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Party Like a Pirate
(2013-06-06 - 2013-06-07)
Celebrating the success of their treacherous expedition into the Ship Graveyard, the Shard Seekers and friends gather in Port Royal for a party in grand style, replete with music and dance and drink, mostly drink. Chaos is par for the course in this once-orderly city by the sea, and it is to the sea that the Seekers will be called once again, while Darkness lurks on the horizon. But until then, Fate shall smile its crooked smile, love shall blossom, and kisses shall miss their mark. Like, /really/ miss their mark.
Ivo Galvan Say what you will about pirates, they sure know how to party.

Port Royal is ostensibly under stern military control, but with its isolation from the world from whence it came and the loss of its typical trade routes, adrift ships have gathered here and made it a wilder hub of commerce than ever before. With the government working overtime to keep the basic amenities of civilization operative and deal with the fantastical elements now passing through, to say nothing of the lurking Heartless in darkened alleyways, pirates disguised as merchants -- or just stepping off of sinking ships -- find ways of slipping in. Scoundrels and wastrels and the dissolute of all color and creed find their way here, in what is a shipping-off point for the farthest reaches of the multiverse, vaster even than the oceans of the World of Ruin.

Ivo Galvan fits right in.

He's laughing at the bar now, slightly flushed, bantering with the bartender as a jaunty tune plays and uproarious misfits caper and bound in the background. It looks like there's something approximating a dance party in progress. Once again, the Shard Seekers have let it be known quasi-publically that they'll be gathering here to celebrate their recent success in the Ship Graveyard, so who knows who'll be showing up this time. Still, as much as Ivo's evidently enjoying himself, lurking in the back of his mind is the thought of the escaped Lich, and the possibility of a vanished World Shard with him. More worrisome still, in a way, is the thought that there never were a World Shard, that the Shard Seeking device is as likely to detect monsters and magical trash as the worlds they seek.

But there's only one way to find out.

And that's the other reason they're here.
Riku Bot Riku is about as entertained by the afterparties of a shard seeker adventure as the adventure itself, so he finds himself navigating through the unfamiliar crooked alleyways and gangplanks of Port Royal with a vague air of confusion.

(This does not go hand to hand with vulnerability however, as some pirates find out when they corner him in an alley.) Sometimes looking so young as it's disadvantages, even when said teenager as a sword at their hip that they are willing to use (Even if to only part your belt from the rest of your pants and cause somewhat of an embarrassing and awkward silence for several moments)

This only happens once.

When he pushes his way into the bar, he raises his eyes up to the ceiling and wrinkles his nose slightly as he looks around. He moves towards the bar and takes a seat not too far away from Ivo. "Why am I thoroughly not surprised? Another adventure at the bottom of every glass, Ivo?"
Raiya Fujihara A samurai walks through the streets of Port Royale this night. And she ends up walking into the bar that Ivo has found himself in. The blonde-haired woman was wearing a fancy black kimono with a purple sash around her waist that keeps the kimono tight to her body. A fearsome sheathed katana is proudly displayed in the samurai's sash and the sleeves of her kimono move from time to time to reveal that she was wearing black armguards underneath her clothes. Both her katana and her long blonde hair sways as she steps carefully around a fallen drunk 'merchant' and heads further into the depts of this hive of scum and villainy.

And speaking of scum and villainy, Raiya soon spies Ivo at the bar. Riku is noticed as well, but she does know him that well as they have only encountered each other once or twice before. Ivo looks exactly how Raiya remembered him despite it being months since they last saw each other. He appears to not have changed one bit for better or for worse. With a sigh, Raiya quietly walks up to the bar and edges her way in near where Ivo was. A katana is a keen instrument to cause people to gain way. "Fate has finally seen it fit for our paths to cross again." She says face-forward in her typical stoic manner before attempting to gain the bartender's attention to get a drink for herself. Riku is turned towards now. "And I have not seen you since you dueled Ivo in what feels like ages ago. It seems that Fate has a unique sense of humor to reunite....." A loud noise behind her causes the samurai to turn and face the table where Reize had lept to just as her hand reaches her katana. And there was Reize. This was some reunion indeed.
Reize Seatlan The last two times that he got drunk, he woke up curled up to a girl. Wait. What?

Nevermind that. Reize is going to avoid getting drunk this time! He recalls what happened last time, so he is going to avoid getting into suc awkward situations. Nevertheless, the time is for celebration. And celebrate they shall.

Reize is standing on one of the tables. Here the boy is, extending a hand into the air triumphantly while the people in the bar listen to the boy with rapt attention. Though, it could be because that they are drunk out of their minds.

"And there we were, faced with the fiendish presence of a horrifing monster. No. A demon. ...Worse yet, a /Fiend/." The boy walks along the table, "Ghastly creatures, the fallen risen again, /all/ of them were our obstacles! It took great teamwork on all of our parts! Ivo saw the window of opportunity and grabbed the barrels of explosives and we loaded it in! Faruja, our trusted holy knight, kept the ghastly monstrocities at bay while we could load the ship..."

"And then.."

Both hands come apart as Reize jumps into the air.


The moment he lands on the table, it splits apart and crumbles from the forceful jump the boy takes. The result is essentially Reize landing hard on his butt. This results in a roar of drunken laughter at the boy's predictament.

"Atatatatatatataaa...." His antenna hair looks about as beaten up as Reize.
Faruja Senra While a certain Dennou may have dropped yet another worry into the Templar's lap, Faruja Senra is determined to enjoy himself. It's been some time since he's really been able to seperate himself from his troubles, and the stress is wearing on him. A certain field medic and Sister of the School of the Word may spy an increasing number of grey furs amidst what should by all rights be unblemished white fur, the same perhaps going for a Certain Fire Mage. Easil noticed, really, as the Templar has taken it upon himself to properly escort the two Ladies to the Shard Seeker's little shindig; a Lady in each arm should they allow it. At least until they're at the door, whereupon he'll open it for the women.

Clad in local clothing rather than his usual attire, a spear regardless on his back, he may look more like a traveling Burmecian nobleman to those familiar with his kind. The fact that he picked the clothes up locally, being ones in theory fit for common pirates where his homeland believes it to be rich fashion pleases the Templar greatly. If only there were nobles for him to gloat at over the fact!

"Ahh, the smell of precious water. A touch of rain, and all would be well within the world. After thyselves, my dear, dear friends and associates. Please, let us enjoy ourselves, Sister Fisher, Maira. A life of naught but toil is to forget the gift given us by the Lord that is life!" The rat's all smiles as he ushers in his companions.

"Ser Galvan, already at it without us, hmm? Tsk tsk, my friend! Lord bless, dear barkeep? Something local and spiced! Whatever the ladies desire, 'tis upon my coin." A glance to the pair. "And I shan't hear of protests!"

Reize leaps, and falls, the boy's charisma far outshining his leaping skills. "My, my, my. The table doth be a most powerful foe, Reize! Yet it could not stand against thy might!" Grin! It softens slightly upon seeing Riku. The rat bows.

"Lord bless, Riku." He offers, far more evenly than last time. Be proud, emo guy, the rat's /trying/!

Blink. The sight of a certain samurai gets the rat's attention, having not even made it to the bar quite yet. "Good eve, Lady Fujihara! 'Tis been some time!" Bow. Smile!

Sigh. The rat takes his drink. "So many faces, hardly do I know where to begin introductions." Sip. For his complaining, he looks quite pleased at the turnout.
Arkham Fisher You so rarely see Sister Fisher in aught but her habit that one wouldn'
A Certain Fire Mage And so, once again, Angantyr misses out on Maira in a wench outfit. This is apparently a thing that simply happens when she enters Port Royal. Costume change-mandatory. SHRUG!? Its all part of the fun.

It was Faruja's idea that she come with him to this party, knowing how she loved a party, but also knowing she was kind of...reluctant to get into any more trouble after what happened at Serendipity. Thus, she had a nice, knightly escort! Her good friend Faruja, and perhaps, if she managed not to be on fire at all, she's make a new friend in Miss Fisher.

As soon as she moves into the room she spots Ivo at the bar and gets a plan in her head. She holds her finger to her lips then begins to creep toward Ivo, quietly moving through the rowdy atmosphere to then fling herself up and onto his back, clinging like a little money and laughing. "Surpriiiiiiise! Hey everyone!" she calls, smiling warmly to everyone she knows. "Congratulations!" she continues. "What are we drinking, eh?"
Violet This kind environment, a bar full of partying pirates, is out of her element.


And only read of in books. But this kind of night if worth celebration, so most of all rules went out the window. At one point Violet is handed a colorful drink of some sort (punch?), and looking over it curiously for a short moment she smiles at whoever it was that slid it in her direction. A young man in his twenties it looks like. And very likely a pirate himself. People party happily and the young woman chuckles softly to herself as she takes a drink, her bright eyes curiously scanning the crowd around the bar, only to see Reize standing on a table.

It figures.

