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Relative Safety
(2013-04-21 - Now)
Time flies when you are burnt to a crisp.
Lancer SHRIKE is carrying LANCER over his shoulder when he enters the complex. As per the protocol, nobody works on the mechanic except the boss and so he puts the unconscious LANCER down on the steps for a minute while he checks where the boss wants them taken.

The sniper disengages his helmet, thumping the mechanic lightly in the upper leg with a boot. "Hey. We're back. Don't power off just yet."

LANCER still hasn't disengaged his helmet yet and lolls against the wall, sliding down a bit as SHRIKE then helps him up and moves him towards the barracks.
CHIEF has mostly pacing around. Pacing and thinking. Thinking and pacing. Not the best combination sometimes. Yet there was little he could do. He had to stay busy or his mind started to count the events, yet there was no way to /stay/ busy cause no one would let him /leave/.

So when LANCER was in trouble, he wanted to run out there, but was pretty much told to stay. Stay-- sit-- pace-- smoke his cigar like a train.

So when SHRIKE came in with LANCER and CHIEF came around the corner, he quickly did a back-step mostly to stay out of the way. His two toned colored eyes quickly glanced over the two before he moves the cigar to the other side of his mouth. "You want some help with him?" The answer was /probably/ yes, but hey better to ask then just /do/. Sometimes you never knew what the actual answer could be.
Lancer SHRIKE's face was set in an expression of 'No, get out of my way you red eyed bozo' but after a moment of calculation the sniper chokes back whatever he was going to say and just nods.

"Yeah. Give me a hand." LANCER mumbles something incoherant and possibly not even in english as the sniper moves him into the room.

LANCER groans faintly as he's laid down, diagnostics flaring all sorts of red flags and general warning alerts almost immediately thereafter. "He'll be fine." he says more for CHIEF's benefit than anything else. "Although I didn't never got an answer. How'd you do it, loco?" "....eeh?" "Hack your own timestamp, because you /can't/ be the oldest and still be this stupid." "..jump.. in the sea, SHRIKE." LANCER mumbles faintly.
CHIEF can't do much about that red eye; he actually tries to ignore it and is debating heavily on wearing those shades that TRON replaced for him in order to just hide it. Nasty side-effect of what was done really.

CHIEF quickly moves and throws LANCER's arm over his shoulder to help straighten him up a bit more and aid with just moving him so he isn't trying to fall over to one side or hang to hard on SHRIKE. The military program glances over as LANCER says 'go jump in the SEA', then CHIEF has to remind himself about where they come from.

"Any ID on who did this?" CHIEF asks quietly, looking ahead for the most part. "Are they trouble or just a glitch who lost it?" He is hoping for trouble. He /really/ wants trouble.
Lancer SHRIKE thumps a fist on LANCER's Helmet in response, causing the program to groan and curse in spanish at the sniper, the helmet retracting. LANCER struggles to push himself into a sitting position and SHRIKE pushes him back down with one hand.

"Kill process, loco. Not this time." LANCER shakes his head. "No. I'm.. I'm okay now. Just lemme rest" "No. Boss has to take a look at you. Those are the rules." and LANCER looks at CHIEF and.. the expression is wrong and disjointed and.. almost afraid. The mechanic shuts his eyes and thumps his head against the bed. "..Right. I know."

When it doesn't look like LANCER will try to get up again SHRIKE attends to the question.

"No idea. No file on them just yet. Not even a designation. Can't plan for anomalies like that. I'll watch for them." he snorts. "I think you will too."
CHIEF stares down at LANCER. Looking back at that face he was being given. His eyes try to understand 'why' he would have such a look. There had to be a reason. Yet when SHRIKE answers his question, he quickly snaps his attention over to SHRIKE.

"Anomalies are a common thing out there." CHIEF remarks with a heavy sigh, rolling the cigar in his mouth for a moment. "..including in the air.. or even on the ground.. You can only take a gamble and a guess at what is the best action to make."

CHIEF then looks at LANCER, "..then cross your circuits it the right one." He gets a distant look in his eyes for a moment as there is flicker of light in his pupils as he looks of to the side. He then looks back at SHRIKE. "Well, if he shows his face again and causes trouble. I'll make sure he regrets it." He says with his hand tightening up for a moment in a fist before relaxing.

