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(2013-03-29 - Now)
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Lancer Lights. Sounds.


Off-duty is a rare and wonderful thing, especially after the hammering Traverse Town had taken in the last couple of weeks. So it's always gratifying to do something simple and only quasi-alarming. That being the pursuit of barhopping. (This somewhat being like shop-diving, only with more people watching and alcohol involved)

So the program, in his cheerfully VERY loud Hawaiian T-shirt and chipper manner sits with a complete and utter lack of stealth in every pirate dive, adventurer den, and general tavern from Montressor Spaceport to the Outskirts. In this one, The Hovering Eel, he is people watching with idle enthusiasm. He has a drink next to him and a collection of chips with various salsas spread out meticulously in front of him that he enjoys lingeringly.

The Hovering Eel isn't exactly a dive. It's clean and well maintained like much of Traverse Town and somewhat of a patchwork construction as well. When you live in a town that gets invaded and raked over the coals semi frequently, this is also a thing that happens.

The patronage is mostly adventurer types and refugees from other places and so is inured somewhat more than usual to anything strange. The music comes from a Bazouki player in the corner, the plinking strains audible over the rattle of conversation and movement.
Reno Traverse Town was an interesting place. It seemed to be some sort of in-between world that sprang up entirely by the derelicts of lost worlds patching together pieces of whatever was left into a coherent society. For a city built out of the shattered remnants of untold apocalypses in a land of eternal night, it was an outstandingly upbeat place.

Or so thought the red-haired man in the unbuttoned dark blue suit as he strolled down the cobbled streets at a leisurely pace, hands in pockets. He was keeping his eyes peeled, taking in the sights, talking to people, and generally getting the feel of the place for his report back to ShinRa.

"Hmmmm... what've we got here?"
Reno murmered to himself, as he pushed open the door to a tropically-themed place with a picture of an an eel on it's sign and a warm glow and the moving shadows of active bodies coming from it's windows.

Reno paused a moment in the open doorway, adjusted the (forever useless) goggles propped up on his forehead, and then stepped inside.
Lancer Well. There's a mark board in the corner. One of those things adventuer's usually like to flock around because it's full of vicious monsters that can be stabbed for local currency (or possibly steaks. Delicious steaks).

The bartender is a skinny guy with a tattoo of an eel on his wrist, his tanned skin leathery as he wipes down the bar. The clientele is a greatly assorted lot. Several ducks, one with an eye patch. There's a crocodile and a handful of humes including a man in a very loud T-shirt with a table all to himself and his extensive collection of salsas(?)

The Bazouki continues to plink in the background, bearing with it the faint smell of cheese.
Reno Well Reno ain't gonna stand there forever, there's beer to be had! The be-suited man with the flamboyant red hair strides right into the building, and gets the attention of the eel-tattood bartender.

"Yo, can I get a..." reno looks over with dismay at the unfamiliar beverage logos over by the taps. "... one of whatever those things are." he finished, gesturing with his thumb to a clear golden beverage being carefully sipped by a gruff looking duck-man in conversation to some kind of anthropomorphic crocodile.

The bardender raised an eyebrow at Reno, but didn't question him. Instead, he turned quietly to fetch Reno's drink, leaving reno half-sitting, half-leaning against the barstool, and people-watching about the room. The man with the meticulous salsa-collection also seemed to be doing the same thing, he realized as he caught the man's eye.
Lancer Salsa man seems more than content to nurse his collection of salsa.

Which is in no way or form connected to Fruit Man. Reno gets his drink (which may or may not have an umbrella in it) The gruff looking duck-man gets up and starts to get into an argument with the Bazouki player, possibly about the finer points of stuffing that instrument down their neck if they played any more of that plinking nonsense that has been going on for the last eight hours.

This has the feeling of starting to devolve into what may coquially be called a 'short tussle' when the bouncer, a large and imposing Bangaa who knocks their heads together with a resounding 'clunk' and tells them to take their musical debate elsewhere.

Lancer looks up and grins at Reno, cheerfully raising the salsa in his direction and goes back to what he was doing.
Lancer had been missing a little /to/ long. There was things to be done. Bikes to be fixed. Data to be crunched beyond HEIM's wanting. Like a /project/ that was only /half/ finished! So, the DPS decided who would go fetch their engineer.

It came down to straw pickings. Really. It did. Straws of all things! Sadly, CHIEF got the shortest straw, which mean he had to go find Lancer. Thankfully CHALK had an idea where he was and luckily the visor was still in good order for CHIEF.

