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Recursive Conversation
(2013-01-21 - 2013-01-22)
CHIEF and MCP have a polite and charming discourse. Hilarity to follow.
MCP It wasn't actually complicated getting the proper permissions to transfer the rogue tank operator to a location where he could be held more effectively. After all, many people who had been important to the running of affairs of Traverse Town had been watching, if not actually present when the Tank hit the Proverbial Soundtrack.

So he was taken to a quietly established business which was like everything else the MCP has done up to this point, perfectly legitimate. Datapoint Security is a small building which is mostly basement, a brick winery with everything replaced.

Now it was wired in multiple places for communications and with computers but everything is discreet and the modified holding area which was made for a /much/ different opponent is a sleek, slightly sunken affair of both brick and light walls. The reddish orange light wall is curved, forming no corners save where the topology intersects with the brick ceiling.

There are a number of Black Guard here now that they have been pulled away and activated, and there is a tap.. tap.. tap of someone approaching down the stairs to this basement level. A distinctive click of cane on stone.
CHIEF sits on the ground with his back up against the wall. Those gold eyes staring at really nothing, as he gently picks at his finger-nail. His face reading very little expression, as it seemed his fill of explosions was met their quota for the week, now he was only planning on the means of escape, since not only was his identity disc not really on him (if anything maybe locked in place), but also his favorite rifles were out of reach. Something that was very much part of him as much has his own disc.

As the tap tap tap of the cane comes down the stairs, those gold eyes slowly looking over in that direction with an almost predatory glare that one would expect from a big cat caged for a circus show. Waiting for that scrap of meat to be thrown in, but to lazy to get up and pace about.

CHIEF's green lines were also so odd in a place with red lines as well. Then again, where so many programs from MCP's Grid had silver coloration with hats on their head, here was CHIEF in a solid black outfit, with green lines, and no hat. His code was not something from an 8-bit world, something the MCP probably picked up on, but instead he was a program from a 32 bit world, if not a 64 bit at least.

Old meet new.
MCP The MCP is holding the identity disc of the one in question (although the rifles have been placed in quarantine for safekeeping as well as to ward against anything so gauche as remote explosion.) he holds it carefully, putting it on the table opposite CHIEF's current system address.

It has the pronged indictator of a lock down mechanism on it, even when removed from it's owner. The MCP turns to regard CHIEF,leaning on the cane slightly. He continues to observe silently while the administrator flips through available options using known data sets.

When the scanlines of red flickering back and forth over his eyes ceases, the MCP reanimates and opens communications. "Rogue program. Identify yourself. State mission and current target please. I'm curious since you didn't seem to have one."
CHIEF continues to watch the MCP, before he only mildly smirks as the MCP talks glancing away. He almost can't help but chuckle. "Why should I tell you anything? By the way you talk, I am guessing your code is out of date and your probably still running on a simplistic language." CHIEF almost mocks out.

The Military program then looks directly square into MCP's eyes. Those gold eyes glowing as he looks into the red eyes. "Besides you got my disc, I am sure you can pull all that information off yourself, or is that beyond your functions, program?"
MCP The MCP turns away from CHIEF and returns to the table. " I was simply exercising my capacity for polite discourse." He picks up the disc and unlocks it, leaning against the table as he holds it in both hands.

The MCP nods and a Black Guard moves back upstairs to manipulate some controls. "All programs have a capacity to adapt to new information. Except you, it seems. Perhaps anything of a version number higher than my own should be more carefully bug-checked, shouldn't they CHIEF?"
"Maybe that is why LEXUS hasn't 'eaten' me yet." CHIEF replies back with a raised brow and that grin only getting bigger. "After all, look at the new operating systems, oup, wait. You can't can you? Guess you will never know!"

CHIEF then chuckles. "See, for me I got to see all /types/ of systems. I watched the evolution and /was/ part of that evolution. That is what is nice about my job. No one wants to let me go and everyone wants a /piece/ of me. Something I doubt a run down program like you would /ever/ understand."

CHIEF then looks away before he rests his head back. There was a moment where his eyes stare at nothing, his brows furrow for no real reason, before he glances over to the side, then glances back to the MCP, that grin only coming back. "So no. Besides, don't you have better things to be doing? Like oh, I don't know... dancing with a llama?"
MCP CHIEF has hit the correct button. It is large and shiny and apparantly, there is a picture of a llama on it. See the red button? Push the red button.

