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On Cloud Nine
(2013-01-26 - 2013-01-27)
A lively cast assembles at Tifa's new joint for drinks and banter.
Ivo Galvan "So this is where the TDA ended up."

Ivo Galvan, Shard Seeker swordsman, brushes his cloak back as he enters the recently finished Cloud Nine, of which rumors have spoken. He never had the opportunity to visit Tifa's original location, or even see her at work, knowing only her competence in the field. The usual mix of curiosity and mild amusement in his blue eyes, he smiles amiably, pleased at the vibe. "Welcoming," he remarks, before glancing back at the girl behind him. His smile turns reassuring, though deeper within his eyes, there's a hint that his mirth is only growing. "Come along, Leida."

Returning to Fluorgis after their venture deep into the desert with nothing but a fossilized feather and a questionably-functional shard-seeking device was not what Ivo had in mind. With a lot of unanswered questions and more than a few irritated allies, he needed some time to think. The dark clouds over Fluorgis have only continued to grow, despite everyone's efforts to combat the monsters and Heartless, and an oppressive feeling has fallen over the otherwise lively City of Fountains and Flowers. Traverse Town was easy to get to, and seemed like a good choice for a brief break. He was planning to go alone, but fortuitously running into Leida at headquarters, Ivo was reminded she doesn't usually get out much. It took some coaxing, but--

"So, what can I get you?"

He managed to persuade her to join him, at least.

"Beer? Wine? Liquor?"

She may already be regretting it.

"Or maybe a glass of milk is more your speed."

Giving her a hard time not seconds after they've entered the establishment, Ivo, for all his nonchalance, can't disguise the delight merrily dancing in his eyes. At least let her sit down first, man.
Tifa Lockhart A new place always means new tasks. She has two bards to handle, although she can't be a both at the same time obviously. But she can handle inventory and what not, making sure nothing runs out. A stock full makes for happy customers (as long as they don't drink all of it at the same time obviously).

The barmaid is behind the counter, today she's tending to this one. Cleaning up the stove area for the food making, she's hmmming musically. When is she not in a good mood, you might wonder.

She waves to Ivo as he enters in, smiling "Hey there, welcome. Good to be out of a desert huh?" She has a stock of sea salt ice cream as well, so always good after the dry sands.

Among other things, there's a half-gold medal in a small display case on the counter top as well.
Leida The individual in question pokes her head into the door of the bar when Ivo calls out, timidly stepping in after him. The princess does not like large places like this. She had been to a few teahouses over the years and found them somewhat relaxing but that had been with the company of dozens of guards that had ensured no drunks or brigands would hassle her that day. The sensation of unfamiliar eyes on her back was still incredibly unpleasant.

However, Ivo was one of the people among the Shard Seekers that she felt she could trust. Despite having meet with him only a few times, he seemed to have an aura of responsibility and maturity that made her want to trust him. Basically, her judge of character is completely terrible.

After a few hesistant moments Leida shuffles after her protector for the evening, peering up at his questions with innocent consideration. "U-um... well... I suppose I will have s-sake... if they serve it here..."
Sarafina Carenze HEY HEY PLAYER




And so it has come to pass that Sarafina is heading downstairs from the second level, carrying a box full of PARTS for use in ENGINEERING because that is in fact a keystone in her trifecta of skills. She is grumbling, it seems, about her husband who has so far this weekend watched 20 hours of television.

"Worse thing ever done, introducing him to that devil box." She is muttering when she looks up and notices Leida and Ivo. "Hail there." She tells the two before looking down to examine Leida's lower clothing quotient of the moment. Is she going to have to go back upstairs??
Percival A deep melancholy had set into the Gargoyle after yesterday evening's competition, and he had not yet returned to Fluorgis. Opting instead to stay in Traverse town to brood. He was a champion at that, at least. The rooftop of the building opposite to Cloud Nine made for an excellent place to watch the comings and goings of the TDA and their allies. After the first few hours of brooding, he got tired of the lack of productivity, and so at first he caught up on the literature of one of the other worlds.

After tossing away the sordid romantic fiction novel about some school known as SEED, he went right to work at sharpening his newfound sword. He wasn't sure if a magic sword, as this one seemed to be, even needed sharpening, but still the ritual was a familiar and calming one. A whetstone, oil, and cloth was all he needed, and he went right at working the blade across the oiled stone. Looking over the side of the ledge as he worked at it, he did a double take as he saw Leida being ushered into the bar. A few more strokes, and he had sheathed the naked steel, before stepping over to the side of the building near the alleyway. Spreading his wings, he needed only to step off the rooftop, which sent him into a short, parachute-like glide into the alleyway, upon which his wings were furled once more over his shoulders and back.

A few strides later, he found himself across the street, and pushing open the door to Cloud Nine. The Gargoyle found that he liked it instantly, it was very 'retro', and 'retro' was comfortable to him. Walking up to the bar, he squints at his choices, before finally tapping a talon idly on the countertop. He was mindful not to do it hard enough that Tifa would find clawmarks in it.

"I'll have a gin and cranberry juice, please."

Being mindful of Leida's penchant for embarassment, he turns and simply places a hand across his chest before bending only slightly at the waist to bow her way.

"Ah, M'lady. It is a pleasure to see you again. I see that you have an escort. Very wise. Would you mind terribly if you introduced him to me?"
Reize Seatlan Speaking of responsibility...

"Argh! Letgo!Letgo!"

After moments of struggle, the active leader of the Shard Seekers emerges from the door into the first floor. Unfortunately, the emergencing is in the form of mimicing a roly-poly, landing right onto the ground. With his landing, Reize is holding onto his antenna hair, which looks like it has taken an abuse.

"THAT WAS MEAN!" Reize snaps outside of the bar, shaking a fist. A comical swell of a tear forms up.
Deelel Deelel likes clubs and bars they were something that her kind shared in comon with the Users. They actually were quite similiar ave they really didn't get hinder by what they had for sale in the clubs on the grid. She was a bit later in arriving than the others but she seems to be somewhat recovered from the fight in the desert. Still she looks a it roughed up as she finds her way in just to Reize well being caught in the middle of something.
Ivo Galvan Ahh, Ivo reflects, these girls that Reize brings in are all so charmingly naive. Being around them brings out the best of his fraternal instincts -- and the worst, if his light-hearted teasing is any indication. As the shy and proper Leida makes sense of her surroundings, the knight-errant's expression warms, some of his amusement giving away to fondness. 'Reliable' might not be the right word for him, but he's not going to let anything bad happen to her, not if he can help it.

He's just going to make her life interesting.

"Hey, Tifa," Ivo calls back, raising his hand in salute as he approaches the bar with Leida. "Hmm, you like sake, Leida?" The dark-haired young man looks speculative, eyebrows lifting slightly. "Just like Raiya. Have you spoken with her at all? She's a samurai from Wutai, who's been teaching me some of her style. She joined us recently." Thinking of Raiya seems to distract Ivo a little, so he quickly turns back to Tifa. "Do you have anything in the way of sake? Or maybe we should just get some ice cream," he adds, any opportunity to treat Leida like a kid seeming to entertain him.

He pauses, seating himself at a stool and relaxing at the bar, his easygoing composure right at home in a place like this. He watches Tifa for a few moments before smiling again. "This is my first time seeing you when you're not engaged in fisticuffs. How long've you been at this?" He pauses, his eye drawn to the medal. "What's that for?"

Sarafina and Percival enter, the woman speaking up as the gargoyle sits near them. "Hey, Sarafina," Ivo says casually, raising his hand in salute. He recognizes the woman -- who wouldn't, with those wings? -- but he's never had a serious conversation with her before. "You hard at work? We should talk shop some time. Actually, I may need your help with a device..." Doesn't seem like he's too proud to ask for assistance. But before he can continue, Percival gets his attention, Ivo blinking and smiling with restrained interest at the significantly more-knightly man's formality. He doesn't pre-empt Leida, but once she's introduced him to Percival: "That's me," he says. "Ivo Galvan, male escort." He delivers this with such unassuming calm that-- it's pretty clear he's just trying to get as many comments like this by Leida as possible. "Who's your courtly friend, Leida?"

At the sound of a crash and tumble, Ivo doesn't even look over. "Fancy meeting you here, Reize," he says, in more or less the opposite direction. "You made it past the 'guards', huh?"

Chocobos are a natural barrier against Reize.

"I fought the bird," Ivo hums to himself, "and the bird won~"
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart looks over to the Gargoyle, unalarmed at all. She smiles kindly, maybe she's used to them by now too. "A gin and cranberry juice, coming right up~" She sways behind the counter to get the needed bottles of drinks. She mixes them up as she chats with the others. Hey look, another gargoyle, but she knows that one "Hi Sarafina~" She offers a wave with the hand holding an empty glass, that she sets on the counter and fills up with the drinks, sliding it over to Percival once filled up.

She looks over to Ivo with a grin "Well, a few years now, since I moved to Midgar in fact. Needed to find a trade, and bringing smiles seemed to be right in my abilities. Mixing drinks you can learn it after." She smiles, and moves over to get two sake bottles, which are empty, but she moves to fill them up in the storeroom, where she keeps the barrels. Most sake is served warm, at least from what she heard. Not that she knows alot of japanese people.

She brings back the two filled bottles, and sets them in front of Ivo with the drinking cups "Here you go~" She chimes. She looks over to the medal "Tied for first place in the first qualiyfing rounds of the Hades Cup, waiting on the rest of the story. The prize is the Manhattan World Shard, so its worth a try no? So I'm qualified."
Sarafina Carenze "Ahh---Ivo, yes? Ivo Galvan?" She recalls him, though they haven't interacted much. How could she not? He may not have wacky wings or anything like that, but he certainly has... BEING THE SORT OF GUY YOU WARN YOUR DAUGHTERS ABOUT RIGHT???

"I am in no hurry, I had no idea you were a machinist as well. In truth I had been preoccupied with maintenance and upkeep I haven't been able to do much in the way of ... creative projects lately. So shop! We definitely should."

She opens her mouth to add more but she hears Reize being abused in the background and she politely waits for this to be over and done with before she adds, "Male escort...?"

She frowns deeply. "Leida." She says after a moment. "You're only wearing a shirt." A long shirt, to be sure, but still just a shirt. And a belt. Sarafina wonders why she is the only person with a problem with this!!

"It is good you had an escort," she cringes even as she says this. "But you really do need to wear something, cover those legs. You don't want to draw attention from all the men in the world over, and dare I say it some women? I swear I had obtained some for you but /nevermind/, you are about my daughter's size, it'll do and then you won't have to fear chilly weather!"

She glances over to Percival, wings twitching back. She nods to him once, having some prior experience with gargoyles, before adding to Ivo, "Once we get her some /clothes/."
Leida "Um... what is icecream...?"

What's this? Did the poor girl's world not know the wonders of the frozen dairy products?! Well, considering it wasn't invented until the end of the feudal period, this is sadly true. But what you don't know, you can't miss. Instead, she focuses on his other comments and the people entering at conveniently around the same time.

At the mention of samurai, the girl's ears perk up and she peers back at Ivo. "You're learning to be a samurai...? That is wonderful, Ivo-sama. I did not know that your friend was a follower of bushido. I would very much like to meet her."

Before she can get any more out of him, the woman Ivo called Sarafina draws her attention and her eyes go wide at the sight of the wings, but after a few moments the memory of this woman comes flooding back to her and she relaxes a little. Despite her appearance she had been rather kind but Leida still didn't know much about her. Fortuantely, she is rescued from having to make an awkward greeting by Percival's heroic timing.