So out went the military program in all his green line glory and hopes that after he helped saved Traverse Town from Negaduck people wouldn't try to do anything funny. So far, he had been lucky. No one has associated him with LEXUS. At least if they did, they didn't say anything out loud on it.

He was actually waiting for the day LEXUS would pop up and trying to 'reclaim' him. It was this gut, sinking feeling it would happen eventually. It was that eventually he was-- honestly-- fearful of. Not so much for his own life, but for someone /far/ more important in his life now.

The Military Program walked into the restaurant, before he gazed around with his gold eyes for where Lancer was hiding. That red visor was opaque enough that it was only hinted at in reflection of the lights that it was on his face.

So /many/ users. So many. Oh and look out for that Bouncer!
Deelel Just where is Deelel? She's spent the day traveling and now she was back in town. She's swung by to get a drink she neede to refusl and now as she finds her way in, just by chance of fate or her feeling pranly she's going to attempt to sneak up on Reno and Lancer. Before she'll peer over Lancer's shoulder looking at Reno for a moment.

"HI! What are you two doing tonight?"

And then ENTER THE CHEIFTRIX! Fruit Man has arrived not that she's notice just yet, this can't end badly for everyone right?
Lancer There are coming to take me away, ha ha!

Life being beautiful all the time (especially with Salsa involvec) Lancer i.e Salsa man doesn't immediately see CHIEF until he looks towards the entrance.

He raises his eyebrows and then raises the salsa to CHIEF again, waving and gesturing towards him. He also looks at a sudden Deelel. "Greetings Program." he says, looking at the program from upside down from the table.

"Drew the short straw, didn't ya?."
Reno Reno takes a nice sip of his drink. It was tasty... a bit sweeter than he expected, but it had some nice tangy and almost tropical notes to it. Reno takes a nice big swig before he turns around after hearing a familiar voice.

It was that program! no, /those/ programs! And they were talking to salsa guy in a way that certainly implied a cohortious relationship.

Both the Turk's cheeks and eyes bulged at once as Reno very narrowly avoided doing a spit-take all over a moogle walking past. Painfully, Reno managed to swallow the entire drink, caughing and holding the side of the bar to catch his breath.

"KEEH ..ERG........ (breathing) ..... huh...huh........ Uh, Hey. Sup Deelel... other guy." Reno glanced about. "So.... What's, uh, goin' on you guys?" he asked. His honed instincts were telling him that a blown cover might be the least of his worries pretty soon, but he couldn't exactly spell out why just yet.
CHIEF states over at Lancer, giving him that narrowed stare look. "..I am guessing this is a common thing when it comes to fetching you." His gold eyes then look over to Deelel. "Hey there Musical" He says with a playful grin, before he starts to make his way over to Lancer and Deelel both. He does indeed snag a chip and dip it into one of the salsa bowls. Mostly the one that was a mix of avocado and salsa.

When you hung out with Lancer and CHALK, you got to know your salsa... and be pranked a few times by it too. He then nibbles on the chip as his eyes scan the area. He was never going to get use to the fact that everything was in 'check' again. His systems knowing there are targets to be locked onto, to fire upon, but never enough data given for them to get the 'fire' command straight.

If only one could see what CHIEF sees.

Or the way he sees.

Yet that could be said for many of the programs in different types of field. Each of them probably seeing the world a different way under some HUD display. Yet none of them thinking its strange what-so-ever.

He looks at Deelel again. "We can't stay around long to chat. This guy here," He points his index and middle finger down at Lancer, "Has a date with his workshop and apparently an /order/ that was suppose to be done /three/ hours ago was never completed." Crunch of chip in hand and a dead-pan stare at Lancer. STAARE!

This is about the time he notices Reno and his right eye gives a minor twitch. He suddenly squats down low, finish the chip in his hand quickly. His gold eyes just stare in that direction. If one of ShinRa's people were here and saw him...

Then the /guy/ talks to them. He just keeps staring, slinking down lower behind the table. He was rumbling something, but the exact words were very quick for anyone to process. It may sound like a garble of computation really.
Deelel Deelel grins at Lancer and says "Indeed Greetings programs."

She Seems to be in a pretty good mood but she ooks over at Reno dfor a moment grinning. "SO Lancer was it? This is Reno the guy who basically beat Lexus around the time Manhattan fell."

She grins and she pauses as Chief greets he as well. "Hello CHIEF, you seem to be doing better." No instant chain of explosions is an improvment.

"I think he's a bit tongue tied."

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