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Maybe It is Love...?
(2013-02-23 - 2013-02-23)
Jidro and Annia have a bit of alone time together as they try to adjust to their situation.
Jidro Gerrison District 3 is renowned for the large open plaza, generally used to accomodate various gatherings and parties. With the gathering of people usually in the area, the eternal night of the town has colorful flags lined up around.

The beautiful fountain spills over the area, allowing people to walk along the square.

One of those who is marveing the surroundings is the more responsible member of the students, Jidro Gerrison. Or rather, 'Cid' by his friends. The young heir is smiling, looking over the surroundngs before he considers, "So, this is where everyone generally hold festivals. They must make a fortune to hold so many festivals here."
Annia Leradine There's always people in the square, it almost makes for a great viewpoint for the information gathering dancer. And that's where she is at the moment too. Sitting on the side of the fountain, she has her notepad opened up, penciling things down as she listens to the various conversations.

She's used to receptions with tons of people talking, so she also has the ability to rapidly scan and tune out the various conversations, seeking for what she wants to hear. Whatever bit of information that seems to be useful goes into the notepad, and she later sorts those out into another pad. Although, for anyone looking at her notepad, its nearly incomprehensible.
Jidro Gerrison In his searching, Jidro is surveying his surroundings more carefully. He can see that people are passing by, talking amongst each other. He listens in for important details, but nothing seems to come up. For now.

Nevertheless, Jidro is taking in the surroundings: It's festive, people are happy, no one knows them, and he doesn't have any expectations here. In a way, it's freedom.

...Though, deep down, he know his father is likely monitoring him.

Shaking his head, he continues to walk over until he notices Annia.

"Ms. Leradi--err ...Annia?" He has to lose the formality. His head tilts towards her, "Have you found any more information?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine claps the book close with two fingers, sliding it into a pocket of her shorts. "Some, not all that much." She flips her hair back a bit, leaning backward with two arms on the very side of the fountain, one leg over the other like this, casual and relaxed esptie everything. "I know how to get to the other worlds, I also heard bits and pieces of many other worlds than the one we started into. There's been lots of things brewing over in Fluorgis, there's also a place that is always partying it seems, a sort of carnival place. There's a chocobo ranch as well." She lits out without any real coherency "I still need to compile all of those together, but it seems this place is extremely varied. Well, I should say this reality, world doesn't apply anymore." She stats flatly as ever, being all 'business' right now.
Jidro Gerrison It is small comfort to know that she can be civil for businss purposes. He is actually pretty happy with this. owevr, he does listen in on the details that she presents.

As she listes abou the information, Jidro considers.

"I've been keeping up. I've heard that the situation in Fluorgis had disappeared. However, there are still ongoings regarding a place that disappeared that people are fighting to get back."


"Oh! You mean Serendipity? I've heard it as opened and they are now hosting activities."

With the business portion out of the way, Jidro moves to join beside her. "...How are you holding up?"
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine looks away to the side at a couple walking past them. She shakes her head "... I'll be fine. One place or another, I wasn't going to be home anyway." She mulls it over a bit, gritting teeth.

"You know I was sent out to meet and be closer to you, since they thought it'd be such a great idea to promise me to wed without asking me. Didn't even get to see the school, so its all the same right now."
Jidro Gerrison His eyes drift over towards the couple, giving a faint smile their way. It is a little saddening, he realizes. Though, it is even worse for her, all considering.

Jidro looks over towards Annia, "...I know." His eyes lower, "...It's not a situation that you wanted, I bet." He offers her a faint smile. "We'll see to it that we get the school up and running. There is so much that I think you would enjoy seeing."

As for their situation, he can't exactly call off the wedding. His father is still around to ensure that it happens. Maybe not her parents, but his father alone is a very powerful man and the head of the Gerrison family.

Jidro looks at Annia, "...So you're still willing to go through the marriage. I am surprised you have not ran off to avoid it."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine rolls her eyes, and stands up suddenly, glaring down toward you "And run where exactly? Sure I could find some backwater village change my name and pretend this never happened, is that really the solution to anything?" She crosses her arms over her chest, looking all gruff and grumpy now. "What about you, you're okay with all of this, marrying a girl you don't know and probably don't even like?" She's never made herself 'pleasant' after all, doesn't matter if its Jidro or anyone else around her either.

