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The Students' Arrival to Traverse Town
(2013-02-21 - 2013-02-24)
After leaving Cornelia, the Alexander Academy students journeyed through on foot to arrive at Traverse Town. Through a wandering mercenary, they learn more about their situation. Shenanigans also ensue.
Jidro Gerrison "...So this is where many of those who have lost their worlds all migrate to."

Those words were stated by the former school council president of Alexander Academy.

Welcome to Traverse Town. The journey took them from Cornelia, a place that felt reminiscent to the Old Age of Galianda. However, it was time to move on and explore the other parts of this strange world. There were talks of a town where people refugees from different worlds all went to.

Here they are, through the lone dusty road over the rolling hills. This leads to the path towards Traverse Town. However, the place is one of eternal darkness, where night threatens t fall.

The crew traveled a long way and Cid is no exception. The young mage is already, after his statement of knowledge, falling on his knees. He is panting, lowering his head. Unfortunately, the Garrison heir is easily winded. "...I.. I am starting to wish I excelled at sports."
Annia Leradine The sound of a door opening nearby, a familiar orange-hair girl comes out of it, book in hand. She has a pen, writing down into the book. She came out of the information house, a place made specifically for the displaced (like us). Best place to get some heading into this world at least.

She arrived with Kamon and Myla the day before, so she got some lead on most of the others.

When she spots the group of students heading over, she closes the book down, and lays a hand on her hips, looking mostly toward Jidro. Well, that's going to be a pleasant reception alright.
Kamon Lionward Showing up a day early sometimes helps. Getting the lay of the land is one benefit; not being sweaty and exhausted is another. Actually showered and laundered, Kamon follows on Annia's heels, heading out the door to the information center. He lets the door fall closed behind him, stretching his arms over his head and yawning hugely as he walks into the open air.

Then, he spots the rest of the group coming up. In particular, he notices that Annia stops and looks kind of crossly at Jidro in the distance; Kamon just kind of peers between the two of them. Are they always like this? He shrugs a little to himself, jogging a ways away from the city limits towards them.

"I bet you'll get really good at cross-country runs if we don't find a car or something," Kamon calls, approaching the group with a smile on his face. "How was the trip for you guys?"

There is a young green haired teenage girl at the entrance. She looks up and spots Kamon. She looks at him for a few moments, takes in a long breath and then waves a hand towards him.

"Welcome to Traverse Town!"
Angantyr Vespar The Dark Knight walks from the world beyond Traverse, he used a corridor to get near here, but has decided to travel the rest of the way on need to put yourself closer to the heartless just to save time, and besides it was a nice night. The armored warrior makes his way from the grassy outlands, to the less grassy and more paved areas of Traverse. He pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath in of the fresh was actually quite for a moment. It was nice, for a change, to not walk back into Traverse with his house on fire, or the heartless about, or a gaggle fo annoying over powered school children pointing weapons at each other or him for whatever reason.

Those that can sense darkness can certainly sense it on him, he does more than channel the power, it is woven into the fabic of his soul, it is not something that can be done normally, but a natural user of darkness...which is probably distressing to those who are not so tied to the dark.

He keeps walking, despite his slightly meta-thoughts, and pauses as he passes by the tuckered out mage.

"You'll get tougher faster, or you'll become a heartless," he says, matter of factly, before looking at the Teenaged girl. He pauses for a moment...thinking... "...Umi?"
Kamon Lionward Kamon stops. He turns, his head rotating with an almost audible 'click-click-click' of something mechanical reorienting on its target. He squints.

"Are you just messing with me?" he asks, slowly.
Aurora Princess Aurora has a very keen sense of darkness; being a Princess of Heart. She also has a concern for the welfare and wellbeing of others. Sensing something amiss, she has wandered to the outskirts of Traverse town. She moves slowly, admiring the evening, and singing to an owl and a bat, who flitter on alongside her, slightly in the air. Her movements are taking her along the lonely, dusty road along the rolling hills, roughly in the direction of Angantyr; and her voice likely carries to anyone in the vicinity. She's currently singing a song about the beauty of the stars. On occasion the owl answers "Who" to various questions, and the bat chirps as is chordally appropriate.
Niklas Dragonius "You know, you're crazy poetic for a guy who doesn't do any artsy stuff," Niklas Dragonius observes in the direction of Jidro Gerrison. The heir of the Dragonius Family set his hands behind his head, walking lazily as always, his elbows tucked in to avoid accidentally hurting anyone with his carelessness. He's very careful like that! Really careful. It's just polite, when you're walking down a crowded street! Still, at the same time, Nik's looking at EVERYTHING. Every building, every person, every walking talking animal (!? woahhhhh), every...thing. Even the roads are cool! Well, okay, the roads aren't THAT cool, and with a lot of other things to pay attention to, Nik is definitely not paying undue attention to the roads. "Maybe I should get you to help me write a song or something. Or maybe you should write your girlfriend a poem. You'd probably be pretty good at it if you did. about her good features or something."

Nik thinks about it for a minute. "She's got pretty awesome hips. You could talk about her hips or something. Can you make a poem out of a girl's hips?"

This puts Nik into several minutes of very deep thought, presumably about things that rhyme with 'hips' or ways to make that poetic and not pervy. His hands go to his chin, he taps his cheek, and he generally looks thoroughly distracted by the whole thing. He doesn't even say hello to Kamon and Annia when Kamon asks how the trip was! Rhymes, music, art, poetry, and girls are /very serious business/ to Nik. *Very*.



SO distracted is Nik, in fact, that he just sort of stops in the road. Probably right as Aurora passes by, probably right in the middle of Aurora's path unexpectedly! That could mean a collision! (Or it could mean she just dances around him, depending on how much attention /she's/ paying to the road versus singing to birds).
Emi Dennou Emi watches Kamon with a perfect straight face. She looks at him with a neutral expression that is basically her birthright. She stares as if she doesn't quite get his meaning. But then... then after about six seconds, she lets her lip twist upward in a smile.

"A little bit, fondly." Emi says. "This one apologizes if it bothered you." She is a bit of a jokester, it seems.

Emi turns her head suddenly to Angantyr. She doesn't seem to mind the mishap. Legion is a bit crazy in some ways where they consider being mistaken for others of their ilk to be, at worst, a neutral event and at best a bit of a compliment.

"Pigtails. This one is Emi, The Network explains patiently."

"Not on the clock, The Network explains further and also notes they do not do that here." If they did she would be doing that job probably. But it doesn't exist! So they're not?
Soan Sagittarius "Yeah, they seem like they relay one another every few hours or so. Looks like some kind of syndicate to me, honestly." Says a voice that wasn't there, just a few moments. Or at least, comes from around a shriveled tree, where Soan comes out around of, balancing a gold coin on his finger's knuckles, leaning comfortably against it's bark. His face is content, if a little on the neutral side of things. When Emi explains things, he snaps the coins out of the air, pointing at her. "See? Totaly a syndicate."

Then, his expression goes a little brighter, looking at the fellow kids. "Hey, guys. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that got out of that... whatever it was."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is keeping with her friends as they have finall arrived in the city they'd heard of it was odd given the time but it seemed to be night or nearly as such. She's got a bnit of an odd look about her her clothing almost looks just rather strange but she's also followed by four legged dog like machine.