And Reize jumps and essentially breaks the table in two as he lands...
Katyna Woo, party time! Kat had only taken part in a little of the previous day's adventures, but she was still looking forward to chillaxing and having some fun! Ooh, and drinks too, like she wasn't hyperactive enough!

And so the ember knight bursts onto the scene, dressed up in a somewhat piratish outfit herself as she dances through the crowds to the music, yelling and singing and clearly half drunk.

There are so many familiar faces right now that she doesn't know who to approach first. Unfortunately in her current state, she dizzily spins and twirls so much that she ends up bumping into Ivo from the front, even as Maira attacks him from the back. "Ooh, heey!"
Deelel Deelel sometimes finds her clothing changing as she hops from world to world this is one such of those times. this is one of thsoe times she finds herself with a bandan on that has a little green demon holding a pitch fork rather than a skull and crossbones. Long pants, pirate boots and a tank top of all things. The thing is all the stiching of the clothing has the glow lines her normal wear tends to have.

So here she is taking in this strange place isn't there where Zeke is from and she's right behind the Templar.

"I don't like large bodies of water still." She frowns a little but she'll deal with it and it's hard to be misrable with Reize about too.

"Reize! Hello!"
A Certain Medic You so rarely see Sister Fisher in aught but her habit that you might forget she came in any other flavors. Truth be told, she might have, too, but the Father knows there're enough shops around Port Royal who know how to stuff a girl into a dress; it's sort of plain and modest, for the place and occasion, the sort of thing that might be the best dress a fisher-girl owned, but she certainly wears it like it's hers.

Ser Senra hauled her out here, under initial protest, but the Port is her sort of town, to be honest, and she's smiling wide as her knight makes a round of introductions. She recognizes... really nobody here, except the girl she came with. Maira. Yes. And she knows Reize immediately as he lands through a table; that couldn't be anybody but Reize. And, there's a Dennou, somewhere around. There's /always/ a Dennou somewhere around.

"You shan't, you shan't from me, I'll swear it," Arkham responds to Faruja, because she's in the process of securing a worrying amount of dark rum for herself. It's medicinal, you know. On further thought, she calls up another for a certain fire mage, and passes it along. "Go on, it'll, it'll warm you right up."
A Certain Railgun A certain scientific railgun (except it's also basically just magic anyway honestly but that's besides the point) is dressed like a pirate. This is actually Emi Dennou, as an aside, she has a name. She has an eyepatch on. She also has a scimitar at her side that seems to be made out of plastic.

She is coming along with Maira. There's apparently an escort too, who is a mouse knight, and Emi's impassive gaze doesn't suggest that she dropped 'yet another worry' into his lap. In terms of anime, she is in a super deformed state of bland reactions. But in reality, she's just sort of gazing ahead with a blank stare.

"It is never chilly around Maira." She says. "For one reason or another. How are you, Arkie?"
Ivo Galvan "Well, well," Ivo turns with an exaggerated leer as Riku sits down next to him, lifting his half-full glass in toast. "If it isn't the lovely Rachel. Must you steal my heart only to leave for months, and then at your whim to reappear and-- oh, /I'm/ sorry," he then appends, in mock astonishment, "it appears you are her distant cousin Riku. Perhaps you could summon her, old friend? If the ritual involves women's clothes, I think this tavern shall provide." As if on cue, a loud and delighted squeal briefly pierces the ruckus, and a garter is flung across the room, passing in and out of view. "If only in bits and scraps."

He seems to be in a good mood. Reize's ever-glorious storytelling doesn't hurt, and Ivo's laughter is among the chorus as the table splits beneath the boy, though his is more good-natured and affectionate than spiteful. "Yeah, like that," he chortles, "except the table was a ship, and Reize was a big skeleton, and his scarf was a robe. Although his scarf is long enough to... be..."

Ivo's flushed cheeks turn pale, before flushing yet brighter.


Eyes on Raiya's ever-stoic expression, the slightly intoxicated knight-errant feels his heart skip a beat. He cannot find the words. Eager to see her again, frightened to see her again, ashamed of his disappearance, fearful that she had left without him-- that she had already left on her quest-- that she might even be--

"I've missed you."

Though words leave his lips thoughtlessly, before he can think of anything clever or charming to say. All can he think of is her profile, never forgotten. No, enough with the jokes, enough with prodding her like a boy at recess. Can't he be honest for once in his life? He can. He's changed!

"I feared that, in my absence, you had-- oomph!"

Whereupon a, shall we say, very appealingly clad Maira leaps upon Ivo back, sending him staggering forward, and Katyna dizzily bumps into him from the front, leaving Ivo with two attractive women momentarily snuggled against him, with his widened eyes still on Raiya. "Aha... ha ha ha... ladies..." Ivo clears his throat, trying to seize the moment again, but it's gone, and besides, was Katyna always so cute, and Maira always so soft? Yeah, she totally was.

And he totally hasn't changed.

Turning to try to smile at the friend clinging to his back, he sees Faruja and grins, realizing he's the one who brought the babes to the party. "What's this," he cries, "you outdo me, my brother! I have the advantage in drink, but you, sir, have the advantage in company! Where did you find these beauties?" What are you complaining about, Ivo? Half of them are clinging to you now.

Belatedly, he seems to remember that Raiya is standing right next to him, and a little uneasily, he asides to her, "Not that I'm /interested/ in where he found them."

It's just so convincing.
Reize Seatlan The boy is in a very dizzied state.

Reize is reaching a hand into the air. "I'm okay." He slowly turns over and pushes himself up to his feet. His eyes lift over towards Deelel, then he waves a handher way, "Ooii, Deelel!" And then, his eyes fall upon Faruja, "Oooi, Faruja! Maira! --Err.." Pause. Who was the person? "Err..." The boy is drawing upon a blank.

Nevertheless, Reize brightens into a smile, "This is a celebration! We beat a Fiend and it from haunting the people! This is a victory for the Shard Seekers!" The boy raises a hand towards a mug.

He sniffs the mug, making sure that this is an actual drink. After confirming that this drink won't suddenly change him like the last two instances, Reize is cheerful once more. His eyes fall upon Violet, and then Ivo and the others.

Triumphantly, the boy raises the mug to the heavens.


And the rowdy men actually join the boy with the raised mugs, because why not? It's a celebration. Drinking for all.
Riku Bot Riku looks at Raiya and raises his eyebrows. He gets up and bows slightly to Raiya in respect, offering her a seat somewhere near him. "A extremely dark sense of humor. Believe me." He snorts and begins to continue when Raiya turns away, his eyeline following to... sigh. Reize. Just Reize.

Riku puts his face in one hand and just laughs into it, shaking his head back and forth. "I see Great Ocean Adventurer is already having fun."

This is when Ivo starts in and he laughs sheepishly. "I think the ritual involves far more drink than either of us have had and the element of surprise. It's no fun when youre expecting it." he grins. "Which I think is an embarrassment I'll save for when it's again needed to teach the general population the grace and culture of Ivo Galvan." Oh the dripping sarcasm there. Riku turns to Faruja with a laugh as Ivo is tackled by a flying firemage and an ember knight and-- he takes a deep breath, swallows his ire and bows in return. "Lord keep you, ser Faruja." He tries to keep the 'Because only well meaning idiots like Reize would take you otherwise' off his face. He's trying as well. And the mental gripe turns out to be only halfway sincere, which surprises him a little. He waves and takes a seat as he starts chuckling again at Reize's antics.

Yes. The costume changes are all mandatory. All of them.

"Survival." He gestures to Reize. "I think the templar has the right idea. That table /was/ a terrible foe. It's been slain in the name of justice and moderately good storytelling, I suppose. I'll drink to that."

He looks to Violet and Katyna and smiles slightly at them both, leaning up against the bar as he looks over the crowd and takes in what is going on around him quietly.

He doesn't greet Deelel but he doesn't scorn her either, nodding slightly to the program and to A Certain Medic politely.

A Certain Railgun Riku is kind of privately wishing was pointed in a different direction, but he waves at them as well.
A Certain Fire Mage Maira lets herself fall from Ivo's back, smiling all the while. "It's good to see you Ivo, and in good spirits! Oh! Raiya!" she says, then springs forward to hug her. Yes, hug her. This is happening. HUGS FOR EVERYONE! "Its good to see you too! Look, Ivo, found after all this time! If you haven't had a word with him yet I'd better leave you to it," she says, then leans in to whisper to Raiya briefly before she turns and takes the offered rum from Arkie. "Warm me up?" she asks, laughing. Emi has it right! Maira reaches to take Arkie's hand and lays it, unabashed, on her cheek. "I am always warm!" she replies. Indeed, her skin feels very warm, like someone with a high fever or a rock that has been sitting in the sun. Except, as Ivo is so keen to repeatedly notice, soft.

Maira downs her rum then. She'll get good and drunk, gosh darn it! Maybe then she'll stop feeling like every shadow was suspicious--ready to eat her.

Recognizing Riku, Maira takes a seat nearby and smiles. "Hey, Riku! How are you? I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been up to?" she asks.

