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1920FinishedIvo GalvanMission: MugwortBeneath the shifting dunes of the Bare Desert south of Fluorgis, down where the sand thickens into stone, tortuous tunnels snake, their dark stillness a refuge for strange life forms. Upon these crumbling cylindrical walls, bioluminescent mosses grow, ekeing out survival from the scarce nutrients in this arid earth. Sandworm larvae feed off these mosses, and in turn are fed upon by man-sized sand crabs, near invisible as they lurk in the sand and shadows. But most dangerous of all are those sandworms which endure til their carapaces harden to diamond strength and they grow to preposterous size, going on to create more tunnels such as these and heedlessly collapse those in which they were born. Those mosses and parasites and precious stones which cling to the backs of these full-grown sandworms are carried with them, to eventually begin the cycle anew. But more creatures are symbiotic on the life of the sandworm than just these. Within one of these capricious tunnels our heroes now wander, seeking one such creature in particular: the omnivorous Mugwort.
1912FinishedIvo GalvanThe Hound AwakensWith their subquest queued, Reize and Ivo spend the interim cleaning up Shard Seeker Headquarters to render them more presentable to future clients. Little do they suspect that their merry band is to be joined by a truly formidable force. This guest character can use as many potions as he likes.
1907FinishedIvo GalvanAt Least It's Not a Fetch QuestIn which Reize's specialty compensates for the consequences of Ivo's absence, and the Shard Seekers get back to work, thanks to a new and understandably dubious acquaintance.
1550UnfinishedIvo GalvanOf Firsts and FakesNo Description Set
1471FinishedIvo GalvanTurnabutt is Fair PlayWhat begins as a visit to the Shard Seeker headquarters by the irrepressible Ivo Galvan and his bewitching pseudo-prisoner Alicia becomes a farce of epic proportions once Morrighan Alazne arrives having left her memories behind. An ensemble cast of half-naked warriors, shades-wearing Judge apprentices, bicurious mind-linked detectives, and all manner of eccentric characters converge. Baths are taken. Vengeance is sworn. Victory is achieved. Sweet, sweet victory.
1373FinishedIvo GalvanShip of FoolsAboard the Romancing Saga III with two women operating under pseudonyms for two very different reasons, Reize and Ivo, relaxing off the coast of Hawai'i and taking stock of their future plans in the absence of their allies, are confronted with an extraordinary opportunity, one of which all men dream. Our heroes seek to seize their destiny. All things considered, they probably do.
1346FinishedIvo GalvanParty Like a PirateCelebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
1317FinishedIvo GalvanThe Fiendish DreadnoughtNo Description Set
1309FinishedIvo GalvanTeatime TomfooleryNo Description Set
1303FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1299FinishedIvo GalvanFruit FightNo Description Set
1234FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1232FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
803FinishedIvo GalvanTomcat and PrincessHung over and exhausted from the previous night's celebration of the liberation of Fluorgis, Ivo is napping in the garden when the Shard Seekers' newest guest, Annalise, stumbles across him. She seems to have found herself among an unusual cast of characters -- though it turns out she's not so normal herself.
741FinishedIvo GalvanMaid Cafe: The Bacon EpisodeNo Description Set
653FinishedIvo GalvanThe Wills of WomenBeneath blue skies, during a rare respite from the shadows plaguing Fluorgis, some of the Shard Seekers come together in the garden, and Lenn and Raiya show their determination to move forward on their own paths. As the bonds of trust between these different friends grow, so too do their prospects of success. But where does this road lead for the motley crew?
633FinishedIvo GalvanOn Cloud NineA lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
629FinishedIvo GalvanWalls of WindSandstorms have begun to regularly beset the walls of Fluorgis, and the massive sandworms that thread their way through the surrounding desert have entered a state of heightened agitation, making caravan travel all but impossible and rendering the famous fountain city nearly besieged. What with all the troubles that have arisen, no one knows how long the map etched upon the newborn Desert Rose will remain valid, or even to what it leads. Yet the Shard Seekers' new (and somewhat dubious) shard-seeking device indicates that the map is no ruse, and may lead to something precious indeed. Could the Desert Rose somehow hold the key to saving Fluorgis in its time of dire need? A brave group of adventurers set out to ruins deep in the desert, through hordes of monsters and terrible walls of wind, to discover what treasure lies in wait. But even Sandworms may be the least of their problems, as the darkness gathers...
541FinishedIvo GalvanVALKYRI VS Shard Seekers: Racing the DawnDesert madness! VALKYRI and the Shard Seekers go head to head as they rush through an ancient ruins to secure valuable artifact not only within the time limit, but before the other adventurers get to the final chamber as well. The object? A Desert Rose, a magical crystal rose, a living artifact, that blooms only for one night once every 100 years. Inscribed on the petals themselves are shapes that form a map to an even greater treasure. What awaits the two teams as they race for the goal?!
485FinishedIvo GalvanStarlight MemoryFor one night, their relation as teacher and student is suspended, and Ivo and Raiya celebrate the New Year under the starry Mysidian sky. Pasts are shared, a new bond is formed, fireworks ignite, a risk is taken, and a memory is made -- whatever it may mean for the future.
452FinishedIvo GalvanThe Pot is BubblingA peaceful evening spent at Shard Seekers headquarters naturally becomes a comedy of errors as the allies and their welcome guest gather. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
445FinishedIvo GalvanFirst KissFatigued from spending his holiday away from Shard Seeker business to volunteer for those in need with Hearts Intertwined, Ivo has a fortunate chance encounter with Maira, who has endured far worse than he. An impromptu holiday exchange of gifts becomes an unexpected night at the races, at which the fire magess demonstrates her excellent luck -- and Ivo has a little luck of his own.
275FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
249FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
245FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
224FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
219FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
209FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
201FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
196FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
175FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
170FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
154FinishedIvo GalvanMoonlit Duel, Starlit DanceUnder a moon which drenches the desert sands in a silvery-white, in a garden secluded from prying eyes, steaming wine is shared, swords' sparks illuminate the night, secrets are shared -- and between a man and a woman, a new bond is formed.
149FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
116FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
67FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
66FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
59FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
28FinishedIvo GalvanNo Title SetNo Description Set
23FinishedIvo GalvanKicking Up SandA balmy day on Costa Del Sol greets visitors still new to this world, but not everyone is seeking shelter from the violence. The bathing beauties are unexpectedly bloodthirsty, and refreshing fruit beverages are forsaken in favor of some beachside sparring -- and only the men end in compromising positions.
17FinishedIvo GalvanA New, Blue FrontierA few brave souls venture down the Path of Destiny from Traverse Town -- and a confused one gets off a boat -- and arrive in the bustling seaside metropolis of Luca, even now a hub of trade and activity. A friendly and informative conversation ensues, until it's cut off by the game crashing.
13FinishedIvo GalvanAre You Not Entertained?What begins as a friendly contest of arms within the Olympus Coliseum ends as a chaotic melee when dark forces converge to seize an unknown, bright-eyed participant. Gun barrels blaze! Swords fly! Croquettes are eaten! Jean Faraven jumps through a window! And the mystery-- remains unsolved.
1FinishedIvo GalvanFlotsam on the Sea of FateRefugees from fallen worlds, visitors from distant stars: all who traverse the endless night find themselves in Traverse Town eventually. There, two injured teenagers stumble into a plaza, and a small and motley crew of wanderers gather to assist them. But when Heartless emerge from the shadows, it's time for our heroes to put on a show they'll never forget.