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Election Night
(2013-01-20 - 2013-01-21)
Election Night proceedings grow heated and explosive. Tempers flare. Llama blandishments are thrown. Also. HAMMER TIME. Hail to the CHIEF.
MCP In the wake of both theme songs, grooving and mass destruction, the Traverse Town elections have been slightly more energetic than usual.

A much larger crowd of concerned citizens has shown up than in past years with a good spread of all appropriate demographics (Although in Traverse Town 'appropriate demographics' could be anywhere from Adventurer to Sky Pirate to Antromorphic Duck or Animated Tea Set)

There is an expectant hush (or maybe a expectant babble) of activity as the election night proceedings continue. The two contends? SARGON -- and Emperor Kuzco.

Gods help us.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco in particular, is standing on a small balcony - wearing a fancy golden hat and mantle. He may be a Llama, but who says llamas were not allowed to dress in /style/? He raises his head up high, brings his hoofs up onto the banister, and waits for the chanting.

// Kuzco: See. I never quite got this. Who is this guy?
// Camera turns to SARGON
// Kuzco: I mean, look at him? Pssssht. He really thinks he can rule these people better than I? Come on!
TRON Alan is not partaking in the festivities.

He has stayed true to his word to not interfere with SARGON's campaign, even if he still doesn't trust the Program. But with neither proof of any malice nor any understanding of the process at hand, there isn't much he can do. Who the next mayor will be is Traverse Town's decision for good or ill, and he will not interfere with it. He is only a visitor, after all.

He is only here to ensure nothing--or no one--interferes with the process. The chances of outside interference is high, no matter what he hopes to the contrary.
MCP In response, SARGON is standing with the podium that was provided for him. It's a simple, black construction that looks completely plain and ordinary in contrast to the gaudy throne and the fancy hat and mantle of the opposing Llama.

SARGON wears a simple, crisply tailored business suit. The program lines are actually artfully hidden in most cases. He adjusts a small device on his wrist which may or may not be a cufflink but ostensibly controls a system that also handles volume because his magnified voice is brisk and crisply audible.

You could probably made jerky and cut apples on the dry, firm way he is clipping his sentences.

SARGON: I am a program concerned with the needs of this township. Especially since it's recent and ongoing troubles. Also, for the record. I favor ACTIONS and /solutions/, not Theme Songs.
Deelel Deelel has taken to her intrest in this she's curious how users set up their system admin. Normally they were made for job on the grid but the users functionless nature made them flexiable at the very least when it came ro figuring out their tasks. SO here she just about suprised at Kuzoc's statements. She's mostly here to obeseve if she's from anywhere that is not the grid its Manhattan the arcade was her home off the grid far as she was concerned. She's also not quite clicked to who SARGON is yet. To be honest it's not because she's stupid it's just she's not found enough piece after all when she thinks MCP she thinks big damn head like the wizard in the wizard of Oz. However as he speaks one eyebrow goes up as he speaks of his nature as a program? Wait what?
Ingrid Third As always at such events, tension is high and the atmosphere is thick with discourse and debate. Some of it is healthy and mature disagreement that leads to reasonable discussion among peers and dissenters. Much of it is... not. Fortunately, someone had the good sense to hire some security for these proceedings. Their budget, however, was not so generous.

Ingrid stands at the front of the two raised platforms, her arms crossed behind her back and a professional manner as she scans the crowd with a slightly disapproving deadpan stare. The shiny Safety Patrol badge that marks her as one with the authority of the law is pinned to her orange sash, the bright colors standing out in stark relief to the all-black SeeD uniform that she is wearing.

A thin wire sprouts up from the bulky radio unit on her hip, disappearing underneath her jacket and reemerging at her neck in the form of a small earpiece. She is also wearing a pair of dark reflective sunglasses even though Traverse Town never sees the light of day. Why? Because you can't be proper secret service without sunglasses.

"All clear on this side," she reports softly into the radio. A few other members of the Safety Patrol are here as well but their efforts are directed at watching the crowd from other angles and are thus out of sight. They report back with much the same, a few minor incidents of altercations that were swiftly sworted out through the prompt application of tickets.

At the moment, things are going smoothly, just as planned.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco poofs up his cheeks when SARGON decides to make a quip about his Themesong. "At least I /have/ a themesong! And have you ever seen this town more bustling and full of merriment? Heroes come here to groove! My... my...." The llama quickly grabs into his mantle and opens a piece of paper, takes a moment, and then closes it again. "/policies/, will ensure not just their safety, but also their happiness."

Of course, at the same time, the Llama is thinking to himself just how much he hates this kind of thing. Having to talk as if the /peasants/ mean something. Why would they not just want to do what he wants them to do? I mean, come oooon, right?

The Llama waves his hand into the air. Seems the themesong guy's microphone is being used by Kuzco at the moment. "Unlike you, who don't even know the meaning of /fun/! What will you do? Bore the heartless to death?"

// Kuzco: Haha! Bore the heartless to death. Man I'm awesome, that's a good one. Take that - weird... dry... suit... guy. What was his name again? Oh wait! I don't care! Instead, say my name again!
CAPGRAS The form of a program rests high above the canidates.

It was a security program, blue lines running across it's body as it continues to observe things...before the image fades, dropping the pretense.

No, it just needed to get close to SARGON. CAPGRAS no longer needs to stay hidden...his victory was assured, so CAPGRAS simply needs to take it's form...completely absorbing the other program, and though it was unlikely he had anything of real value, besides another form for it to take...and the power he has.

The coat flickers behind her, several mirrors connected to the ends of the coat as the cold eyes watch the proceedings.

Her eyes fall on Ingrid...the woman from seems she was here too...and then another program as well. Inconsiquencial. She would be meaningless to her plans, save as food and possible knoweldge later on, however, the soon to be mayor would have more.

She closes her eyes, before returning into observation mode.

"This unit believes the Lama is going to only get one vote. His own." CAPGRAS says to herself.
MCP SARGON responds to the accusations without really looking at so self-named Emperor Kuzco. In fact, it's been recorded that he hasn't actually looked at his opponent for the entirety of this media broadcast.

He fiddles with the control again in a manner that seems slightly stilted, as if he were following a set looped behavior. His eyes raise from his task and he scans the crowd while cameras in several different locations also pan across the crowd and the small speaking platform.

"And would my distuinguished opponent like to expound on his policies, and his plans to use fun to defeat the heartless?"
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco grins. Well... as much as a llama can grin. "Wack-a-heartless! We will use specialized Kuzco-HAMMAH! to squish them as they come up from the ground!" Kuzco answers, before reaching under his mantle and revealing... a bust. A rock bust of a small heartless head, which he places on the banister. And then, with one swift swoop, he both pulls out a hammer and cracks its head. "Like so!"

The llama then looks back to SARGON. "That, and get my /servants/ to beat them up, and tell the heroes to go beat them up. How about you? How are /you/ going to 'defeat' the heartless?"
Ingrid Third Ingrid is suddenly showered with rock fragments which causes her to lift an arm to shelter her face, giving an annoyed look up at the fluffy Emporer. However, she keeps silent and brushes the debris from her uniform before returning to scanning the crowd from behind her shades.