"Hummm?" She seems a bit distracted by something on her mind a she keeps with her fellow student for the moment then Nik's words almost make her facepalm just right there. It could be worse right? She then pauses to see Soan that snaps her off Nik's antics.

Jidro Gerrison Blink.

Despite of the ragged exhaustion, he feels a strange, ominous source of power overcoming him. "Guh?" He looks rather preturbed. The mage cannot sense that 'darkness', per se. Just more of a strange, malevolent form of magical essence. When the random passerbyer pauses to regard him with his words of wisdom, Cid visibly pales a little more. To become a Heartless: those soulless creatures that devoured the world, the corruption and the bane of everything. It is something that he wanted to avoid. In fact, the codex containing spells that he should not touch were reminiscent of that path. He visibly shudders.


At Niklas's suggestion, Cid looks at his friend with horror in his eyes. "Wh---she would murder me and made sure no one would find me. ...I. I don't think she would apprecia---" His body visibly shudders when he feels that glare of a certain person. He knows who it is. He visibly wilts.

"...Good afternoon, Ms. Leradine..."

What calms his nerves is the lovely melody by Aurora herself. It gives him the strength to answer Kamon, "We made it and that is the important thing."

And yet... His eyes turn to see Soan. "...Mr. Sagittarius?!" Cid, still getting up to his feet, is elated at the sight of another one of the old friends. "It's great to see you!"
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr pauses for a moment, nodding once towards Emi.

"Right, sorry, hi Emi." he says, a bit...embarrased. He legitmately feels bad he can't tell a group of girls who are a hivemind apart from each other. Then again, Angantyr's empathy is probably sitting at a total negitive level when he isn't actually holding a weapon. Go figure? He speaks after a moment, "How are you doing? It's been a little bit." he says, "Has the situation in Flurigis improved?" he hasn't made the trip there in a while.

He looks back towards Niklas, litterally pausing as he suggests the poem about a woman's hips. He...Angantyr just litterally places a his forehead into his hand, trying...oh so trying not to say anything snarky. You can do it Ang...just a little willpower. Instead, he looks towards the new arrvial...not getting the comment about a syndicate, but shrugs.

Then there was the singing, the song itself wasn't anything special, but he...the voice was exceptional. It's something that despite his various issues, is enough to give consideration as he looks towards... a inimate car accident about to unfold. He frowns for a moment, rubbing his forehead again. No, lets not be a <GOOSEHONK> today Ang...just...yeah.

He looks at Jidro... "I see, you've lost your world?" he asks, "And you're here as refugees? I might suggest you seek out someone from Hearts Intertwined. They are good at settng up people with homes and food. I doubt you have means to get your own at this point?"
Aurora Aurora has just taken the two tiny claws of the owl hand in hand, and is doing a swing with it (dancing) - when Niklas begins going on about hips, loudly, and what rhymes with them. Unfortunately for poor Aurora, and the disposition of her owl, Niklas gets in the way of the maneuver. You'd think that at least the bat would be paying attention; but unfortunately its attentions were elsewhere, it temporarily finding a particular mosquito quite agreeable to its disposition when it should have been chirping in c-minor.

The result of this is the rather unfortunate breach in etiquette of poor Aurora swinging an owl into Niklas' face - though in truth, it could be him just as easily walking into the owl. The owl, unfortunately, is unlikely to take it very gracefully. Aurora herself has rather more grace then the owl, not being in the middle of a dance maneuver, but does not have time to comment, just this particular second, on the rather dirty song.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine hmphs a bit. Well Nik is there, so no feet stomping while he's looking. Not that she has a reason to right now. She's just going to verbally prod him for now "How amazing that you made it here without tripping over yourself on the way." Its just a jab considering she doesn't even know Jidro all that well. She just doesn't like him. She doesn't like anyone mind you. All she really knows about Jidro is that he's physically weak. And that's a perfect target for her to vent on.

She opens her notebook, flipping a few pages through it "The inn is over there." She just points them in the right direction without much more to say for now.
Niklas Dragonius Nik just took an owl to the face.

The fact that he's still in very deep concentration, despite /taking an owl to the face/, is probably pretty surprising for people who don't know Nik. For those who DO know Nik...well, they know that underneath that shirt and jacket combination is a set of muscles tempered by stackingly ludicrous scars. Frighteningly ludicrous numbers of scars. The kind of scars you only get by doing things like punching boulders or being hit by logs or things that get people dead without the proper training.

So, yeah, the owl isn't actually bothering him much yet, because he's concentrating! A few moments later, he snaps his fingers, looking up and opening his mouth-

-to get a mouth full of owl feathers. Nik stumbles backwards, hacking up...well....a mouthful of feathers. He coughs for a few more moments, smashing his own chest to make sure he's got all the feathers out, then shakes his head. "Hey, sorry. I probably wasn't watching where I was-"

Nik pauses. He stares at Aurora for a minute, a wide grin overtaking his face. His hands slide into his pockets as he resumes taking a more relaxed stance. (He'll get to Soan in a minute.)

"Hi. Totally my fault. I'm Nik - Niklas Dragonius, just call me Nik, /everybody/'s allowed to, especially gorgeous women. Has anyone ever told you that you're /gorgeous/? Because you are. /Gorgeous/."


"Oh hey, Soan! Awesome! One more survivor!" Nik waves over Aurora's shoulder, then jerks his thumb at Soan. "Friend of mine. Actually, most of those guys are friends of mine."

He's certainly...enthusiastic!
Kamon Lionward Kamon seems distracted as well, but not about inappropriate poetry. Mostly he's distracted by the green-haired girl who is giving him a distressingly neutral look -- until it finally cracks. Tension leaves him almost immediately. He was worried that he was seeing things, at this rate, or that there was honestly some kind of... of NPC cartel that all look the same. What if there were multiples of the same greeter girl?!

(Kamon briefly feels a feeling of foreboding.)

"O-oh. No, I was just, uh --" He's a little embarassed by almost falling for it. Kamon lifts a hand and rubs the back of his neck self-consciously. "-- Emi, right, right. How'd you get here so fast? I didn't see you on the road, or the ship, or anything."

Then, he hears a voice. It isn't the singing one -- that's comforting, but not so familiar. "No way," he mutters. He looks around, then up, spotting the figure sitting in the withered tree. Kamon's expression immediately brightens. "Soan! You made it! I mean, of course you made it -- I knew if anyone would get out of there, it'd be you."
Emi Dennou Emi says, "There is nothing to be apologetic over." She doesn't seem to be particularly troubled. She glances over to Mild Mannered Soan Sagittarius--what a strange name--it seems like these people aren't very well informed as to their situation. Emi considers flat out telling them but decides that would be a bit rude. Better to let their situation sink in gradually. She glances towards Aurora as she dances with an owl.

She blinks rapidly, and then slower, and then stops blinking altogether. Eventually she claps her hands about four times, slowly, and then turns back to Angantyr. "We were able to arrest Baigan--he was the man behind it all, it seems, but despite this there's still the..." She frowns. "...Still the clouds. And the leftovers. There will likely still be more fighting. Hopefully not too much more, however, The Network supposes that she can't comment on that matter one way or the other, however."