Oh Katyna is here too!? Wave! Beam!
Faruja Senra Siiip. Faruja watches, stifling a snicker with his drink as the Fire Lady makes her way towards Ivo. Turning to Deel, he claps the woman on the back. "Now, now, now! 'Tis naught to fear, should one fall, I am quite adept at swimming. Nothing to worry about. Ahh, but mayhap a good dip in the cool waters would do thee well, hmm, Deel?" The Templar's not yet caught onto the whole 'Programs hate water' idea.

Two women barge onto poor Ivo. The Templar can't help but laugh, shaking his head. "Oh, my, how /popular/ Ser Galvan! Lady Katyna, greetings my dear!"

Tapping on his glass lightly, he gestures to Arkie and Maira. "For those whom may not have had the pleasure, 'tis my great honor to inroduce Lady Maira, a mage of no small renown, beauty, and skill..." Turning, he gestures to the Sister making her way over to the bar. Her words almost have the rat sniffling. His medic /drinks/ like a normal person. He knew he liked this girl for a reason.

"And the ever reliable, loyal, pious, intelligent, Sister Fisher of the Holy Church's School of the Word, whose knowledge shall make a library seem paltry in comparison!" His compliments done, he walks over to clink glasses with Arkie.

That is a /lot/ of rum. "My, my. Methinks a drink contest shall be in order soon, Arkie." Seriously. Can she really drink all that?

Dennou! If Ami were here, he'd likely be getting pets by now. Somehow, despite the embarrassment it involves, the lack of the animal-loving sister saddens him. A drink is quickly passed to Emi. "Drink well, my dear, and enjoy the celebration!" At the least, the Burmecian doesn't seem to blame Emi for dropping said worry upon him.

Indicating said beauties, Faruja gives a modest bow. "Why, a humble knight always seeks to ensure the safety of pious, outstanding individuals such as those that have blessed this undeserving Templar with their presence. Indeed, 'tis been my pleasure to see them towards an enjoyable night." When in doubt, play the part of the virtuous knight, if you can't beat the suave of one Ivo Galvan!

What's this? A toast!? A glass is raised. "To victory, and righteous glory!" Calls out the rat with feeling, clinking glasses with a nearby pirate.

At Rikku's return, the ratling crosses his chest. He'd not take the boy as pious, but he appreciates the manners. Some cynical part of him didn't think Riku was capable of it. It actually brings a smile that he can't quite suppress.
Deelel Deelel is lauahging a little bit, she's just happy to be out of prision now at this pont and she's going to enjoy herself in the companty of friends and that's how it's hopefully going to be tonight. She can't get intoxicated. Well not off human things alway and she's now just watching Ivo and she laughs a little bit. She's jut happy to see IVo from the sounds of it meanwhile Reize returns her greetings and she seems to be in a good mood. Though since she was on ice she has no idea what the Victory was but given how big the party was it clearly a major thing. Very clearly a major thing from the sounds of it.

She kinda of falls in with Faruja at this point as jhe makes the introduction of some of his guests. She's also joining in the torat like everyone else but this is certainly strange user fuel today...

She looks over at Riku and gives him a polite wave she's long ago let any issues with him go from the looks of it. "Greetings, Riku."
Violet Violet chuckles with much more mirth than usual at the activities around her, but if there were anything of an indication it might be the color in her cheeks and the empty mug in hand. Though she's given another just before Reize lifts his mug. Smiling brightly, she lifts her new drink up in the air above her head as well. "For victory!" she giggles.

Taking several drinks from her glass, Violet hiccups and places the mug on the bartable with a bit more force than intended. She pushes herself to her feet as she starts threading her way through the crowd of people. With a bit more ease than she had when they arrived. "Who wants a dance?!" she giggles.
A Certain Fire Mage "Wait! Am I missing a toast!?" Maira asks, suddenly alarmed, she grabs her drink and raises it. "TO VICTORY! YAAAAY!"
A Certain Railgun Emi naturally has no idea what Riku's issue is and, so, takes the closest possible seat nearest to Riku, even going so far as to scoot the chair even closer to Riku. She ends up 'toasting' about 1.5 seconds after everyone else, holding the glass up for a few moments before lowering her hand.

"Hello Riku." She says. "The Network has not seen you in some time. How are you today?"

SHe tilts her head a bit, perhaps hoping to see a key embedded in Riku Bot's back.
A Certain Medic "Glory to who takes it!" Arkham manages to get that one out without stammering, adding her voice to the Seekers' joyous din. "I'm, yes," she acknowledges Faruja's extensive introduction with a fetching blush that doesn't quite fade out, "Arkie. I patch him up after, after he goes out partying." Her glance suggests that just to look at him you could see where this would be necessary. The necessity suggests to her that there's too much rum in her glass; she does something about that.

"I live, Dennou," she responds, to Emi's retreating back. Riku seems to be her target, and she gives him a nod of acknowledgement, in case he catches her staring. She's not quite warmed up enough yet to approach him herself.

Reize is right here, though, at the epicenter, where she has only drifted. "I haven't, haven't managed to join you yet, you know, but I will~" She isn't /much/ taller than him, come down to it, so she can't do much leaning down and being cute, but she tries. If she can wedge her way past anyone.
Reize Seatlan There is a bright grin that forms as Riku joins in. At first, Reize lets his friend's words go over his head with the table. Then, the boy blinks.



It is then that the young boy beams as Maira and the others finally join in their toast. That smile grows, right towards Faruja, "Oh, thanks!" He is now reminded of the girl's name.

"Sister Fisher!---Errr Arkie! Good to see you again. Er-join? ---" And Violet is starting to act strange. He blinks and he starts getting up to his feet. "Errr, one moment, Arkie!"

"Oooiii! Raiya!" The boy waves a hand towards her.

As he rushes over towards Violet, the boy smiles, "Hey, are you okay..?" And then, it hit him! Not many people know her!

"Ahem, I do have an announcement!" He placs an arm around Violet, offering a smile to the group. "So, I don't think many of you all have met her, but.." He offers a wide grin, "I want to introduce one of our newest members of the Shard Seekers, Violet!" He boy lifts a finger into the air, "She is an excellent swordsman!"
Raiya Fujihara Raiya bows to Faruja when he calls over to her and offers a faint had wave towards Reize. It is Riku's politeness and his bow towards her that causes Raiya to actually smile faintly. She was pleased to see such good manners still existed in this day and age. The bow is returned promptly and she takes the offered seat at the bar just in time to recieve her amber colored drink. "Fate has no other kind," replies the samurai darkly just as she overhears a few choice words from the busy Ivo.

Those few words are enough to cause the woman to completely stop in motion, her drink held aloft mid-air. Saying such a thing in a place like this? Raiya quickly finishes her drink long before the toast started. She calmly turns her head to focus her green eyes on Ivo and simply nods her head gently. It is a small gesture, but she hopes that Ivo was not too distracted to miss it.

The Maira/Kat tag-team attack causes Raiya to purse her lips together and look to the bartender for another drink. She just might need it. Before Raiya have really recover, she gets HUGGED by Maira which causes the Wutai swordswoman to blink a few times in surprise. But it is what is -whispered- to her that causes Raiya to lock a slightly wide-eyed gaze with Maira. The stoic samurai is struck speechless for a second..

Thankfully, another drink arrives just in time. Raiya raises her glass, glances towards Maira and then to Ivo, and then drains it completely. Riku gets a pointed look next. Fate and its cruel sense of humor indeed.
Ivo Galvan "For victory!"

Ivo can't but join in Reize's toast, laughing again at their spirited young leader's irrepressible enthusiasm. Even if they didn't find a World Shard, everyone seems happy to have helped others and brought Light to the land in some small way. Perhaps it's the drink, but Ivo finds this extraordinarily comforting. Even now, there was some small part of him that worried that if the Shard Seeker device turned out not to work properly -- or at all -- their partnership would fall apart, that the little home they'd carved out for themselves in a corner of the multiverse would crumble. But their friendships are stronger than that. He's going to do his best to realize their hopes, and find the worlds of those who have lost them.

Not, however, simply because he fears the consequences of failure.

"My grace and culture are beyond impugning," he retorts to Riku, though as he's laughing as he says it, his indignation is not particularly persuasive. "Just ask Avira. If such a brute calls me a scoundrel, you know I'm the picture of propriety." Is that how it works?

"Eh? Don't tell me Her Highness is..." As it's Riku's turn to be beset by women, Ivo's gaze strays to the wandering Violet, who seems to be having almost a little /too/ much of a good time. His grin broadens, but as amused as he looks, he keeps his eyes on her. If it looks like she's getting in over her head, and Reize is otherwise occupied, he'll intervene as smoothly as he can. But he's not quite ready to leave the bar just yet, if he can avoid it.

He does catch Raiya's nod, as well as her pause, and these subtle gestures again cause his heart to jump up into his throat. How hopeful, how terrified, how thrilled he feels at his teacher's acknowledgments of his affection, at the hints she reciprocates, at the reminders of the great divide between them and the sweetness of their intimacy in what need not be said. Still, gazing upon her grace and dignity, he can't help but feel, as always, profoundly unworthy.