The displeased expression she is sporting might be misconstrued as the general disdain that the stereotypical 'men in black' were supposed to have at all times but the young girl is genuiely annoyed with this job. Standing guard for celebrities was definately one of her least favorite activities.
Deelel Deelel is just watching and listening for a moment, she looks over at the lama for a moment. Kuzco being a lama isn't a point agianst him but she just stares for a moment. Sargon may very wepp be a basic of some sort but it's not suprising a number of them have escaped the grid she's admittly curious about this. She wonders if Tron might know anything she listens she looks at the hammers. She just has het jaw open, hammers? HAMMERS?
This had took some planning on a specific program's part. He had to not only sneak into a secure area of the grid to gain his prize, but return back with it without any true damage done to the object of his desire.

Needless to say a few were not overly happy with this operation, while others were somewhat curious as to what this mad program had in mind with such an item. Such a thing that was known to those of the Grid as a source of true power and something you did not want to take lightly.

It was feared by the programs, light cycles, and even the recognizers. They were not overly fast, but their power was highly known and in the hands of this program, he did not require a Bit to aid in him targeting. Oh no.

He was very able to do such things on his own.

This made him extremely dangerous in such an object.

In the darkness of the cockpit of this item, the program sits there with his brown-red hair and slight gray at his temples. A facial reflection of his programer from so long ago. His gold eyes staring at his reflecting in the black console of the item he took. His memories attempting to flash back to the days of old, to the 'good' days, but every time he tries to remember, something blocks him. Something within. Slowly in frustration of his attempts he only begins to grin, then starts to chuckle, before he flat out laughs.

Kill. Kill. Destroy. Murder. Target Lock-On. No Abort. Destroy everything.

These are his thought as he laughs, before his eyes flare brightly. Then his hand reaches over and the lights flash on with a green glow as the military program wakes up the device. CHIEF slowly snapping too with a cigar forming in his hand, before he places it up to his mouth and then lights it. He takes a few drags off the cigar before he puffs out a bit of smoke. "Time to rock in roll..."


There was suddenly a blast of music in the area. The song in question:

Hail The Chief

Soon there was a low rumbling, before a blast of light streams across the sky for a building across the way from the election. It was white in color and reminded one of almost like an arrow for those who could catch it fast enough. The explosion irrupts in a matter of seconds, before another one blasts across the area.

Then a voice, the voice of CHIEF speaks up from wherever he was, "Greetings users and programs alike! I come bearing an introduction of my own for this wonderful occasion!"

Soon the song switches over to "Enter Sandman" from Metallic.

"Your complete deresolution! Hahahahaha!!"

Then from around the corner comes a thing from the very Grid brought to reality. The 'metal' was solid black with green lines through it as the cannon of the massive beast rotated around aiming at the crowd and at the very building in question. "Say The end!"

Then the cannon charges up before a blast fires out, followed by another, and another.
Emperor Kuzco The Llama's eyes widen open when a sudden flash of light and the sound of /music/. MUSIC!? And it's not HIS music! But... it /is/ kinda catchy. The llama starts tapping his foot and bobbing his head a little until the massive tank parks its ass in the middle of the district - and a guy shouts something through speaker-systems in reference to 'deresolution'. He hasn't a clue what this means. But he's pretty sure it's not a good thing. And then... BOOM! The thing starts to fire. Kuzco lets out a llama-yell, before jumping off of the balcony onto the roof, and quickly hides around the corner, huffing and puffing in excertion.

He looks left in fear. Nobody. He looks right in fear. Nobody. He looks forwards, he kind of starts... pouting, and then makes this 'mememememe' sound as he starts to almost cry. And then suddenly, the themesong guy slides down right next to him. "Hey maan... not cool. Not cool." The dude goes, to which the llama ends up staring at him. And the llama grins.


CHIEF's song is suddenly /interupted/ by the power of the THEMESONG GUY. The man slides down the roof with his microphone off and starts to sing an upbeat song in order to invigorate the heroes present! What's more, the llama actually starts dragging large hammers to the side of the roof and starts dropping them for civilians or otherwise to pick up...

"SMASH IT WITH A HAMMAH!" Kuzco calls on out.
Deelel It's hard to expect a sudden tank out of no where and worse it's a GRID tank. She stares for a moment the song the machine she stares for a moment

"A grid tank?! A GRID TANK!?" There's fear in her voice those were the most terrfying things on the ground in the grid. Few things could stop one other than another grid tank. Still what choice does she have she tries to get to cover but she's caught in the line of fire. She needs more moblitt the rod on her thigh is grabbed and a light cycle forms about her. The sound od it's engine is hard to miss and the blue machine speeds up as it heads towards CHEIF come on get his attention off the voters, come on get his attention off the users.

TRON Alan scans the area, a long keen look noting who is present. Is that Deelel over there? Good. He doesn't recognize many other faces in the crowd.

Glancing up above the stage to the balcony above the candidates' heads, he spots a light resequencing of a Program reskinning their appearance. He straightens, sharp eyes peering at CAPGRAS' general location through the lenses of his glasses. Too far away to actually see or do anything, he instead moves through the crowd to get closer to the stage.

Then the music changes.

Alan gets a bad feeling in his core as not only does he hear and feel a familiar rumble, he spots the firepower in flight before it explodes off to the sides. He /knows/ what this is.

"Oh my User."

With that whispered curse, white Program lines flare to life through his clothes as he pushes through the crowd more urgently towards the stage. He manages to break through just as a black tank-like vehicle with green program lines rounds the corner and aims at the assembly. "No. No no nononono...!" He lifts his voice, shouting as loudly as he can over CHIEF's cackling: "GRID TANK!!!"

The tank fires, a blast striking the ground in front of him and sending Alan flying into the air with his clothing in tatters and glasses shattered. Spinning in the air, he unhitches his Identity Disc from the center of his back and splits it in half--one half a white chackram-like 'inner Disc', the other the silver Frisbee-like 'main Disc'. "Evacuate the area!" He roars over the sound of more Tank Arrows impacting the surrounding buildings.

He spins in midair and sends his Discs flying, bouncing off of ruined structures and aimed at the Grid Tank's turret in particular. He then lands at a crouch on the ground, ripping off the rest of his ruined clothes in minor disgust.
CAPGRAS Shots fire towards CAPGRAS.

Explosions rock the building, leaving dust and dirt everywhere...

"Activating Executable mode." a soft female voice says, right before a flash of light tears through the dust, revealing...

A six foot program. She stands, clad in metal and energy, as seveal bits follow her. The bits look like mirrors, while her hair runs down her back, a final bit lodged in her hair, inactive for now.

She moves down, sharply, trying to cut through CHIEF with her legs, before landing perfectly on the ground. Her face turns, towards CHIEF, "Initiating termination protocal." she says, in a very robotic voice, as she twists, sending energy through the ground to try and smack CHIEF into the air, aiming to infect him with strange energy, before a giant blade appears above him, once more trying to smack him back into the ground with extreme force.

She says nothing...simple and robotic as she hovers in her...strange alien beauty.
Ingrid Third The attack is so sudden and unexpected that there is little time to react. Light lances through the air, the deadly energy beam reflected on the surface of Ingrid's shades as it erupts into the side of the building. Concussive force explodes from the impact, sending shrapnel and pressure in all directions. There is really no where to hide out in the open like this, but the small girl throws herself behind the nearby podium and the structure takes the worst of the blast for her.

"Crackers... what was that...?" Reaching up, Ingrid pulls the pair of now ruined glasses from her face, staring at them for only a moment before tossing them aside. Eh, they were a cheap pair anyways. But this does mean things 'just got real'.

Putting on her serious face, the SeeD cadet flips the latch holding the tonfa at her side, drawing the weapon smoothly and resting it defensively against her arm. Slowly, she scoots to the side and peers around the corner, eyes widening when she sees what they're up against.