Kamon asks an important question, however. She raises both eyebrows and says, "This one took the portal from Cornelia. Didn't know you were coming here, The Network admits."
Soan Sagittarius Soan can't personally blame Niklas. That's one hell of a pretty lady he bumped into. And an owl. And more smaller critters. /Huh/. Maybe she's a ranger of some kind? Or perhaps... a nature wizard?

Naw. She don't look NEARLY as nerdy for that.

"Not even a day and already hitting on the first pretty lady you see. Man, don't change, Niklas. /Don't change/." He says, sliding down the tree trunk, his eyes darting over to that... walking ball of darkness and chaos in his eyes. For a brief moment, that Ifriti youth gives him a solid stare, before brighting back up at Jidro and Myla. "You're my age! Don't call me mister, for Cosmos' sake! I need a bigger beard for that, first! I'm glad you two made it. I was starting to worry, personally." He says, before finnaly focusing on Kamon, tossing the coin up and grabbing it again in mid-air, before pocketing it. "Hey, I'd say the same to you, Kamon. I knew it'd take more than that to keep someone like you down, buddy."

He pauses, his face twisting into a small figure of pain, looking at the group, then at Kamon again. "Is... are we it?" He asks, some dread in his voice. His stare move at Emi at the mention of a portal. He don't say anything. Long-distance travel is not hard when you can jump ten blocks. Not that most people beyond Kamon would know that.
Aurora The owl is rather offended - and, song momentarily over, resumes being just an owl for a little while; albeit in a rather comedic fashion - flying backwards and forwards and making rather petulent bird-noises in Niklas' general direction. This persists well into his attempts to be smooth, before the bird decides to merely fly and hover about and be petulant from a moderate distance. The bat, for its part, flits about, unconcerned and rather more well-behaved.

Aurora, after accidently dancing her way into a complete stranger - and worse, flinging an owl into his face, blushes a bright shade of red. The shade quickly fades at his rush of words, but the embarassment does not. "Well, uh, oh dear my, I do apologize." She does a curtsy, not a very formal one however, mind you, but she does curtsey, placing her hands on the side of her skirt, holding it out sideways, extending her right foot behind her left, and bending slightly at the knees.

She does her best to ignore the gorgeous complements, but they merely manage to bring the bright red blush back, quite fiercly. "Uh, pardon me, milord. I do apologize about the owl." She goes silent for a moment, too busy blushing to remember to actually say her name. People in her time just are not quite so forward.
Jidro Gerrison "My apologies, Soan." Truth be told, Cid is still trying to get used to not speaking properly to his friends. It's one of those conditionings that lingers on the Gerrison heir.

...Nope. Cid is too tired to prevent the doom that is for Niklas. He is too tired to intervene for his friend. That, and he is distacted by the dark knight. A faint smile is given towards the knight with the fact of their world taken. It's something to take into stride, given that there are likely others that suffered the similar fate. It's why they are here, after all.

"Yes. We are seeking answers and are trying to get adjusted here." He considers, "...From there, we are having our...---" And the sound of the owl smacking onto Niklas is heard. "---adventure." Nope. Not skipping a beat. The interest comes in as Hearts Intertwined is mentioned, "Oh? Do you know anyone in particiular?" The Gerrion heir finally regains his composure, evenif thereis a wince at Annia's statement.

"...Thank you, Ms. Leradine." Well, with Niklas around, she won't stuff him into a trashcan or anything. ...Probably after his back is turned. Nevertheless, his attention returns to Angantyr.

"Forgive me, I have yet to introduce myself." He extends a hand, a friendly gesture, towrds the stranger. "I'm Jidro of the Gerrison family. I am one of the any students from a school in our world, Alexander Academy." A hand is gestured towards Kamon, "That is Kamon Lionward," then Soan, "Soan Sagittarius," then Niklas, "Niklas Dragonius." A hand then sweeps towards Myla and her robotic dog, "Myla Mason and Swimmer...

Pause. The hand shakily gestures towards Annia, "...A--and..Annia Leradine." After a moment of calmness, "We are all students of the academy. Or rather, was until the Heartless came."
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks at Ang for a moment and sizes him up, if this turns out like the last guy they met kinda like this she's just going she's just freaking gone. Kaydin was lucky it was just Souji he was dealing with that night. Thankfully the first thing out of Ang's mouth dispells anything that might compaire him further with Kaydin. Meanwhile Aurora is getting a biot of a look over either way Sloan is all right and Nik took and Owl to the face he should live right?.

"No idea Sloan we run into a few stragglers like your self since we woke up here."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr watches the trainwreck unfold. He just...

Sighs... "That is...special." he says, towards the situation, "I swear he did that on purpose," he comments to the others, noting Niklas hitting on the Woman who smacked him in the face with an Owl. You'd think he'd take the hint? He looks towards Emi, and nods once, "I Baron was making a reach for the city...given what I heard from their exploits before the world of Ruin was makes sense. It also gives a target for retribution and finding the lost adventurers...if they aren't already heartless." he comments...

Soan's stare is not missed, he levels his own stare at him, holding it and not backing down...but they both have better things to do than stare down the other, it seems. He takes Jidro's hand...his grip is vice like as he gives him a firm and hearty shake...LIKE MEN DO! "I see, I'm sorry then for your loss." he says, sympathetically, "I too lost my home," he says, and the he realizes they /walked/ here from Cornelia.

"Wow, you poor kids. Yeah, there are portals that connect places around. It's...weird. There are those too, who can call upon darkness and open shortcuts through the world. I don't recommend learning it."

He turns towards Nik, "You're makin' the lady uncomfortable," he simply states.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine waves to Soan, a little dismissively though. She's the newest transfer, but she didn't even get enough time to see the classroom before she got displaced like the others. "I've been given the task of getting information on important people, so that's why we came to Traverse Town, that seems to be a central point in this weird merging of worlds." She looks into her notebook at some of the various notes she took. Anyone that would look at it probably wouldn't understand much of the way she writes either.
Niklas Dragonius "Hey, it's fine! I can honestly say that's the first time a pretty girl's ever smacked me in the face with an owl. It's a first for both of us! Besides, I'm barely hurt. See?" Nik runs his finger across some of the scratches; it really doesn't hurt as bad as he's been hurt before. He thumps his chest a moment later, coughs up a final feather, and grins at the princess. "Nothing lasting. All water under the bridge."

"And hey, seriously, don't call me Milord. My father is Milord. I'm just Nik. Niklas, if you absolutely totally one-hundred percent /have/ to be formal, but c'mon; Nik is just fine, right? Easier to say. So do I get to know your name, or do I just get to stare at you a little more?" His grin widens, a lopsided, flippant grin. It's a nice grin; there's nothing predatory, nothing concealed, nothing *dishonest* about Nik, about his stance, about his face or his smile. He's just there, in his totality; if somebody accepts him, super, if they don't, super. He'd long since gotten over formality.

He waves over Aurora's shoulder a moment later as he hears his name called. "Hiya!" See, he's paying attention to things that aren't Aurora! His attention returns to her a moment later, because otherwise that'd just be rude, and he taps the side of his head. "Sorry, /am/ I makin' you uncomfortable? It's a totally different world, and I figure I'd rather just be me than try and conform, you know? Got way more than enough conforming in my life." He laughs, a cheerful, upbeat laugh. "Besides, life's too short to worry about what people think of you. So I just.../go/. Every day's an adventure!"

