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Jidro and An Old Friend
(2013-04-19 - 2013-07-19)
Jidro was relaxing in Carwen until the familiar Helena Celba greets her co-worker on business that he had been absent from. Of course, Annia gets involved in the encounter...
Jidro Gerrison Welcome to Carwen.

This prosperous town is located on a smal peninsula leading to the ocean. It bears cobbled streets and waterways that feed into the ocean on the lower level. The upper level, however, consists of bridges and walkways that overlook the sea southward.

This quaint little port town is a good place to enjoy the smell of the ocean.

It has been a couple of days that Jidro has awoken from his two week slumber. He had been thumbing through his opened codex while staring from the bridge. He inhales the salty air through his nose, able to get a scent of the ocean not too far. The Levitani heritage allows him the affinity with the ocean, which he exercises by being around this atmosphere.

In a way, he feels the most alive.

And nothing can ruin that.
Helena Celba Helena has heard that Jidro has been...slacking! Possibly because of the influence of Nik, and while she likes Nik JUST FINE, Jidro's responsibilities to Master Murasame were /important/. Mostly because she doesn't want to have to pick up his slack, and secondly because she is loyal. She also heard that Jidro's girlfriend has came with them all...and that just makes things /INTERESTING/. She walks, the roads of Carwen, until she finds her prey.

Look at the graceful and lithe Helena, tiptoeing towards the unaware Cid in his natural habitat. The silent prey, eater of men, slowly making her way to just right behind Cid...and then wrapping him tightly into a big hug, pressing her chest into his back. Her grip is like iron, but she isn't using to sufficate him...yet...just to hold him OH SO TIGHTLY to her.

"Ooooooh Jidroooooo, how have you been, my dearest friend?" she says, oh so sweetly.

"I've heard that you've been galivanting around with Nik." She says, with a slight pout, "And that your duties with Master Murasame have been...lax...and that's just not acceptable." She says, too sweetly.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine has no affinity with the ocean. In fact, her land is the cold. Well, its somewhat related to water, except its frozen over. Unlike her personality, which tends to be fiery, but like her emotions, which tend to be rather cold. But that's beside the point. After what Jidro did last time, she's been keeping some distance, but staying close enough to keep an eye on him ~_~ He tends to get hurt on its own.

She blinks as another girl just waltzes over to him. Another schoolmate that she doesn't know about? She didn't get into a single class before the world shifted, so she wouldn't know. She only knew of Jidro even. And that's because of other reasons too.

'Dearest friend' though? That's new.
Jidro Gerrison Annnd there went that moment of feeling alive.


There is a sudden presence of the predator making her presence known towards the young heir of the (in)famous line of wizards. That surprise of a hug catches him off-guard; both eyes become as wide as saucers when the figure attacks him and clings onto him. The look on his face is filled with alarm. As her chest presses against his back, Jidro releases a frightened scream before he finds himself clinging onto the edge of that bridge.

"Ahhhh! Oh Leviathan, why?!" He gasps, sucking in a breath as Helena maintains that vice grip to keep a hold of him.

"...Recovering from my latest spell," Jidro admits.

A frown then comes when Helena talks about his duties being laxed with Murasame. There is a look of shame. She is right, he has been pulling away from his duties.

"...Yes." He slowly starts to stand. "...You're right. There is no excuse for it. However, we have been getting a map out of majority of the worlds so far." Jidro looks a bit strange with his glasses nearly off his face, which he takes a moment to adjust them upright.
Helena Celba Helena still keeps the grip, but she doesn't use it to choke him. It is...for the moment, very friendly.

"Oh don't act in such a didn't act like this when we huged before! <3" she says, probably lying her butt off, if only to fluster Jidro a bit more. She leands over as he speaks, making sure that she can hear him as he explains.

"Spell?" she sighs, "Again? You really are the you got into the Academy with your constitution speaks volumes for your magic ability." She says, both insulting and complimenting him at the same time. "I think we need to get back to training that endurance of yours..." She says, slyly. "I can think of a few ways~.." she grins, sharkily.