She throws her hands up "You know what, you don't even need to answer that, find a girl you like and marry her, its not our parent's choice in the end."
Jidro Gerrison Once Annia stands up to give her imposing stare down, Jidro flinches and h looks up at her hesitantly. "..." He allows the silence to fill the air at her question.

"I suppose not. No." He considers, "..Not something that running away from can solve, I suppose."

He doesn't get up. Not from his current position. He is fine sitting here and let her overpower his height.

"...I am willing to do what is necessary to preserve the peace." He looks up towards Annia, now slowly rising.

Chose who he likes? Alas, Ms. Cloud is unattainable.

"... There is a lot about the Gerrison that you don't know about." Pause. "...A lot that I don't know about. We have a history. Whatever is ordained by the family is what goes." Even if the Gerrison family is often reclusive, their renowned way of magic is generally unmatched.

They are often choosey and with good reason. "...It was likely a good reason that you were chosen." He offrs a aint smile, "...I know that you don't like me, but... I am willing to make it work."
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine frowns again, still glaring daggers as you get up. She pokes you in the shoulder with two fingers "Maybe I don't know about Gerrisson, but if you're to become the head of the family, doesn't that give you the rights to change the tradition if you see fit?" No, she's not very pleased with people deciding of her life for her. That's been pretty much all of her life in fact, and that's why she's been sneaking out, learning new things and doing things her way.

And yet, when in front of a public, she's still showing the sweet cover up that everyone expect to see out of her. She puts her hands on her hips, still looking at you "Making what work? There's nothing between us other than what our parents decided." In fact she's been debating just pushing him backward into the fountain right now to cool him off.
Jidro Gerrison As Annia stands up and just poke at his shoulder, he grimaces. His eyes focus towards her glaring eyes at him while she addresses him and his tradition. "...I suppose so." He sucks in a breath. While Annia is defiant againt the fact of her life being chosen for her, Jidro goes along with it. After all, in the end, it is for the greater good. The Gerrison family have a reputation that should not be sullied.

"However, as the head, I am the representation of that family. Whatever goes through me will reflect upon the family in general. For that reason, I will preserve our tradition."

He lower his head, wincing towards Annia. "...Well, in order for the marriage to work, we have to like each other. I... I have not gotten that chance to make that work."

It is so tempting, isn't it? In fact, he's right at the edge and it begs for him to be pushed ino the fountain.
Annia Leradine Annia Leradine decides that a cool down is needed. Of course, noone will ever know that she actually got flustered for a nanosecond by a near 'confession' here. Not quite one mind you, but when a boy talks about 'liking each other', its definitely something she's not ready for. That's how bad she is about anything personal. Almost perfect socially and high-class, totally inapt on a personal level.

And down the fountain he goes.
Jidro Gerrison !!!

And Cid gets that much needed cooldown. There is often the time of grace and composure that he often tries to keep. However, it all goes down south the moment that Annia gets her hands on him.

All what it takes is a nice shove before he is sent stumbling back.



The crowd that have been minding their own business suddenly look over to see the young man hitting the fountain. A large splash exiting the sky before landing.

Jidro coughs, flailing his arms around.

Annia Leradine And there's the sound of laughter. Yes, it comes from somewhere nearby. And its Annia herself. Maybe its just the situation, or looking at the flailing Jidro, or just the fact that she's been about to burst with annoyances throughout her entire life, but she's laughing. And not the 'mean, haha-I got you' that most bullies have, but a more genuine, bursting out laughter as well.

Maybe that's what she needed right now too. Meanwhile, Jidro gets to see an extremely rare side of his finacee. Maybe one of the rare time she's completly herself and natural.
Jidro Gerrison As he sputters and spits...

He can hear Annia's laughter. "He--hey! He-heel-..." He pauses, finally letting it dawn on him. This is the time that she is not laughing out of mean spirit. This one is a more genuine laughter.

Deep down, he can see the look on his fiancee's eyes. She is happy. In turn, that brings a smile on Jidro's face.

~ ...I want to make you happy, Annia. You'll just have to give me the chance. ~

He wants to see more of that smile.

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