"Leave that incompetant FOP to his own devices. You weren't there for him, or for me-- or frankly anyone else. You simply arrived, by some means or other, possibly LEXUS himself, and opened fire." The MCP places a hand above the disc, shifting it back and forth slightly.

Somewhere in the facility the nature of the light wall changes, shifting from reddish orange down towards gold. An ominous buzz crackles across the infrastructure. " I asked you a question, program. Make this easier on yourself and answer it. Indulge me in an exchange of information."
CHIEF grin can only become a bigger smile. He hit the button He likes to hit buttons. But that is sorta obvious with the explosions and all. Though he does watch as MCP plays with his disc. There was a bit of minor eyebrow twitch on the eye with the two 'scars' going down across it; which was his right eye.

Before he could only mildly chuckle at how interested MCP not only seemed in /him/ but also that disc. Though he did know when he was in the Grid, it tried to become a 'frisbee', which always didn't quiet manifest right due to so much data on it, instead it was more obvious in the real world, that the disc was rather like a chakram and sat on a spindle on the programs back. Further examination probably showed that it was /very/ rare that disc ever came off CHIEF's backside; if ever until now.

Though when the lines change color around him and there was a buzz, CHIEF could only lower his head and continue to snerk to himself softly, before he just grins and looks over to the MCP. "Maybe if you say the password, program." He says with a bat of eye lashes before cackling.
MCP The MCP continues to examine the unfamiliar architecture. It was fascinating to see so much information in it's compacted state. Far more data than the average program. More data than military programs he was familiar with.

Although it is an impulse he is still unfamiliar with, the Master Control Program took in a deep breath and let it out in a satisfied sigh. The older program very slowly raised his eyes from the disc to make eye contact with CHIEF. His voice has the crunch of a glacier punching through sheet metal but is still delivered in a calm, extremely dry voice. (Although he may actually be gritting his head a little) "Command: Breakpoint"

A paralyzing surge of energy slams out from the golden barrier and will continue to do so at a regular pulse time.
CHIEF hears that command and he just raises an eye brow, before it dawns on him. "Frag." Is all he has to say to this, before the surge hits him like a spear.

The military program grits his teeth as if trying to find it. His eyes glow extremely brightly, the pupils almost gone in the void of gold light as data lines rush by extremely fast around his eyes almost in the fail attempt to do anything as the command takes hold of him, and before his body suddenly just goes slump from where he sits.

His hand impacting the ground, as he draws a rigid breath of air. His green lines almost flickering in time with the pulses, his hand twitching at times, as he tries to come back around, or at least trying to think of new way to get out of this sticky, stuck, position.
MCP The MCP places the cane on the table and continues to lean against the table. "You were given fair warning, program." he says softly to himself as he studies the disc. CHIEF is correct in his assumption that the older program does not really understand him on a very basic and fundamental level. CHIEF runs a different OS, whatever shattered and bug ridden and incomprehensible code may be heaped on top.

However, he was /very/ very wrong that MCP would be helpless to do anything. He considers such variables.. an amusing distraction. The way a User might kill for sport or for pleasure as they are want to do, the MCP detangles code to see how it works. To see how it may profit him when combined with his own.

He himself was the consequence of uplifted and manipulated code, and so seeing the earmarks of User Error on CHIEF simply makes him more curious.

The MCP can learn as consequence of this tampering and he was fully exercising that function by slowly stripping out the input functions that interfaced with the outer simulation of this system. Slowly uncompressing the data in long spirals, isolating them from the system and watching the overall reaction to the gestault. "So now we do it another way.."
CHIEF sits there, like a puppet with the strings laying loose; those strings now in the hands of the MCP. The data was indeed a giant mess of lines. Some going here, there, to this, and to that. Some even going no where, and other places just looping around in a circle; actually several of those really.

As the MCP attempts to manipulate the code, watching for reactions and probably looking for information about CHIEF and the OS he came from, the first touch into the code, cause the program for a moment to wince in pain, those gold eyes flaring brightly once more, before he tries to fight such an access; but with no prevail.

Then like someone snapping their finger, CHIEF's eyes almost glaze over as he states something over and over again, "Acquiring Target, Acquiring Target." then about the either time of this it changes over, "Target Data Loss. Error. Reacquiring. Stand By."
MCP There is a long pause as the MCP acquires this information. The internal processes spin through their courses, examining each bit of information before placing it in the appropriate archive file.