That's right, Soan - Nik has /zero/ intention of ever changing. He is who he is, forget the haters! Like Annia. She was a hater. She was a /super hater/.
Kamon Lionward "Heh. Yeah, I guess I'm kind of tough sometimes," says the young man who is at least partially composed of /solid iron/.

The second question is a little more... terrible. "Well... there's a little more than a dozen of us here, I think. I'm sure there are more of us around, but..." He looks down. "...I dunno, man. It can't be as bad as it seemed, right? We can just -- we've got to do something. We're going to do something, right?"

Emi points something important out. Kamon turns to her, blinking. "The... portal? There's a portal?" He sounds somewhat... flat. "You mean we --" Walked, and then sailed, for quite a while, for no good reason. They could have just skipped it. Yes. All true. "Man I miss ChocoNet Maps," he mutters with a sigh. "So, uh, I'm..." Jidro introduces everyone. He glances over, waves a little, and then turns back to Emi. "...uh, what he said. Kamon."
Aurora Aurora can be quite eloquent at times. When singing, at least. Right now what comes to mind is "Erm.". A very delicate erm, truth be told, but an erm nevertheless. She should, perhaps, have worn her peasant outfit on this trip - as it is, the corset-top on her dress is suddenly feeling a bit tight, and she takes a few moments to get her breath back, not to mention, catch up with the many long words of the young man addressing her.

"My name? I am Princess Aurora, of the Enchanted Dominion." she replies, once she fully regains her senses, and gives another curtsy. "A pleasure to meet you, ...Nik. Pardon me for a moment, there are, as you say, many worlds and customs, and to an extent, we all sometimes get caught up in our own ways."
Emi Dennou A lot of names are thrown about. Emi takes note of them mentally and does not ask for him to slow down so she can better keep track of them--because she doesn't need to. It's stored, carefully, even if some might end up buried in short order. She cracks her knuckles lightly and then adds, to Ang, "For now, this one is focused on Fluorgis's survival. Retribution is not our trade. Baron is actually declining they had any involvement."

She doesn't believe that, of course.

She opens her mouth as Kamon unleashes the power of optimism. Emi is not really an optimist, or at least she doesn't see herself as one. She just reaches forward and rests a hand on his shoulder.

"I hope you can." She tells him, sincerely, even going so far as to use 'I' obn this subject. To the rest, though, she isn't empathic at all and says, "Yes, more or less, that is precisely what happened. The Network is pleased to meet you all."
Soan Sagittarius "I miss ChocoNet Maps. They were really fun." Soan joins in Kamon's bemoaning, giving his friend a friendly slap on the shoulder. "Well! You guys travelled here, it gave you an experience on this crazy new world, I suppose. Best to see it on the bright side, am I right?" The Thief says, grinning. There's still a hint of worry behind his voice, but he puts up a good show. "That's the out look we ought to have now. Let's not waste energy by being depressed. What we can do is keep moving foward, hope for the best and work for the best."

Annia get his attention, as he return a small nod at her. Huh. New student made it through. That's cool. But then a /Princess/ introduced himself.

"Woah!" He says, geniunely impressed. "You're really a Princess? Princesses just walk around the wilderness, here?"
Jidro Gerrison "...If only you knew the half of it," Cid regards Nik's antics. A frown is given towrds his best friend, "...Really, Nik." It is a fiant smile. As for the hand, the mage is treated to the GRIP OF A MAN! Cid really does try to hold on to reciprocate the handshake. However, the young mage's body shakes along with the hearty shake. Shaking out of his temporary disorientation, Cid offers a faint smile.

"So, there are portals that do connect around..." Then, the darkness is mentioned. Yes, there is the possibility of learning the dark forces for easy travel. However, that is a path that Cid is unwilling to take.

"Thank you for the advice so far." However, the dispute between Angantyr and Niklas earns a wince from the mage. "...Perhaps..." He decides against it. Niklas is very anti-conformity, so interjecting at this point would be foolhardy.

Thoughtfully, "...If only I had a spell that would map out our location and the like." He gives a rueful smile, "I envy technology sometimes, but.." He shakes his head, dismising that. His eyes drift towards the woman that Niklas is conversing with. He regard her name in his memory, just like Emi, whose name has been called. The young mage is very keen on attention to detail.

A glance is given towards the knight that has been helpful, "I am afraid that I haven't caught your name. You've been a big help on getting us started so far." Though, he is mentally hoping that the dispute between Angantyr and Niklas doesn't escalate any further.
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods once, realizing he hasn't actually introduced himself.

"Angantyr Vespar, sorry there is alot going on, and I'm not trying to be rude." he says, to Jidro, and then to Aurora.

Kamon is optimistic, and this causes him to raise a finger... "I have no idea what you said, and it was probably silly, but instead we have.." he says, pulling out his Ma Belle, which DOES have a map function. "It's from technology of a fallen fell rather recently, and was connected to these worlds. However, they were attempting to map the ways, and this came to be. It shows the known passage was right now, there are no doubt LOTS more that we don't know about...the worlds are large, at best."

He also doesn't appear to be...escalating anything with Niklas, infact he doesn't even consider Niklas anything beyond annoyingly peppy and just needs to take a chill. If he got into a fight with everyone that annoyed him...he'd never stop fighting!

"A bit pricy, but it's a pretty good phone." he says, and puts it away. HIS.

He turns to Emi and nods.. "I guess, honestly, the best defense is a good offense. They'd think twice, if you punch a bully, they tend to think twice before messing again." he says, but Ang isn't exactly a...merciful person in some reguards. He considers Aurora...Geeze, another Princess huh? "Nice to meet you, Princess. If you need a body guard, I do cheep rates, the last Princess I met seemed to be a magnet for trouble." he says, a bit jovial. For a guy who radiates darkness like a monster, he's rather...nice? Well okay, no, he's rather human. Ang's kind of a jerk.
Niklas Dragonius "Princess Auror- Princess? Wow." Nik suddenly remembers his own formal training, and feels kind of bad for a brief instant! (He also feels pretty awesome, because he was just hitting on a *really* cute princess, but.) He bows, really really low, then tilts his head up to grin at her some more. He's a grin-y guy. No, more accurately, Nik's a *happy* guy. He's just...openly cheerful. Really, really cheerful. It's hard to get on Nik's bad side, it's hard to bring out his bad side, it's hard to even make him angry. Very few people had ever seen him angry. No one that he knew of wanted to see him angry again. "Niklas Dragonius, heir of the Dragonius Family, at your service. Although don't ask me to do that again, 'cause I *hate* bowing like that all proper. Just...something about you makes me think I oughta, that's all." He straightens and rubs the back of his neck. It was true; Aurora sort of put off this FORMAL vibe that even the laid-back Nik had trouble dealing with.

"Oh, yeah! If you're looking for somebody to wander around with, like, for protection, I'm pretty much perfect. I'd love to get shown around by somebody who actually knows the place!" Nik offers at Angantyr's offer.


"Oh, and I do music. Mostly guitar stuff. So...y'know, travelling music! Uhhh...I think you'd call it being a bard?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine doesn't anyone, and doesn't trust easily. Ang is no exception really. It sounds fishy to her right now, but she won't comment on it. She walks over to Jidro, with a bit of that hip sway that Nik was commenting on earlier, stopping next to him with her arms crossed over her stomach pointedly. "I was supposed to be joining you at the new school, but I guess that isn't happening either. So I guess I'll have to rely on you around here for now." Fortunatly, money wise she's good right now, she got the info that her gil turned to munny, so she was able to handle the expanses.