"Crackers...!" She fumbles for the radio. "Guys, we've got some sort of a... /tank/ attacking the debate! I don't think we're equipped for this."

A gruff male voice echoes back in her ear. "What?! Alright, look, you're in a city full of adventurers and hero-types, right? Someone will step up to deal with this, just keep your cool and stay low."

"Got it, chief."

And just like magic people start popping out of the woodworks to counter this bizarre assault. She quirks an eyebrow at the strange glowing people. And then a giant hammer lands infront of her. "This is turning into some sort of weird video game..."

Ducking back into cover, Ingrid glances down at the colored beads embedded into her weapon and concentrates, calling up the ancient magic of the planet to wrap her in protective energies. If she's going to stick around, it can't hurt to play it safe.
MCP SARGON raises an eyebrow in a single parse query of 'wack-a-heartless?' that succeeds in getting the program to look at his opponent with something like morbid fascination. Especially the part with the 'Hamma' which almost screams a lack of common sense as well as grammar. The program just sort of blinks at the small demonstration of the efficiency of hammers on small, non-moving and relatively inoffensive rocks.

"That was.. an educational display." About this time there is the beginnings of another educational display on the social etiquette of bringing a Tank to a Word Fight.

SYSTEM QUERY: Run inventory on options. Select available response pattern.

Recalibrating... please wait.

Solution achieved.

SARGON looks completely impassive as he takes in the situation, the first bolt shearing a light post in half and causing it to start groaning downwards towards civilians. The entire light fixture freezes in midair then disappears in a flash of red light as it's struck by several beams of light at the same time.

As the crowd begins to panic (as this is a little too action/adventure for this TV time slot) several 'cameras' turn out to be less camera like and more actual turrets as they unfold abruptly into skittering mechanical data turrets. Small bit forms fly around them, spasming with the yes/no of targeting information as they shoot beams of red/orange light at the grid tank while the MCP steps away from his podium.

This is the point in the file where the second or third blast hits, shattering the podium and ending the debate with a bang. The program goes flying backwards off the stage, laying flat with the laser burn has cut across arm and one shoulder.

MCP parses that cover is required ergently. He finds some and opens up the full data panel that stretches across his wrist, manipulating the turrets. One of them kicks a hammer, which spins across the courtyard square in lazy circles.
The Grid Tank was on the move, people in the way was little meaning to this beast of a machine, something CHIEF knew well. That is why he went for it. He can only chuckle as everyone yells and screams. Even as Kuzco's theme song guy changes the music!

How dare he.

However Tron quickly replies to this as the way CHIEF expect the user program to do so. By simply attacking to protect them. "TRON, was it?" CHIEF's voice radios out from the Tank. "You never let a good ol' user down will you? Do you honestly think you can /save/ them from themselves as well?!"

The discs slam into the tank, slicing into the metal before heading back, one of the discs on its way back is followed right in with a blast from the tank in reply. Deele's own call to CHIEF only cause CHIEF to chuckle, before he says softly. "Hello little media program. How are you this /grand/ evening?"

For the moment Ingram is ignored, only for the moment in conversation, as then the other viral program attempts to slam the massive tank up with not only viral protocols but some fancy techniques. Though in turn CHIEF is quick to adjust the tank high in the air as that cannon spins around with sheer ease and blasts toward the ground at CAPGRAS.

Though being up, leaves the Tank exposed to be blasted by the bit lasers as they shoot around, but however what does get knocked up-- at least something this large-- must come down. Thus the tank comes down and smashes into one of the laser bits on its decent.

People do attempt to grab the hammers and throw them at the tank, but it seems little comes form this at the moment, outside the Grid Tank moving into a new position, blasting a few more shots a specific individuals this time on CHIEF's higher threat level and ignoring those of lower threat level for the moment.

Yes, he did seem to show objective priority.
Emperor Kuzco The people who've picked up the hammer don't actually give up though! The themesong guy switches the tune and lyrics a little, and soon enough, the people are dancing to a variety on 'can't touch this', along with a backup chores of little high-pitch singing mice going; 'Smash with da hamma!'. Kuzco himself in the meantime, at the top of the roof, keeps on bringing in more hammers. But what's more important, is that he's shaking his hoof at the tank. "That'll teach you for interupting my elections! Those are MY voters you are shooting at!" Even SARGON. Yep, clearly, even SARGON would vote for Kuzco.
CAPGRAS CAPGRAS is fired upon again, the main cannon finding it very hard to find traction against the sheer resistance that was CAPGRAS's body. The energy barrier surrounding her as Chief attacks, the force still breaking through, causing damage to the main body. She looks impassive at this, as once more bits start to surround her, she bends backwards at a unnatural angle, aiming to slam her hands into the ground, as she falls. The spike once more crashing through the ground to send Chief up, before The bits turn into the Prankster Primitive, before firing a single shot, a large gravity like pulse aiming to smash into Chief, aiming to draw him into the circle of explosive and attempt to deress him should he stay there for too long.

Once more, she is silent to CHIEF.

However, she speaks to TRON. "You are Unit TRON correct? This unit is known as CAPGRAS, please to meet your aquantance."
Ingrid Third The tank is assaulted by those far more qualified and Ingrid is more than content to let them steal the show. However, SeeD is being paid for this and running away isn't really the sort of thing Safety Patrollers do, so gathering her courage the young girl leaps into the fight.
Rushing out of cover, her speed enhanced to blurring levels thanks to the magic infused with her already impressive natural agility, Ingrid snatches up the fallen hammer and begins to spin. She builds up speed quickly until her body is a blur of whirling colors (mostly black) and releases it directly at the tank. Hammers aren't usually all that great of a choice vs tank, as anyone who has played Duck-Tank-Hammer will know, but HAMMAHs on the other hand...
TRON TRON catches his white Disc and reaches for his silver one as it approaches, only to see the incoming firepower right behind it. His eyes widen and he braces himself defensively, but it really is not enough. Again he is sent flying into the air, slamming into another building as his systems scramble and fragment. It would usually take time to clear the error, time he may not have at this rate. He directs his energy inwards along cracked light lines, eyes glowing bluish-white as the errors are purged.

He grits his jaw, lips peeling back from over his teeth in a snarl. "No, CHIEF. I don't. But I will not stand by and watch you destroy innocent lives!" He extracts himself carefully from the wall, already calculating his next move.

He cants his gaze over to CAPGRAS, eyebrows drawing together at the center as he memorizes her appearance. Something is off about this Program, not the same as SARGON but close. There's no time to analyze beyond that, however. "You as well, CAPGRAS." He doesn't waste more words, jumping through the air and running along walls and staying aerial while moving around to the tank's backside. If he's a target, he might as well get away from the crowd.
Deelel Deelel says "I'm still alive, and I won't let you harm anyone here. I had time to think about things and I won't let you make all users suffer for the actions of a FEW!" She now brings the bike about and is aming to try to block his way and keep him from going after the users, others are attacking. She also notice he seems to be ignoring the majority of the users here. he seems to only e focusing on others she revves the engine of her cycle and heads right at him trying to make use of the Jetwall against him. It's only a short burst she's trying to be careful though she doesn't want to wreck everything if she can help it, but the wall should do some damage to the tank or so she hopes. Still she's almost seeming to be trying to encircle the larger craft.

CAPFRAS is noticed, and she keeps track of TRON as well hopefully teverywone here can bring this tank down sooner rather than later.
MCP What goes up must comes down.