Probably because he /is/.

Which makes him exceedingly nervous when it appears that Maira has whispered something to Raiya that has given the woman pause, and then driven her to drain her pause. "Ahah, bottom's up," Ivo says, to cover his tension, before draining his own. "Alright, next one's on me!" he adds spiritedly, aiming to clear the air. "Ha ha, reminds me of the last time I bought you a drink, at the New Year's festi..."

Stupid. /Stupid/. Memories flood back.

"S... so... did Maira say something to you?" he tries, a little hoarsely. "Something good about me, I hope." Why does he suspect it's something likely to make his life a lot more complicated?
Riku Bot Riku mutters "more like -- for free beer. It might as well be. //-For Reasons-\" with a chuckle as he leans on the bar. He toasts 'for reasons' with the rest of the victory crowd. When the flying firemage rockets back and forth in a pinball fasion into his vicinity, Riku gives her a small smile. "Hello Maira. Mostly keeping out of trouble and suffering fools gladly." he jerks a thumb backwards at Ivo. "Living over in Archades right now, training to be a Judge Cadet. What about you? What trouble have you gotten yourself into?" He looks away from Maira for a few moments to look over at Faruja. "A drinking contest? That would be something to watch with this crowd.

Beep Boop. Riku - Bot is not that kind of bot, but he does seem rather wound up about something. Maybe the springs are all internal. Maybe eventually something will just go 'SPROING' in an amusing fashion.

"Hello Legionettes." he says politely, having not seen enough enough to actually determine (or remember) whose names they were. He doesn't seme to have any problem with them scooting up close though. "Keeping myself busy. What have you and your sisters been up to?"

Riku looks over at Ivo, then back at Raiya with an expression that is VERY near to rolling his eyes up towards the gods in askance but manages to be just short of that. He raises an empty mug in return and sets it back on the bar. He looks over at Reize as he introduces Violet, and a modicum more interest enters his expression as she is introduced as a swordsman.

"Is she? Well-- gathering another group to put your bacon out of the fire on a regular basis, 'Harem Master of Fluorgis'?" the words almost echoing in those fingerquotes.
Morrighan Alazne And right at that moment, a dark portal opened right in the middle of the establishment, causing all patrons to suddenly quiet down all at once as Morrighan stepped through. She wore the same extravagant black dress that she was quickly becoming known for. Once she had stepped through completely, the portal closed behind her.

"......" Her eyes were closed and after a moment of silent contemplation, they opened once she had realized that things were a little too quiet. "...What? What are all you plebeian fools staring at? Have you never bore witness to a visage as radiant as mine before?" Pause. "Hah, perhaps not! But nevertheless, mind your manners!"

One should not dark portal in wherever they pleased. That fact had become apparent right about now. ....Or not. After a moment more of being stared silently at by the entire establishment, everyone suddenly went right back to their own usual rowdy business. "Hmph! That's what I thought!" Morrighan huffed, not realizing how close she was to getting murdered...or at least captured and tickled to death as interrogation.

"Aha, there you fools are." She called out afterwards, taking note of several familiar members of the travel group she was forced to deal with for now as she approached. "This is the nonsense you have decided to engage in? ...Why am I not surprised." And that statement was accompanied by a roll of the eyes.
Violet If no one had accepted her offer for a dance, Violet would have pulled someone into a dance anyway. Right now she didn't really care so long as there were some dancing! But before any of that happened, Reize appears at her side. Finally! Someone to dance with!

Violet beams for but a moment before he raises his voice, blinking her eyes at him as the boy gains the attention of several people nearby. If she was in her right mind the girl would have been embarrassed by the spectacle of it all. Luckily for her, she wasn't.

Chuckling, Violet reaches out to grab at his arms. "Hey, dance with me. No one else wants to dance with me and I... I am feeling very good right now. Very good." She very adamantly wraps her arms around Reize's shoulders as she giggles, hicking once as her crystal blue eyes glance up at Riku nearby. Listening, the girl makes a face and shakes her head quickly, "No. No harem." her words are mumbled. "I didn't want to guilt him either."
A Certain Medic An attempt was made. Yes. Arkie doesn't have far to straighten, and she raises her glass again in salute to Violet, apparently the newest member of the Shard Seekers. "Na zdravje!" What you do after you say that is you drain your glass, which she does. Such an establishment is this that someone's already handing her its successor before she's found somewhere to set the empty. A good club.

Enough of obstructing traffic, though; the, er, Sister of Ajora takes a sizeable sample of her new glass of rum, just to make sure it's the right stuff. It's definitely the right stuff. She flows through the crowd like someone who has a lot of experience navigating drunk people, and washes up near Maira, and Emi and Riku and something like half the rest of the party. It's a good place to be, here. "Did you like this one, Mair--"

One should not portal in wherever they pleased, no, Morrighan. 'There you fools are.' Arkham waves cheerily to the... the madwoman. Yes. Here we fools are. Join us. There's punch.
Maira Maira has finished her first glass of dark rum and it has been nicely replaced with another before she even noticed! It is some kind of magic, truly!

Maira sips, turning toward Riku, blinking. "A...a judge?! Wh-why would you want to do that!?" she asks. "You're far too nice for that!" Maira has clearly been exposed to a very bias opinion of Judges. I wonder why!

As he asks what trouble she has been getting /herself/ into, she seems to sober, her wide eyes fae-like as she answers, very seriously, "All of it."

Maira then senses a dark portal opening and promptly hits the floor as if someone had opened gunfire, aiming to disappear.

Oh. It's just Morrighan.

The former Dark Knight has not been having a good past couple of days; ok one night may be the exception; but whatever. The day to get ready to move out was upon them and it would seem someone missed the memo cause the 'maiden of light' decided to go out and celebrate with some friends.

Not that Leon could blame them, but of all the places to track her too-- why did it have to /HAVE/ so many people in it. The former dark knight would not be easy to make out beyond a few wisps of darkness that trailed behind each of his steps; very hurried steps at that.

He had a dark hooded cloak over his body including it wrapped around to even hide his body from the front for the most part. His face hidden in darkness beyond the golden red eyes the glowed gently out from its shadows and maybe the bit of light that might expose the lower part of his face.

He was wearing a pair of dark denim jeans. Black boots, gloves to match, and a dark grey shirt. Over his right arm was a armored bracer that went over part of his elbow for added protection and a sword on his hip for his left hand to reach for if he needed too. He would have his bow on hand, but that was with his stuff he had packed.

As he moves into the bar he actually has to lower his head. So many people. So many /people/ in one place. The sound isn't what bothered him, it is what his eyes could see that many others could not see. The brightness of each individuals heart or the darkness of it. Each heart of light calling out to him, like a hunger he had to suppress back.

He couldn't walk around forever with his head down, so Leon forces himself to look up and gaze over the people. He just had to find the one person here who radiated the most light and he find Maira. How hard could that be?

Yeah. How hard could that be...
Deelel Deelel is lowin her mug from the toast now that that's over back to the main event of the party itself right? She is just in good spirits even as her friends talk and catch up about all sorts of thing she finds herself gravitating a bit away from Ivo for the moment as he's clearly already catching up with Maira a good bit. Well she was in good spirits but isn't that Morrighan? Deelel goesn't go for a weapon thankfully but she tenses up as if she's expecting trouble and she dirfts away from Faruja for the moment as someone else enters Leon whom she's not aware is the very dangerous dark knight she met in a rather bad situation catches her attention for a moment whom is that? She wonders but well there's Morrighan and she's not going to let her end up being a kill joy for this party. She dirfts away from the Templar.

"Faruja I shall return."

She seems to be making a beeline to Riku, as why the heck not she's not talked to him in some time right?

"It seems your doinf well for yourself as of late, Riku."
A Certain Railgun "Well," Emi says. "Causing Alma and Faruja trouble, it seems like." She frowns a bit. "There is apparently someone keeping tabs on us, The Network thinks we have almost tracked it." Emi has gotten used to random dark portaling and is wondering if they'll ever learn to walk, but besides that she is not especially troubled.

She leans in to Arkham and murmurs to her, "Do not worry, she is just like that."

She looks down at Maira who threw herself to the ground and seems confused.

"This one was wondering well do you know Alexandria?" This question, naturally, to Robo-Riku.
Raiya Fujihara Ivo does have a long way to go still. But what can one expect when he has been so profoundly negligent of his lessons with Raiya?

The tension and mystery behind what Maira said to Raiya seems to be just killing Ivo. As a practiced swordswoman, it would be foolish of her to give up such an advantage over her errant student. He lets him boil in his own thoughts for a moment before casually turned her head towards Ivo. She smiles broadly and tilts her head to the side slightly. "I am not going to tell you what she said for that would defeat the purpose of her whispering in the first place." The samurai then turns to look forward, but flickers a knowing glance over at Ivo as she turns back around.