"W-what...? Oh! Ah... um... Percival-sensei this is Ivo. He is... um... Reize's friend and a member of our clan... or was it a guild?" She tilts her head to the side for a moment, pondering. "Oh... forgive me. Ah... Ivo-sama this is Percival. He has been kind enough to assist me with my training." The escort comment goes right over her head, as intended.

And the Reize makes his appearance is usual fashion. Leida again looks surprised at his comical entrance for brief moment but it quickly fades. Even she knows this is pretty common by now. "Ah... hello, Reize-san! Are you alright?"
Isaac Hanlon It's maybe a minute or two later that Isaac trundles down the stairs from the upper levels into Cloud Nine following Sarafina. He looks a little worse for wear, with his hair sticking up on one side and his usual coat and collared shirt conspicuously absent. His white tee-shirt, adorned with the a black stencil of a digital clock reading '0hr' looks rumpled, and the fact that he's in old sweats and is otherwise barefoot may lead one to believe he just crawled out of bed.

Isaac pauses at the bottom of the stairs. He squints blearily at the various people in the bar, as if to say 'who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen.' He shuffles over to the bar, walking up to an open stool near the middle of it with a sort of lurching that indicates a force of habit. With ponderous grace, he drops onto it, swaying very slightly in place and looking confused.

"Oh," he grunts. Isaac points behind him at the jukebox without looking, snapping his fingers once. It cycles noisily.


The radio mage finally looks to Tifa. "Breakfast," he says vaguely. "Foooood," he adds, perhaps for emphasis.
Percival The Gargoyle counts out 'munny' from his pouch carefully. Pecuniary affairs were all new to him, and he likely tips Tifa nearly as much as what the drink is worth in and of itself, entirely inadvertently, not that he'd mind even if he knew. He then takes the drink in hand, and takes a tentative sip from it, before putting it back down. Not bad actually. Stepping forward towards Ivo, he extends a meaty, taloned hand towards him.

"Any friend of Lady Leida's is a friend of mine. And...I can't say that I've ever met Sir Reize, M'lady." Taking a glance towards Isaac, a bony protrusion upon his brow arches.

"You might try asking her more politely, Isaac."
Reize Seatlan Planting both hands on his lap, Reize sticks out his tongue before he notices Ivo calling out to him. "Ooooiii, Ivo, Leida!" Then, his head turns towards Tifa, "Oooi! Tifa! Congrautlations again! I came by to congratulate you!" He huffs a breath, "I was supposed to try to find Avira and congratulate her at her base, but.."


Cut to Reize in the cold blizzard. He is holding his map upside down, furrowing his eyebrows, "I could had sworn that the VALKRI base was here... Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?" His narrow, "I knew I should not had trusted that shady-looking moogle!"

An ice dragon is looking down at Reize. It is not of malevolence, but more of a '???' sort of look.


"Well," Reize frowns as he admits to Leida, "We're still not an official clan yet, you know." He shrugs, then he pushes himself completely up and staggers, "Ah well." He blinks, "Oooiii, Sarafina!" But then the interaction between Percival and Isaac gets his attention, "Hrm."
Deelel Deelel pauses as Isaac enter she just kinds looks at him sizing the man up as he follows Sarafina in. She knows a bit of the winnged woman but nothing of her companion. SO she's taking a moment to look the guy over for a moment. However when he is able to control the jukebox. That gets the basics attention and she's looking at him wondering just how he did that but the idea of fuel is a good one too.

"I'll take the breakfast special as well Miss Lockheart." She pauses looking back at the Radio Mage.
Ivo Galvan "Congratulations," Ivo says amiably, lifting his cup of warmed sake in toast to Tifa's achievement. "That's right -- I heard about the Hades Cup and its unexpected prize." His lips twist in a slight frown, his brow furrowing. "What with my work keeping me close to the Fire Crystal and the shadows over Fluorgis, I've been unusually out of the loop..." Typically, Ivo's quite the rumormonger himself. So much for knighthood. "Smiles, huh? The worlds need all the smiles it can get," he says good-humoredly. So far he and Tifa have only had a 'working relationship', as it were, so it's nice just to chat with her. It might seem strange that he doesn't tease her or flirt with her at all, but--

"How did you and the TDA end up in a business partnership, anyway? Lucky them."

--maybe it goes to show that what Ivo wants is just to provoke unusual reactions. Generally, attractive bartenders have a resistance built up to such blandishments.

"Ah, yeah..." Leida's comment catches Ivo a little off guard, uncharacteristically. Though he maintains his composure, his eyes avert with a hint of evasiveness. "Well... she's a follower of bushido, to be sure. She's mostly just passing on the sword techniques to me. As for the code..."

Cut to: Ivo, gracefully performing quick draws and iai cuts over and over in the garden, face a mask of intense concentration, each time pronouncing, 'Kimono Sash /Cut/!'

"'s certainly interesting."

Yeah, maybe not a good fit.

"Let's call it a Clan-in-the-making," he quips to Leida and Percival, sounding amused, when he suddenly flinches, realizing that Sarafina's picked up on the male escort comment. This segues into a supercharged Mom Rant about Leida still going around wearing one of Ivo's old shirts. Probably wise not to mention that it /is/ his. "Oh, I think it's cute," Ivo says mildly, if only to calm Sarafina's fury. "Don't worry, Sarafina. How could she be in danger with a tough guy like me around?" Attention from women too? Sarafina sure is worldly, but that doesn't seem very-- oh. Oh, right. Well, fair enough, Ivo quietly concludes. Still, after attempting to lighten the tone, he then quickly shifts the subject. "Actually, in my world, I was an engineer. But both magic and technology functioned very differently there. Most of the principles I knew and used no longer apply, and I'm learning from scratch in a lot of ways." He smiles lopsidedly. "Actually, I've been working on a shard-seeking device, but it looks like my theory about the correspondence between World Shards and the four elemental Crystals may not be as sound as I'd hoped..." Remembering where he is, Ivo shrugs and smiles again. "We should go into it sometime." Well, hopefully he's diverted her a little away from Leida's legs.

The mix-up in music causes Ivo to turn in interest, only to see a familiar face. "Hey, you're--" He pauses, then raises a hand in salute to Isaac. "The bicyclist detective, right?" What a reputation. "Ivo, from the Shard Seekers. Were you responsible for the music change then, too? That was encouraging." His curiosity is evident. He put two and two together pretty fast, but he doesn't know anyone else with that kind of ability. "Too bad the helicopter... had that accident soon after." He'd give Leida more of a hard time about almost killing him, but making her recall that car chase tends to make her huddle into a ball.

Percival approaches, and Ivo turns back to take his hand, shaking it firmly. "Likewise, Sir Percival." This guy and Faruja seems like two of a kind. Well, as a fake knight, Ivo finds real knights fairly entertaining. "Don't worry, though, Reize is no sir." Amused, he looks over to the boy, taking a sip of his sake again. "How're you holding up, chief? We've been fighting hard recently. I feel like I need a break... but the shadows don't sleep."

Privately, for all his playfulness, Ivo is slightly ashamed at how fatigued his endeavors in Fluorgis has made him. In fact, he's been researching desperately, working day and night within the bowels of the city where the Fire Crystal is hidden; now that the shard-seeking device has a prototype, he's been helping the Karnak engineers try to maintain its light and continue to illuminate the darkened city with its great power. Considering how hard people fought for Manhattan, and how devastating was its loss, he feels he has no right to complain. For all his secret diligence, though, it does chafe against his free spirit.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles as she waves to Reize, moving over to the cooking plate to start working on breakfast meal. Sausages, eggs, potato crisps, lots of nice smelling things start to cook up on the large black plate. "Its Mercade you need to congratulate mostly, he did most of the work, he just setup a bar area and let me take care of it really." Still, it takes alot of work to do just that too, but at least she didn't have to build the thing up herself.

She loosk over to Ivo at the question "Well, that's simple, Mercade ended up randomly at my bar after Manhattan got shut down, and we chatted about things. I had started on plans to open a branch in Manhattan, and I still had the money that Xanatos granted me for the extra business, turning the one in Goug into an inn and so on. So we used soem of that money to open it here instead. I had offered him to make his office temporarily in my bar, but he chose otherwise, so instead he got this place and offered me to handle the bar area, since I got experience with it." She smiles, sliding fingers through her hair as she serves up their sake. She turns back to the food cooking, hmming musically still~
Sarafina Carenze "Reize." Sarafina nods to him. "You may wish to stop using gyshal green shampoo." Her world has Barbariccia in it so she just you know assumes it's not uncommon if the very elements--

--anyway, Sarafina squints tightly, running a finger down the side of her cheek as Ivo mentions his own work. "Even a shard seeking device that doesn't work might, it could be said, something of a technological marvel itself. Impressive work. I'm stuck on something myself, actually, that is NOT that but could be said to be related. Unfortunately, the very idea puts some engineering principles into question, what was established as fact may simply be...but one option at this point in time." She sighs lightly and the nspots TIRED ISAAC.

"Dear lord man!" Going out in public like this is almost as bad as going out only wearing the top half of an outfit. Instinctively she tries to fuss his hair into respectable form. IS THIS DISTRACTION FROM LEIDA? For now.
Leida The small girl turns back to Sarafina when she is spoken to directly, blinking at the mention of her attire and the supposed effect it might have. "B-but... I like the cold..." she protests weakly. However, it seems there going to be no stopping the wrath of Mom-ra!

That is until Ivo intercedes on her behalf. Almost immediately Leida ducks behind him, interposing the tall man between herself and the winged knight like a shield. This also cuts her off from the precious sake, which she was rather looking foward to. Hopefully the looming threat of pants is just a temporary set back.

Fortunately, Isaac descends from the Heavens, or in this case, the stairs and proves to be an unresistable target for the fussy engineer. Carefully, she slides over to the bar and hops up on a stool, snatching up the other glass and taking a long sip of the murky fluid within.

After ascertaining that it is indeed sake, the princess downs the entire glass in a single shot, not even caring if it's warm. It has been far too long since she had her hands on this wonderful drink. She exhales softly afterwards, letting the warmth of the alcohol seep into her body. "I missed this..."
Percival Percival firmly shakes his hand in reply, being quite careful about his grip strength. He didn't want to crush bones or leave deep gouges in his hands from his talons. He'd done that once before, made for a terrible first impression.

"Beg pardon, but no, Sir. I should perhaps clarify, my name is Percival, esquire. Not to be mistaken for a Knight, as I am certainly unworthy of that honor."

His clarification of Reize's name takes him slightly off guard though, had he not heard that Reize was a knight? Perhaps his previous source was mistaken. He nods politely to the boy with the Antenna hair, but doesn't quite know what to make of him as of yet.

Noting Sarafina's objections, he coughs politely.

"My kind are perhaps not the best judges of human fashion, Madame. If you believe that Lady Leida is underdressed for the occasion though, then perhaps you should take her to the nearest boutique. It would be my pleasure to pay your expenses." He pauses, seeming to realize that he hasn't yet been introduced to her.

"And I don't believe I've yet had the pleasure of your acquaintance, Madame.....?"

He steps forward, placing a hand under one of hers.

"May I?"

His behavior, while archaic and formal does not seem to carry any lewd or flirtatious undertones to it.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac is still kind of checked out at the moment. He glances over at Percival, blinking owlishly and muttering unintelligibly for a second. He turns back to Tifa. "Breakfast food please thank you," he appends. He gestures plaintively at Percival after that. Will that do, Sir Gargoyle?

Either way, he doesn't seem to have noticed Deelel or Reize peering at him; he's not terribly attentive when he hasn't yet consumed his weight in bacon and home fries. He rubs at his eyes beneath his glasses, yawning and stretching his arms above his head. His eyes eventually find a clock, and he sighs a little at the sight. "Stupid... pigs," he mutters.