The bit turret goes SQUISH, or more accurately SPOING, data fragments and metal going every which direction as the tank crushes the small implacement. SARGON stays right where he is until the cover is deemed insufficient for his needs by virtue of tossing him out of it. The brittle cover is cored by the laser blasts, costing him several more moments to reacquire a safe(by approximate value of safety) place of cover.

He has to admit though that the usual user based error has crept into his calculation. He had flagged Kuzco under the heading. 'Ridiculous Ninny. Ignore' but they were providing armament and crude if ineffective strategy to the effect of smashing a grid tank, a pinnacle of digitized technology, with building implements.

Apparently his models would have to be re-examined and corrected, time permitting. "Command: Activate E4 and C5."

Several black limbed turrets unfold from the corners of the surrounding buildings, smooth black lines flickering with reddish orange light as they scan-- track across the quickly thinning crowd, and then fire repeatedly, stacatto bursts of crackling light and plasma that makes a thunderous 'boom' in the aftermath.
CAPGRAS once more knocks the tank up into the air, though it seems the Grid Tank resists, or perhaps absorbs most of the damage. However on its descent back down, the explosive rings blast around the armor of the tank, cause it to creak a bit and wake up the BIT for a moment within, shouting 'No No No' over and over again, at least before CHIEF back-hands it.. which it slowly drifts back down to the ground.

Then here comes the SeeD member at last, the person CHIEF ignored on his threat radar that now comes into focus. He only hisses one thing, "User..." before he chuckles softly.

As Ingrid moves in to smash him with the hammer, the Tank does some rather fancy moves where it actually somehow backs up and turns slightly. The hammer slamming into part of the armor placing a dent from the already scratches starting to form from CAPGRAS's, TRON's, and The BIT Laser attempts. However in reply to this, that massive cannon comes straight down at the user, and then blasts a shot right at them.

TRON says his part and CHIEF can only cackle. "Innocents? /Innocents/?! Your user really did make you all ones and no zeros, didn't he? Maybe I should re-enlighten you to the real purpose of the users, then maybe you can determine how innocent they /really/ are!" CHIEF snaps out at TRON with a mild bit of annoyance in his voice.

Deelel also says her part, CHIEF can only roll his eyes inside as he brings the cannon around to follow her on the light cycle. "A few? You be surprised, little media program, hehe. Far to surprised when you learn the /truth/. After all, if users really were not out to suffer they would not make someone like me in the /FIRST/ place!"

The Light Cycle attempts to create a wall to trap the tank, which was rather ingenious really, however the tanks own cannon lines up not the way Deelel may be expecting and blasts out a shot to follow the very wall and right at the bike itself, crashing the wall through with superior light power.

It would seem this Grid Tank was very up to specs...

Though it does run into part of the Grid wall before it can actually dissipate and the armor screeches across the surface, cause CHIEF inside to grit his teeth in frustration. Parts of the armor buckle for a moment, as CHIEF then quickly makes some fast adjustment changes to his coarse. Grumbling softly about how much he loathes light cycles.

This little distraction though gave the MCP enough time to line up those heavy light cannons of his own. The blast soon comes down and slams into the tank, which actually spins the vehicle into the air, before it, by some miracle, lands back down on its treads.

For a moment the lines go offline, before CHIEF inside slams his fist on the console and the lights all come back online once more. "If this is the way you want to play!" He roars out. "Lets play even HARDER!"

The Tank rears back and the cannon starts to warm up, before it starts to fire a radius burst around it, aiming at every single direction it could and at anyone who dare stood in its path of destruction. The blast slamming into buildings, almost hitting people, and causing some to duck for cover.
Emperor Kuzco Kuzco watches all these heroes stealing the show. Well, more importantly, it's SARGON that he cares about in all of this. He seems to have some /amazing/ toys that look an awful lot like that tank. Kuzco suddenly points at SARGON. "YOU'RE WITH THE TANK GUY!" He suddenly calls out. "You called in this guy, and made those turrets, just to try and make it seem like you can defend us! But in reality, the tank guy is with you, isn't he!?" Kuzco calls out, feeling mightily smart about this. "But I am onto you!"

He then looks back to the tank, which is being assaulted by the HAMMAH -- especially thanks to Ingrid! The llama suddenly picks up one of the massive HAMMAHs himself and walks over the roof closer to the tank, and then /throws/ it down towards the ground. He even makes a little jump just before it goes down, like a hammah-bro!



Then suddenly, the tank turns its cannon towards him. Kuzco's eyes grow wide.



The blast crashes into the roof of the building, exploding and sending the Llama flying, until he finally ends up /landing on top of the tank/, looking rather charred. He blinks a few times, before suddenly jumping up and laughing. "HAHA! I am still alive! I am..." (whhhhheeeeeeee) CLUNK!

One of the HAMMAHs falls onto Kuzco's head, causing the llama to first wobble a little bit, before he just falls over while mumbling: "No touchies?"
CAPGRAS "Damage critical." CAPGRAS states, as CHIEF decides to unload with everything.

Her systems look extremely damaged, as she starts hunches over. The mirrors can't protect from that, even as she slams into the ground once more. However, without warning, she spreads her arms out, and a blue light starts twisting around her, lights start raising off the ground as systems start scanning the area, litteraly starting to see what she can find. "Target locked."

CAPGRAS's eyes open, staring right towards CHIEF. The mirrior from her back disengages, as all eight mirrors deploy. The mirriors dive in, all taking the form of Spikes. Each one attempting to drive into the tank, aiming to siphon energy, and data, into CAPGRAS as she herself rises into the air, releasing a barrage of fire from her arms, trying to weaken Chief's systems...

This is before everything goes to hell. The Bits break off from CHIEF, before assembling themselves around her, turning into the TRICKSTER bits again, each one aiming downwards towards CHIEF.

There is a horrible shaking sound as each one continues to charge, becoming black points of light as she speaks. "Resolution reconized. Initiating completely destruction of the target." The area CHIEF's tank rests in suddenly comes under assault by eight sphere's of annihilation, aiming to try and deress him.
Ingrid Third Ingrid unleashes the HAMMAH and gets some attention from the tank driver for her efforts as she drops out of her spin. The light blast erupts at her feet but with her hastened reflexes, she leaps cleanly out of the path of destruction. However, the resulting shockwave carries her up much further than she had planned and the girl finds herself flying several feet into the air.

The SeeD cadet flails wildly for a moment until she feels her back hit something soft. Whirling around at lightning speeds, she digs her hands into the fabric of one of the large banners hanging from the balcony, breathing a deep sigh of relief as its fastenings hold solid and arrest her fall.

"Crackers, that was close..." She lets go with one hand and taps the radio at her belt. "Chief this thing is tearing the place up. How are the evacuations going?"

"Tehama and O'Farrel are handling it, you focus on staying alive, Third."

"Roger th--."

A series of loud explosions suddenly interrupt the conversation, drowning out her response. Ingrid looks over her shoulder to see the tank going deathblossom on anyone and everyone, eyes going wide. Kicking into Action Mode, the girl lets go of her grip on the pole and slides down to the bottom of the banner, grabbing it again and using the cloth to swing out of the line of fire at the last second.

One heroic and badass evasion later, Ingrid finds herself on the top of the tank next to a very burnt llama. Oh crap, she was supposed to protect this guy. "Crackers, you look terrible. Hang on, I've got just the thing."

