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(2013-06-22 - 2013-06-22)
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MCP Castle Oblivion.

A long way and a hard road and very near to perilous concentrations of the heartless, yet there are no immediate signs of lingering darkness in the surrounding countryside. Rolling hills of grassland extend out into the distance with the castle jutting from the turf almost haphazardly.

Jutting is in fact the right term for the white castle and it's pointed, angular green towers which poke every which way like the hands of a demented clock. It's less of a full castle and more a structure folded roughly over on itself multiple times by the inexpert hand of an origami enthusiast.

There is a vague feeling of unreality here as well, the faint smearing of the edges and a slight blurring of colors like a slightly off kilter watercolor painting. No melting clocks certainly, but enough to frame the boundaries of this silent space in an unusual way. That is another thing to discover.

This place has little in the way of natural sounds. No sound of water. No sound of insects or field animals. The wind ruffles the sea of grass and the sound is so faint as to be barely a whisper, an echo as if all these sound were falling into a deep well.

Yet there it is.

And here you are.

The gates are open.

And you are expected.
MCP It took Mercade a while to get information on how to get there. Much bribery of Will Sherman was involved.

Will never could resist the power of muffins. Especially when the alternative was to put smiley faces on them and give them to Riku. Yes. He is a very silly person sometimes.

The Detective is, nevertheless, not very silly at the moment. The appearance of Castle Oblivion sets him on edge. He was warned that this place was dangerous, that it brought back the past. He wasnt sure what that meant. How did it do such a thing? Mercade is, as always, full of questions. Answers were less forthcoming. What he did know, however, is that the mysterious man from his dreams told him to come here for further answers.

So he did. It could certainly be a trap. It could be many things. But he believes in himself and his friends. He looks down at the star-shaped ornament he mysteriously gained, cleaned up. Something about it feels unreal to him as well, considering the situation in which it appeared. Well. Theres nothing for it except to go forward. Mercade says to himself, before he walks in through the entryway. Lets find out how deep this rabbit hole goes.
MCP The inside of Castle Oblivion is searingly white. Geometric designs continue on the inside, great ridged columns and delicate artwork all crafted in the same white material. The shear blank whiteness was broken only by the ceiling where diamonds of light blues against a darker background marched in stately procession. Despite the ceiling being colored and highlights of those same blues can be seen here or there, the sense of distance is distorted.

The corridor seems to stretch for much longer than it should without the visual cue of stretching towards the horizon. There are a number of closed doors with symbols above them. They are engraved neatly in a foreign and slightly eye-defeating series of glyphs that seem to shimmer slightly out of focus when any attempt is made to read it.

Eventually though the hallway does end, a small staircase leading up to a platform where a trio of white archways are inset into the walls. One goes forwards, another to the left and a third to the right. The one going forwards is open and leads to a white stairway going upwards. A muffled and angry conversation can be heard through the door to the right. Strangely enough, the glyph on the left door is similar if not identical to the strange marking in the middle of the star found in hand at the end of the dream.

There is the sound of footsteps resounding from the stairs connected to the archway straight ahead.

Someone is coming.
MCP So much white.

How can someone allow themselves to decorate an area like this? Its bugged Mercade since he saw the place the first time. Now... Its no easier on the eyes. Then it occurs to him that this place might not have been made... For human sensibilities. The thought chills him, for a moment.

The Detective works his way down the interminable hallway, more than once wondering how he could have walked this far and still be inside the castle. It didnt look this big on the outside. The doors draw his attention as he passes them, the sights causing him to examine them for the same of something to break the whiteness. The glyphs cause him to scowl, however. This smacks of Stuff He Should Have Isaac Here For. He hates that kind of stuff. Its something he hasnt gained any kind of proficiency with, even with practice. Some things just have to remain out of his reach.

Or do they?

He focuses on the end of the corridor. It feels right to go this way, and he often trusted his instincts. The Detective, when he finally reaches the three-way path, looks between them all and frowns. Its clear he needs to make a choice here, but... He doesnt have to make it blind. Someone is coming. Mercade waits, folding his hands together to see who it is.

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