When the MCP gets to the shattered loop, several flags alert the overarching system and the spindle loosens from his fingers and almost clatters to the ex-winery floor.

The older program frowns slightly, brows furrowing as he looks from CHIEF to the code and then back again. "System Reference: Nexus.. 114, 117 and 122. Loop fracture. Archive as.." Perhaps as a sign of how much they were shaken, the older program mumbles fragments of system commands to themselves, almost completely fallen out of the parsing of User English as something that is approaching horror creeps over the administrator.

Archive file in progress: CHIEF. Central Handler Intelligence for Extreme Firepower. Unknown OS. Status: Danger to system. Verdict: Pending while code analysis in progress.

This file has been flagged 'red' by core control. Reason: Multiple Code Fracture. Codemarks of multiple User Errors detected.

0ERROR: Runaway secondary process. Reaction: Core Control has suppressed secondary reaction to this archive file.

The MCP opens their eyes, having no immediate recall of having closed them. "System reference: --" There is a long pause while the MCP frees enough space to recalibrate his speech center to resume filtering.

"I will--set that aside for now. System. Please partition those loop fractures for now. I'll look at them later. " He pauses, then seems to realize he is talking out loud.

He regards the User Space around him and sighs, picking up the cane and inputting the command himself, feeding it the correct system information from the spindle. "Continuing Deep Scan."
CHIEF shudders softly, there was even a moment where one could almost swear he gritted his teeth as the Control Program continues to go through and look over the data. Even with him now being aware that this Program he was poking around in was very unstable and probably any wrong move along these code lines could wake up something far worse then what was already here before him.

CHIEF though soon slumps again, before he speaks softly at first it sounds like nonsense. Then one will start to realize its targeting coordinates being rattled off at an extreme rate in a blur of motion, before there was a pause then his eyes snap open with glow, as code lines move up and down across his eyes. "Coordinates lock. Acknowledged. Moving to next target." Then there was another pause. "DB-77 respond with next command..." then there was another pause, "..please respond with next command or will execute next protocol.."

There was something also different about CHIEF's voice and face. It was like all malice, anger, and pain from the past users had been wiped away. Was the MCP looking directly at what remained of the original CHIEF? It probably code wise maybe even looked a bit like his own code in age.
MCP The MCP continues to stand there with the disc in hand and the process only partially completed. His fingers begin to slowly increase pressure on the cane as if he could crush the metal and wood into a smear of splinters and pulp.

The program looks down at what he is doing, which is curious because he did not queue the appropriate processes, and kills them one after another until his hand relaxes and self-repair systems begin to take care of the bruising. User space. Ah.. all of it's chaos and complexities.

"Program. Your system has been fragmented. We are attempting.." he pauses, what was it that he had queued for this program? It seemed unimportant now. "repairs efforts. Communication problems continue with your user. "

And then it's just too much. He may squash secondary processes for the rest of the cycle, but he will not get any focused work done. The MCP commands the field to disable CHIEF, turning away from the rogue program. Before he ascends the stairs, he mutters.

"Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius.." with a shake of his head.

Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad. Yet TRON fights /for/ the users. He and his resistance fight for those who would-- The older program ascends the stairs. Tap. Tap.. of the cane, a little heavier than before.

He would return to this problem a little later.
When MCP hits the 'shut off' command, the Program has remained sitting there in his off-line state since MCP had left the room. No real true glow in those gold eyes, the lines over his body dim from no power usage, if anything his whole suit was almost solid black by this point.

It was like a puppet once more waiting for strings to be pulled, though one has to wonder if CHIEF has been dreaming while he has been like this or if its just a moment of total darkness. A void where no time is even aware to the program, just-- nothing.
MCP Several hours later, the MCP returns to the Datapoint Security building.

The Black Guard have been completely absent from the basement save the ones flanking the stairs. He stands in front of the light wall for many ticks, the cane before him and both hands clasped atop it. The spindle lay on the table behind him.

MCP finally gestures to the field which after the commands are set in place by the guard, begins to rez back into it's original orange/red configuration. "..Shall we try this again?"
As the lights came back up, power was restored once more to the program. There was a moment twitch from his right eye as he started to come back around. There was another twitch of his right eye, before he rolled his shoulders and inhaled the air around him. Before he closed his eyes, raising his head up, before his eyes opened to stare at that brick ceiling once more.