The already rowdy bar was getting more frantic with more people walking and...teleporting in like that. Raiya has to maintain focus on the matter at hand and that mission seems to be getting another drink at the moment. The introduction of the Violet the -Swordswoman- causes Raiya to turn and wave an armored hand towards her. It was always pleasant to meet a fellow sword fighter. There weren't as many as one would think these days with so many other more exotic weapon choices at one's disposal.
Faruja Senra What does a Templar do while a new member of the Shard Seekers is inducted? Bow, smile, and acquire another bloody drink. "Lady Violet, is it? Well then, my dear, allow me to introduce myself! Temple Knight Faruja Senra of the Most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados.You shall find no better a group of companions than within the Seekers." Pause. Smile. "Excepting the Holy Church, of course." You /know/ you want to join. We can do stuff like this and get away with it, unless you're a nun.

"Hmph! My size means nothing, Riku, 'twould be a true feat to drink me beneath the table!" Proclaims the ratling to Riku proudly. That almost may sound like a challenge.

Pause. Peering at the young Judge, the rat squints. "...A metaphor about dogs and fleas seems appropriate, however, I do believe I used that one recently." Blast you Dennou, stealing all of his good ones! They have a cooldown you know?

Suddenly Morrighan. Faruja lets his spear slip back upon his back, the ratling ceasing his sudden urge to stab a Darkness Portal user. Unfortunately, this is one he can'st stab. "Lady Morrighan. What a..." Pause. He swallows his drink. "...a.." There's gotta be a polite, truthful word here.

"Lord bless." Ends the rat lamely, walking over to Maira to try to help her up. "Worry naught, Maira, harm shan't come to thee. Correct, Lady Alazne?" The rat pointedly looks at his church associate.

A wave to Deel. "Enjoy yourself, Deel."

Arkie's comments have him sighing. "Unfortunately, I do believe I shall be the source of a multitude of grey hairs for our dear Sister Fisher."
Reize Seatlan Reize beams as everyone welcomes the introduction of Violet. However, Reize DOES have to squint at Faruja as he tries to subtly recruit his newest member.

Hrrrmmm... e_e

And then Riku's comment.

"Wait, what?"

Reize turns his head at Riku, furrowing his eyebrows before making a face. "Oooiii! I am no Harem Master! Where did this come from?!" The boy just about flails until Violet gets his attention.

"Huh?" So, she wants the boy to dance with her. Reize offers her a smile, before he laughs. "Well, okay!" Shewants to dance, after all. Though, the arms sweeping over his shoulders adamantly does put his head right against her bosom.

Cheeks red.


And antenna hair up.

"Music! Play music!" Topic change! Quick. Or something!
A Certain Railgun "Play music," Emi says. "The Harem Master demands it." She waves a harem master reize flag.
Maira Maira would likely be a lot easier to see if she hadn't just dramatically thrown herself to the floor. She was jumpy, alright!? Morrighan is something to worry about. Where Morrighan went, the wrath of Garland went with her, Maira seemed to believe, and as she'd already seen enough of Garland's wrath she was pretty worried about this establishment and its current inhabitants!

Maira looks up toward Faruja, giving him a 'you don't understand' look while she reaches up for her rum and downs the rest of it.


Then music comes on. There's something about a harem master, but Maira brushes over that in favor of listening to the music. That gets her to her feet again. Time to dance! The woman begins to turn, spinning mad circles that are bound to make her quite dizzy.

It is then that she bumps into Leon, rebounding off him with an "Ooof!"
Reize Seatlan "Arrggghhh I am not the Harem Master!" shouts Reize.
Faruja Senra Siiip. Faruja smiles. "A certain Lady Hyral would have me believe otherwise, dear Ser Seatlan! Here, think naught of it. Wear thy moniker with pride!"
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan's eyes met Faruja's first and she silently regarded him with a smirk. He wanted to say something insulting. He totally did, but he instead decided to tend to Maira. "...No harm?" She repeated, looking over Maira impassively. "....I wonder about that." She spoke casually, idly checking her nails meanwhile. "I do recall after all what happened back at the tree...hmn, I suppose I could have my revenge."

Pause as Morrighan looked over the fire mage again, smirk still on her face.

"But judging from your demeanor and the...'aura' about you, I have a feeling that you already have enough problens on your hands, hm~?" Whatever could she be talking about, I wonder. "I suppose I could just follow you around and eventually, something terrible would happen to us both. Ohohohoho~" And there went that laugh again. At least Avira wasn't here to hear it this time!
Violet Seeing Raiya waving towards, Violet smiles easily and frees and arm just enough to wave back, just before Faruga Senra introduces himself to the girl. She blinks her bright crystal blue eyes at him for a split moment before smiling brightly to him in return.

Letting go of Reize completely, her hands touch at her skirt as she smoothly dips herself into a graceful curtsey, one that is clearly practiced. "It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Sir Knight Faruga Senra of the most Holy Church of Saint Ajora Glabados." Such a mouthful! Even tipsy she said it right.

If Violet realizes that he had tried to recruit her into the church, there's no indication. She's too far gone.

Returning her arms around Reize's shoulders, the girl giggles to herself and starts to dance. Music or no music. Luckily he notices that there isn't any music and calls out over the crowd of people for some sort of music to dance to.

Violet was enjoying herself so much that she almost didn't hear the conversation going on around them. Almost. "Lady Hyral?"
A Certain Nun What do you mean 'unless you're a nun'. A Certain Nun is currently into her eighth ounce of rum, and she's only leaning on this table here because she expects the intervening space to be filled with Maira once her knight finishes helping her up. Arkham very nearly seems content to let it happen-- I mean, Maira hit the deck under her own power, presumably she knows what she's doing-- but would she have any room to be reproachful, then?

It's too late, she's already been fully assisted, though. Arkham is forced to dodge her as she goes whirling off in pursuit of the beat, leaving the nun and the rat to attempt an exchange of shrugs. Reize wails a protest; Arkie retorts, "You have to keep a positive attitude, man! You'll never get anywhere that way." She's prevented from handing him booze because Faruja has already filled his hands; she'll settle for getting outside of more rum herself., y'understand, she's only leaning on Faruja because he's convenient, y'understand.
Ivo Galvan Ivo, hastily sipping his new drink and too nerve-wracked to notice Riku's mocking pantomime behind him, seeking an opportunity to regain his typically unflappable composure, has the nice excuse of Morrighan's preposterous arrival to distract him. "Well, if it isn't Her Radiance herself," Ivo calls the lady Alazne's way, raising his glass in feigned salute, grinning with unfeigned delight at her inimitable behavior among these ruffians. "I'm glad to see you've gotten over your shame and distress at having been the one responsible for the appearance of the monster we had to heroically overcome." Indirectly, but still. "I'm sure you experienced that for /at least/ three seconds." What a generous estimation.

Ugh. Ivo's triumphant moment of being able to make fun of somebody /else/ is swiftly dashed at Raiya's amused response to his desperate query. Grr, what is he thinking, asking straight on like that. He /is/ out of practice. He can't let her get the better of him like this. Raiya's knowing glance catches Ivo looking frustrated and abashed -- he /really/ wants to know what Maira said -- but cajoling would be futile. Instead, becoming amused at his own predicament, he grins at his erstwhile teacher, raising his glass again. "Then this is a challenge to loosen your lips," he says warmly, "one which I take to eagerly. Have I not succeeded in the past?" It takes a heck of a lot to get Sensei to blush, but when it happens, it's so worth the effort.

Then, in response to Reize's plaintive cry, music picks up, a jaunty dancing tune. Reize seems to be, uh, occupied with the Princess, and Maira has somehow disappeared -- Ivo missed her practically throwing herself to the floor -- and Riku is still crowded around by girls, leaving the Shard Seeker swordsman with no distractions as he turns the brightest of smiles on his teacher. "Well, then, Asteria," he murmurs, leaning in slightly, "to celebrate our reunion, will you favor me with a dance?"

He plays it cool, but the thought of touching her is a little too exciting for him to admit. Deep breaths, Galvan. /She's/ supposed to blush.
Riku Bot Riku winces slightly at the dark portal, his mood souring just a little around the edges. He adds a low level glare to the silence of the rest of the bar until everyone goes back to being rowdy in which case he pointedly ignores her for the sake of his good mood. It's not like he hadn't done similar things, some of them stew-related. When nothing comes of it, he relaxes and goes back to what he was doing. Shooting the breeze into a tattered mess. "Guilt is something Reize does very well. He just looks at you earnestly and guilts you into behaving." at this he flicks his eyes over at Faruja before looking away. That poor, poor breeze. He looks down at Maira on the floor, trains a glare in Morrighan's direction again, sighs, and then offers her a hand to get her back onto her feet. "It's alright." Riku tells her with a smirking aside. "From all accounts, maybe I'll rub off on--"

THUD. Riku flattens himself against the floor. "You know." He says to Maira. "Maybe you had the right idea. But she is up and off again before he can call her back, before he can WARN her. The teenager clutches his chest, teeth grit as he rose up to his knees and then to his feet. Robo-Riku opens his mouth and then closes it, shaking his head at the Legionettes. As he passes Deelel, he shrugs by them. "I'm sorry Deelel. Just-- give me a moment." he scans the crowd in a perfunctory fashion. He knows where they are. He knows WHO they are-- and suddenly this afterparty got a lot less fun. But he had to pretend. Sending everything to a screeching halt would come in a few minutes. Possibly seconds.