"Maping out you say? Well, at least you have not been as idle as I have been lead to believe...I will forgive your lax attitude about this, in lue of a copy of that map. And your promise that you will get the rest to me as soon as possible. The master is already moving to secure us the funds to rebuild...and of course, we should all be working hard...don't you agree?" she grins, and turns him around, now leaning into him. Looking RIGHT into those eyes...those dark red eyes, right into his soul.
Annia Leradine That's about when a hand pushes Helena back, just enough of a shove to make her backoff from Jidro ~_~ She looks at her flatly. "What's with you and trying to be all kissy face with Jidro?" She's blunt as always really, and looks at Jidro with the same kind of flat-eyes too. Doesn't look like he was objecting too much, was he?

"About time someone worked on the school, its been weeks and we still had yet to get any news about it." What ARE the teachers doing anyway? Can't count on anyone now, really?
Jidro Gerrison The firm grip is thankfully not one that is rather deady. The learned mage does keep a frown when she brings up about the hug before, "...Didn't you drag me to several places in the midst of that hug?" He rubs his forehead, "I am still reeling a bit from that." The memories.

However, a frown grows and his expression narrows a tad towards his fraility. "My knowledge in the arts has served me well. I take the ancient arts very seriously. However, there are even places where no wizard should venture unprepared, lest they wish to suffer for their own mistake with their life." He shuts his eyes. However, both eyes widen as she trails off with the endurance training.

There is a look of fright on his face. Complete horror.

And that is when Annia gets in the middle of it. Jidro is rather surprised when his fiancee interrupts the reunion of the two---and that look levels at him. "A--A-Annia!" He sweatdrops, seeing that angry look on her face.

"Yes, give me a moment.." He reaches into the pouch to procure a map. At the process, he handles the Ma Belle for a quick moment. Jidro then hands the map over towards Helena. "Annia and I have traveled across part of the Southern Continent so far. The map includes a basic summary of the cities and resources, as well as a bit of customs and courtesies in some parts. It's a bit incomplete, due to...."

- Within Targ Woods, there is the sight of a ghastly creature appearing behind Jidro and Annia. Jidro screams like a girl
- In Targ Woods, Annia and Jidro are fleeing on the chocobo from the Midgar Zolom. Jidro screams like a girl
- Petrified Forest. Lots of monsters. Jidro screams like a girl

"... complications."
Helena Celba Helena finds another grip on her. She lets Jidro go, because if she does not he might hurt him...and right now she is here for buisness, and not pleasure. She moves back a few feet...before she's instead hanging on Annia. "Hi!" she says, with a happy bubbly tone, "You must be new here, I'm Helena.." She grins, getting nice and comfortable on her new friend. "Hmmm...Ohmygosh, I think I remember're Jidro's fiance! Hee hee! Nice to meet you..." She says, almost giddy.

"I see you got a real keeper here, wonder you were being so cold to me.." she almost sighs, "No matter...what we had once was special, and I'll always remember it.." she pauses, "...Unless she likes to share?" she pauses, " don't look like the type. Too bad..." she says, "You're kinda cute. <3" she says.

Turning towards Jidro, she takes the map and folds it up. She can transcribe it to her portable computer later...her glasses already copying an image. "Good. I am sure Mister Murasame will reward me greatly for this." Yup. She just did that.

"Yes, we are making headway on that. However, to get the school back, we need land...and funds. these things take time, the domes were't made in a day, were they?" she offers up, and thinks...leaning her head on Annine if she hasn't already ejected her.

"Complications...I imagine screaming like a little girl was involved." Annia will notice that Helena's very athletic...a gymnist or dancer in her own right...those legs are well toned, and her arms too...and still fairly feminie despite that. "So am I right?" she asks her new friend.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is a dancer herself, so pretty athletic as well, but acrobatic as well in that regard. She actually moves away from Helena as she tries to lean on her o_o What's with this girl?

"Yeah, I'm Annia Leradine. And yes, Jidro's fiancee." Although they don't really seem like a couple. And yes, it involved screaming. Even when they are together alone. Not in the good way either.