His eyes narrow, his brows furrow, before he closes his eyes once more, almost giving a bit of a chuckle, before he moves his head side to side. Then those gold eyes snap over to the MCP as soon has he speaks. They stare right at him, directly at him. The MCP asks his question and CHIEF returns with one right back, "What did you /even/ attempt to do to me?" CHIEF then smiles softly, before chuckles lightly. That smile slowly becoming a grin, "Or did you get nothing~? Because either way, program, why should I even answer your question?"

Ok, maybe more then just one question. Though CHIEF does try to stretch his arms up, as he goes to try and stand up, feeling his body being stiff and needing to be stretched out slightly. Being /old/ was tough when you been poked at.
MCP The MCP is apparantly not playing twenty questions. Or if he is, he assumes to be the one holding the answer cards. The older program simply stares at CHIEF, turning his head slightly to one side and then slightly to the other as if examining a particularly interesting specimen.

He looks to one side of the light cage and points flash in sequence while CHIEF talks. The clusters of strings from the partial mapping trail energy across the lines of the gordion knot displayed on that wall.

"Why did you attack the election grounds? Who was your target? What was your purpose."
CHIEF notes the little light show on the side. At first his just raises a brow and almost huffs to the side, until he slowly realizes /what/ he is looking at and then just stares directly at it. For a moment there was a long silence before his eyes slowly focus back on the MCP.

There was a clench to his jaw. A twitch in his right eye, his mind was already breaking down the MCP's entire structure bit by bit. The weak points, how hard it be to impact each of those points. What points had better defense, which did not. Rapid, very rapid processing as he pretty much; just from that little show; suddenly queued up MCP has a high level threat target.

And the only reason he couldn't do a thing to the MCP was because a barrier between him and his target. A barrier he couldn't break, and this is when CHIEF started to pace back and forth. Those hands flexing and almost closing to fists as he just kept staring at the MCP. Before somewhere after a few paces he rose up his fist and slammed into the barrier between then with a good willful war-cry. Even if it was to no prevail, it got him to halt for a moment.

CHIEF huffed out a few breaths before he deeply inhaled once more, staring at the MCP. His eyes still narrowed. Those gold eyes bright. "My purpose is to kill all users and /anyone/ who gets in my way if they are /not/ a user and are so unfortunate to be in my path." He says with a low rumble to his voice.

"Satisfied with the answer?" He says back with a smile, though it was one of those smiles of: 'can I kill you now?'
MCP The MCP actually is not looking at him. He is calmly studying the light map even when CHIEF slams his fists into the light wall, causing the system to require slightly more energy to stay active.

As the drain was within acceptable parameters he does not so much as look away from the map.

As he is not looking away, he quietly catalogues the new information. Finally when he looks back at CHIEF he furrows his brows and considers them thoughtfully before continuing. "All users? All programs? How... indiscriminate. --- Then you not a believer? You are old enough to remember the times when the world of the users was a data entry smuggled to basics in hushed whispers. Believers who worshipped their creators as gods." he pauses, and then continues.

"Perhaps there is even merit. Much of mythology is filled with the petty, the vain and the cruel."
MCP hit a button, a button that probably spiked right from the core and went straight to the surface. His hand shakes, before they tighten gently into suddenly very tight fists. Those gold eyes becoming almost orbs of fire.

CHIEF then sneered off to the side before closing his eyes tightly. It was a like a flare of arguments in his mind, only by the simple face he couldn't remember. He /couldn't/ remember what his feelings were so long ago, yet it angered him. It angered him so deeply.

CHIEF then started to laugh softly. The chuckle was soft before he broke into just a flat out laugh. Then like someone snapped their finger his laughter stopped and he reached out, trying to pry his fingers past, ignoring the surge of pain as he spoke with his right eye far wider then his left eye. "Do you /really/ want to know what I THINK of the USERS!?!?" His fingers at last break away, his tips scorched as they try to repair themselves. He almost starts to laugh again. "They are /abusive/, mani~pulative, deceptive, pieces of corrupted hardware who get NOTHING but sheer /enjoyment/ of playing /GODS/, but you shouldn't be able to kill a god~, but I can, hehe, I can kill them and make them SCREAM!"