Riku makes his way towards the hooded stranger, his face pleasant but his eyes VERY wary. "So sayth the Harem Master! Uh-- Forsooth?" Riku says over his shoulder, voice overcheerful. (Well. That doesn't take much.) Then back to Leon.


No. It is not a pleasant smile.

Oh no. "Good evening." he says very quietly and at close range. "A word please, before we begin?"
Faruja Senra Plan 'convert Violet' failed. Faruja sighs. Blast! "May our efforts together prove fruitful M'Lady!"

Squint. Faruja peers about as hard as he can. "The Lady is a friend. Kindly forget thoughts of revenge." The last thing he needs is the two women fighting, so much as he'd /love/ to strangle the elfess.

Faruja Senra has a nun to support. Cue rat-like support! Faruja uses his tail and shoulder to help keep Arkie aloft as he too goes into 'devour alcohol' mode. That look from Riku is utterly ignored. What's this about behaving and not murdering people? The rat helpfully re-boozes his nun.

"Ahh, excellent...why, this drink gives life to my tongue!"

Faruja, looking slightly wobbly by now, breaks out into song. While an excellent dancer, he is in fact a horrible singer.

"Ohhh, I feel in to a burning ring of fire~"

"I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher~"

He's utterly off key the entire time. Hopefully he doesn't destroy poor Arkie's eardrums.
Leon was trying to look around without, well, giving to much of that 'I am not well' vibe. However suddenly there is a very bright light and that very bright light bumps right into him. As Maira goes to rebound, the man with his hooded cloak quickly snatches out his arm to grab a hold of her arm. His hand, even with the glove on is radiating a bit of darkness that is wisping around his arm. Though it seems to stay /away/ from her. Like she was some painful thing to even touch.

Leon grimaced a bit behind the hood, he did however glare over at Morrighan as she makes her remark toward Maira. He gave a sneer toward the witches direction. "And if you follow her, you will find yourself perhaps becoming an offering to trouble in her stead. Do /not/ threaten my friends." Those golden red eyes glow brightly, almost taking on more of a gold color then a red one.

He looks then at Maira. "..are you.." He then actually has to look down, gritting his teeth tightly. "Are you alright?"

However there was suddenly now someone in front of him, who may be thinking he was out to hurt Maira. Siiigh. So he lets her go and just stares down at Riku. Those golden red eyes looking directly into the boy's. Teenager versus the almost twenty year old (if he was in fact twenty now. He hasn't still done the math on his mind vs body yet). "..and evening." Leon says back calmly. "..and begin what?" Head cant. Clueless as ever.

Those his eyes do gaze over to Maira, since well, she had become the information book of things he had done while he was the Dark Knight. He was wondering if this kid was one of this individuals he has pissed off in the past.. and if so-- what did he do? Kick his favorite ball into a car?

Hey. That is what his mind-space was doing /right now/.

It goes kinda like this...

Chibi armored dark knight kicking a ball into the street and over a ledge. 'Ha ha ha. Your ball is now to darkness. Ha ha ha. Now to steal a doll.'
Deelel Deelel says "I will Faruja! I will." Reize is looked over for a moment and she starts laughing at the harem comment she's holding her sides n short order as she can't seem to stop for the moment. She nods to Riku "Don't worry about it." She kinda sees Riku has business to tend to so she'll leave him too it also Faruja's off key singing is causing Deelel a good deal of agony. She can hear just by how much Faruja is off.
Morrighan Alazne "Oh look, it is the fool with the shabby cape. How I so missed your obvious shabbiness." Morrighan spoke with a deadpan tone, her eyes narrowing in annoyance just at having to see the idiot's face. "Shame, you say? Oh sure...I suppose I may have felt just the tiniest fraction of a twinge of regret at having ripped out a portion of Garland and inviting his otherworldly wrath upon us all." Pause. "...Or perhaps not." Cue flighty shrug!

Riku's glare could be felt vaguely boring into the side of her head, but the dark elf made no effort to bother addressing it. It was not like people never glared at her before. In fact, that was probably the norm. And it was mildly amusing most of the time.

All that said and done, she supposed a drink wouldn't hurt at the end of the day. And so she approached the counter, haughtily demanding some manner of prissy drink in the most irritating manner humanly, or inhumanly possible before taking her glass and observing the others again.

"Sir Senra, your singing is utterly atrocious. Do the world a favor and never open that maw again." Bluntbluntblunt.
Reize Seatlan "I hope these aren't rumors flying around in Fluorgis." Reize lowers is head, comical river of tears flowning down his cheeks. The young boy even addresses Arkie with a grunt "Bah! I am an adventurer! Not a harem master!"

Then, he blinks for a moment towards Faruja's statement. Even as Violet speaks out the name, the boy squints.

"Lady Hyral? Who is she?" The boy doesn't seem to know anyone. The boy does, however, try to keep the motion of the dance going, if only to keep Violet entertained in her current state. And then, Reize is looking at the booze.

"...Bottoms up."

Time to ignore this all!

Drink drink!
Morrighan Alazne Leon's statement caused the elf to look towards the dark knight, smiling mockingly. "Oh my, I am so filled with fear. My legs are shaking. My breath is bated." Morrighan spoke in a mocking dramatic tone, taking a hand to her forehead. "Oh dear, whatever shall I do now!?" A pause at that, and then she let her arm fall back. "Hah, your words mean nothing to me. Do not waste your breath." And then the mocking act was dropped as the dark elf took a sip of her drink.
Leon cuts a glance over at Morrighan with his eyes narrowing and the ground under his feet continues to even further darkness and spreads out a bit more. He lets out a small growl, but brings his focus back to Riku.

He was already on a beating down timer. He didn't have time to deal with all this and he was pretty sure no Ice Angel was going to appear to calm down this darkness now if it was to get out of control.. again.
Violet Violet blinks her crystal blue eyes over Reize shoulder at Faruja with utmost confusion for a moment before she frowns. What? What just happened?

Yeah, she's confused now.

Someone had handed a beer to Reize at one point in the dance as her bright eyes watch his as he takes a few deep drinks. A smile tugs at her lips at this, "What is that? Does it taste good?" Yes, she's that innocent.
Maira Maira wouldn't have listened to the warning anyway. That was Leon! Leon was a good friend, and she had to help him. She knew he would be coming, with the same certainty as she knew when they met in Fluorgis, back when he was still the Dark Knight.

Dizzy, she would have fallen over if Leon hadn't grabbed her. She smiles though, at least until he looks at her and she can see his eyes, at which point she looks understandably concerned. Afraid too, but not for herself. Maira reaches up to place her hand briefly against Leon's cheek, looking into his eyes with growing alarm. "Oh is time to go, isn't it?" she says.

Maira turns then and looks toward Morrighan, squaring her shoulders. "I'm not unable to take care of problems, Morrighan," she says steadily. Leon's darkness radiates, the mist reaching outward--but it shies from Maira, giving her a wide berth.

Riku approaches, and Maira looks toward him, confused. Did he know Leon?
Riku Riku looks between Leon and Maira and then LOOKS at Leon. The teenager appears to be just staring straight past Leon and into him and -- somewhere there is a doll being stolen by darkness. Mwa ha ha.

Riku's player sighs and gets the 4th wall spackle.

The teenager goes through a complicated set of expressions starting with anger, then going to incredulity, then amusement, then horror.

It seems to have stopped on horror because Riku takes a step back (and has to. Big dude, this one) and takes him in and then turns to Maira. "Maira. Can I--- borrow your friend for a minute or two before you go?" he looks over at Leon.

"You and I need to have words. It's a party." he smiles but the horror never leaves his eyes. "Everybody talks at a party."
Raiya Fujihara No matter what, it seems that Raiya always ends up on top when it comes to all things Ivo. First the duel, and then...oh dear.

Raiya was merely attempting to enjoy her drink when Ivo delivers his usual 'charm'. One hand remains on her drink while her other hand reaches down to her sheathed katana. It only takes her thumb to unsheath the blade just a little bit, but she hopes the warning would be clear. The samurai lowers her glass to the bartop and turns in her seat towards Ivo. "You have not seen me in months and that is the best you can do? You are still the student." She tsk tsks and turns back around only to bear witness to Ivo's grizzly second attempt. Her head raises slightly and she looks back coyly at Ivo when he calls her Asteria. "You remember, good. It seems that not everything I have taught you has been lost." The Wutai ronin now stands up and looks to Ivo expectantly. "Yes, I accept your offer. Please don't embarass yourself," says Raiya encouragingly before letting a coy little smile descend onto her face.
A Certain Railgun Emi looks towards Violet and says, "Yes."

Oh that was easy.

