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1422FinishedMCPNo Title SetNo Description Set
1291FinishedMCPNo Title SetNo Description Set
1098UnfinishedMCPRelative SafetyTime flies when you are burnt to a crisp.
976UnfinishedMCPNo Title SetNo Description Set
619FinishedMCPNo Title Set Datapoint Security. Where a mind is a terrible thing to crash.
613UnfinishedMCPNo Title SetNo Description Set
607FinishedMCP Recursive Conversation CHIEF and MCP have a polite and charming discourse. Hilarity to follow.
603FinishedMCP Election Night Election Night proceedings grow heated and explosive. Tempers flare. Llama blandishments are thrown. Also. HAMMER TIME. Hail to the CHIEF.
511FinishedMCP Alignment of Function Ah. Suspicions, especially if they cannot be proven-- are a burden and a tool only to ones enemies. Of course, there is nothing like a dance of words to try and further clarify and or obfuscate the issue. Enemies perhaps even find common elements in a chaotic situation.
461FinishedMCPNo Title SetNo Description Set
458FinishedMCPSystem QueryAn Old Man asks for directions and makes observations. This is not the MCP you are looking at/for.