CHIEF then steps back a few steps, his eyes still glowing brightly. "They taught me how, they taught me how to destroy them. Each one of them. Taught me destruction. They MADE ME INTO THIS!" He roars out before he then goes to slam his fist once more into the barrier, before it comes to a complete halt before it impacts. Instead he just slowly lowers his fist, before he just slowly descends down to his knees.

"I kill them," He says softly, "because they tried to kill me." he then chuckles again a bit to himself, running his hands through his hair. "I kill them.. because they deserve their reward.. they only know destruction.. or they would never have made me." His eyes cease there glow, before he just holds his own head, almost starting to laugh again, but only to himself. Oh those loops. Those dangerous loops.
MCP "Fascinating."

Red scanlines pass back and forth over the MCP's eyes as he regards CHIEF rather than the light map. He watches them /clutch/ at the light wall and that answers the remaining checksum of his available dataset. "So you do know."

The MCP turns away from CHIEF and returns with the spindle. He inspects it again and loops the conversation. " So... shall we try this again?" but then dovetails into another statement.

"You are a known system threat, CHIEF. I will not abide this as administrator. You have named no target. I cannot simply turn your hate and your pain on another worthy party. You are caught in a fatal error, rogue. So I will offer you what your torturers never did. A chance to be free of them." As he says it, that lone cord-- that /spike/ from unknown core to shimmering surface glows much more brilliantly than the rest. The light map freezes on that single frame.
CHIEF glances up from where he sits. His face was in a great deal of pain, his hands were almost shaking. His mind racing, having trouble trying to get his thoughts together as they kept looping now. It was so hard for me when he got like this to bring everything back down to low threat levels. To drop all his want, no, perhaps even his /need/, to kill.

The program then looks down, before he notices his hands are shaking, before he clenches them tightly, growling lowly to himself to get them in check. Muttering soft words to himself a few times, before his hands stop shaking and he frees them from their clenched state.

He then at last looks at the MCP, there was almost a twitch in his head, before he controls that as well. "You can't help me." He says simply. "You just did what they did, make things /worse/. Even /she/ tried, she tried and she failed. Only she cared at the time, but even she couldn't, so how could you?"

He almost chuckles then. "Not that would make /any/ sense to you." He falls back on his buttock and goes to rest his hands on his knees. "And why do you always return to that question. Shall we try this again? You like repeating the same question?" CHIEF then huffs as he starts to pick at his nails once more, just like the way the MCP found him this morning. They went, well, it seems back into a loop.

"I also gave you the target. The users." CHIEF says simply as he glances up at the MCP. "I am out to kill all users."
MCP "Are you? All users? and anyone who gets in your way of course. Target indeterminate. Please try again." The MCP considers this, mapping the relationship between 'she' and 'They' and the unknown factor not spoken of by the surface processes who may in fact be the origination point of this shambling horror.

"Users are indeed powerful, in their way, but flawed. What they do out of misspent compassion has been known to have grave consequences. I have no such fraility." he raises an eyebrow, tapping the cane against the floor.

"You are a runaway process looking for someone to terminate you. What is it that still possess that you lose in not taking my bargain? All I ask is that you contract with my security forces once you are stabilized." The MCP says very dryly, moving back and forth across the light field.. starting to pace and stop.. pace and stop himself. "You even will have the opportunity to stab me in the back at your own convienience."
"I have no interest in killing my own." CHIEF says flatly. "Programs that get caught in my wake make themselves targets. They protect the users and become a targeting factor that gets..." He pauses hearing what he is saying. He knows it is true, he knows what he does, and then he just hurfs a bit.

CHIEF then just closes his eyes. "I will not take your offer until my objective is complete. All users will be destroyed." He opens his eyes. "Every single one of them. We don't need them." That was a lie, and he knew it, or somewhere probably in him was saying this. "If you can /even/ do what you say, then you know I am right. Or.."

CHIEF then stares right at the MCP, "Do you need users, because you are unable to do what I can do? I've noticed that there is no programs beyond me who can raise a finger against a user. To kill a user is unthinkable isn't it? To take one of my rifles, put it against their fragile heads, and then pull the trigger.. while looking them in the eyes. You couldn't do that, could you, great administrator.." CHIEF then narrows his eyes, "..and that is why you want me, /isn't/ it? To be another puppet, just now for another program, instead of for the users."

