed us all around here."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine has gone back to her bird in the meanwhile. Everyone got phones, so there's nothing else to hang around for, at least for the moment.
Souji Murasame "Very well. Good luck in your work." He turns away, and looks over his shoulder. "You'll need it with Dragonius around." He smirks, faintly, and then gestures. "Gerrison. I am returning to the ship. We're going to be headed to the Eastern Continent. I have some appointments to attend to."
Soan Sagittarius "You are a busy man, after all." Soan says, giving Souji a wave, before pushing himself off the counter.

Alright then. Time to sniff out that Thieves Guild around here.
Jidro Gerrison As Murasame notes the next course of action, Cid offers the man a nod. "Understood." He then adds, "I will be back to the ship to take care of my duties as required." He knows that he is geting dragged in different places.

Nevertheless, he does smile. "We did it."

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