"--huh?" The bespectacled (and be-exhausted?) wizard looks over at Ivo. "Yeah, that's me," he says, suppressing another yawn. "Isaac Hanlon, TDA. The bike was kind of a... thing," he explains not-terribly-well. He blinks a little more sleep away. "Plan. Moment." Grasping for words. He gets it a second after. "Spur-of-the-moment plan. Worked out." He grins. "Only a few people around who do the music thing. Figure you gotta have the right soundtrack to a chase like that, right? Ah, too bad about that... chopper, yeah."

Honestly, Isaac is only disappointed he didn't get to ramp the bike through the helicopter.

SUDDENLY, SARAFINA. "Gwok!!" he exclaims, tilting awkwardly from the sudden HEAD-GRAB. Well, maybe more like HAIR-FUSS. "Wh-what?!" His hair appears to refuse to settle down. "I just got up!"
Reize Seatlan Reize is taking the role of the observationist. He sees the interaction between the group, particularly Leida getting relaxed with her drink, Isaac and Sarafina's struggle as the former is trying to straighten the latter's hair.

However, the wayward adventurer cannot help but offer a grin towards Percival, waving his way. "Ooooi!" Then, he glances over towards Ivo, considering, "So, it looks like the Shard Seeker device will be able to find us some shards?" Nevermind of his luck with it so far. Th boy looks at the older man, turning to address Percival once more, "...Not quite a knight yet, I'm afraid. But! I have the Knight's Vows by my side! They ae my guide!" He grins, then he turns to rub his head, "...Yeah. I am hoping the crisis in Fluorgis has halted. ... Hopefully, we'll be able to get Manhattan's shard as well!"

And a frown grows, "...Yeah, shadows don't sleep." He then grns, "But that's okay! We'll keep on fighting!"
Deelel Deelel has just taken her perch at this point as she looks at Isaac again. She'll work up some muster and introduce herself to the radio mage. She had noticed he had remotely accessed the jukebox and that had got her attention. "Issac? Hello I'm Deelel, and yes it really does look like you just booted up." She seems to be trying not to laugh at what's happening with Isaac and Sarafina. Rezie does get another look and she calls out to him. "I hope so as well Reize, the city does seem to be undersiege."
Ivo Galvan Ivo Galvan gets the story, and listens well, savoring the rice wine. It's still new to him, but he's acquiring a taste for it, as he tends to for all fine things. Perhaps if he refines his taste, he'll be able to find a good one for Raiya, and she'll show him her softer side again. Well, it sounds like many of the Manhattan refugees migrated here, which makes sense. "Mercade seems like a nice guy," he remarks. "I wonder what gets a man like that into the detective business."

Sarafina seems to promise some interesting shop talk, but she appears to be even /more/ interested in grooming Isaac, which Ivo isn't going to dare interfere with. Sensing Leida cowering behind him, Ivo grins with amused affection, and looks over his shoulder to reassure the girl again-- only for his jaw to drop as he espies Leida chugging the sake. "Hey, alright!" he exclaims approvingly, taking another sip himself in between chuckles. This one's sweeter than what he's used to and looks unfiltered. Quietly, he wonders if he prefers the drier, more elegant blends himself. But warm sake is good for the weather. Taking up the small porcelain vessel, he tops up Leida's cup, eyes sparkling merrily. "Look at you, all grown up." He's only like two years older than her, of course, but hey, at least he's out of the teenage zone.

Ivo could sense Percival's superior strength, which isn't surprising considering the man's appearance, but the gargoyle's comment makes Ivo offer another slightly furtive expression. "...honor, huh..." Yeah, not everyone can be as worthy as Ivo, here. "Percival, then," he continues warmly, recovering. "What with our worlds colliding, it seems like being a knight means different things to different people. In my world, it was just a mark of aristocratic military training, and the code was mainly to defend our city." Ivo was in the military? And an engineer? This story gets less probable by the minute. "I'm humbled by the conviction of other men. Faruja Senra in particular takes knighthood quite seriously, I think. Have you met him? A Burmecian."

"Well, good to see you again, Isaac. Your group does good work." The Shard Seekers don't cross paths with the TDA as much as they do with VALKYRI, but so far, every effort to team up has gone well-- or at least entertainingly. Ivo grins back. "I respect spur-of-the-moment plans," he says. It may be the most honest thing he's said all day.

Oh, brother, the Knight's Vows. "That's right, Reize takes knighthood quite seriously too," Ivo says playfully, "in his own special way." So very special. "Ah, yeah, well..." But he can't give Reize crap with the way the Shard Seeker Mk I performed, that way being 'Ivo has no idea what happened and doesn't get it at all'. "I may need to take it on another test run or two, but... if all goes well, we'll help end these troubles, and the devices will be ready just in time for us to earn our stripes." He sounds optimistic, but there's a twist to Ivo's smile that suggests he's not sure it'll be as rosy as all that.

Still, Reize's enduring spirit soon straightens that smile out. For all his teasing, in that moment, Ivo regards the boy with a fond, even admiring look. "That's right," he says softly. "We'll just keep on fighting."

How does Reize do it?
Sarafina Carenze "be that as it may, this is public. Don't you shower before breakfast?" After a few moments, Sarafina gives up and just throws up her hands. Ai yai yai yai yai!! What is she going to do about th ese people. She reaches for a comb hidden in her armor--one she's gone accustomed to carrying since she digivolved into a Momra--when suddenly--there is...a gargoyle? Being all knightly??
rSarafina looks at him with a blank stare as if she's unsure what she's looking at. It's not that she has found gargoyles to be innoble but she has certainly not seen any knights. Don't they live in Manhattan?


"Sarafina Carenze." She tells him. "I don't suppose you are one of Brooklyn's friends. But I am unaccustomed to taking charity." She is apparently accustomed to knightly or at least medieval customs because she doesn't try to lop off Percival's hand or anything, and indeed, she goes through the motions just fine though she doesn't kiss his hand or anything, electing instead to bow her head a touch before letting go, "And you are?" While not rude persay, she semes to talk more like a military officer than a noblewoman. "Against my better judgement I will not force her to wear lower clothing..." Really how could she? "Though I strongly suggest she reconsider."

She looks over to Isaac and sighs deeply. This is the modern era, she wonders to herself, what a crazy world!
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart has been working on the breakfast for Isaac and Deelel, it doesn't take too much time to slide the two plates over afterwards. Sausage, sunny side up eggs, potato crisps, bread and cheese slices. She adds a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice along side, making sure they have a balanced breakfast, and yummy looking too. She pockets the money Percival left on the counter away, so it doesn't stay there for too long and other people's paws might snatch it away.

"Which chocobo greeted you outside Reize? Was it the red one?" She grins a bit. Reize really is a chocobo magnet. Wonder how it would be if he had his own chocobo.
Percival Percival leans over to brush his lips against the back of her hand. He seemed completely oblivious to her rather brusque mannerisms.

"Percival, esquire Madame Carenze. Again, it is a pleasure. And I'm afraid that I know noone of the name Brooklyn, perchance might you be speaking of the borough in New York City?"

He then retracts his hand. "If that is your wish not to press the issue with the Lady Leida, then I understand."

He picks up his glass from the bar, raising it to Reize.

"As well he should take his chivalrous pursuit seriously, Sir. He has his vows, I have my code. Each guides us upon the path of attaining an 'ideal'. A knight in your world may mean little to you Ivo, but it is not that way for him, or I. After all, a title is all for naught if there isn't true nobility or honor to give it meaning. So here's to you, Reize, for taking the more difficult, but fulfilling path."
Leida Leida smiles faintly as her cup is instantly refilled almost before she can sit it back on the counter, not quite sure how to take Ivo's eagerness to facilitate her drinking habits. He may end up regretting this. Probably not.

The second glass is drained almost as quickly as the first as the girl's lack of her beverage of choice over the last several months finally finds a source of the elusive prize. It wasn't the best sake she'd ever had, infact, it was pretty weak by her standards but right now there isn't any room to be picky.

Leida refills her own glass this time, merely tipping the bottle sideways on the counter until it pours forth. She listens idly to the conversation going on around her but seems not to be paying particular attention to any of them. Fortunately, Sarafina's obsession with pants is driven back by Percival's knightly charms. She'll have to thank him for that later.

But right now, booze.
Isaac Hanlon Those few moments of Sarafina's fussing are perhaps the most terrible/terrifying moments of his morning... afternoon... night... thing. Day? Day. Moments of his day. "Sure, but I still need to refuel after that qualifier and the late night," he protests. "I'll get to it, geez!"

Isaac runs a hand through his hair self-consciously, suppressing the urge to mutter unkindly. She's got that Mom Instinct, that's all; he can't really stop that, much as he'd like to. It kind of bothers him. He looks up, glancing over at oddly-dressed Deelel and nodding in greeting. "Hey." 'Booted up?' Strange turn of phrase. Maybe she's one of the Programs he's heard of running around.

Isaac is about to respond to Ivo in a way that isn't just a quick grin -- which he definitely provides, being a man who comes up with plans such as that all the time -- when Tifa puts down food. Isaac's eyes light up, and he digs in with gusto. He gets a few bites in when he groans between mouthfuls, "You're amazing." They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and this is never more true than when he's just crawled out of bed. Isaac gets maybe halfway through the rather full plate when he finally slows down enough to add, "If you've got fresh coffee back there I might just propose here and now."

Something catches his ear, though. Isaac looks over at Reize, leaning back a little to peer in his direction. "You've got a gadget that sniffs out World Shards?"
Avira A familiar huntress walks into the bar. (Ow.)

For some bizzare reason, Avira doesn't look like she's in the best of moods right now. Though not really much of a drinker to begin with, her will was low enough at the moment to actually try. Why not? She was old enough by anyone's standards to drink, right? When she first walks into the bar, she seems a little dazed-like her mind is elsewhere, thinking deeply about something.

Yet after a few seconds, she comes to and finds the bar especially crowded right now. Well, this was good, at least business for Tifa was booming right now. On the other hand, there are a distressing amount of Shard Seekers here.

Including -THAT IVO-.

Already a growl rumbles in the back of her throat. She was not in the mood to deal with him at all at the moment. As she crosses the room, she pointedly ignores the knight. But as speak of the Shard Seeker's shard-seeking device pops up, she looks to Reize and then Issac. "Allegedly, but I don't think it was working the other day. All it wound up seeking was a fossilized phoenix pinion."
Faruja Senra Thud-clack. Thud-clack. Claws and wood, rather than armor and the swish of robes herald Faruja's arrival as he slowly steps into Tifa's lovely home-away from home. He's always been somewhat of a sad sight, but between the sling holding his broken arm, as well as the splint upon his leg, the rat's definitely going for the title of 'most broken Temple Knight that's still alive.'

A crutch propels him through the door, the Burmecian pausing to appraise the bar. It brings a smile to his muzzle, before he casts about with his single eye to its patrons. Oddly enough, it seems to be chock full of people he knows, or at least has seen before. The group at large gets a half-bow from the ratling, or some close approximation given his injuries, followed by a crossing of his chest.

"Ahh, never could I find a more varied yet honored gathering such as this short of the halls of Mullonde's Grand Cathedral! Good eve, my fine Sers and Dames, Lord bless you all!" After the last few days, he's darn happy to see faces he knows, and trusts for the most part. He'll start to shuffle his way towards the bar.
Reize Seatlan "Ye--yes." Reize lowers his head with comical tears rolling along his eyes.

However, when Sarafina goes on about Leida's attire, Reize tilts his head over with curiosity. He looks back towards Percival, who raised his glass. He gives him a wide grin. "Hear hear~!" The boy gives a wide smile, then he says, "To the knights!" He blinks for a moment, then he frowns, "Anyway, I was passing by, I need to find Terra." ---As Faruja and Avira arrive, the boy smiles, "Ooooiii!! Congratulations, you guys!"