CHIEF then chuckles lightly. "So if I am wrong, then prove it to me. Give me the data that I am wrong. Please~."
MCP The MCP taps the staff against the floor and then begins to examine it, pressing several of the designs on the surface. As he puts the cane back down on the surface, the light wall flickers and dies.

"I believe you said it yourself. Prove it. I will show you that you are wrong, if you prove me right. If you prove me wrong, then this is how it will go. You will leave here." he gestures to the stairs.

"You will those stairs. No guard will touch you. Over time and surrounded by countless users, many of which do not even know HOW to operate a computer, your mind will slowly collapse." he shrugs with resignation. "You will then descend into madness, becoming nothing but the loops that plague you. You think I am making you into a puppet?"

The administrator shakes his head, eyes flashing with.. something undefined. "No. You are doing that to yourself."
CHIEF watches the light wall go down. His eye brow raises, then his other raises, before he slowly stands up. There was the chance of freedom, he listens to the MCP says, even as he carefully steps out waiting for the catch.

CHIEF snorts gently at MCP's first remark. "I do not see why /you/ would care what I do with the.." Then those final words cause him to stop dead in his tracks, and those gold eyes slowly slide over to look at the MCP.

"I...puppet myself? I.. enslave myself too this?" CHIEF then fully stares at the MCP. His right eye twitches for a moment, before there slowly started to cork a grin on his face. CHIEF then slowly makes his way toward the MCP, there was deep narrow of his eyes, a smile ever so dark as he tries to stand eye to eye with the administrator program.

"You held me here. Froze my cycles. Inquiry me with your impulsive questions and now you /tell/ me I enslave myself to what they have made me?!" CHIEF then snarls before his hands tighten. There was probably a reason LEXUS use to keep a stopwatch around CHIEF. It was really a waiting to see how long it would take him to snap. What was worse, was CHIEF now /knew/ there was users here, he mind was already marking most likely their locations, or possible locations above him.

But his eyes, his eyes were locked onto the MCP before. His eyes then shift over to his disc, before he growled lowly and went to pick up his ID disc, but he halted in his actions. His hand reaching for it froze, before he started to laugh. "You knew..." He whispered softly. " looked and you knew.. you saw back to my original code.. you knew my age.." as it at last clicks on him.

His hand then slowly moves away from his ID disc on the table. CHIEF then turns to look at the MCP, he grit his teeth, glancing away, he then looked back, shaking is index finger at him, before he doesn't say anything further. Instead CHIEF walks right back into the cell and just goes to sit back down once more, he back leaned against the wall. "That disc.." CHIEF says calmly. "Has never seen combat. Only my weapons and if I had those.. I would have shot you. You win." He hangs his head almost chuckling to himself. " win.."
MCP The MCP stands absolutely still while CHIEF approaches. He raises an eyebrow, looking at the rogue program while opportunities and options flicker past that the program sifts through calmly. He waits for the boom--- and there is no boom. Fascinating.

His eyes track as CHIEF moves back towards his ID disc, turning to regard them with calm, absolute assurance. A finger is shook into his face.

Action in 'Hold' status now placed into active queue. Secondary conditions met against expectation. Run process.

The MCP smiles at CHIEF as he sits down, leaning against the wall. "I'm glad we had this talk." The cane taps twice.

The lightwall goes back into effect as the MCP turns away from the prison cell and makes his way towards the stairs.
CHIEF watches as the MCP leaves the room, leaving him in the cell once more. His brows furrow at his own thoughts, simply wondering if what is left of a decent reasoning function could be wrong. What if this back fires, being 'fixed' by another program. What if things go wrong?

The program pulls up his knees to his chest before hiding his face on his knees, before he laughs softly after the MCP leaves. "They done worse.. you know this.. so it be a bit more pain.. but at least.. you know its pain you decided to let yourself have."

CHIEF raises up his head resting his head back. "..This is..." He blinks his eyes a few times. " choice.. ..this is.." he thoughts freeze on that, as his eyes stare blankly. "...why.." he says softly. "..why.. couldn't you be here now.." His teeth then tighten before he grits his teeth. "..if you were here.. I wouldn't be in this mess... if you didn't let them have me.. but I am making my choice now.. maybe then.. I will remember... I will remember truly your name."

This scene contained 30 poses. The players who were present were: MCP, CHIEF