Digging around in her backpack, she produces a pair of large bottles filled with blue liquid, one of which is promptly uncorked and stuffed in his long snout. The other she drinks herself, tossing the bottle back in her bag when she's done. Waste not, want not.

With a few moments to spare, Ingrid takes stock of their situation. While the tank cannot hit them up here (she hopes) everyone /else/ is currently shooting at the tank. Not a good place to be. "We need to move it."
Deelel Deelel says "Some of them don't even know what we are or what a computer are." She's cut off as the tank is showing it's power, she'd been clever but she'd had no idea just how powerful the tank actually was. She'd never fought a GRID TANK before in her life. So she was learning as sh goes but the shot is coming in there's onoy one way to dodge, she drezzes the bike the light wall cuts out and she skids across the ground at rather dangerous seeds. There's a hum as she grabs her tiska nd clips into the air spinning and landing just on the turret as she does so she'll drive her ID disk into the tank before pulling it along as she keeps moving she'll attach the dfisk back to her back. Grab the Emperor who is now a Lama and rerez her bike and drive off ramping off the turret of the tank. It's going to be a a very snug fit in the light bike a very snug one.
TRON TRON's expression darkens, eyes narrowing to glowing bluish-white slits. CHIEF just hit a very dangerous topic.


The tank shoots Emperor Kuzco, which only adds to the Security Program's fury.

"Lecture me."

The turret charges, rising as energy builds.

"On User CRUELTY!!!"

The Grid Tank's turret fires, spinning and arcing as it fires a steady blast against everyone in range. TRON recombines his Disc into one, landing on the top of a building, and deflects the blast aimed directly at him skywards with a burst of light.

He splits his Discs apart immediately and throws himself down to the ground in a spin while he releases his white Disc first as hard as he can. Once he lands, he immediately throws his silver Disc at the tank turret with a harsh twist of the torso and throwing arm.

No more nice Program.
MCP Resources Depleted. Energy systems compromised.

The thing about aiming in practically every single direction is that you are bound and determined to hit something. Both Dragoon variation prototypes explode into voxels and bits of scrap metal. The remaining bit turrets are crushed, cored or variously destroyed. The debris litters the coutyard. SARGON has run out of bit turrets and surprises and VERY MUCH he has run out of patience.

In his dry voice (which has reached british toast levels of dry) he snaps. "Query. Why would I be attacking my own side, you spluttering, flailing, hammer obsessed anthromorphic ninny?! Would you kindly stop handing building implements to the general populace and assist in getting the remainders of non-combantants from the area or should I use SMALLER words, perhaps to a beat of some manner?"

Which does not accomplish a great deal except for clearing a buffer full of such blandishments that has been building up in storage the entire evening. Available space cleared, SARGON slowly rises to his feet and inspects the cane that he had taken with him, he presses several designs on the surface which glow red-orange as he tap taps the end of the cane on the floor and then leans on it while waiting for the appropriate effect.

Somewhere. Something is waking up.
Flying Llama!


Falling Llama!

"What the?" CHIEF says softly as he just hears a loud THUNK on the roof of the tank. Till suddenly there was a Llama's face in the view of his screen, "Auuughghh!" CHIEF rears back in the seat a bit and away from the view finder with a raised brow and a wrinkled nose. He even almost drops his cigar. "Damn pesky user pet!" he roars out in frustration.

He had to admit. It was.. kinda.. No. No. He would not think such things! Bad Program. BAD!

Then here comes that virus program once more. CHIEF though was distracted by /LLAMA!/ in his view screen to even notice the wind up of the attack until suddenly a massive energy spike slammed into the tank. "You Piece of GLITCH!" CHIEF roared out as he tried to back peddle the Tank, however something had it frozen in place. The Virus attack was attempting to freeze up the Grid Tank in place as its power was being drained out.

Then spheres come slamming down upon the tank with great force, beating down upon it. The armor creaks, as the force slams over and over again upon it. CHIEF however continues to quickly move his hands over the controls in attempt to break free before the final blow of the spheres can come. In that very last second, he is able to break free of the hold and watch the final impact of the spheres slam into the ground where his Grid Tank was and leaving behind a creator.

"For someone who is allied with LEXUS," CHIEF states firmly to CAPGRAS over the radio, "You are sure none to bright. Didn't you hear his warnings little program?" CHIEF cackles. "Or did you miss the lecture because there is a /great/ deal of truth in it." Those gold eyes then narrow. "Mess with CHIEF, you get marked and I don't care who you are. Program or user. No one /gets/ in my way when I am on a mission."

CHIEF then freezes up for a moment as some word of 'mission' causes a mental elapse for a moment within him. Before he grits his teeth before shaking his head in frustration. "RAAAHH!! I don't serve any user! NEVER AGAIN!" He roars out, at really no one but himself it would seem...

This little minor hiccup within his own code probably just coast him a good moment for his precious tank. The sound of a light disc slicing through the hull causes CHIEF to glace up suddenly. It was carving in deep, a bit to deep for his liking as the Tank's metal is grind by the disc that Deelel uses and it seems to almost cut right through the upper part of the surface to the almost inner layer of the code. Bits of code actually are pulled right off the tank as she moves off, shattering to the ground before they seem to vanish.

Then TRON's anger not only caused a great display of power that CHIEF missed in his moment of 'oh gawd llama', but gets the end results as the he has to quickly move the cannon and the tank slight, which slams into the wall that Deelel and TRON's disc slams hard into the weakening armor hull of the Grid Tank. Chewing through it and like Deelel's disc almost puncturing inside the Grid nightmare.

CHIEF closes his eyes for only a moment now with the llama gone to focus himself. He was unaware of the other person still up /on/ the tank. Thankfully that hatch was not something that could be accessed so long as the Tank 'Program' was in operation. If only users could figure how to do this with their own vehicles of destruction CHIEF may have more faith in those as well, but to him nothing beats a Grid Tank!

The turret comes around and starts to blast at selected individuals again, ignoring others for the moment as he once more attempts to lock onto who he believes he /again/ the threats. The Tank itself is on the move, but it is easy to tell that it is starting to be beaten down to deresolution soon enough, yet CHIEF keeps pushing it. It also would seem CHIEF has nothing to further to say to anyone also.

Emperor Kuzco First we have Ingrid healing the Llama by stuffing liquids into the Llama's face -- which amazingly doesn't actually transform him into anything -- and then there's an audiophile program who grabs him suddenly and stuffs him into a lightbike. Of course, the llama has to go and stick his head and fist out of the lightbike as it drives around. "Take that, you stupid tank!" It's not like he's going to /thank/ Ingrid. I mean, she's his servant! She should be lucky he let her touch him.

And then to SARGON: "Because you want us to THINK you are protecting us of course! And stop calling ME, /EMPEROR KUZCO/, /names/! That's not cool man! We're in a race for Mayor! Not some slandering campaign!" Kuzco crosses his arms and mutters to himself. "Only I get to slander servants." Not loud enough for even DLL to hear.

In the meantime, the Themesong guy continues to sing about HAMMAHs, and then suddenly pulls out a rather massive one as the song starts coming to an end. "AND THEN WE /SMMASSSSSH/ With da haaaamaaaah!" He sings. "IT IS THE..."


This hammer is a bit bigger than the other, and comes smashing down onto the tank - onto to serve as a platform for the themesong guy to keep dancing on.

// Kuzco: See him? Yeah, the themesong guy. Love him. /Best/ /Servant/ /Ever/. *hands outwards wave*
CAPGRAS CAPGRAS prepares to continue her assault...