She looks over to Nik as he mentions music "I saw your guitar. I play a bit of guitar too." Although she's better with a violin, she just taught herself to play some guitar on her free time.
Niklas Dragonius "THAT'S REALLY HOT!" Nik calls at Annia. Okay, he's over feeling bad now.
Kamon Lionward Kamon's super powers include being optimistic and cutting people in half with lawn chairs.

He doesn't get much use out of the second one.

Kamon grins, slapped on the shoulder by who might be his best friend. "Yeah, fun for you, essential for me. I think they deliberately put some of our classes on the opposite sides of the campus, one after another..." His grin fades at the thought. They might not have a campus to get lost on anymore. And Nik might not have his fancy ~Mognet~ anymore, either!!

Emi then gets all sincere and stuff, and he flushes at her touch. "Uh, well -- thanks. I'm going to do what I can. I mean, if I can /do/ anything, I'm not really a..." He trails off and looks aside, adjusting how his pack and rather boring weapon hang almost unconsciously. "I mean, I'm just some Odynar kid, right?" He forces a brief flicker of a smile, as if making a joke.
Aurora "A pleasure to meet you all." Aurora replies as each person says his or her name in turn. She then asides towards Soan. "Well, this is not quite what I, at least, would consider the wilderness..." she replies, but then considers, "But, as you do, and I am in it, then I suppose that yes, it is quite common. I have met others as such, though never for long, unfortunately, and..." She nods at Angantyr, "Trouble does seem to be a prequisite, I'm afraid. At least, it has always followed me around, even moreso then the heartless do."

Turning back her attention to Nik, so as not to be rude, she makes pleasant commentary. "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Dragonius." she replies. "If you do not wish to bow, I certainly will not demand it. I try to give as much politeness as I can to all around me, recognizing the inherent dignity in everyone ... its not about royalty or position, so I don't mind being treated as would anyone else. I was raised as a peasant by faeries, actually, and did not find out my true heritage until I was much older." Another pause, because quite a lot was said - and she only has the breath to say so much in response.

"I do like music. Being a bard is a wonderful calling. Music brightens the day, and makes us realize all of those beautiful truths that, sometimes, we have trouble seeing with our rational mind. I don't know what I'd do without the ability to sing a note, now and again."

And then she resumes singing; though without words, this time, just using her voice as an instrument for melody.
Niklas Dragonius Nik wobbles for a moment, just sort of standing there as she starts singing. Then he does what *any* self-respecting musician would do; he unslings his guitar from over his shoulder and starts playing. He's quite good, too - a few weeks of focusing on that instead of schoolwork and he'd gotten *quite* skilled at it, like most things he does. Then he starts singing, too, and he's quite good at that, too; his voice is nowhere near Aurora's quality, but he's not exactly some sort of trainwreck of horrible to listen to. He sounds professional, where /she/ sounds like a Princess.
Emi Dennou Emi isn't sure that really does apply to bullying but she nods anyway, because she doesn't actually know much about bullying. Her hand is still on Kamon's shoulder and then, noticing the flush, she thinks maybe she should pull it off. It might be a bad flush, after all. "This one isn't sure what an Odynar kid is, so cannot say one way or the other, it seems." She smiles lightly. "We'll help you, if you can. It may not seem that way, but besides taking on part time jobs, our real occupation is that of detectives. If you do have..."

She pauses to pull her hand off. Or rather, fail to pull her hand off. She wiggles her arm a few times and then looks down at her hand, and then towards Kamon, then her hand.

She grabs her arm and tugs--but nope, her hand is fixed shut to Kamon's shoulder.

"...Hrmm...." She says.
Jidro Gerrison Aha. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Vespar." He offers a smile, but the he glances over towards the Ma Belle. "That is an interesting device. I think Ms. Hyral would be able to set us up with those."

Meanwhile, the mention of the price of the device earns a frown, "...I suppose we will have to start doing something to make some money. Our current funds are no good in this new world." A shrug, "No matter, this is, as Nik has mentioned, a new beginning for us."

Overhearing Angantyr's advice regarding dealing with bullies, his eyes fall on Annia for a moment to regard his tactic.

. o O ( <Annia> :| <Jidro> *hits Annia like a girl* <Annia> ... *LIFTS JIDRO INTO THE AIR AND BREAKS HIS BACK! <Jidro> MY EVERYTHING! X_Q )

....He visibly shudders.

A faint smile is given towards Annia. He knows that in the end, she is right. It is one of the moments that he does act as the role of what he was told to do. Though, as Nik has commented, her hips moving IS rather hot. In fact, his face is visibly turning red.

There was the instinctive urge to take Annia's hand onto his as a proper fiancee should.


However, Cid wimps out in the end and keeps his hands to himself. Instead, he gives her a sincere smile "...Ms Leradine, you can count on me."
Soan Sagittarius Bluhbluhbluh MogNet bluhbluhbluh fancy sleek phones that costs 400 hundred more Gils.

"Oh they did. They absolutely did that." Soan confirms. "I'm sure of it." He says, removing back his hand, giving a glance at Emi. 'This one' keeps saying that. What the hell is up with that, anyhow? Proably not polite to ask straight out.

"Well," He says, scratching his head. "If we're gonna be here for a while, we'll have to get a hold of ourselves first, then find what's going on and do some stuff for ourselves. We can't accept jobs blind, you understand. Academy regulations."

Soan knows much about the Academy regulations. It's part of the classes as a thief. Know the laws in order to break them.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks over to the others "Speaking of that." She opens her notebook again "I got information that there are some communication devices around here, in this town. Its multiverse-able, so should be able to keep contact no matter where you go. Considering the state of the worlds, their rates are pretty good too." She flips a page, and loosk at Jidro "And whatever money you had in out world was automatically converted to this world. Its an effect of the portals. Apparently those portals have more effects than that, but I couldn't figure out what exactly."
Niklas Dragonius YOU PAY FOR QUALITY SOAN, THAT'S JUST FACT. But Nik doesn't say that because he's busy singing with a gorgeous princess. But he's definitely /thinking it hard in Soan's direction/, so if he ever gets the Psychic Dresssphere, maybe Soan will feel it.
Myla Mason Myla Mason listens as Auroa introduces her seld and she listens and has to think the Princess is correct she actually gets on some of her less slumming and relaxed behaviour if only due to the Princess is being polite unlike some other high born person she knows.

"It was useful there is a network but Kyra and I haven't been able to connect to it yet, we're hoping we can find a way to do so here. It is an adventure Sloan and to look at it differently would make me misrable so I shall not do as such."

She says "It seems the loss of worlds spares all kinds."

Anng is lookd oever for a moment as sh notices the phone and takes note of it for a moment. He's been pretty helpful all things considered.

"Oh Err Princess Ia m Myla, Myla Mason!"
Kamon Lionward "Oh. You don't have -- okay. Right. Well, we're all Humes, but we're from the different continents -- on our world there's a bunch -- so we're all a little different. Ramuha can feel air currents and pressure differences and things, for instance, and --"

Kamon pauses. He looks down at Emi's hand, and then at her grabbing and tugging. He feels a little bit... funny. Could it be -- love?!?! No, actually, it's /probably/ something completely different, because this is definitely a thing, though he can't describe it. It's almost like she's pulling on his shoulder, though she's... not.