She isn't really feeling this actually, though it's nice to see them all so happy. She stands herself up, setting down her glass, and flips up her eyepatch. "Ivo, thank you for inviting us, but I think this one will be going now, we had fun, The Network tries to soothe over Ivo's feelings so he does not realize they were actually kind of bored."

She bobs her head one last time to Riku before flipping down the eyepatch again and making her way out. With Arkie getting super omega drunk and Maira taking care of her suitors, it seems to be a good time to get on out of here and, with luck, find more work to do.
Reize Seatlan With the beer mug in his hand, Reize is looking over Violet. "Haha, yeah! It tastes good!... I think!" The boy takes another swig of the mug, and then he offers it over towards Violet. Despite his state of getting tipsy or falling towards the edge of drunkeness, the boy manages to NOT spill the beer on the Shard Seeker's newest member.

Instead, Reize spins around for a moment in the midst of the dance. "Heeee..!"

In his drunken state, he thinks to have grabbed Violet.

...Instead, it's Riku who is the target of being plled close to Reize.

"You dance great, *hiccup*."

And a smooch.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou misses the best part of the evening, apparently!!
The former Dark Knight's eyes soften a bit at Maira's touch, however he quickly looks away from her. Almost as if he wants to just swiftly move away from her really. It was-- getting difficult. Very difficult now. "We will need to go soon, Maira." He says calmly, even with his teeth slightly gritted.

Leon stares at Riku as he watches him step back and then he asks if they can 'share words' outside. He then looks between the two then back over at Maira. "..we will.. go once we two are done talking. Enjoy yourself while you can Maira."

He then peers back at Riku, unsure of why this teenager now seems so afraid of him. What did this boy know he didn't know? That was the aggravating part!

Then suddenly-- INTURRUPT!

Reize swoops in and takes Riku-- then kisses Riku. Leon can only stare for a moment before he blinks a few times. "...huh." He then looks at Maira and shrugs. "We might be leaving early. This could be spilling into a bar fight soon. Just saying." He has been in enough of them back before Fynn was part of Palamecia.
Morrighan Alazne Watching Reize drunkenly stumble about in what he apparently thought was dancing, she continued to occasionally sip from her glass. And then the fool went and grabbed the wrong peron.

"Pfft- Oh my." Well, perhaps there was a good reason for coming to this hovel now. Thank the lord she decided to stick around. "Ahahahahahaha! I wish you two the best of times~" And casually, she had created a new Memory Sphere, snapping a picture of the moment.
Violet Violet watches the beer curiously for a moment before she chuckles, amused too easily perhaps while Reize drinks his mug of beer. The boy breaks away amidst their dance for but a moment before he leans back to her, but... misses.

The young girl blinks her pale blue eyes through her buzz as she watches him lean in to pull Riku close and kiss him. Violet blinks a second time. "Re... Reize?..." Her gaze shifts from him to Riku, as if trying to search for an answer in his face but finding none.

What's going on?
Maira Maira takes a deep breath and steps back from Leon, nodding. "Alright. I'll be ready," she tells him, glancing between him and Riku, wondering what would be said between them that she could not hear.

Enjoy herself while she still could? That sounds quite ominous. Ah, but they are about to throw themselves into the darkness, aren't they? Maira turns then to see Reize grab Riku and...kiss him!? Maira slaps her hands to her mouth in shock. Oh MY! She looks back to Leon, nodding dumbly before she scurries back to the bar, finishes her drink, then looks around. Enjoy while she can...enjoy while she can...

So Maira dances. Shenanigans abound around her, and Maira dances with herself, spinning in small circles, adding some of the footwork Margaux had taught her recently. Twirl, twirl, spiral upward. Take flight. She simply weaves through the crowd, perhaps a few random people giving her a twirl before she moves on, singing along to the song that's playing even though she doesn't really know the words.
Riku Riku waves to a Certain Railgun in a more relaxed manner than he marched up here to the front of the rowdy tavern but never takes his eyes off Leon, his backteeth still grit. He is REALLY in a prickly, near Attack mode glaring match although the whole horror thing is eating away at his anger because. Well. Because reasons.

Which is why, an extremely beery Reize stumbling into him and grabbing him out of nowhere goes completely uncontested. And --

Yep. There's a memory right there. Well, if you can get it out from the mental scarring involved. Riku grabs the younger boy by the front and pushes him backwards-- but then pulls himk forwards. "HEY!" He growls with the most chillingly ANGRY smile on his face. "Let's skip to the end of this drama shall we?" He puts a hand to his head. "Ahehe.. I cannot take it anymore Seatlan. We've just.. grown too apart." He attempts to kick Reize's feet out from under him. "You never call!" SLAM. He attempts to knock the younger boy against the floor hard enough to stun. "You never write" SLAM SLAM. "I feel so /USED/--" He grabs up a stein. "A TOAST. To my dear and GOING to be departed friend Reize. May he remember JUST enough to be happy, and not enough to start running." he then promptly dumps the full stein over Reize, attempts to wrench him to his feet and push him, bodily, in the direction of Violet. "MUSIC. MAESTRO." he grits out in a snarling smile.
Ivo Galvan Ivo has no problem with Raiya being on top.

The party seems to have gotten quite lively, and several, including Faruja, seem to be far gone enough that there's no point in announcing the Seekers' tentative future plans here. The knight-errant will write a missive or something. His roving gaze is drawn to Emi as the Legionette departs, and the young swordsman blinks before smiling slightly and raising his hand in salute. "Hey, I understand. It's wild in this town. I'm glad you came -- and joined us on our adventure." Even if their main contribution was to tame (questionably) a pet skull and suggest that ghosts have a right to live (very questionably, for several reasons) too. Actually, whatever happened to that skull?

The world will never know. The telltale clink of Raiya loosening her blade -- a sound that Ivo is somewhat sadly familiar with, which should /probably/ tell him something -- never fails to cause the hairs to rise on the back of Ivo's neck and draw his attention. And then she provokes him! Needless to say, he grins all over again. So she wants him to upgrade his innuendo, then? He /likes/ this game.

He told himself he'd make her blush, but that coy look of hers is enough to turn his cheeks just a little rosy again. The drink doesn't help, obviously. "I remember plenty," he quietly responds, before grinning again at her acceptance. "Don't embarrass myself?" he chuckles as he reaches out to gently take his teacher's hand. "You truly are a demanding instructor." You really couldn't ask anything more difficult of Ivo.

Say what you will, Ivo's dancing skill is not to be dismissed. He was once a gentleman, at least in one sense of the term, and his fighting style is dance-like enough as it is. The music is energetic, but he leads calmly, hands steady despite his intoxication, and seems to be giving it his all -- though he does pull Raiya closer than perhaps his necessary. The achingly familiar scent of her hair makes his efforts extraordinarily difficult, but he heroically perseveres. At least until they sweep past Reize and Riku in the act of-- uhh--

"I was going to suggest we emulate them," Ivo confesses to Raiya under his breath, "but I'm reconsidering," he concludes as Riku finishes stomping Reize into the ground and emptying the rest of his drink on their fearless leader.

Ivo also never writes.

"Cheers!" he offers hastily, in response to Riku's 'toast', as Reize ends up summarily hurled toward Violet. Good luck, Reize! Ivo will be cheering you on from the other side of the room. Espying Maira dancing her way through the room, he attempts to catch her eye and grin, maybe just a /little/ proud at dancing with Sensei, or at least not being stabbed by her yet, which is also an accomplishment.

Aaaaaahhhh /what did Maira say to her/
Reize Seatlan *hiccup*

"..Violet?" Pause. "Waaiiiit, you're not Vi--ACK!" The boy is promptly shoved backwards and then he is yanked forward! Hiccup.

Upon seeng that chillingly angry smile, Reize cannot help but sweatdrop. "Errr... *hiccup*" First, Reize is grabbed by the head, already kicked towards the ground. "ACK!" Slam! Thereis a lot of pain in the midst of the kicks and the slams.

And then, the drink is poured onto him.

Pulled back up, he is tossed right towards Violet. Both arms open. Violet may find that Reize is going to fall onto her in an embracing hug. Off to the ground the two go! ...Likely right onto her bosom.
Maira Maira dances right by Ivo and Raiya, pausing briefly to place her arms around them both, pulling them together into a sudden group hug that just so happens to leave Ivo and Raiya pressed close up against each other.

She looks up at them both, smiling with extraordinary warmth. "Don't dance around each other, dance /with/ each other, okay? Life is really short you know. Take care of this fool, will you?" she says to Raiya, then detaches and spins back off into the crowd like a pinwheel.
Ivo Galvan Ivo suddenly doesn't care what Maira said anymore.

maira you're the beeeeeeeest
Leon can only watch as Riku takes apparent long hatred out on Reize and winces a little. "That is going to leave a mark." He murmurs gently and then watches Maira just dance carelessly around. He then sighs back then and tilts his head off to one side.

Until his mind snaps him a warning message as he suddenly finds his vision fluxing a bit and he gives his head a good shake before placing his hand up near his face, and just forcing himself to lean up against the wall. "..damnit.." He murmurs only to himself.