The CHIEF reveals her alliance to LEXUS, openly. Infront of TRON.

CAPGRAS pauses for a moment. "You seem to be no smarter than a basic, given that you have so much fire power, you have been upgraded to a Class A threat, flagged for complete deresolution, as you are nothing but a threat to coherant structure. However, in the face of a SA class threat, and the inability to defend against said threat, this Unit is retreating." Her eyes flash at CHIEF.

"You will be deressed." she says, with as much maliace as she can muster. And prompty, and immeidately retreats, not wanting to be on the recieving end of TRON once CHIEF was delt with.
Ingrid Third There is a screeching sound follwed by some weird digital noises and a flash of light. When Ingrid turns around the Emperor is gone. She stares at the empty space for a moment then narrows her eyes, deadpan expression of annoyance returning. "Great."

Well, atleast he was safe(r?) with the crazy glowing woman on the shiny motorcycle than he was sitting on top of the biggest target in the city. That, ofcourse, still leaves her in a bind though. Perhaps she can use this situation to her advantage.

The surface of the tank seemed to be entirely seamless meaning she wasn't going to be able to infiltrate the vehicle and surprise the driver. But it did give her a commanding view of the battlefield and let her keep an eye on everyone else.

Spinning the tonfa on her arm around, Ingrid shifts the grip to point the materia contained within towards the other combatants, channeling protective energies around them with a few arcane words. Power flows through her body, focused by the crystalized memories into glowing ripples of green light that spread out from her feet. She might not be much use in damaging this thing but she can help in her own way.
TRON TRON slides one foot back as his Discs return to him, his stance sinking somewhat towards the ground. His glowing eyes have not diverted from the tank even as it moves to a different point, and his furious yet focused expression has not changed either. The statement of CAPGRAS being allied to LEXUS registers in his databanks and is tagged accordingly, but is not reacted to--not yet, at least.

The turret spins towards him, charging yet another Tank Arrow, and TRON hunkers down with his Discs raised defensively. The turret fires, the aim true, only for TRON to leap into the air and deflect the Tank Arrow yet again--this time sending it arcing over the buildings and over the distant shoreline and ocean instead.

A surge of power nearby grants him an energy surge that strengthens his own defenses, enabling him to focus solely on attacking. He springboards off of a wall and higher into the air while drawing his arms back, then throws both Discs at once down onto the top of the tank, the two Discs swarming around the tank accordingly.
MCP Destroy all Llamas.

SARGON purges this concept from memory, although it continues coming back into focus as he attempts to assess remaining ETA time and reshuffle priorities. "We are also in the middle of a conflict and you are declaring yourself emperor. Whose to say you are not to blame, seeing as you cast the first blandishment--." And no. SARGON really cannot go on with it. He cannot continue to argue with the light cycle bound llama while the themesong blares in the background. There are hammers? Apparently they are put to great effect, establishing that grid tanks have a weakness towards building implements that had previously gone unexplored. It simply cannot be correctly parsed. There is an ERROR here.

System command: EXPEDITE. Emperor Kuzco is pretty much to blame for SARGON not paying attention to CAPGRAS once their veil has been torn away. The 'destroy all llamas' tag, which illustrates something to do with boxes and may in fact be a transmittable mental glitch keeps his attention.



A needle scratches somewhere as someone hacks into the music registry and forceably changes the back ground music again.

Security forces arrive.

If there are any non-combantants remaining in this fight (or those who are wielding hammers inexpertly) they are /firmly/ escorted from the courtyard by figures in black armor. Any program who has seen these folks before will know who they are. They are the armored minions of the empire. They are the Black Guard, and they are not hiding except perhaps in absolute plain sight.

Multiple figures on light cycles hover on the brink of action. "Rogue Program." SARGON leans on his cane and calls to the tank. "Make it easy on yourself. You have expended your violence. You will now see what it gets you. " The Security Forces converge, light cycles surging forwards.
MCP Destroy all Llamas.

SARGON purges this concept from memory, although it continues coming back into focus as he attempts to assess remaining ETA time and reshuffle priorities. "We are also in the middle of a conflict and you are declaring yourself emperor. Whose to say you are not to blame, seeing as you cast the first blandishment--." And no. SARGON really cannot go on with it. He cannot continue to argue with the light cycle bound llama while the themesong blares in the background. There are hammers? Apparently they are put to great effect, establishing that grid tanks have a weakness towards building implements that had previously gone unexplored. It simply cannot be correctly parsed. There is an ERROR here.

System command: EXPEDITE. Emperor Kuzco is pretty much to blame for SARGON not paying attention to CAPGRAS once their veil has been torn away. The 'destroy all llamas' tag, which illustrates something to do with boxes and may in fact be a transmittable mental glitch keeps his attention.



A needle scratches somewhere as someone hacks into the music registry and forceably changes the back ground music again.

Security forces arrive.

If there are any non-combantants remaining in this fight (or those who are wielding hammers inexpertly) they are /firmly/ escorted from the courtyard by figures in black armor. Any program who has seen these folks before will know who they are. They are the armored minions of the empire. They are the Black Guard, and they are not hiding except perhaps in absolute plain sight.

Multiple figures on light cycles hover on the brink of action. "Rogue Program." SARGON leans on his cane and calls to the tank. "Make it easy on yourself. You have expended your violence. You will now see what it gets you. " The Security Forces converge, light cycles surging forwards.
Deelel Deelel is very much suprised by the Emperor's antics. Well she just thinks he's a talking animal but still right? She's not sure how he just got through the bikes canopy however he has managed to do so but he's doing a good job to help. She'l slow down to let him get off she's got to make another pass for the thing.

"Nice moves for a Llama." She notes, before she takes off again setting up a few commands to get her systems working in fine order. TRON is hanging in there very well, he's also proving why he's just got the reptuation he does on the GRID.

However CHIEF seems to be quite not in a good mood he's quiet the TANK is not long for this world then something comes she stops, the bike halts and Deelel stares her motuh wide in terror. The VIRS that has been here was scary but it was a single basic. A single being what comes next is just leaving her in stunned. Backup has come but not in the form of user law officers.

No it's something else it's the Blackguard, she's scared, she's terrife she's only managed to escaope them with help. She thinks she could take one of them but they hunt in teams. She knows CHIEF has to be stopped but ... something wicked this way comes. All of the light cycles as well she just realised the Game has changed.
Suddenly attacking Llama! Seriously, what is with this glitching llama? That is all CHIEF has time to ask himself as he tries to move the tank into evasive maneuvers, but its dragging. He can feel it and all he can whisper to himself was, "Come on.. just hang in there for a me a bit longer.."

CHIEF's mind was already calculating how long the tank could continue to take such brutal output, it wasn't coming with good numbers. Though he did a great deal of damage to the area, maybe injured a few users, but kill any?

Sadly it seems any time he tries, he always get foiled at such attempts. It was becoming a rather normal understanding, but something he understood. After all, these were war games, and like all war games, you take all information given, you calculate the odds, and you learn from the targets. So even if he looses, he still learns.

Which in itself was perhaps even more dangerous.

The Tank fires off a return blast at the Llama, as the man animal drops down smashing the tank with the hammer. The damage from it causes a short in the code where the systems start to spat out none sense. That wasn't... a good sign.

Ingrid though continues to /stay/ out of CHIEF's awareness. For the moment, though he has notice the lack of one target and notices CAPGRAS leaving the area in her damaged state. There was a small part of him that wanted to just blast her in the behind for a good measure for getting in his way, however the tank was having trouble as it was and he wasn't about to waste what was power left in the beauty on another program. He after all needed to clear the others so he could get to his /real/ agenda.