"So hopefully, it wont come to that." There was almost a cold smile on his lips for a moment, even as he closes his eyes, before it fades away as he opens his eyes once more. He glances down at LANCER once more, before he places on a more gentle smile. "..and you'll be ok, LANCER. You will be back to your old self and causing goofy trouble all over again."

He looks around realizing now there is little he can do and grunts softly. "Do.. you want me to stay here with him SHRIKE while you find the Administrator or..?"
Lancer SHRIKE throws a hand backwards at CHIEF and leaves the room without replying. LANCER snorts. "..Jerk." without opening his eyes. He flexes his hands and then digs them into the bed surface, pushing himself up into a sitting position.

"I don't.. think he meant it. The anomaly. He.." he shakes his head. "He was.. wrong. Like. A user crash." he looked very uneasy for a moment. "But yeah. I'm going to a take a swing at him again myself if he comes into town with that attitude." he snorts.

"Or maybe not. If I.. did that to everybody here who deserved a knock to the head.. busy every.." he trails off, eyes flickering closed again but he keeps opening them again whenever he starts to drift off, like someone wary about falling asleep and desperate to fight it.
CHIEF watches SHRIKE and seems to keep looking that way for a bit, before his attention refocuses on LANCER. His eyes watch the mechanic program sit up and crouches down, more to get down on eye to eye level, or even looking up at LANCER.

"Well, I don't know what went on out there, just that /something/ was up. No one would let me leave thanks to the whole deal." He motions to his right eye. "..even if it has been some time."

That really seem to chew on him a bit. His mind was still racing down the information tram and he wondered when it would all end. When all the memories would stop flooding, but at least in moments like these, it was nice way to 'not' process it for a time. At least not consciously accept it in the forefront process. It would get him later.

"Look, you really should get some rest. Nothing is going to get you and you are safe here. You know that." CHIEF tries to say with a friendly smile. "I got your six." He tilts his head. "Unless that glitch really messed with you?" He frowns. "..hopefully not the case.."

Please say 'yes'.
No we don't need a 'yes'.
Why not? It be /fun/.

CHIEF glances off to the side for a moment, his pupils flickering again, before he looks back to LANCER once more. "..but either way, you are safe here."
Lancer LANCER looks at CHIEF for a long time and smiles lopsidedly. He actually is looking a little past the military program. His eyes track up to the corner of the room then close again as his head sags onto his chest. "..Yeah." he says quietly, still smiling faintly.

"..Thanks CHIEF." he opens his eyes and cuts a glance at CHIEF like he wants to say something, the tension comes and goes in his shoulders and then he just shakes his head a little. "..I know that." he chuckles. "That user owes me a new shirt. I'm bitterly insulted that I took the time to take it off so it would get wrecked, and it got burnt up anyways. /Bitterly/ insulted, I say." he chuckles.

"..go on, CHIEF. I'll get some rest after boss is done."
CHIEF frowns a bit but gives a nod, standing up once more. He goes to place his hand on LANCER's shoulder and if allowed, he gives it a few pats, before he goes to head for the door. Though once he reaches the door, he looks over his shoulder at LANCER before he gives the mechanic a thumbs up and smile. "Hey next weekend. We'll go shop to get you some new threads, hm?" Yes, CHIEF /has/ picked up on user lingo. He just doesn't like to use it cause it sounds silly.

He gives the side wall a gentle pat and then walks out. If he hand pockets, his hands would be in it. Yet best he can do is keep rolling his cigar side to side, before he lifts up his hand to pull out from his mouth and letting the smoke roll over the top part of his lip.

His fingers roll the cigar as he walks. His pupils flickering with light once more. Translating over information given. His own memories and ignoring so much of the world information filtering in. No targets. Nothing to register. Just typical structure.

He wasn't even sure where he was walking by this point. Mostly just walking and thinking. Lost in very deep processes. His memories wondering over to all the things he had done, what he had done, and the simple realization that he was /always/ a weapon. The users just did a nice job of masking it for a long, long time.

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: Lancer, CHIEF