But then, his eyes turn towards Isaac, "Yeah! Ivo is the one who developed it! He'll be able to explain everything!" Then, the boy lifts a finger, "Anycase, I need to find a friend. I'll see you guys soon!"

And as Reize moves to step out...
"Hey! Wait! Ack! Not again! Let go!"
Deelel Deelel gets her order and seems happy ebnough. She's going to start diging into it. It's a strange thing to eat like this but when in Rome as the user saying goes. Right? It's seems to keep her runing so she doesn't think about it much nor think too hard that it used to be something else. She's managed to behave herself. "So you did well in the Hades Cup I take it?" She got just trahsed by a Heartless herself

"Err sorry worken up. Old habit I guess from back home. You know what a computer is right?" She seems almost to be expecting a no answer given her luck her ein user space.
Ivo Galvan Ivo smiles softly at Percival's words, though his gaze briefly becomes inscrutable. "I'd never belittle dedication to a code. My ideals simply aren't so grand to be worthy of one." His deliberately humble words belie the faint trace of a shield that has come over his eyes, though he shows no tension. He's heard these sorts of lectures before, many times before, and though they weren't quite about 'knighthood', the substance was the same: his path is the lesser one. He's thick-skinned about that by now. "I wouldn't say it was unfulfilling, though. I was like a... town steward, you could say, managing conflicts and keeping the peace. Lots of interesting people back home, too. A little messy for 'nobility', perhaps."

/This/ guy was? By 'manage', does he mean 'cause'?

"So, I wouldn't belittle Reize's pursuit," he concludes, Ivo's smile widening, that playful light returning to his eyes. "I might belittle Reize, though." He casts a grin at the boy. In the background, Leida just keeps chugging away. Wow, this seems promising. No need for Ivo to intervene.

Isaac's interest, now that breakfast is here, causes Ivo to quirk a brow and turn his head. It's true that the recent failure has flummoxed him, but he's still pleased to talk about the device, even if his nerdy side sometimes gets carried away by it; he doesn't get to talk the machinist talk much. He opens his mouth to say something-- and then, of all people, Avira shows up. Ugh, as if he's going to let /her/ get the better of him. "I think it was just thrown off by Terra's magic," he retorts, which is a lie. "I told you, you should've thrown yourself into the whirlwind like you suggested. That was a great plan. I wanted to see that." Giving her a hard time puts him back in a good mood, but thinking about the device clouds his expression again. "Anyway, it led us where we wanted to go, at least..." To a fossil. He still doesn't get it. "...if I could test it against a real, complete World Shard..."

But is that ethical? Believe it or not, this concerns Ivo. What happens to people trapped in the shards of worlds lost to darkness? Is the passing of time a concern? Can he experiment with what is literally part of a world frozen in stasis? Working with the Fire Crystal was fairly unambiguous, but if his theory that Crystals and World Shards have something structurally in common is totally off, then the Shard Seeker Mk I is just...

Avira doesn't get to see Ivo looking genuinely troubled very often, if only because he's pretty good at hiding his emotions, so his expression as he's lost in thought might be striking. Realizing that he's trailed off, though, he rouses himself and offers Isaac another quirk of a smile. "It's a prototype, but if it starts working right, we're at your service." There's a pretty obvious reason why the TDA would want access to a shard-seeking device.

"What--" All kinds of friends are showing up today, some in better states than others. "Ser Senra, what in the worlds happened to you?" Ivo gets up, eyebrows raised, arranging a stool for his ally to make sure he can sit at the bar properly. "Did you and your wyvern have a lover's spat?" Sympathy, Ivo-style.

There's the sound of Reize howling in the background, but Ivo seems to just ignore it. Because that's what best friends are for.
Percival A smile tugs at the corners of Percival's mouth as Reize finds himself under assault by Chocobos. He leans over towards Ivo, murmuring. "Does he have this sort of luck with all of the fowl mounts this world favors? You might recommend a horse to him, if you can find one." The gargoyle had little use for the beasts himself, but it would be unseemly for a would be Knight to not have some sort of beast, or other means to ride into battle upon. When Faruja enters, he takes a few heavy steps forward, each one finding the purchase of talon and the ball of his foot upon the floor, before he kneels in front of the Burmecian Holy Knight, and bowing at the waist with a hand over his chest.

"Ser, I'd only heard stories of your valor until last eve. Now that I've seen it firsthand, it would be discourteous of me not to acknowledge it. My name is Percival, esquire. You have my promise of aid in the future, should you require it. I would be honored if you would join us. Might I be so bold as to offer to pick up your tab, for the evening?"

He then rises, and in an attempt to be 'subtle' places his arm around Faruja in a show of comraderie that was definitely not some veiled attempt of helping the wounded knight reach the bar. No sir, he was quite capable of doing that himself. He'd never imply that the proud knight was incapable, even if he'd broken every bone in his body.
Isaac Hanlon "Hey Avira, hey Faruja." Isaac peers at the battered Burmecian. "How's the, uh, injured everything?" He saw what kind of beating he took the other night -- that was /brutal/. Isaac wasn't in much better shape, but he keeps a stash of pick-me-ups in his room so he doesn't have to bother the local heal-stick. He keeps to himself a lot like that.

Isaac looks to Deelel. "Got gold in the strength contest," he says, and reaches into one of his pants pockets, drawing out his tablet and setting it on the bar, "and yes. I got what you meant, I just wasn't expecting it."

Reize gets promptly savaged by a chocobo on his way out. Isaac winces. He goes back to picking at his rapidly-diminishing breakfast plate. "Yeah? Good to hear. I could take a look at it sometime, if you like," Isaac offers, looking back at Ivo for a second. He picks up another forkful of egg, holding it in mid-air for a moment. "Mixing magic and technology is something of a specialty of mine." He takes the bite, chews, swallows. "So is that why you guys're called the Shard Seekers? I didn't think anyone knew about the Shard 'til Merlin spilled the beans."
Avira "Oh hey Reize." Avira actually brightens a little as he congratulates her for the race win. "Though I'm reminded, congratulations to /you/, Isaac, for winning the strength contest. Here..." A hand slips into one of the many pouches around her belts and, out of it, she pulls a piece of magicite from Ivalice. Specifically, it's a piece of storm magicite. The small stone is tossed to Isaac. "Consider that little gift an irony bonus."

Turning to Ivo, her good mood slowly fades and she strongly considers not responding to Ivo...until: "Oh my gosh..." Avira puts a hand over her mouth, looking horrified. "Are you saying you would like to see my body torn to shreds by the unforgiving desert wind, blood painting the whirling sandstorm a vibrant red? H-how cruel!"

Her bottom lip trembles. Oh /no/, it looks like Avira is going to CRY. "How could a noble knight harbor such dastardly thoughts."

'We're at your service.' Eh. Ivo obviously didn't know that Avira was a member of the TDA too. Nor did he know that she was originally from Manhattan's world, did he? Wisely, Avira doesn't point out either thing right now out of fear that he'd recind his offer to help with finding Manhattan's shards. Yeah. Avira believes Ivo to be THAT much of a jerk.

Then Avira spies Faruja, a look of concern overcoming her. She'd heard about the winners of the contest, sure, but she didn't hear about LEXUS harassing and harming the nezumi. "Faruja?" she says, following after the knight as he's escorted to the bar. "What happened?"
Sarafina Carenze It is Sarafina's blessing, it is Sarafina's curse, she is...spidermom? Anyway, she seems content to leave it at that, using her superpower of 'leaving it be after properly embarrassing everyone'.

She bobs her head to Avira, respectfully, as she arrives. It's been some time since she saw the top dog of VALKYRI. Fossilized phoenix pinions aren't exactly the craziest of things one could find, not compared to a world shard,. Sighing lightly she throws a wave over to Faruja. It's been some time there too, it semes.

As if sensing Ivo's mental dialogue, Sarafina adds to him, finally, "Don't worry. Being a little reckless--any inventor has to do that. S'why they go 'mad' so frequently, you know? But being a little mad is what it's all about. After all, you can't create new things without taking risks. Just make sure the risk's worth it and it won't be evil science." Which is immortal, of course, but Sarafina is not an evil engineer.
Leida The princess continues to make sake disappear with alarming speed. The stuff practically seems to disappear from her glass as soon as it is poured, like she's in a drinking contest with some imaginary friend. Can a person that small really hold that much liquor?

By the time Faruja walks through the door, half the bottle has vanished and Ivo's only had one glass. From the hazy expression on her face and the subtle scarlet color of her cheeks, this unwise course of action is already starting to catch up with the girl.

Still, this doesn't seem to phase her determination. Laying her head down on the cool surface of the bar, Leida casually tips the bottle over towards her glass again, managing to get most of it inside the cup. Her presence seems to have been forgotten or atleast faded into the background, which is just fine with her.
Deelel Deelel waves to Faruja as he arrive and manages to pull herself away from her meal to reply to Isaac and seems shocked. "Wait you understand? Few people I have met int his world really grasp it. Then again most don't know what a computer is. Also well done on the contest couldn't have been easy with those who I heard were in it." She stares for a moment "Wait it can be mixed? I didn't think that was possible."

Merlin, Tron had mentioned him to her she really did need to go see him at some point.
Faruja Senra Faruja grins to the young adventurer. "Much obliged, my friend! Well worth it, or so I pray. Do be safe, Ser Seatlan, and /do/ remember to hold the map properly!" Really, Faruja needs to start putting a 'this way up' arrow on the boy's maps. Then again, even that might not help.

Wince. Chocobos. Sigh. "Is he truly /that/ delicious?"

The Burmecian nods to the Program, tail swishing behind him in a friendly manner. "While I would hardly call this entire debacle 'well', I have managed to qualify at least. And no one seems to have died yet, most importantly. How fare you? You seem to have encountered difficulties yourself." Emphasis on the 'yet'. The rat doesn't trust the runner of these Games for anything.

Faruja /laughs/ at that, taking things far too literally as usual. "Ahh, thank the Lord, no! You know, Ser Galvan, the last time we had a true spat was when she was naught but a year old. I punished her for attempting to fly away and hunt the neighbor's chocobos. Front teeth right through the arm. Thankfully a family friend was a former field White Mage. Otherwise, I would have lost the limb. No, /this/ is due to the Games. Brutish and utterly deplorable." Snort!

"Do forgive me for eavesdropping, however...Ser Galvan, the Shard Seeking device, how well has it fared?" Hope flares in his eye, the slightly dull look of a guy with quite a few pain herbs in his system vanishing. If it worked, then maybe they could find the shard of his own home!

Looking down as he's kneeled before by the Gargoyle Squire, Faruja blinks. He simply has no response to such courtly, knightly behaviour. Then the Gargoyle speaks! For about ten seconds, there's this look of surprise and even nervousness. For all that he's used to courtly gestures, he is but a lowly ranked Temple Knight. This sort of thing was for heroes and Knights Divine. It passes, and a warm smile blossoms onto his muzzle. Mayhap the gargoyle's overdoing it, but the ratling can appreciate the sentiments and good manners.

"Please, good Ser! Do not kneel before this humble knight! You heap praise upon me of which I am utterly undeserved. Nay, stay thy cultured tongue, save such blessings for far more able and honorable beings than myself if you please." He can't exactly return the gesture, and so he bows his head, throwing a salute with his tail as he balances with his crutch.

"However, never shall I turn down the aid of such a well-honed blade. You have proven yourself capable. Ahh, but do forgive me, the great beast's blow upon my noggin has made a few details...ahh, fuzzy. Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados, at /your/ service, honored Squire Percival." Grin! Drinks, eh?