"Whatever you say, glitch. Just don't let your disc hit you on your way out." CHIEF's only reply to CAPGRAS is with a hint of great annoyance in his voice. LEXUS may have some cross words for CHIEF later, but he noted that file that LEXUS sent, and he also knew it was /very/ true. CHIEF really didn't care about anyone, just his priority.

TRON then moves in across the wall and leaps into the air once more to deflect one of his turret shots. CHIEF chomps down on his cigar as he grins softly. A mild laugh starts to echo from him. "You are something else.." Then as the disc slams down to slam the tank up into the air thanks to the boomrang shot. CHIEF hits a button, slides his fingers up several others, before he blasts a shot right back at TRON, attempting to break through his defense.

Then the unexpected comes. The Black Guard. CHIEF has seen them when he has slunk around on the Grid, but he had never confronted any of them until now. This causes him to raise an eye brow, and then he glances toward where SARGON is when he addresses him as 'Rogue Program'. CHIEF can only chuckle softly at MCP's words. "I already know what Violence gets me, user-slave program. I am /violence/. That is my purpose and has been since my creation!"

The Tank turret turns right for the Black Guards even as they start to move in. "The users know only war, or they would not create machines of war. They create medical tools in order to fix what war does, only to send those back into war. It is an endless cycle. An endless data-corrupted cycle that I plan to purge before anymore find that same twisted fate." The black guards come in at last before the tank can fire off, blasting the tank into the air once more, or at least keeping it up there at the least. CHIEF narrows his eyes, before he slams his fist onto another button on the tank, using the turret to actually rocket the tank backwards.

Yep still unaware of Ingram up there, though that could change soon!

Deelel ceases her attacks, and nothing else comes. The Tank comes crashing back down to the ground, before it charges up that cannon once more. CHIEF can only smile darkly as he cranks up the power, before he chuckles lightly to himself. "Lets try this again shall we?" This time the attack was focused fire. The Tank though moving backwards begins to fire at key targets, instead of random fire. "BOOM BOOM BOOM!" CHIEF roars out with the cannon fire as he laughs hysterically.
Emperor Kuzco Big black soldiers come walking out and /INTERRUPT/ the Emperor's Groove! And in that moment, the Llama stops dancing - having been let out of DLL's lightcycle. He blinks, staring at the canon, and suddenly is blasted. "Beware... the groove." The Llama whines, before falling over.

And there he lies, the poor Emperor Llama. Yet he's still partially awake. And in the most EXAGERATED way possible, he starts to cough.


"I'm... sorry... go on without me..."


"I'm but a poor Emperor... but at least..."


"Avenge me..."

And then he faints.

Kuzco... not one to ever win an Oscar for acting, that's for sure. His tongue is even sticking out, he's just /that/ unconscious. The Themesong guy has kind of just disappeared, seeing as he's being overshadowed by an even more excellent groove.
TRON TRON has been ignoring the music to this point. That changes when it does.

The Security Program is struck by return fire in midair and lands on the ground harshly, the defensive energy in his system dissipating. Loose white bits fall and scatter on the ground beneath him, constant impacts and strain taking their toll with spiderwebbing and shallow holes throughout his form. It is only then that he sees the security forces arrive.

Black Guards.

Memories rise unbidden and TRON's eyes widen, the light within disappearing abruptly, his focus broken. He knew it. He /KNEW/ it but could never prove it until now. But now that SARGON is perfectly set up as one of the heroes of Traverse Town, is it already too late?


Oh, right. CHIEF.

He is completely blindsided by the attack this time, the Tank Arrow striking him dead-on and sending him flying very far backwards with bits and voxels in his wake. His Discs even clatter to the ground, ripped out of his hands from the impact forces. It takes a minute or two for him to reappear, staggering with severe damage and with what appears to be the remnants of an empty Potion bottle in his hand. "You were right, 'SARGON'. These User medicines /do/ transfer across well."

He extends his hands outwards, the Discs returning to his grasp as if recalled, and he forces the presence of the Black Guards out of his mind. He torques his body, pooling all of his remaining energy, before he spins once and releases both Discs as hard as he can on zig-zagging, ricocheting trajectories at the tank.

This ends NOW.
Ingrid Third Ingrid nods to herself as she sees the glowing white shards of her magic crystlize into protective barriers over their targets. Magic was still pretty new to her. Just over a month ago the only sort of magic she believed in involved smoke and mirrors. This was the real stuff and bending reality to her command just because of a few colored beads was pretty amazing. But she didn't understand how it worked at all. There was always that nagging doubt that something would go wrong.

Her concentration is interrupted before she can prepare any further boosting magic as the tank is lifted bodily in the air by a series of pounding assaults. The smooth surface of the war machine offers nothing for her to grab onto and the girl is knocked clean off her feet, scrambling against the inclined surface to avoid being dumped on the ground.

There is a soft squeaking sound as Ingrid's body slides across the polished armor, ominously slow at first and then speeding up until she is practically in free-fall. But at the last moment the turret swing around, bringing its wide flat barrel into her path and she wraps herself around it frantically. "Crackers... too close."

But it's not over yet. The driver is retreating now, perhaps a tactical manuever or maybe he's bitten off more than he can chew. Gritting her teeth, the girl swings her legs over and drops onto the flat section of the front armor, glancing around for a weakspot or perhaps the cockpit.

A hand disappears inside of her SeeD uniform and a small shiny piece of brass is drawn out, bearing a five-point star and the embossed words SAFETY PATROL upon it. She holds this up and glares down at the tank. "Ingrid Third, Safety Patrol. You're under arrest!"

Leaning forward, she jams the badge into the gap of the turret and its seating, trying to gum up the rotation so he can't aim as well any more. Then the slender tonfa baton is flipped around, the length resting against her arm as Ingrid brings it up and hammers the flat snub-nosed end into the armor with an explosion of kinetic force.
Deelel Deelel is glad to see Ingrid is safe up on the tank of all places as she avoids getting exploded. Deelel on the other hand is paying the prive of her tatics. Cheif finally manages to land a hit on her. It's bad it's very bad, Deelel is hurt she's her bike's been forced to back into it's rod stte. She recovers it, she's hurting. She's in pain but she's alive and she's getting up. She's got her disk in hand ans she's charging at the tank, as Tron goes for the barrel and the young user unloads on the front end of the craft she zips to teh side aiming to drag her disk along one of it's hover units, to do as much damage as she can to keep it from fleeing. Still the Black Guard are here, they have come from the grid in large numbers. This was a terrible day, her and TRON's war has come full force into user space.
CHIEF eye twitches as suddenly his Grid Tank; yes he was calling it his now; was impacted by some strange magical, liquid, whatever energy from the Llama. He was /starting/ to now hate llamas. Even if they were.. NO!

Bad programer behind the screen, you will not get me to think such things!

(NOW back to normal inside the wall)

TRON comes in with his zig zagging discs, as they cut through the tank. One of the discs slices right through the cannon at last, chopping it right off in half and causes a near back explosion inside the tank, which nearly blasts CHIEF back, burning some of his facial data for a moment, before it attempts to reheal itself, as he growls lowly in annoyance.

The Grid Tank was soon, as CHIEF then discovered, unresponsive, which was /very/ problematic. "Frag." He said softly, taking the data-destroyed cigar and tossing it to the side before he reached for the ladder to try to climb out, attempting to open the hatch.