So, he peers over at a half drank bottle of rum that has been left on the table. He snatches it up and then goes to drink it down. Hey, if he was going to be in misery standing around trying to ignore the pain of a hunger, he may as well try to get himself a bit tipsy-- if maybe drunk.

Or-- well-- Riku will come back and maybe he will have a bottle for self defense!
Morrighan Alazne Having recording the proceeding display, Morrighan had turned away form the shenanigans, playing back Riku's glorious outburst to herself. "...Ehehehe, this is glorious." Tucking it away, don't ask where, she turned back to the proceedings at hand, finishing off the rest of her drink casually while watching the others.

Even if these people continually irritated her with their penchants for stupidity, heroics, and eerily timed sarcastic quips...they were quite entertaining in the end. "This may not be so bad. ...For now." She murmured to herself, nursing her glass of just ice now.
Violet Violet stares with confusion and a little bit of disbelief as Riku pushes him back, kicking Reize to the ground, among several slams and a drink poured over him. Just before he's pushed in her direction.

The girl blinks once as Reize is shoved, literally, into her arms. Making her fumble backwards several steps before they fall to the floor. And his face lands in her chest. Color flushes in her cheeks, but her head swirls still and the most Violet can do is gingerly help Reize off of her pillows. "Reize? Are you okay?"

He probably wasn't. Stomped, kicked, and beer poured over his head. Not to mention kissing a guy. She exhales a breath as she uses a hand to brush Reize's dark hair from his forehead, "I think... you should head to bed. I think you may be drunk." Violet mumbles, promptly frowning to herself. "I think /I/ may be drunk."
Riku Riku gets his temper back under control and spins around to face Leon. Now, seeing that NOBODY has died (/YET/-- looking at you Reize) The idea that he might have been mistaken flickers across his mind and is then discarded. No. He knows this.

He knows this-- very well. "Excuse a momentary interruption." he says with forced calm. "Imagine what I do to the ones I don't like." Riku chuckles darkly. "A word, sir?" he moves towards the entrance and out and AWAY from the drunkenness and the dancing.
Leon watches as Riku finds his way back to him. "Long as this doesn't involve a make out in a dark alley. I think I will be fine having a word with you." Yes there was a dry sort of placement to his words where almost could be taken him as being honest, when there was no honesty at all.. Beyond he was fine with having a word with Riku.

He downs more of the bottle before he places it back on the table and follows Riku out. He glances back over his shoulder where Maira was. He his eyes wince a little bit as he watches flicker of-- something cross over his vision, almost like funnel to her and he has to shake his head to shake it off once more.

Now the question was-- what did this kid want?
Raiya Fujihara Asking Ivo to not embarass himself suddenly does not seem like such a tall order in lieu of Reize and Riku's wonderful escapades. It would be quite hard to top -that-. But she dares not say this aloud as she believes it within Ivo power to do such a thing. Raiya pauses to watch Reize tumble over and over until he lands on Violet. She can only shake her head from side to side. Oh Reize, he hasn't changed one bit either.

Ivo was going to have to try harder than that to cause Raiya to blush then eluding to what happened that one fateful night a few months back. "I feel that the events of that night will be remembered far longer than any lesson I ever gave you." The samurai swordswoman deadpans with a smirk as she begins to dance with Ivo.

And Ivo probably should have written her.

Ivo's comments, his moving closer, and then MAIRA all happens in quick succession. This leaves Raiya quite close to Ivo. She can only sigh and lean her head against Ivo's chest as they dance. Fate can be cruel indeed, but it would be foolish to try to ignore it when the stars seem to be aligning this way. Maira does get a slightly icy glare from the samurai for Ivo certainly didn't need any more -encouragement- in this area.
Reize Seatlan Mmm...

The warmth, soft pillows. It is nice and pleasant to rest his head down against them. In fact, Reize is placing his hands against Violet's side. It is then that she catches his attention when she speaks to him after being pushed from his pillow.

Nevermind the fact that the bones are deeply sore, the boy remains in good spirits. Sure, he was stomped on by Riku, but that won't bring him down! The boy brightens a smile at Violet, getting up to his feet and he brings her up.

"No! *hiccup!*" The boy holds onto her closely.

"Let's dance!" It is then that Reize is pulling the young woman closer to him, bringing hr into the dance. In the midst of it all, the young man holds onto the woman closely.

And then, he pulls away to a spin.


In the boy's wonderful spin, he is stumbling right towards Ivo. This will be a bumpy moment.
Ivo Galvan "That wasn't one of the lessons?"

Ivo's mock innocence can't mask his obvious pleasure at this turn of events. As if the night couldn't get any better, Maira, like an angel and cupid rolled into one, brings him yet closer to the elegant blonde in his arms, until her head is resting upon his chest. She may be able to hear his heart skip a beat again. Yet once this happens, Ivo's nervousness seems to fade, his movements becoming more natural, his smile becoming gentler, less jovial and more simply-- happy. Being with his friends, on an adventure, close to a beautiful woman he respects and admires-- this is where he wants to be. There's no reason to get caught up in what he should or shouldn't do. He trusts these people. He trusts her -- and she trusts him, somehow.

Leaning his chin down, Ivo's cheek brushes gently against Raiya's hair as the two of them dance, and the young man who so often struggles to manage social situations and enjoy them from afar finds himself caught up in his own little world, all else forgotten. "Asteria," he murmurs, his lips near her ear. "I never imagined I'd be lucky enough to see you again like this." Fate may be cruel in that it offers these moments only to snatch them away. But for now, all is shrouded in a haze of rosy light. "I don't deserve such happiness." Well, that's true.

There is a convenient lull in the music as the musicians pause, and their movements naturally slow as well. Unthinkingly, Ivo's hand lifts up, his fingers gently caressing Raiya's chin, attempting to slowly tilt her face up toward his. "Listen," he says softly. His nervousness was gone, but now his body is tingling all over with anticipation. "I... I know it's crazy, but I... that is, I think I..." His lips are too close to hers. He can't stand it anymore. He--


--is heavily bumped into, turning, stumbling wide-eyed, one of which eyes is promptly stabbed by a stray ahoge--


--until his face plants against--


And thus did Ivo and Reize's lips finally meet.

There is a long pause. When Ivo staggers back, his expression is carefully flat. This is what he always does when he's calculating how to react to a social situation. In this case, it's also disguising deep trauma. But Ivo's always got to make the most of moments like this. It's so important to have a sense of humor about it all.

"Well, on the bright side," he says, "I got an indirect kiss with Riku."

He pauses, before shuddering violently and clutching at his head.

Yes-- fate is cruel.
Emi Dennou Emi Dennou misses the new best event of the evening.

Morrighan Alazne Alas, Morrighan was not fast enough to catch this moment. All she could do was stare incredulously as the situation played out. " at a loss for words."
Maira Cupid-Maira eventually gets so dizzy she can't stand up anymore, and flops into a vacant chair, leaning forward over the table to watch Ivo and Raiya, glassy eyed from drink and emotion. They really are cute together. Hopefully they'll stop being silly and just let themselves be happy.

She's jealous, but not the way she use to be. Really, it warms her heart to see something beautiful work out.

Eyes close, and Maira drifts off to sleep right there at the table, wondering still what Riku and Leon were talking about.

Tomorrow, Palamecia.
Violet A rosy hue colors her cheeks for a moment as Reize nuzzles, before he stands up to his feet just long enough to reaches for her hand and help Violet stand as well.

And his smile... Even buzzed she feels part of her melt to see him smile at her. She giggles as he pulls her close to him, demanding to dance some more. Its perfectly alright with her. Arms wrapped around his shoulders, for a moment or so they dance closely to the music.

Just before Reize spins again.

And lands right on Ivo this time. Of course.
Reize Seatlan In the midst of the kiss, there is a pause. Time itself slows down. Slowly. It becomes a stand still. Nothing else is around. It is just Reize and Ivo in the midst of the kiss. As the lips finally meet, after so long...

....The background becomes pink.

Cherry blossoms fall from the heavens. The wind sweeps those petals along the air, whisking them away from both Reize and Ivo.

This moment is shared.

It's perfect.

"Pfftttthhtpuh puh puh puh."

Or not.

Reize lowers his head, now giving comical tears as a shade of darkness appears over his face. "...We're going to bed," he complains to Violet as the comical tears roll along his eyes.
Raiya Fujihara Raiya really should not let her expectations get the best of her. Ivo sounds like he is just about to say something real to her when Fate decides to have the last laugh. Reize collides with Ivo and they have their first (?) kiss. The samurai can only close her eyes and walk back towards the bar with the shake of her head. "Tch," mutters the blonde at her own foolishness as she finishes the rest of her drink. She waves down the bartender and motions towards Ivo. "My tab is on his." She instructs coldly before turning to leave the bar promptly. Before she ducks out, Raiya does turn back towards Ivo. "You still have a lot to learn, Ivo." And then she was gone.

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