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System Query
(2012-12-29 - 2012-12-29)
An Old Man asks for directions and makes observations. This is not the MCP you are looking at/for.
MCP Tap. Tap. Tap.

Traverse Town seems a little quieter tonight than usual.

The steady roar of activity that happens under the unchanging blanket of twilight with the stars shining overhead has a subdued quality to it as the holiday atmosphere slides away. A weary world shakes off the dregs of celebration but has not quite thrown it off, a hush hanging in the air as the new year is about to begin.

Such a time is rife for small miracles and second chances.

For Good or Ill...

An older gentleman makes his way down the marketplace avenue. He leans heavily on the walking stick, perhaps a little more than warrants simple walking but the focused abstraction on his features denotes he is ignoring any infirmity as a triviality. He looks into the shops one after another, sometimes he will pick up an object in order to study it. He will always put it down gently, carefully and then move on.

He has walked many of the streets in this town. Searching. Cataloguing. Returning to that brief sense of freedom, of unlimited space--

He has seen the mural.

More.. he has seen the addition to it's design.

How.. Predictably Quaint. It was almost Nostalgicly Charming, in it's way.

Tap. Tap. Tap. --The man makes his way down the street, pausing at an intersection to look with an idle curiosity towards a small cafe.
CADUCEUS The humming sound of a lightcycle is heard as one is seen going down the road, green in color with white trim. CADUCEUS has gotten back from the beach and for the moment is enjoying a nice ride through the town. It has given him more practice with the vehicle thankfully so now he only loses himself three quarters of the time instead of all the time.
MCP Tap.

The gentlemen turns his head at the sound of the lightcycle, the walking stick clasped between both hands as he leans down on it with faint but steady pressure. His eyes trail the green and white machine with a moment of curiosity.

He can see someone else is out enjoying their freedom as well.


Flagged file announcement. Verify?

The man turns slowly in the indicated direction, reading the information the scrolls as the ID disk is seen on the figure of the woman moving away from the library building. "Good evening." his voice rolls, deep and thick with charm and amusement as he approaches Deelel. "I seem to have gotten turned around. Is this the second district, or the third? I appear to have errored and mislaid myself."
CADUCEUS CADUCEUS stopped when he would pass Deelel and the light cycle disassembles to a green rod, revealing the rider to be CADUCEUS. He places the rod along his leg and would nod to Deelel and the old man by her. "This is the first district I believe. I often become lost in the user's city, it is confusing at times."
MCP "Yes." The man notes with an aura of wry amusement. "The city is greatly disorganized, but perhaps there is a method to every madness."

Internal Systems Query: Appropriate action?

Command: Null Response. Continue Data gathering protocol.

The man nods at CADUCEUS gravely. "You believe." Not 'He knows' or even 'He thinks' but 'He. Believes' ---Ah. Dangerous, Dangerous youth. Words have meaning in any system. Something as slippery as 'belief' could be used to justify many actions.

"I am looking for information. I seem to have found myself here. In this disorganization." His voice dips into disapproval at that word. "And I am in need of rest. Where may I forwards myself to that cause?"
CADUCEUS "There is a hotel in the second district." CADUCEUS says as he then looks to Deelel. Like Deelel, he too didnt know this old man was infact the very being which ripped him from the system he knew to a world of survival in the games. He would then glance to the old man. "If you desire aid, I can help you find it." He offers calmly.
MCP "Have they now?"

The man does not offer his name, nor does he ask the name of either of the very helpful programs who are willing to be of service to him. It is remarkably refreshing for them to do so without .. any neccessary compulsion. "You have both been so helpful. Thank you." he looks idly down the street and then up it.

"Is the distance decently ameniable to a walk?" he gestures to CAD. "I regret to inform that I do not possess a gadget such as that."
CADUCEUS "It isnt that far. I however gained some funds recently so if you lack the funds to cover the room I can pay for it. Infact I should probably go on ahead to let them know you will be coming. If you both will excuse me." He says as he seems to walk towards the second district.
MCP "Is everyone here so eager to serve?" The man asks with that same aura of dry humor as he turns his eyes to fix on Deelel with an armor-piercing stare that is vaguely disconcerting.

The reddish-brown of his eyes pulses slightly as he gestures down the street with the cane before setting off down it at a sedate and lingering pace. "Yes. Lead on, if you.. believe that is wise."

There was that word again. Hmm. Interesting.
MCP The older gentleman allows himself to be led in the direction of the hotel, occasionally asking a question about Traverse Town. "Is it so unsafe?" he asks politely as they walk through the quiet streets. "So very much going on, all at once it seems. And danger as well. However does anyone keep up."

This scene contained 10 poses. The players who were present were: MCP, CADUCEUS