Remember that BIT? It zips right out as soon has CHIEF pops open the hatch going: "No no no no no!" all the way long to safety behind, well-- TRON actually.

However with the tank out of control, and CHIEF trying to escape, the SeeD member only does on worse. The human jams up the out of control turret from its wild swings, and with the sudden force to the front end. It slams the tank hard and explodes the front end. Data scattering everywhere which fades like star-dust into the air. CHIEF by this impact is knocked almost clean back down the ladder, before he his hands tighten on what they hold and he can feel parts of the tank that didn't derez slice across his lower armor and almost into his body.

He didn't calculate how fast the tank was going down in time, then again, he also didn't figure that TRON's discs could so easily cut through the the front a turret like that. It was something new really to him to see. Something he would remember if he escaped from here alive.

Just as he goes to pull himself up. He sees Deelel come racing by to slice directly into the side of the 'mad' tank. The disc slices through the tank and in the slice, it starts to fall apart in data that starts to disappear.

Worse part was, the disc also got chief on the bottom part of his legs as he tried to heave himself out before it hit him. He falls flat over to the ground and lands hard onto his back. Instead of being in fear though, or perhaps being sad, the program is only laughing. Just laughing away, as he tries to stand up, pulling himself along the ground.

He sees a child being shield in the distance by their parent being moved back behind the danger zone. His hand reaches for his plasma rifle as he goes to lay on his back, just aiming upside down at the child and his mother. His finger is on the trigger, but soon a black guard gets in the way, which causes him to just grin while upside down. "...well played. Well played indeed." CHIEF says softly, as he just lets his arms lay on the ground, huffing a bit, before he just goes back to chuckling once more.
MCP Several of the security programs are damaged and one or two derezzed by the blasts of the tank but there seem to be more of them that come into position from alleyways, taking cover around debris. 'SARGON' however is walking towards the tank.

They are literally moving, slowly but surely across the courtyard of the ravaged political event, his shoes crunching over bits of discarded rubble and shattered glass. The cane tap, tap, taps as he begins to smile as he has not smiled in the entire precedings.

His eyes flicker with amusement as TRON cries out and the program doesn't say anything to the security program. He does not have to. What has been said to him already is all that he had meant to say.

SARGON continues his advance with the slow inevitability of a glacier. The Security Forces close ranks, hauling wounded out of the range of fire. They approach TRON but SARGON makes a motion that waves them away, keeping them at a polite distance until their aid is tolerated. "Excellent work, Safety Patrol." he tells Ingrid with a respectful inclination of his head in her direction. " Rogue Program. You have been placed under arrest by this young lady here and also by the authority of both private and public security forces." SARGON is still smiling that ultra satisfied smile at this.

The Black Guard begin to distribute energy and medical care to the survivors in calm and obviously well scripted manner. A patch on their arms reads "Datapoint Private Security" with an image of a red hourglass.

SARGON, or rather, MCP, has been planning this command sequences for awhie. "You will be escorted to a holding facility where your ID disc will be examined and your crimes calculated. Further resistance will not result in your deresolution. You will be disabled and your power cycles placed under minimum gain."
Ingrid Third Ingrid is caught offguard by the explosion that her strike causes, clearly unaware of the damage that the materia could do. She raises her free arm to shield her face from the heat and deftly expends the last of the haste magic to backflip away from the ruined and derezzing tank even as the other programs put the final touches on its demise.

The girl lands neatly in a three-point crouch, her weapon held out to the side. The heavy backpack gives her a moment of trouble when she hits the ground but she manages to stand up without making a fool of herself, flipping the tonfa casually back into its holster as the black armored guards move in. A wry smile touches her face for a moment and her hands go to rest on her hips as she says smugly, "Game. Over."

A job well done, if she doesn't say so herself. The tank was destroyed, the villain caught. What else could they ask for?

The sudden sound of shifting rocks rumbles in the background as one of the buildings closest to the action finally gives way to the damage inflicted upon its structure, tumbling sideways with a roaring crash. Ingrid doesn't bother looking before she lets out a soft sigh. "Well atleast we're not going to be saddled with /this/ clean up bill."
TRON TRON catches his Discs as the Grid Tank derezzes under the constant fire from himself, Deelel, and Ingrid. He instinctively snaps to a defensive stance as Black Guards approach him, and it's probably only the quick silent order from SARGON--no, the MCP--to stay away that saves them from a swift deresolution. Though he does relax slightly as he is left alone, he does not put away his Discs nor decharge them.

His hands shake as he watches the fallout of the battle, his expression steeled with barely-contained fury. He was used, played like a User fiddle, locked in insecure inaction while events played out to this very conclusion. And he has no-one to blame but himself.

That said, he is clearly barely able to stay on his feet. Usually Programs are derezzed upon getting hit with a Tank Arrow, yet here he still is. Sheer will is the only thing keeping him standing.
Deelel Deelel is glad CHIEF has been stopepd non fatally she'd be lying if there wasn't sympathy for the old solider who'd been broken by abuse from the users. Still Ingrid has preformed well, as any security program she'd ever sen. The young lady had game that was for sure. SARGON, no it's clearly MCP the Black Guard being here proves it. She does however get her disk put back into place. She thinks back to her shadowy double talking about how she'd always be used by someone or another. She'd been played too played hard but prehaps not as hard as Tron. She sees TRON needs a ahand and heads over to do what she can to help him keep on his feet. "Come on, we need to get you some help." She dosn't use his name not infront of the MCP. Ingird warrents talking to later if only to thank them for helpng with CHIEF also she's admittly curious but right now? TRON needs a shoulder to lean on litterly.
CHIEF can only grin as he is addressed by the big guy, he places up his hands to be cuffed or what have you. "Oh, your a smart program, though I do wonder why someone with such power would be so willing to slave themselves to the users." His voice then lowers a few octaves as his eyes glow gold gently. "Then again, seems all programs enjoy this."

He was now a captured program. Had to happen eventually. He remembered hearing about such things in war time even for users. War crimes as well. He also knew no one would come for him. Well, perhaps LEXUS if LEXUS saw him still useful in their strange game they both played with one another.

CHIEF then slowly glanced over in TRON's direction as he rose up to his feet, probably once the black guard cuffed him (or whatever). Those gold eyes staring directly at him for a moment, before they almost seemed... oddly distant, and then he could only grin as he looked away. "So," CHIEF stated as he glanced over at a Black Guard almost giving them a large grin. "Is this when you stick me with those rods and tell me to move along like some user's pet moo-machine? Perhaps I should also moo for you! Kahaha!"
TRON TRON doesn't refuse Deelel's help, but he still has some shreds of dignity--even with nearly half of his bits missing from his form. He slowly, deliberately, recombines his Discs and anchors it back into place before resting a hand on Deelel's shoulder. It's the only acknowledgement he gives to her assistance.

"I told you to get out of here, Deelel." His weary rumble is utterly devoid of anger.

">YES<" The Bit's addition barely gets TRON to bat an eye, even as the small Bit hovers out from behind TRON's back and over his shoulder at eye-level.

His gaze does not waver from the location of CHIEF's capture, not even when CHIEF meets his gaze squarely for a long few seconds before the military Program's eyes slide away. His eyes pin on 'SARGON' for a long few moments, then he just releases a very long sigh.

"...Let's go..."

This scene contained 53 poses. The players who were present were: Deelel, MCP, CHIEF, TRON, Emperor Kuzco, CAPGRAS, Ingrid Third