"Generous as well? My, my, my the Church could use a few more such as yourself. Do visit Mullonde some time, hmm? I accept, you have my thanks."

The Templar isn't too proud to be led along, though the 'discrete' manner in which it's done seems to have the Burmecian trying to contain a beaming look upon the gargoyle. Ivo, Avira and Percival both have him at a seat.

"Ahh, much better, thank you all. Truly am I blessed to know such fine people as yourselves." Pause. He leans in towards Ivo. ".../Please/ do not antagonize Lady Avira overmuch, hmm?" He pleads quietly before turning to Avira herself.

"The test of Strength for the games, Lady Avira. Between the great abomination-beast and that traitorous Witch, 'twas not one of my more shining moments."

He scowls briefly. "...To thank that Lady Deel's people would harbor a user of Darkness so vile."

Turning to the Strength-winning Wizard, he nods. "Ser...Isaac was it not? Mmm, passable. I shall heal. Leg, arm, six ribs broken, and a hairline skull fracture. While I truly wish I could say I have suffered worse..." He'd be lying.

"Yes, congratulations on your victory. Thy skills are most unorthodox yet effective, as you have proven once again. I pray your own injuries are none too severe?"

The wave from Sarafina is returned with a nod and a crossed chess. "Dame Carenze, 'tis been far too long! Fare you well, M'Lady?" Don't stare at the wings. Don't stare rat. He's sure to look her in the eyes. The not-wing-eyes. It's rough though.

Then, there's Leida, and her having devoured half a sake bottle. Thankfully, he doesn't comment on that. "Ahh, Lady Leida. Assisting Ser Galvan today?" Smile. As much as he always seems to intimidate her, he's going to try to come off as warm and friendly.
Ivo Galvan Ivo barely suppresses a grin at Percival and Faruja's instant camaraderie. Birds of a feather, or at least, gargoyle and nezumi of a... uh... anyway, as anticipated, more or less. Now that Faruja is in good, stony hands, he turns to see Isaac regarding him speculatively. "Really?" The knight-errant is visibly intrigued. "That discipline was much in demand where I came from..." He'd rather not elaborate on why. "...but most of what I learned doesn't seem to apply anymore." He considers elaborately on the differences, now that he's with an expert, but Isaac's last comment cuts him short. Ivo looks oddly ambivalent. "Yes, well... the founding Shard Seekers are all people who've lost their worlds to darkness. When rumors emerged that worlds could persist in shard form, it seemed a... good reason for us to stick together."

At the time, when Ivo somewhat carelessly -- and cleverly, he thought -- came up with the idea, it didn't occur to him that the Darkness would of course spread to /more/ worlds, and that 'shard seeking' would become a much more urgent matter. That kind of responsibility wasn't quite what he had in mind. Still--

"So it's not like we have a patent on it," he says good-naturedly, trying to lighten the mood a little. Talking about people losing their homes is a delicate matter. "But... hopefully, if we can get the prototype working better, we can be of some service to others. Just some technical difficulties," he reassures Faruja, with a confidence he doesn't quite feel. "We found the... treasure, at least." He came here to get /away/ from thinking about the problem, and it's back to haunt him already.

As it stands, sidequests are more their M.O.

He might be about to continue, but Avira's theatrical display silences him, as he turns to her with slightly widened eyes at her gruesome imagery. By the time she finishes, though, his expression is flat. "Have you considered a career as an actress?" he deadpans. "Maybe you can practice by pretending to be someone other than yourself. Anyone else, really, would be great." He's relentless. Still, he can hide the twinkle of amusement beginning to show up in his eyes again. He's getting used to the fact that he actually enjoys these exchanges with Avira. ...Sorry, Faru.

He looks over at Sarafina, a little surprised and impressed as her Mom Senses show she's seen right through him to his concerns. He underestimated the woman's perception. At her words, though, he smiles gratefully. "Thanks, Sarafina." He doesn't have any jokes, this time.

Meanwhile, Ivo, escort extraordinaire, totally fails to notice that Leida is getting trashed right by his side. Smiling to himself and finishing what's left in his cup, he turns to the bottle and picks it up-- "Eh?" Swishing it, and hearing only the faintest of sounds, he quirks a brow, and then looks over, eyes widening, at the erstwhile princess. "Wh..." Is he alarmed? "What a champion!" No, he's impressed! "Way to go, Leida! You're made of sterner stuff than I imagined." This kind of encouragement is just what she needs, no doubt. "How do you feel right now?" Rather than a solicitous query, it sounds more like someone interviewing the victor of a competition.
Percival The Gargoyle takes all of the Knight's greeting in stride, and tries not to make it seem like he's fussing over him, even though he most probably is. He was used to fussing over his Knightly master after all. However the Knight's offer to visit another church makes his posture stiffen, somewhat.

"I'll try to make a point of it, Ser."

As polite an acquiescence as he could afford without offering his true feelings. He'd make it a point of doing so in a more private setting, or if Faruja pressed the point he might find that he had little choice but to do so. Once they reach the bar, he gestures towards Tifa. "Lady Tifa, whatever Ser Senra desires is on me tonight." He certainly hoped his pouch of munny could hold out. Not that he particularly cared about being dead broke again, he just wouldn't want to embarass himself. Once he catches sight of Leida, he gives Ivo a dubious glare, before speaking to the likely drunken princess. "Lady Leida uh, perhaps you might consider slowing down, for a time. After all, your gentlemanly escort does not need to be given any further motivation towards unseemly behavior." The obvious undertone towards being 'You had best act like a gentleman if you want to keep all of your fingers, IVO.' Why did he suddenly seem like a character from that awful SEED romance novel?
Isaac Hanlon "Yeah, well, I'm from a more modern sort of place. And most people don't think it can be. It's just tricky, that's all," he asides to Deelel. Isaac doesn't tend to do things by halves, especially when it comes to combining things that often go together like oil and water.

Isaac catches the piece of magicite, rolling it over in his hand. "Heh; thanks. I bet it won't do much for my carefully-cultivated hapless nerd demeanor, though. What'm I going to do if people start thinking I'm a competent combatant in everyday life? I'll be getting challenges in the streets, now." He sighs, a little over-dramatically, and brushes his hand through his still-relentlessly-messy hair. He'll have to attack it when he, you know, goes and gets dressed for real.

"That's right. Unorthodox is my middle name," Isaac says, sending an easy grin Faruja's way. "I'm one big walking bruise, but I didn't get hammmered as badly as you did. Maybe when I figure out how this medical magic nonsense works, I'll practice it on you. You seem like the type to get yourself beat up every few days."

Ivo's odd ambivalence strikes Isaac as sort of... off. He's not sure what's up with it, but it pings on his people-radar. He feels like steering the conversation back to the detector might be a bit too awkward right now, so he lets it slide. He'll get distracted with something else, he's sure, like Avira's quivering lip. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess it would be. I know how that goes." He shrugs a shoulder and goes back to finishing his super late breakfast.
Avira "Gosh, what a hard problem that must be." Avira rolls her eyes at Isaac, "People actually thinking you're competent." There's...actually a small twinge of jealousy to her words. Small.

Avira follows after Faruja now, "Lady Deel? What? Wait..." she thinks for a moment, "You mean LEXUS, right? Actually he's a virus of some kind so I don't think he is 'harbored' so much as 'manages to exist somehow despite everyone's best efforts.' Believe me, if someone control-alt-deleted him, I would shed no tears." How dare LEXUS hurt Faruja so!

Sarafina gets a casual wave back. Wow, where's that lady been? It's been forever since Avira has seen her!

Of course, thanks to Avira's overacting a few of the NPCly types in the bar are now regarding Ivo with distaste and suspicion. "Oh I did at one point consider acting. Musical theater, even." Avira says brightly, "But I was far too shy to pursue it."

How ironic. She's been pretending to be someone else other than 'herself' for a few months now.

Having had her fill of Ivo banter for the moment, she turns her attention away from him and returns to doting on Faruja. Well, as much as Avira could dote at least.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart moves over to Leida's side after watching her drinking the two bottles pretty much on her own "I think that's enough for you, don't you think?" She offers a smile. She clearly thinks well of her customers, and wouldn't want them to get ill or in bad situations from it. She starts removing the empty bottles and cups, putting them away for cleaning. She's hmming merrily the entire time. No, she's notdoing this just to be an annoyance... but in a muddled state of mind, who knows.
Leida When the glass has enough in it to satisfy the princess' increasingly impaired vision, she pushes the bottle away, just in time for Ivo to find most of the contents missing. The girl lifts her head to further partake of her personal ambrosia when her name gets called. Turning languidly on the stool to seek out the source of this familiar voice, her gaze sweeps across the room until it falls on Faruja.

Her glassy eyes linger on the bandaged rat for a little too long but she seems not to recognize him or if she does, not particularly care. She waves a hand at him dismissively, saying, "Ivo-hama asked me to come out and visit with him..." And then several people start talking to her at once from various angles to which the girl replies by putting her head back on the counter. "D-do not speak of Ivo-sama like that... he is... /very/ nice..."

Leida tilts her face towards the encouraging grin of her fellow Shard Seeker, smiling innocently back up at him in return. "I feel... tingly... hehehe..."She puts up no fuss when Tifa takes away the drinks, clearly already sloshed enough to suit her tastes. Suddenly, the girl sits up and blinks, turning to squint at Faruja again. "I /do/ know you..."

Finally remembering that she is terrified of this particular templar, Leida moves to hide behind Ivo again. Or tries to, forgetting that part about currently being on a stool. Gravity takes care to remind her of the folly of trying to occupy empty space as she tumbles to the floor with a solid thump.
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina is totally fine with Ivo taking advantage of Leida if it would get her to wear pants. But seeing as this will likely not happen, she is firmly against Ivo taking advantage of Leida. Judging by the box'o'parts she's holdin', she probably has been working on some machinist crap. She's been obsessed with those strange 'lego' ships she's had the 'pleasure' of aquainting herself with. It totally has nothing to do with enjoying a new(?) alt and helping run the Hades Cup and teaching to hug (there is a guide since it is very easy to mess up, check gunshowcomic for details!).

Sarafina is actually fond of the Shard Seekre MO and has no issues with them but if she actually had to work with them on a daily basis, she'd probably going on a killing spree. Respectful distance is but one of many ways to live. Jokes aside, though, she has no doubt felt many pitfalls of an engineer--including worrying about the outcomes of your inventions. Professor Death created the armor plated scorpion of death for good, not for evil, after all.

She gives him a small nod and encouraging smile. DON'T GIVE UP. Hopefully this will not result in Manhattan being accidentally eaten by Reize or stirred in a cup of coffee and drunk. The best part of waking up is Manhattan Crystals in your cup.

"You're quite the performance artist." Sarafina tells Avira. "What made you reconsider?"
Sarafina Carenze Sarafina Carenze also facepalms as Leida falls over. This is an incredibly important detail.
Percival Without hesitation, Percival leans down to offer a hand to help Leida up. Then realizing her inebriated state might make that difficult, he simply lifts her up gently to her feet, being careful 'where' he lifts her so that it wouldn't look like he was taking advantage of her.
Ivo Galvan Ivo gets the sense that, stressed as he is, he's let on too much to Isaac. This is a little frustrating at first, but after a moment, he's just grateful for Isaac's forbearance in not prying further. The reason he came up with the idea of the 'Shard Seekers'... the reasons he's making the shard-seeking device... everyone's wishes and dreams... why him? Why Ivo, of all people, in a position to potentially help so many others, having gotten the hopes up of the people he's in part helped to bring together -- and potentially let them all down?

He wanted to be free. And he wanted for that to be okay.