"Right, regulations. I never really did any contracted work through the Academy, so you'd be the one to know about those, Soan." He looks back down at Emi, and her hand, eyebrows raising slightly. "Uh... are you okay?" he asks, sounding hesitant.
Angantyr Vespar Wait...what?

Offer to show them...? Not without paying!

They are kids who just lost their home, and are probably broke. DAMN!

He scratches the top of his head for a moment, trying to think about what best to do...looks like he's working for free...crap.

"Ugh...alright. I'll show you around, but I'm not feeding you." Until you give me the doe eyes and I end up doing it anyway.

Angantyr doesn't seem to notice Annia's particular hip sway, because well...she's a bit young for him, despite the fact that he can be sort of a typical guy sometimes. She also fills them in on the money thing, "Yeah, the Ma Belle's. I already showed you one." he says, thinking that he wonders why he even SAYS things. Seriously!

He looks towards Aurora, "Have the Heartless been persuing you?" He asks simply. If that was the case, then she might be worth keeping an eye on. If not to eventually inform Jasmine about when the meet next. If...well, lets not dwell on that.

And then suddenly we get a duet. Angantyr nods a bit to the beat, it's not a bad beat. "Well, I can tell you straight up that you'll get plenty of jobs with that kinda skill. There is more than just fighters...and we have a very bad lack of real entertainment in the city, besides the Collisum, and TNT. Ugh...TNT, seriously so much awful programming."

"Oddly, the Heartless also drop Munny...there are plenty of Marks in various cities in the Word of Ruin. Florigis, despite it's problems, is probably the best place to get jobs...Rabanastre is another good one but...well, you'll have to deal with Arcadia, and their a bunch of land hogging <GOOSEHONKS>."
Emi Dennou "Hm." Emi says, giving up for the moment, leaving her hands there. She steps back a bit though with the rest of her body, to be cautious.

"This one apologizes..." She says after a moment. "...It seems I am attracted to you."
Aurora Never one to miss a good song - at least where Aurora is involved - the owl and the bat join in, providing what limited sounds they can add to the harmony. They are more skilled at it then they would ordinarily be, of course, and do not detract in any way; but they are not overtly musical animals. As it is night, however, soon enough the crickets start chirping in tune with the beat, and soon enough there are more bats flying about the sky, and squirrels coming out of the trees, to sing and add what they can to the tune. Quite the sight, really. It doesn't last, however - just a brief interlude of music, and eventually Aurora stops, and the animals begin to depart. Not a true musical number by any means. Perhaps a reprise of the earlier tune at best.

Besides, she wouldn't want to be rude and ignore the conversation. "Greetings, Myla." she replies as she is addressed. "A pleasure to meet you." She glances around. "You know, there are a rather lot of people here. I don't suppose any of you have seen my castle in the World of Ruin, have you? Ruled by my father and mother, Good King Stefan, and Queen Leah? It is a rather fetching castle, if I do say so myself." Then Angantyr addresses her, with slightly less pleasant conversation.

"The heartless and I, have a history, shall we say." she replies to Angantyr. "A rather personal history, unfortunately, and they are unlikely to give up on me easily."
Niklas Dragonius Nik spares all of two seconds to take his fingers from the guitar to give Kamon a THUMBS UP.
Niklas Dragonius Aurora stops, and Nik stops shortly after. He liked music; he liked music a lot. That was evident just from the way he played - clearly, he considered it the real way he lived his life. And he did, too! Fighting was definitely not something Nik enjoyed. He was damn good at it, nobody'd ever question that, but it wasn't really fun.

"Uhhh...afraid not, but if I /do/ see a castle that looks really...fetching," god she made him feel fancy, Nik *hated* feeling fancy, but she was cute so he'd forgive her, "I'll let you know, okay? You don't have a phone or whatever this place's equivilant is...Ma Belle, I think? you?"

Five minutes and he's already trying to get her number. Not that he'll remember her name in a bit.

"A history...the heartless...hey guys, the Heartless are those little black things, right? What kind of history do you have with 'em?"
Angantyr Vespar "MY GOD! MA BELLE! I JUST TOLD YOU THAT!" Angantyr shouts in slight frustraition towards Niklas! Seriously! Do these kids listen?!
Soan Sagittarius Soan leaves Kamon's confused feelings about love and a girl apparently being extremly foward to refocus his attention on Angantyr. It's the same kind of stare he had, altought there is a little bit of confusion into it, compared as earlier's sheer steely stare. "That would be nice. I've managed to ... find some money." A penny. "So we can go for food and not stand around on a dusty trail like a pack of little chocobo chicks." He says, looking then at Aurora and Nikolas, who finished their songs. Nice songs, at that.

"It can't be worse than MogNet." Soan says, crossing his arms. "Are the heartless the little things made of darkness?"
Kamon Lionward "...attracted? Uh, e-excuse me?" Okay, yeah, he's... redder. He tries to take a step back, inevitably yanking Emi along with him. The fact that she cannot appear to remove her hands is more immediately apparent. The remarks from his classmates -- well, remarks and gestures, /thank you Nik/ -- do not really help the matter of the misinterpretation, though.

"Oh. OH. I thought -- erm." Kamon clears his throat, obviously embarassed. "How did you -- hold on, maybe I can just --" He reaches out, trying to take Emi by the hand and pull her off of his shoulder. It does not occur to him that this is probably just as bad an idea. Does she have velcro on her hands or something?! It doesn't even occur to him that someone can have /magnet powers/.
Jidro Gerrison "Is that so?" Cid asks Annia. After her information regarding their currency, the Gerrison heir considers the fact. The hand hold---- nope. Not feeling the courage. That's right, Cid is a coward of a fiancee to hold her hand.

He turns towards the group, "Well, I have enough money in me for us all to have a good meal here tonight and a place to stay." He offers a smile, "We will definiely need to familiarize ourselves with the location and what exists beyond the location without getting into too much trouble." The last part, the glance is given towards Nik regarding 'trouble'. If Seloria was here, /she/ would get that look as well.

The duet earns a sweatdrop from the mage.

Blink. His eyes drift towards Aurora, "...Heartless actively pursuing you...?" He gives a thoughtful stare, but his attention turns away. He instead considers the jobs that Angantyr has told them so far. More and more, Cid is very appreciative of Vespar. In fact, part of him feels like he should owe the man when they manage to bounce back.

"Oh, so, the Heartless drop Munny...." He starts to trail off, "...and Marks..." And danger.... danger.. His expression continues to falter. Bit by bit, he loses its composure. Why? He is imagining all of his friends CHARGING into the danger despite Cid's protests and pleas.

Danger + Cid = Ghost.

Cid is now completely white. That includes his cloths.

Fear has petrified the mage.

"N--Nik... Kyra... w--wait. Kamon, don't rush forward like that.... Oh dear Leviathan, don't let them eat me."

Cid is likely experiencing PSTD.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine shrugs a bit at the mention, watching Jidro turning white. That's... almost as fun as doing it herself, really, but he manages to do it on his own.