She reaches into her bag, pulling out some booklets, slapping it against Helena's shoulder "... Maps. I went around most of this world. Some of them are bought, some are handdrawn. There's also some for Traverse Town." She seems like she's been working at least. That's from the professor's homework. She's miss 'ass-kisser' only for teachers.
Jidro Gerrison Jidro is exhaling a sigh towards the two as the interact. More and more, Jidro is frownng, especially when Helena makes a remark about the complications. It is the look on his face; the eyes are wide and his jaw tightens. She hit it right on the nose. It definitely involved screaming like a little girl.

Sweat perspires along his face and he sighs, "...Nevertheless, I think these maps will serve you well." He lifts his head up, pointly ignoring the commens of the 'special times that they had'. He does glance back at Annia and Helena's interaction, noting the discomfort of his fiancee.

"I will be returning to take care of the duties soon. I know that I owe Mr. Murasame some time. We have been trying to learn more about this place since we arrived here. We have found out that people have managed to restore a lost world."

"... I find it rather comforting and it gives me a great deal of hope that we are able to restore part of our world, if not the world itself"
Helena Celba Helena pauses...Jidro has some...information.

She takes the maps she is slapped with, going over them and filing them away. A small bag is used, that holds way more than it should. She pulls it from the small leather outfit she has, and deposits it back there. If Jidro stares, she giggles, and winks at him.

"Oh, no need to be like that Annia! We're all friends here.." She smiles at her...oh she just needs time to warm up to her. " seems you HAVE been acceptably busy, Jidro, that is good...I will make sure to report to Mister Murasame that you have been at least doing something. He will be pleased..." At her. For getting him these things and taking all the credit.

"Restore...I see, tell me about this restoring? How has it happened? I too, have learned about it...but we are still sorely lacking in the right information." she sighs, "If we colaborate, then we can help each other.." And she can take all the credit.

"Maybe even a special reward for you Jidro... <3"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine crosses her arms. She knows about restoration as well, she's a good information gatherer, despite her attitude. Batting eyelashes and being all ass-kisser can help in the right situation. Its not like she's been extorting them out of money either.

Jidro might wonder about that though.

Her notebook is full of that information in fact, but she only handed her the maps for now. She's keeping things of value close to her, and information is valuable when you're lost like this.

"And what about you, what have YOU been doing then?"
Jidro Gerrison It is not intentional that Jidro is staring. However, the young man cannot help but stare. Oh Leviathan, why?! He is shaking his head repeatedly, trying to dismiss his sights. Instead, he rubs his forehead, trying to keep calm.


He lifts his head up from his head rubbing position. "Since we have been trapped in a strange land, we have been establishing communications or the other students to contact each other, hence why many of us have Ma Belles now." Then, he offers a faint smile, "We've been handling a few tasks around here to acquire some funds. But.." He shuts his eyes. "I will give a detailed reporting soon, then."

Jidro COUGHS at he mention of the reward. He is already getting flustered, "Let's--let's---" He coughs, "-- back to the topic. I've heard hat they are in the form of shards. ...Outside of that, I am afraid I do not know much else." He wants to see his family again. His little siblings and his two maids. They were his family.

He will see them again.

"Maybe we can find pieces of our world."
Helena Celba "Shards huh.." Helena puts a finger to under her chin, a demure jesture, thinking. "I see...I somehow doubt it is so easy to recover a lost world...and to /find/ these shards might prove troublesome too.." She says, or rather, muses. She grins at Jidro, And leans over towards him, "Still the same old Jidro.." She teases, before straightening up, streaaaatching...even turning around while doing so, to face Annia...and of course, continuing to torture Jidro.

"Hm? Me? Well, /I/ was apparently lost in the worlds for a time before I found any of you. I recently found Mister Murasame again...and I have been aiding him. We rescued the King of Bermiccia from Alexandria...nearly got murdered, and found that Alexandria valued a lost princess more than an enemy king. So now, Bermiccia owes us a favor." she giggles, "But have maps and notes! Those are important too! To each their own level of pacing..." she says.