Is it because he's not like Reize, not like Percival, doesn't have that kind of 'code', isn't that kind of man? Is that why he ends up like this, can't follow through? If he thinks too hard about the failure of the shard-seeking device, of the lie he endeavors to make into truth, all these thoughts emerge.

Briefly, he remembers Facilier, and forces the memory down.

"Who's unseemly?" Ivo doesn't seem particularly offended at Percival's slanderous implication; if anything, he sounds entertained. "If you're worried about me, you should see Reize in action. Those Knight's Vows of his don't keep /him/ from the girls." Still, the thought that he might be attracted to Leida is a little surprising. He can't really see the girls of the Shard Seekers that way, even if Lenn and Leida are technically old enough to qualify. No, he's no predator.

But he has to admit, Leida drunk sounds hilarious.

What, there are NPCs who'd be suckered by Avira hamming it up!? Ivo refuses to believe that, and on principle ignores any such stares. "Hah, I wish you'd show me your shy side more often," he ripostes. "You're more slinking and violent than shrinking violet." Nice one. But it's true: Ivo underestimates her. There's still quite a bit he doesn't know about who she really is, deep down. Maybe now that he's embraced their rivalry, that'll begin to change.

Aw, Tifa's ruining his fun. "You're too attentive, Tifa," he remarks, shrugging and shaking his head. Ohh, and Leida has his back. That's so sweet. "Leida sees me for who I am," he says lightly, though despite his joking tone, his eyes soften slightly and his lips quirk upward. Trust is something he appreciates.

Probably because he doesn't deserve it.

"Whoops--" Seeing as Leida is trying to hide behind him, Ivo is the closest when the princess begins to fall, and he lunges, not quite able to prevent her from hitting the floor but catching her well enough at least to protect her head. Percival's there to help her back to her feet. "Looks like you still need more training, milady," he quips, keeping a hand lightly on Leida's shoulder half to steady her and half out of affection, repressing a grin. "Maybe Raiya can teach you how to hold your sake, too." That'll be a sight to see.

Noticing Deelel looking at him, Ivo quirks a brow at her, and then notices she's managed to change the music. Huh, he's never heard music quite like this. That's a heavy beat. He considers briefly before offering: "Hey, if you want to dance, dance."

Ivo Galvan, enabler.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart lifts an eyebrow at Ivo "You were trying to make her drunk? Can't get the ladies without that?" She kids, but hopefully its not true, otherwise this might be awkward.

Tifa is used to dealing with people falling out of stools as well. She quickly move around the counter to help keep Leida up "Come over, there's a couch in the corner you can use, alot safer than a barstool." She smiles. The best thing to do when tipsy is not moving and avoiding high benches obviously. That and water. Which she brings a glass of to Leida once settled over.

If of course she lets herself be carried off.
Faruja Senra Sigh. Faruja doesn't bother hiding his dissappointment in Ivo's mention of 'technical difficulties'. "Damn it. Just when 'tis most needed most." The solution to one of his people's problems is just within his clawtips, and it tears at the rat's heart.

There is a bartendress, a decidedly honorable and awesome one, and he has free drinks courtesy of an honorable Gargoyle. Truly, today was worth all of the previous one's pain and suffering. "Dear Lady Lockhart, would you be so kind as to fetch me a glass of Absinthe wen you've a moment? As strong and energetic as ever, you look well! Business proves favorable?" he follows up behind Percival's words to the barmaiden.

The Wizard gets the rat's attention. "You desire to study the art of restorative magic? While I am no White Mage, my calling as a Holy Knight has made me familiar with it. I would be more than happy to send you a few texts on the subject, and mayhap offer what training as I can should time prove sufficient." Smirk. "Now, now! Only every two or so days! I occasionally keep out of harms way."

Faruja directs a brief glance to Ivo as he continues his verbal assault upon Avira. Well, if words don't work...turning away, he picks up his crutch with his good arm. Thrust! A light bonk to the head is aimed upon a certain knight-errant.

The Burmecian nods to Avira...yet gives her a distinctly vacant, 'deer in the headlights' look as she begins to talk technology. "LEXUS, hmm? forgive me, Lady Avira. You have me a touch lost. Virus? 'Control Alt Delete?'" Well, he gets some of it at least.

"Regardless, he is clearly tainted. Not human, that is for certain." Nope, the rat /still/ hasn't gotten the Program memo. Turning to Deel, he smiles, though only lightly given the topic at hand.

"Know you of this 'LEXUS', dear Lady Deel?"

Then, he's doted upon! The rat lets Avira go about it, giving her a quiet thank you, and general looks of appreciation. Really, it's gratifying to have someone care enough to do so!

Turning back to the Gargoyle, he finally seizes up on an opportunity! "Mmm, good Squire Percival, mayhap this humble Templar might yet beg a favor of you? I...would desire to become more acquainted with your kind. It's culture, rituals, that sort of thing. Mayhap you would oblige me some time, hmm? Over lunch on my coin."

Hey, for once Leida isn't cowering in terror before hi...oops, spoke too soon. The Burmecian sighs. Thump.

"Lady Leida, do I truly terrify you so?" The rat may just sound a little sad at that. Even a ton of alcohol can't kill a fear in the girl he'd never intended to spark.

But, people are insulting Ivo. Really, Faruja can only have so much of that. He raises his voice slightly. "Mmm. No person is without sin, Sers and Dames. Ser Galvan has been nothing but a stalwart companion, in every situation I have found him beside me. Whatever his failings, I would never turn down his blade, nor intellect, nor counsel were it offered." The rat knows when to stand up for his fellow Shard Seekers.
Isaac Hanlon Isaac has a fair Sense Motive score. "It's not quite as excellent as you think," he says to Avira, voice pitched a little low. There is a brief, tiny frown for just a second, and then he's his still slightly bleary but otherwise normal self again.

Isaac laughs when Deel changes the jukebox to something a little more... techno-y. "See? Not many people around with that trick, but a few. It's not so hard. So what's the deal? Are you one of the Programs I've heard are running around? I figure if there are viruses and crazy HAL 9000 knock-offs there's gotta be a few that're in it for the shenanigans if nothing else, right?"

He turns back to his meal and polishes the rest of it off, pushing the plate away a short ways. His eyes briefly pass over Ivo when he surveys the room, and he frowns again momentarily. One of the problems with being skilled in the lost arts of Diplomancy is that sometimes you accidentally poke a sore spot. At least he has the sense to back off. Some days, Isaac thinks.

"Two or so should be plenty of practice," Isaac says good naturedly at the rat-knight. "Your kind of magic isn't my kind of magic, but I'd love to see some written works on the subject. There's just something about the simplicity of it all that gets me." Gets him riled, maybe. There's too much unexplained when people just throw around Cure spells. How does it /work/? How does it know /how/ to work?
Avira "...necessity." Avira says soberingly to Sarafina. "For a while I was considering becoming a Sky Pirate so the whole deception thing seemed like an important skill to pick up. Now I'm not sure anymore. I've found a lot more important things to do with my time than be a Sky Pirate. Airships are pretty damn expensive, by the way. Oh, right."

Avira waves to Tifa. "Scotch on the rocks, please."

Looking back to Ivo, Avira smirks and shakes her head. "No you don't. Just forget about it." She doesn't seem offended though. Being a shrinking violet got her nowhere in life. This approach was far more successful.

Frowning, she squints over at Leida, who looks kind of young to Avira. Almost too young to be drinking liquor in the first place. Seriously, anyone part of the Reize fanclub was probably too young to drink. Fortunately, the cooler head of Tifa is on the case. She'll concede this issue to her, who no doubt deals with a large amount of drunk people during the day.

After a moment, she realizes that her particular computer reference isn't going to make much sense to Faruja. So past the grateful look for the bonking, Avira looks apologetic. "Hrrm, how do I explain this...his type of life is...different than you and I. He's inorganic and we're both organic...see that means we both are made of carbon-containing compounds and LEXUS has completely different chemistry unlike humes and nezum-err..."

Yeah that's probably not helping either. "Destroy him. I hope he is destroyed one day." she clarifies without the science mumbo jumbo, settling down nearby Faruja, giving him a break from her poking and fussing at his wounds. She might have imparted a First Aid regen spell somewhere along the lines.
Leida Fortunately, the princess is one of the nice drunks, and look, there's all these wonderful concerned people coming to help her up. How nice. Considering that she weighs about as much as a sack of feathers, and holds liquor equally well, Leida puts up no struggle when the three of them gently urge her towards the couch. It's almost like she's used to this happening when she drinks.

She does however, respond to Ivo's quip about her ability to drink with a vacant smile. "Gimme another bottle and I will practice some more..."

The glass of water that Tifa offers is apparently close enough and she starts to nurse it quietly from the comfort of the cushions, pausing only once to peer at the contents in confusion before she shrugs and settles in.
Mercade Alexander And there is suddenly a Mercade! He steps down the stairs from the floor above, looking out over the room with a curious gaze. "Holy cow, setting up here was a /great/ idea, Tifa." He says as he moves over to the bar. "Make that two, Tifa." Mercade says, as he gestures to Avira. "I'll have what she's having." He grins as he sits down. "It's really lively tonight."
Percival Percival is more than willing to allow Leida to be led away by Tifa. At the very least she appeared to be a responsible chaperone for her. He can't help but give Faruja a dubious look when he defends Ivo's honor, but given that his statement was as tactful as possible before, he doesn't offer any apology to Ivo, as he didn't believe that he caused any offense to Ivo's honor.

Percival should perhaps have been suspicious of Faruja's request. But the thought of being in the company of another knight overrides all reason. "It would be an honor. Though you will have to grant me the same favor. And perhaps regale me with a tale or two of your valor." He doesn't make known his other request, yet. He needed to know more of Faruja first after all. He could only imagine the variety of responses it might elicit. Anywhere from pious acquiescence to the drawing of naked steel and a duel to the death. Knights were known for their extremes after all. Holy Knights moreso. At the second mention of LEXUS though, Percival turns to face Deel. "Ah, yes, I would be quite interested in hearing more of him as well. Given that he, it, or whatever it is claims responsibility for the fall of my world. Even if he does so in a manner that reminds me of a narcissistic and petulant child, screaming unto the wind for attention."

He gestures to Mercade. "Ah, Mercade, do join us. Lady Tifa, I'll take responsibility for his tab as well tonight, if you don't mind."
Sarafina Carenze "While I won't complain about you choosing a life away from being a Sky Pirate..." Sarafina's job in the Baron military was, primarily, taking out pirates. She wouldn't suggest to anybody to become a pirate, even if it was one of those worlds where being a pirate was a good thing. She don't trust it, no sir. "Have you ever flown an airship? You know how?" She's curious, in part, because she intends to build a ship for the TDA. Airships are tough to build, but it doesn't take a huge crew. Just two similarly dressed guys and at least someone with a lot of chutzpah can make a serviceable one with time. If Glayffe can outfit flying deathtraps, she can surely make one that isn't a death trap with a low budget.

Grr, just thinking about that guy--

She shakes her head. "It is admittedly hard to be creative knowing that there is a superior model of transport I don't know how to construct." She spots Mercade heading on down. "Hail Mercade! How fares you today?"
Ivo Galvan Ivo does look a little awkward at Tifa's joke, though not because it's true. "Am I so hideous?" he jokes back, trying to keep it light, though he does faintly worry that someone might actually believe that about him. Teasing people is one thing, even manipulating or embarrassing them, but taking advantage of the vulnerable is serious to him. He's not /Priel/.