"Don't worry Gerrisson, they probably won't think you look tasty, you're all flesh and bones after all."
Aurora "Well, I'd rather not go into the grisly details just right now." Aurora demurs, a bit shyly, not wanting to refocus the attentions and conversations of the entire group on her with the tale. "Perhaps I can explain it another time?"

Happy to redirect the conversation, she says, "Are those the little annoying things people walk around with stuck to the ear when riding their horses?" She shakes her head emphatically. "No, I do not carry one of them." She frowns, it managing to look pouty on her face, but then brightens up and adds, "But I do enjoy reading letters!"
Niklas Dragonius Nik sighs. Aurora was /super hot/, but she was also a princess, so that was A) probably a dead end and B) probably the kind of thing you had to get married before you got to touch. And Marriage is DEFINITELY last in Nik's list of plans for his life. Besides that, his friend is in trouble, and his friend being in trouble meant way, way more than a girl who was likely a dead end.

"Well," Nik offers with a grin after a moment, "Then I guess I'll have to write you some letters. Let me go see to my buddy real quick, he's making himself a nervous wreck, and then you can tell me where to write to, huh?"

Then he slips over to Cid and whacks him on the back. Not-too-hard. Not softly, though; he's going for a bit of a shock this time. "Yo, Cid! Snap out of it, huh? You're gonna be fine. You handled yourself with that imp, right? You'll handle yourself with the Heartless! Or we'll get Murasame to pay you for your time in his engines or being his footstool or whatever it is the guy uses you for. So cheer up!"

Then he slips back to Aurora, his grin widening. "Sorry about that. Soooo...letters!"
Aurora "Unfortunately, I tend to move around quite a bit, to avoid large masses of the heartless, so getting a letter to me in a timely fashion is likely to be...problematic." Aurora apologizes to Nik. "However, if you ask about Traverse town, there is a particularly friendly squirrel who lives in a particular tree..." She trails off suggestively. "He could probably give it to me the next time I was about."
Emi Dennou Emi doesn't comment regarding people saying this or that, reading into her words. Then again, maybe she explicitely used those words so that it'd be misinterpreted. Or maybe she doesn't think it's a misinterpretation but simply a double wordplay? It's all very mysterious. But it seems that at least one definition of the word 'attracted' is certainly active. There is a small painless electrical ripple as Kamon places a hand on her hand and thus gets affixed there as well.

Emi rubs at her sore arm (being suddenly tugged does that) and then lifts Kamon up into the air via her one arm and shakes him in the air a few times before lowering him again.

"Hm..perhaps if I repel but..."

She looks to Kamon for a few moments and unleashes a small sigh.

"Sorry for the inconvenience." She looks towards Cid, and then back to Kamon. "What is he talking about?, The Network inquires."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr looks towards Emi, and then the other guy.

"Huh." he says, and shakes his head. "That was a thing." he comments. "Yes, lets not talk about this in open public." Towards Aurora's thing, "I understand your plight, ma'am. It isn't a thing that should be talked openly." he says, with a nod. "Infact, we should not stand out here, if you'd so please, lets move into the city." Angantyr says, shaking his head.
Soan Sagittarius At first, Soan seriously thought she was just being really foward. But when they start struggling to get off, the thief furrows his brows as his attention returns, while keeping his ears out for Aurora's story. Wierd, he thinks. It's almost like she's...

"Oh. /Oh/." Soan says, rummaging in his pouchs for something in the mirliad of pockets he's got there. "Hold on, I think I've got a magnet in there, you two hold still and, whatever you do, don't hug."
Jidro Gerrison As his fiancee, Annia is everso not helpful towards Cid's plight! He is already in total fear over what is to come wih his friends. Nevertheless, Cid manages to calm down when Nik come his way.


"...Wh-..." Once he comes to, Cid offers Nik faint smile, "...Yeah. I should be able to." He shuts his eyes, "...You're right." In the end, if he has his friends, he can drive his will to fight. However, his last comment regrding the 'footstool' earn a twitch and the face scrunches.

"...Thank you, Nik." This comment is a tad more dry than his earlier one.

However, "Mr. Vespar is right. We should go into the town proper. We should get food as well."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine is getting a bit confused at the iteractions going on. Nik makes new friends of the princess, Kamon is apparently getting ready to 'interface' with that program. Although she doesn't know about programs or the grid yet either, she's not that far in her information gathering yet. And she would have whacked Jidro herself, but Nik would be on her case after that. Not that she really cares, she's confident enough that she could kick his butt if she wanted to.

She shakes her head "I guess I'll go take a look at those Ma Belle phones. I'm sure the teacher wants that we all get one for ourselves." She turns and heads toward the shop. Yeah, hip sway, whatever.
Niklas Dragonius "Hey, makes sense. I'll do that!" Nope, he's not gonna question why she directed him at a friendly squirrel. He's seriously had girls tell him to do weirder things, and then there's the (in)famous Naked Justice incident, so it's not like Nik really thought ahead a lot of the time. He was probably the most impulsive guy in Behemoth Class, honestly; he was definitely the most impulsive of the survivors they knew of. He was one of the most impulsive guys he knew period!

"I'll make sure to write frequently, huh? It's gotta be pretty lonely just running around, hiding, so...having a friend's letters to read've gotta be pretty good!" Nik nods, crossing his arms as he moves towards Traverse Town. Yeah, standing around talking about this in the middle of nowhere WAS kinda weird.

He spares a brief moment to be disappointed that not only is he likely to strike out, Kamon is also striking out. You'd think a magnetic girl and a metal guy would be a sure thing...then again, how would that work-

Nope, bad contemplation, bad road. Bad road.

"I guess I should come pick up your letters at the squirrel too, huh? Must be a pretty talented squirrel."
Myla Mason Myla Mason isn't going to press the princess at all. "They are useful for rapid communication but letters. Bit of a lost art there on our world when I think about it." The Priness has the treasure hunting inventor thinking about things it seems. EMi has also got some notice from her a she looks the teenager over for a moment. Odd girl really but then again is she one to talk really? "He's got a good point we should get moving Cid."
Niklas Dragonius "Nah, it's like Moogle Mail but by hand." MOOGLE MAIL, SOAN. NOT CHOCOPACKETS.
Aurora Aurora nods to Angantyr. "Your are correct, of course. We should move into the city, and do further talking there. It is not safe here." She smiles towards Nik. "Most friends are, if you get to know them." And with that, she twirls in place - dress and petticoats flaring up in place as she does so, and begins heading back towards the city. "Begging your pardon, but we should probably have a talk." she asides to Angantyr. "If you would not mind, of course. Once we get back to the city."
Kamon Lionward Kamon assumes that Emi phrased it that way explicitly to be a troublemaker. He got the feeling that she is into being sly and messing with people from the 'Welcome to <place>!' series of comments and how they were delivered.

There's a brief ripple when he touches her hand. He blinks, and tries to lift his. No dice. Then, she pretty casually just lifts him up one-handed and shakes him around a little, as if to work him loose. He looks kind of stunned when she does it, trying not to ragdoll a little. "Woah! How did you do that? I'm like three hundred pounds, and a lot of that is iron!" As if that should make a dif-


"Wait, you're /magnetic/? That's so cool! I didn't even know someone could be magnetic like that." Kamon grins, then looks a little less enthused. "Uh... it's okay. People stick things to me sometimes." He shrugs his free shoulder, then looks to Jidro. "I don't really... I dunno. Probably a fight, or..." He trails off. Was there more to that last day than the brief instant he recalls? Maybe. He hopes not. "I hope he's okay."
Angantyr Vespar Angantyr nods to Aurora, "Alright." he says, simply. "I can imagine, but right now it's a bit...crowded." he says, noting the kids.