"I also hear a man named Garland is going to be attacking Traverse town!" she looks distressed, "Do you know anything about this Garland fellow?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine crosses her arms as she listens to this part of the story. This girl is annoying the hell out of her, but she tries to refrain from doing anything about it for now...

"I never heard the name. Must not be something that goes around the street much. Where did you hear about that?" Because that's pretty serious, Traverse is a bulsting, central area for this new world, if it was attacked it'd probably be catastrophic.
Jidro Gerrison Annnnnd Helena stretches.

Jidro is trying to resist. He has Annia. Even if Annia beats the crap out of him if she can help it. His eyes drift between Annia and Helena. Jidro, admittedly, is imagining fire lighting in her eyes. However, with Helena showing off her assets, Jidro is sweating.

Moving onto the topic, Jidro thinks over her tale. "Was that what you many of you were dealing with the other night?" He recalls bits and pieces of the conversation over the radio. It is all adding up now. He thinks it over, "So you both have gotten involved with a bit of the political strife. ...I have preferred to avoid unsetting that balance, lest we went them to involve themselves in ours."

However, the name of Garland earns a raised eyebrow, "I am afraid that the name sounds very unfamiliar to me." He squints, thinking over the name, "I have not heard of him." Though, if this person plans to threaten Traverse Town...

"I heard Traverse Town had estabished defenses with mechanical--- at least I think they are---security."
Helena Celba Helena is enjoys this far too much...

"Oh hey, is that a gold piece.." She bends over to pick something up.

A few moments later, she has a gold piece in hand, looking it over, and dropping it down her shirt. She looks to Jidro, and winks again. "Hmm...yes we were...and like it or not, we are part of this world...we do not ever know if we will restore our world...and if we do, can it be seperate? We can't remain isolated anymore...this is how things they are going to be." She says, and stretches once more,

" you are just in the dark as I am? I learned it from a traveler, while on buisness for Mister Murasame...I am going to Traverse Town, but I thought I should follow through on checking in with you first, Jidro..." She grins at him, "And of course, to meet your cute girlfriend." she looks at Annia, again, another appraising look.

"Yes...but is it enough? Who knows...this Garland could be something...or nothing. Time will tell, no?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine grumbles to herself as Helena keeps putting on the show. And of course Jidro is going to stare, he's a man. She just subtively kicks the back of his lower leg, to distract him from Helena's 'charms' long enough for her to finish her show. She might have the chest, but she has the hips, damnit.

"Fiancee." She corrects her. There's a difference here apparently. "We'll take a look in Traverse... we know the way there."
Jidro Gerrison "Eh?" Jidro squints towards Helena in regards to the coin, "I suppose someone may have dropped it while passing b--" That is when she drops it own her shirt. Jidro is a man. Sure, he screams like a girl when in danger. However, he is still a man. One of those things involve KNOWING that a woman is pretty hot. Helena manages to hook-ine and sink---


-- until Annia subtly kicks his lower leg, causing him to wince.

"I suppose we should move on as well." He frowns, "I have recovered well enough and we have spent enough time here." He glances at his fiancee, smiling at her as she is able to state that they are to be married.

"It is a pleasure meeting you again, Ms. Celba. We will be encountering each other again soon with Mr. Murasame's missions. We are also assisting Mr. Valodjn in his missions, so it will take a bit longer. Though, we may chance an encounter at Traverse Town as well."
Helena Celba And Jidro is punished...she grins at this...oh the rush of hurting someone...even just watching it...

"Oh, I think I am going to like you alot, Annia." she says, and nods to her, "Yes, I think you will keep him in line, just fine." She says, "Ah...but alas...only a one man kinda gal? A pitty.." she winks at her, "I do love sharing..." she does the finger thing again, it is so demure...

"Ah, alright...well, I guess we will part ways for now." she says, "It has been fun, not disappoint Mister Murasame, for you know the price of such actions." she says, and turns away, once more shaking what she has...

"I will see both of you later~!" and with that, she walks off, making sure to sway as she does so. "Oh and tell Nik that I am looking for him. We need to catch up!"

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