Fortunately, Faruja comes to his rescue, just as Ivo's heart begins to dim a little. The knight-errant looks visibly surprised, eyes widening as he looks over at the Burmecian, and then, of all things, a flush rises to his cheeks. "...I'm hardly worthy of such praise," he manages, after being briefly at a loss. "But I'm proud to fight alongside true friends." And he grins at the knight, unrestrainedly revealing his gratitude at Faruja's trust and respect on his features, even if he doesn't say anything directly.

Relationship Rank Up!

But he'll have to talk more seriously with Isaac -- who, given both his trophy-earning skill and social awareness, seems competent indeed -- and Sarafina later. His bantering with Avira having come to an end, and Leida in need, he seats himself on the couch next to the girl, smiling down at her softly as she, with some perplexity, drinks her water. "Sure," he says gently, "we'll practice again later." From what he's heard from Reize, this girl has had it rough. The least he can do is make her life a little livelier. But maybe only he's the one who thinks that's a good thing.

...He probably is.

Seeing Mercade enter makes Ivo want to get up and greet him, but after so many questions about the shard-seeking device, he's realizing that he can't escape his problems through socializing. Instead he leans back next to Leida, electing to keep an eye on her from the sidelines for now, and quietly contemplate his dilemma. The shadows over Fluorgis are still thickening, and, if he lets them, so too will the shadows over his heart. He can't let that happen. It's not just Reize who bears the burden of the wishes of others, as much as Ivo would like to pretend otherwise. Even if it's not what he anticipated--

People are counting on him, too.
Avira "It's actually more of a title of honor in Ivalice." Avira explains for Sarafina's benefit, "Refers to people with airships that don't accept the rule of Archadia. But, I've never flown one of any stripe before. I /want/ to though. I want to fly again."

Mercade shows up and Avira immediately brightens. "Hey Mercade! Yeah, pretty good crowd for a Saturday."

And the manager gives me a smile o/` her mind mentally fills in. Fortunately, Avira makes her will save and doesn't start singing.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart makes sure Leida is comfortable before moving away, smiling as she returns to the counter. Two orders of scotch of the rocks for the (unlikely?) couple of Mercade and Avira. Well, maybe. Not her business. But where's Cloud when you need him -.- Well, not *need*, but at least *wish*, even if wouldn't admit to it just yet either. Silly girl.

She slides the two glasses over "Hey Mercade, nice of you to drop in." Kidding, this is his place after all, she's just filling up some empty space with something more useful than a wall and a few tables of course. "It is pretty lively, but it'd be sad if it wasn't, being a bar, don't you think?"
Faruja Senra A nod, and a salute. "I shall be most happy to provide you with them, Ser Isaac. May they prove insightful. Mmm, mayhap so. The Black Magics are far more an intellectual pursuit, they may yet prove more to your tastes." The rat works off of his wisdom score, after all!

Bliiink. More blank staring at Avira at her explaination. "...He is not human then." It's about all he's gotten. Faruja rubs his head, feeling a headache starting.

Listening in general, the rat picks up enough to get the picture, though. "He assisted in Manhattan's fall. Well. That simplifies matters. It shall be my honor to present his head upon Traverse Town's clocktower, Lord willing." Sadly, the rat's not exaggerating.

Percival's look is returned with one of determination. A knight defends his comrades. Nor is the rat one to back down. Yet, a smile lingers behind his stoic look, one of respect. The Gargoyle has a backbone. Lord bless him.

"It shall be, then. Burmecia has a long and storied history, and I would be happy to share it, as well as my own experiences. For now, let us drink, and share in the company of these fine individuals, hmm?"

Perk. "Good eve, Ser Mercade! Lord bless!" He calls out to the TDA leader.

Faruja turns to Ivo, giving the man a small smile and nod. Certainly the rat has his issues with the man at times, but Ivo's been nothing but an excellent ally and friend. The kind of person he has to stand beside. "'Tis always an honor, my friend."
Mercade Alexander "Sometimes, one man's hero is another man's villain." He smiles as he picks up the drink. "And sometimes they're just villains regardless. Things are weird like that sometimes." He swirls the iced scotch around a bit and takes a drink, before gesturing. "Hello everyone! It's great to be here. I'm glad Tifa's wasted no time in drawing a crowd. You guys will love it here." He laughs. "Well, Tifa was looking for something a lot more central. Goug is nice and all, but it's a pain to get to if you don't own a chocobo."

He's not going to start singing the Piano Man, dammit. Don't even start.

"I'm faring pretty well, Sara." Mercade grins. "Everything is falling back into place and the TDA is starting to feel like the Agency again, instead of, well..." He shrugs. "Some kind of world refugees." He looks out over the bar. "This is also a nice place. It gives Tifa plenty of room and is well decorated, and there's a lot to do here. We're going to be eating here all the time, of course, and people who come here will see that we're just one floor up if they need help. Bars tend to attract people with troubles sometimes, you see." He says with a chuckle.

He waves to Faruja. "Hey there! How's it going, Faruja? Are you doing all right?" He seems to be doing the Templar thing again, but he's not always certain.

Percival gets a grin. "Don't worry, Percival, I don't drink too much, I won't strain your generorsity."
Percival After staring down Faruja for a time, he makes a gesture to suggest another round of drinks is warranted. "A long and storied history? We'll have to make a competition out of it. A friendly one of course. Patriotic duty demands it after all."

A thought suddenly occurs to Percival, and while it is entirely innocent in his mind, it may not seem so to the one he'll request it of. He is entirely oblivious of that fact though.

"Lady Avira. I noticed during our recent amphibious adventure that you had a natural talent that would make the bards weep and the muses offer you a place amongst them. Would you consider perhaps, regaling us with a song or two?"
Deelel Deelel says "humm not so much a trick really. I just been able to ... communiate to machines liek that since I have arrived." She tilts her head for a moment and she nods a little bit. "Yes, I'm a program. I'm a multi media program actualyl, sound and visuals for the most part. I left a few bits of work about the town." She pauses at the mention of hal 9000. "An AI or proram from your world I take it? Yes, there are a few of us about. I know of three others who are not hostile to users or seeking to help. Though there's CHIEF...." She shudders. "So many user errors have broken him."

She notices as Mercade arrives and then looks back to Isaac "I should tell you and your comrades eveyrthing I have on the MCP and LEXUS at some point your likely going to need it."
Leida Leida finishes the water rather quickly once she sets to the task of drinking it, tilting her head back to gulp down the liquid with great gusto. It takes her a few seconds to realize the glass is empty. She peers into it for a few seconds as if checking to make sure before allowing her hands to rest in her lap, cupping the object gently.

Rather than try to interpret the blurs and smears of colors that everyone has decided to devolve into, the girl allows the heavy pressure on her eyelids to bring them down and nestles into Ivo's side on the couch. With his arm for a pillow and the aid of way more sake than is recommended for her height/weight ratio, she begins to drift off. The din of the conversations and the brightness of the lights overhead quickly fade away until the embrace of peaceful slumber envelopes her.
Sarisa There is a small invasion of pirates. Yes, pirates. All of them bearing the insigna of the Jolly Roger of the Syldra II(quite possibly the III), and they take over two tables in the back. They all order beer, ale, and the like, ignoring the finer tastes of the world.

What did you expect, they're pirates.

A few minutes later, Sarisa comes in, slightly worried, her purple-ponytail all messed up as she adjusts her tiara, looking around. "TDA?" she asks, plaintively, of the first person she sees.
Sarafina Carenze "Ahh..a title of honor then? Well, then perhaps I should check on what precisely is Archades in further detail." It's a big multiverse!! And a big world besides. "I'll see what I can do. If you ever want lessons." She bobs her head a couple times before looking over to Sarisa. "Hail milady." She nods to her. "Alas I was just about to get to work. Take care," She looks around the bar. "All of you, of course."

And with that she's heading out on her way to get some work done.
Isaac Hanlon "Could be," Isaac admits. "I don't think what I do qualifies as either. Kind of weird like that. Anyway, I basically live here, so I'll be around if you want to give me the run-down on how it all works." Isaac isn't a WIS caster, but he's no slouch in that stat, neither. Even if he does occasionally make /really bad decisions/ for the sake of other people.

Some people call that heroism. Isaac thinks of it as a chronic psychological defect.

"Fictional AI," Isaac corrects, "but that's the general gist, yeah. Multimedia? We'll have to get together and make some music sometime, then," he says with a grin, totally meaning that in the completely literal sense. He wonders how easy it would be to mix new tunes if he could /actually/ tell the program in question what he wants to do instead of fumbling with poorly-designed counter-intuitive interfaces. "Though... yeah, if you've got dirt on those two, definitely don't hesitate to say."

Isaac stands up. "Thanks for the breakfast. I'll be back down a little later; Mercade's got this one, though," he says, jerking his head to his occasional partner-in-anti-crime. Isaac, in his tee-shirted, sweat-pantsed, uncombed glory, heads for the stairs. "I'm gonna go shower and put on some real clothes."

Isaac pauses at the pirates. He blinks a couple of times, then grins and starts up the stairs, snapping at the jukebox again and changing the tune. He sings along as he disappears.

"Do what you want, 'cause a pirate is free,
you are a pirate! Yar, har, fiddle dee dee..." o/`

Evja Clank. Clank. Clank.

From outside the tavern, at least for those who can hear it, there is the sound of something heavy and metal wandering closer on the cobblestones that make up most of the pathways in Traverse. When the door is finally nudged open, though, a tall figure in full plate(Helmet included) makes their way inside and stands there briefly before casually wandering towards where the bar itself was, seemingly intent on taking a seat as if nothing was wrong.

Anyone familiar with most any variation of Ivalice might recognize the telltale signs of a Judge in full armor, especially the ornate, imposing design of the armor.
Faruja Senra Faruja turns a bit towards Mercade, spinning in his barstool. The flowy robes do quite a bit to conceal it from behind, but there's a splint on a leg and a sling around his arm.

"Far, far better than those Abyss-touched Games could have left me. However, I yet survive. You look well, Ser!" He downs the rest of his Absinthe. Ahh, delicious green fairy, dance before my eye!

Turning to the barmaiden, Faruja smiles at Tifa as Percival suggests another round. "Mayhap you would sacrifice the rest of the Absinthe bottle to this tired Knight, dear Lady Lockhart? 'Twould do my spirits as well as my injuries quite a bit of good!"

"I would have it no other way, Squire Percival." Oddly enough, 'patriotic duty' draws a bitter smile from the ratling.

Wait, /wait/. Slowly, the rat turns to Avira. "...You can /Sing/ Lady Avira? Please, yes! Grace us with a song!" he asks, somewhat excitedly. Any good Burmecian loves art of any form.

SUDDENLY PIRATES. Faruja glances about. Freaking pirates. Then Isaac changes the jukebox. His hand goes sloowly to his crutch. Grip. Thrust! He points it at jukebox.

Faruja hates that song. He'd heard it once in Manhattan. Already, he knows he'll hear it in his sleep tonight. Thankfully, Faruja's skills don't work well with a crutch. Light dances around the jukebox rather than tearing it to pieces. Frown.

"...Knew I should have brought my spear. Any time, Ser Isaac."

Sarisa isn't ignored. The broken-legged and sling-armed Templar bows in his seat to the obvious Lady of good breeding. "Good eve, M'Lady, and Lord bless." His tail points to Mercade.

Clank. Turn. A brow slowly rises as he sees the ornate, rather unique designs of a Judge's armor. Smile. "My, my, my. A Judge of Arcadia?" He mumbles to himself, looking amused. "Lord bless, and hail!" he greets the Judge.
Avira "No. No he's not. And he cannot be killed like a human...or really, like many mortal races, can either." Avira sounds relieved that Faruja managed to get something useful out of her excited and disjointed rambling. "Eliminating him is a tricky thing I'm not sure how to do. Though I suspect I know a few people that know how." Her eyes slide to Deelel who, in a timely fashion, offers up any help she can when it comes to LEXUS (and that MCP guy that TRON mentioned once, though Avira was not explained why that one was a threat).