"Well there are Cafe's in Traverse, a few from other worlds." he says towards the others, "WildKat Cafe being one of the more popular ones. Not fond of it myself." freekin' noodle dishes man. ALL THE NOODLE DISHES!

Emi and Kamon finally get unstuck, and Angantyr laughs a little, "That looked like a sticky situation."
Soan Sagittarius "Ah! Found one!" Soan lets out, pulling out a little red and black U shaped thing, then finds Kamon to be free anyway. "Oh, well, that's that, then." He says, he was kinda curious on how it would work out between them, anyway. Still, he put it back away in a pocket. Last time he had a magnet out, it stuck on his forhead for a day. It didn't look fun, and wouldn't want to inflict that on his buddy.


"Alright, guys." Soan lets out, zipping up his pouch. "We probably should get going, because I'm /starved/, and I bet you guys are more starved than me."
Jidro Gerrison Kamon and Emi getting stuck together was briefly noted. However, Cid's attention returns towards the situation that they are all in. The important thing for them, however, is food. They must get food.

"We'll make our way to the WildKat Cafe, then. As Mr. Vespar has noted, it is one of the more popular ones. We'll see hat dishes they have."

...Against better judgment, Cid's fingers reach over towards Annia's. Time to be her guid and a proper fiancee.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine blinks as her hand is grasped suddenly. She turns around, and quickly slaps the hand off hers, glaring "Who gave you permission to hold my hand?"

Yeah, awesome start Romeo. Well, she's no Juliet that's for sure. She hrmphs "If you want to come with me to get some phones for everyone, do what you want, but don't touch me."
Emi Dennou Emi is a bit of a troublemaker. Nevertheless, when Kamon starts gushing about magnetism, she does pinken faintly. She has gained a half dot or maybe one dot of humanity since her initial arrival in Traverse Town. "Ah--yes. Though usually we aren't... I can usually touch metal and pull free, but for some reason... Ahh, it's always present, but usually low powered to be little more than a light static sensation--"

She looks towards Soan, nodding to him. She figures she's willing to let him get to work. She's used to being the basis of a science experiment, after all.

"This one...could show you around, if you'd like? We live here, presently. There is the WildKat Cafe, of course. A local cheap delicacy is the Sea Salt Ice Cream that has been picking up in popularity, The Network explains."

She pouts at Ang's pun.
Jidro Gerrison SIGH! ... So much for being able to honor the proposed marriage without any trouble. This is going to be a long road. "R--right. My apologies, Ms. Leradine."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine glares more with those piercing green eyes "And I don't want to hear Ms. Leradine either. Just use Annia if we're not being formal. I hate titles."
Angantyr Vespar Ang for some reason hums the Jaws theme, as he observes Annia and Jidro. He smiles at Emi, "You did it to me, I will do it to you." He says.
Jidro Gerrison As she glares with those piercing eyes...

He sucks in a chest. Time to draw upon the inspiration. Man up! It is time for Cid to man up. His face scrunchs, gathering that courage.


Unable to Man up.

Sigh. "...Right, Annia."
Aurora Aurora begins to lag behind the group, not being able to move quite as fast as people in normal attire while wearing a full princess gown consisting of all the various improbable articles and subarticles that implies. Still, she continues heading back towards the city with as much gusto as she can manage.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine nods to Jidro, and keeps walking/swaying her way toward the phone shop. "Let's go pick something that will stand otu enough for the school group. We need to get one for the professor as well."
Soan Sagittarius "Some profs made it through? Who?" Soan asks. Please don't say Greene, please don't say Greene. Please don't say Greene.
Niklas Dragonius Nik hangs back a bit with Aurora. He's polite! Also, he likes her, and he can watch Annia walk from back here, so double awesome. Plus it wouldn't do for his new friend to just get vanished to whatever shifty sorts of people existed in the alleyways of Traverse Town. /Plus/, again, she was cute.

"Professor Mr. Greene," Nik tells Soan.
Soan Sagittarius Damnit!

"Oh, well!" Soans says, nodding quickly, mostly to hide his dissapointment. Well. Not really dissapointment. If anybody survived, that's good. But... damn. Greene. "That's good. Where's he at?"
Emi Dennou "Very well, Angantyr." Emi says. "That is a fair point and this one acknowledges it."

Once Mr. Greene's name is said, in the distance one can dimly hear a young woman shout, 'EVIL IS IMMORTAL' though it's kind of faint so maybe it's from the other side of town.
Niklas Dragonius "Around," Nik replies with a shrug of his fur-lined shoulders. "Got me."
Soan Sagittarius "But first," Soan says, taking back out the magnet and approaching Kamon stuck to Emi. "Let's get you two free, here." He says, carefully approaching the magnet toward Emi's hand. It SHOULD be of repulsing polarity. Almost like it's adapting to whatever magnetism it's getting connected with. "Might give you two a lil' push."
Kamon Lionward Kamon thinks magnets are neat, if annoyingly common wherever he sits in class. It's one of the reasons he started wearing thicker clothes. More powerful magnets are harder to stick on chairs without him noticing, you see. "Maybe it's just a... Odynar thing? I don't /think/ we're especially magnetic, but maybe it's just me." That'd figure.

"You do? That'd be great." He smiles again. "We don't really know anything about this place, so anything would be... well, it'd help a lot." His smile broadens a bit. "It's good to know that ice cream isn't a forgotten thing on another world, too. I think I might go crazy if we couldn't find any." He kind of wants to ask about the odd manner of speech. He's not sure if it's rude, so he bites his tongue instead.

Kamon looks a little embarassed at the pun and stifles a sigh. He glances at Soan, almost pleadingly. If this makes it worse--!!
Emi Dennou Once Soan works with the magnet on the hilarious kerfuffle that is Emi and Kamon, she is able to pull her hand away eventually. She rubs at it a bit and bows her head to Soan. "Thank you very much." ALL IN A DAYS WORK FOR DRAGOON MA--I MEAN MILD MANNERED SOAN SAGITARRIUS!

"It's not too far." Emi smiles, happy to be free (even if it was also kind of fun but she's not going to admit that out loud). "This one will show you." She does not explain the odd manner of speech either.

But she does lead on... TO FOOD AND NOURISHMENT!

Soan Sagittarius Just another day for SOAN SAGITTARIUS. Saving Chocobo Chicks from skyscrappers, returning run away helium balloons back to young children, making a mugger kiss the pavement with a ten-mile jump drop, unstick a friend from a magnetic woman? Just doin' his job.

"Nooooow that it's dealt with," Soan says, putting his magnet back. "Let's get some noodles. I want beef."
Myla Mason Myla Mason is just keeping with the group for a moment and pause wondeing about the whole affair with the magment but really? Wjhat is going on there, it's a strange world so she doesn't even know, her mechanical companion whines much like a real dog it doesn't seem to like the idea of magnet being near by either.

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