A thanks is given to Tifa for the provided alcohol, which Avira slowly sips. "Well I wouldn't get too comfortable, Mercade, we're not going to be world refugees for very long." Funny, it felt like Avira stopped being a world refugee a while ago.

Percival makes a request of her that nearly makes Avira spit out her drink. "W..what? Percival, I don't think I'm THAT good. And besides, I'm not really feeling it right now." That last bit is only a partial lie. Earlier events didn't put her in the best of moods and she had to be in a fey mood to start singing.

Avira looks down into her drinks, her cheeks red. Ivo better not be watching this. "Thank you for the compliments, though."

Then PIRATES enter and Isaac invokes a jukebox change that's...honestly pretty catchy. Avira still doesn't sing, though, she doesn't know that song.

Then a Judge shows up. Avira's...not all that worried about this, though those visible pirates might be. "Looks like it might get rowdy in here."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart waves as Sarisa enters. She knows the princess after all. But since she's asking for the TDA, she simply points her to Mercade sitting there at the counter. She picks up the empty glasses, starting to the cleaning. Even for menials tasks like that, Tifa doesn't seem to mind and keeps her good mood.

At least she's not singing!
Mercade Alexander PIRATE INVASION! Mercade looks over the gaggle of pirates and arches an eyebrow. "Never a dull moment." When one of them asks about the TDA, Mercade, for a moment, squints... But he nods. "The Twilight Detective Agency. We solve problems." He smiles.

And then blinks. "What? What do I have?" Oh god, is Isaac making deals again? God help him.

The arrival of a Judge causes Mercade to blink warily, and he looks over to Faruja. "It's too bad that you were wounded so badly. I'm glad you made it though. The worlds need your strong arm and stout heart yet, Faruja." He looks over to Avira. IS she going to sing!? Looks like not... yet. "Thank goodness, Avira. We're only a couple steps away, I hope. Something feels... odd though." Mercade says, looking down into his drink.
Will Sherman Suddenly the imperial march plays...

"Here comes, here comes, here comes the king, the hobo kiiiiing." Will sing songs down the stairs. There is a record scratch as he notices...

There is an entire room full of people. "What? I get to sing sometimes...alot...alone." he crosses his arms.

He sticks his tongue out and then slips to the bar. "Burger me!" he pauses, "And alchohal me."
Percival's eyes narrow and he glowers at the pirates as they enter, but he merely grunts and looks away after he realizes that they're not looking to tear down this establishment, yet at least. He smiles at Lady Avira's bashfulness. "I understand Madame, but I think that perhaps you are underestimating your talent, and your effect upon others. I do hope you'll reconsider in the future." And then the Hobo King. He clears his throat, gesturing to Tifa.

"His majesty's drinks are on me as well." He then walks over to the juke box. While he didn't have any talent akin to the immortal Fonz such as jet-skiing over sharks or snapping his talons to make the jukebox change to his favorite song, he did have Munny to spare, tonight at least. He fumbles around in the munny pouch and then inserts a coin, then changes it to a jaunty Cole Porter tune. He can't help but hum along to 'Anything goes.' then turns and and returns to the bar with heavy taloned footsteps. Take that Isaac, the classics were always the best after all.
Sarisa "Mercaaaaaaade~"

Sarisa immediately drapes herself nearby the detective, her green eyes gleaming underneath her fringe of bangs. "Also, hello everyone; Tifa, how are you doing tonight? I'm so glad to see a new place opened here in Traverse Town!" She is at least a friendly princess.

(If not terrible, baiting Mercades into traps.)
Evja Did the 'Archadian Judge' notice the attention his entrance got? Likely, given the figure turned his head a bit and nodded slightly in Faruja's direction at the greeting. Not that Evja knew what Archadian /was/, but Judge, yes. The pirates went unaccosted on his part at least, however, and he took a seat at the bar before pulling a large transparent sword free from behind his cloak and leaning it against the bar between himself and the counter. After all, it would be ill suited to leave his weapon grabbable from behind if he were facing away while seated.

"Barkeep." comes a simple phrasing, voice distorted slightly from the mask itself, making it echo a tiny bit to sound more imposing. "Have you any Flourgis stock?"
Faruja Senra A nod to the TDA leader from the rat. "Until the Lord takes me into His arms, I shall do my utmost to see them defended, Ser Mercade."

Ear perk. Oh Faram, what is that awful noise...there is a hobo. A King Hobo. Sigh. Half-bow.

"Good 'eve Ser Sherman. Worry not, your singing is..." Long, awkward pause. Vocabulary loading. There's gotta be a compliment here somewhere.

"Better than Dame Anita's." Fun fact: Templar Anita had her throat slashed in a fight with a knife-wielding heretic. She lost the ability to speak (or sing), but lived, and continues to serve honorably. It's the best he's got, Will.

Standing, Faruja offers a bow to those gathered. He pauses slightly, looking to the Judge. Fluorgis, hmm? The rat is soon crutch-walking away after saying goodbye to his companions, yawning all the way. Being injured is tough!
Tifa Lockhart Who's the barkeep? Oh right, that's her. Tifa smiles as she moves over to the door to the storeroom, checking in and bringing back a bottle of wine "Wine or beer? I try to keep a stock of everything, and Fluorgis is a place that I sadly visited too often recently, with all of the troubles." She doesn't know what's attracting heartless to that town in particular either."

She smiles to Sarisa "I'm doing well, how about you? Friends with Mercade?" She smiles at that. Mercade does have a few girls around him. Which seems to be a trend among group leaders, considering Ivo and Reize. Is there something that attract girls to them?
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart blinks a bit at Will's marching in... "Well I can alcohol you just fine, but to burger you I'll need to find a bread big enough to squeeze you into, and then a giant bottle of ketchup and the biggest pickle ever." Of course she's kidding, taking a mug and filling it with the beer from the tap, carefully so the foam doesn't spill over. She then turns to the cooking plate, starting up on the meat patty.
Mercade Alexander And then there is a princess. He blinks as she draps near him, and he coughs, shaking his head slightly. "Hello, Princess. Good to see you tonight. I trust you're well?" He asks. "Unfortunately, we're still in the process of trying to find your sister."

"Avira!" Mercade calls. "This is the Princess who is looking for her sister." He gestures, and then asides to Sarisa. "Turns out that your sister is theoretically a part of Avira's group here, but she hasn't been seen in some time. We've been working together to locate her."

Mercade raises his glass at Faruja's statement. "Lord willing, that will be some time yet. To your health and strength, Templar." He smiles, and drinks.

"She's a client." Mercade asides to Tifa, before people get any silly ideas.
Will Sherman "I dunno, I hear you can get some pretty crazy things in the worlds, Tifa." Will grins back at her, thankful for the sense of humor!

He takes the mug and starts drinking from it, not even the remotely concerned about the prospect that a sixteen year old looking boy is easily drinking a glass of beer and not flinching...

"So I heard I missed Sarafina? Darn..." he says, and waves towards Avira, "Oh yeah, Congrats Tifa! I know I already congratulated Avira, but you deserve one too! That was one wacky race!"
Deelel Deelel says "... I'd love to. I haven't had a chance to do much music since I arrived here. I'd love a chance to do that and I see about hal."

She's exicted for a chance to make music with a user and not have to deal with direcrt user errors. She can just talk to him like he's another basic. So much less hastle for them both.

"I'll give the information when I can. I'll do up a report or if you have a computer I can input the information."
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart smiles, pointing to the half-medal in a display case on the counter "Thanks. It was a bit of luck though, everyone was going at it. I actually knocked Deelel out of it, she probably would have won otherwise. Noone was really paying attention to her. I had Quistis blowing down my neck the entire time too, she ended just behind me even. It was a rather wacky race." She shakes her head, continuing on the cooking of the burger, adding int he bread to roast it just right.
Sarisa "I've kept the TDA afloat since everything imploded on Manhatten." Sarisa says, giving the man a smile as she leans back in her chair. "Ah, well, at least I know she's alive. That counts for something." She mutters mildly to herself in vague amusement. "Thank you, Miss Avira."
Avira Fortunately, the time for Avira to be put on the spot for singing passes. Avria looks relieved, but apologetic. "Maybe another time, Percival. I'm not really much's not something I do in front of other people often." she says quietly, fumbling with her glass.

Suddenly, Mercade points out the princess Sarisa. Avira stares at her for a long moment before making a sad face, "Yes...I haven't seen her for quite some time now. She hasn't made contact with any of us recently. I'm very sorry." The princess is given an apologetic look.

Will arrives. By singing! Avira grins-hey, at least someone was doing it.
Evja "Wi..." The word gets choked off before he looks around and grumbles softly, "Beer." Judges do not drink Wine after all. "You spoke of going to Fluorgis recently... I was unaware that it was within this new world we are all in. Tell me, what of it? Is it in one piece still, or has it fallen to the wayside with those... creatures."
Evja was still not quite sure what they were, looking about at the various occupants, watching the pirates briefly before looking back towards Tifa.
Percival Percival turns to Evja, regarding him with a sort of stoic look which doesn't betray his feelings in regards to the armored figure. "Fluorgis? The city of flowers flourishes. It has frequent attacks by the heartless and other monsters, but it is for the most part, intact."

A sullen glance towards Avira. "If you say so Lady Avira." Another sip of his drink which now appears to be woefully empty. What a shame.

Sitting himself down nearby, he regards Sarisa with a contemplative look while his chin rests in a taloned hand. Were all the princesses in this land so bold, and so strange? Were the pirates her escort? He couldn't decide what notion troubled him more. Okay yes he could, it was definitely the pirates
Mercade Alexander Mercade doesn't judge the Judge. They can drink Shirley Temples for all he cares, he just doesn't want any trouble. Some of them like to... have liberal definitions of their purview. Percival handles the question from the Judge, and Mercade settles for just sitting there at the moment, letting things progress around him as he takes drinks.
Will Sherman Will continues to drink!

He eyes the Male Bunny-person for a moment, and decides to not ask the question, even though his appearance basicly answers all the questions he has...

Just by sheer virtue of being a thing. He's also a judge, and while Will doesn't necissarily /DISLIKE/ them...some of them are kinda jerks...and some of them are Cirra. He's just lucky he didn't get red carded for singing badly!

"Ahhh...Well, we're lookin' Princess...but we're also trying to get back pieces of our world too.." he shrugs, "I can't believe we're having to compete for one. I mean, seriously, what kinda jerk does this?"

SOmewhere, Hades starts filling a moneybin.
Tifa Lockhart Tifa Lockhart flips the meat into the bread once its done cooking, and brings the burger over to Will, along with a small plate that has a variety of condiment to put into it to his liking. Ketchup, relish, mustard, pickles, onions, salad and what not. She smiles "Here you go, burgered up."
Evja "A pity those creatures are still troubling it. Of course... last I was nearby, they flooded the area and suddenly I was in this town. Has anyone discovered a means by which to combat them? My attacks were all but effective." Reaching up, Evja flicks a latch and lifts his mask a bit, revealing a rather feminine-looking jaw and mouth as he tilts his head back, drinking deeply from the given mug before setting it down and letting the helm return to a latched position.
Will Sherman Will takes the burger! "Yay!" he munches on it, "Thanks!" he pauses and looks at Evja, "You beat them with your sword, until they go away. Swording them, lighting them on fist, and regular old smashing still works. If your weapon was not effective, then you might wana rethink your life choices!" Will says, being perfectly blunt.
Sarisa "It's quite alright, Avira." Sarisa says, kindly.

"Lenna's always had a -- mind of her own."

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