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(2013-05-29 - 2013-05-30)
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Ivo Galvan The port of Carwen basks in the fresh breeze which drifts in from the sea, tinged with salt and promise. Amidst the pleasant bustle of this neatly laid-out town, it is easy to forget that within the World of Ruin, the Darkness is ever only momentarily at bay. But for all that business continues seemingly undisturbed, worrying rumors have begun to spread of the return of a sinister place which threatens this rare tranquility -- and offers opportunity to any aspiring adventurers.

Ivo Galvan leans back in his seat, sipping a refreshing ale by a waterway near the ocean at one of Carwen's many bars with outdoor seating. His cloak draped over the back of his chair, the Shard Seeker swordsman reclines with a practiced combination of poise and nonchalance, gaze sweeping his surroundings and the passerby with a tireless curiosity. Reize and Violet are resupplying, leaving him alone with his thoughts to await their other companions.

Once upon a time, before the fusion of the worlds, near Carwen lurked the terrifying Ship Graveyard, where all manner of ghosts and ghouls arisen from the felled sailors of the ages would congregate and at times roam from where they festered. When Carwen was ripped from its homeworld, the Ship Graveyard was thought lost -- until now. It was rediscovered when undead began to reappear with alarming frequency.

And it just so happens that Ivo, together with his friends north of here in the Fruit Village a day before, detected an anomaly on the Shard Seeker in precisely that direction, which lead them here and to the rumors. Given the prospect of so many undead, it seemed prudent to call on friends more practiced at dealing with such foes.

Besides, he hasn't seen Faruja in too long.

He's not quite sure who will respond to the call, as is the way of such things, but he heard that Faruja might be bringing an ally from the Church for additional support. The more the merrier, by Ivo's measure.

What could go wrong?
Riku Bot Riku was not actually given an invitation to this soiree.

Riku, inevitably, makes his own rules and then breaks them by virtue of being too cool for such constraints. (Also-- because a certain teenager got extremely tired of walking everywhere and with the stubbornness of legends, attempted a very short distance portal back to his apartment)

And finds-- neither his apartment nor Upper Archades.

Apparently there is fruit involved. So inevitably, in the lands north of Fruit Village that there is a silver haired teenager making a big splash by warping just a few feet above the surface of a small pond.


Riku sits there with a frog on his head for a minute or so, taking in a few breaths and contemplating his life with a sort of wry amusement. The teenager wears a mottled green duster, an articulated claw gauntlet reaching all the way to one shoulder, the metal claws pulling through the soupy mud. He looks up at the frog on his head. "Well. That could have gone worse." he says with sighing equanimity, gently scooping the frog out of his hair and releasing it at the other edge of the pond.

Riku then pulls himself out of the mire, stretching and emptying a bit of water out of one ear before he takes a look around at his situation and surroundings.
Katyna Having been a bit bruised since her little staged tournament back in Manhattan a few days ago, Katyna was already back in action, and eager to find the mysterious Sister Felicia who was after her life..However, she was also just as eager to find any traces of Lord Fessner's ghost..If it indeed lurked among the living still.

Her travels had taken her all around the world, although due to her reluctancy to open dark portals if she could help it, Kat mostly relied on her winged familiar to get around. And even then, she wondered if she could trust the dark dragon for much longer.

Still, here she is, not one of Ivo's troupe, nor here to specifically help him. All the same, Katyna had heard of the rumours of ghosts here, and was curious to see if those rumours were indeed true.

And so today finds her wandering among the many waterways of Carwen, incidently heading towards the general direction of Ivo and his troupe as she goes over the events of the other night in her head...
Reize Seatlan Unfortunately for Riku, there is large, flying bag moving out towards his way. It's a ruck sack, but it is filled with clothes. However, with the mass of clothes stored inside, is a bit heavy.


Turning away, Reize is turning towards one of the sailors while holding onto his own knapsack. "Like that?"

"Like that, kiddo! You'll be like a real sailor in no time! We toss it like that to load them into the ship! Just remember, with all of your might!"

"Okay! Should we worry about getting the rucksack?"


...Reize did not notice Riku as there, unfortunately.

Reize and Violet were handling some resupplying for the trip. They left Ivo out on his own to handle his own thing. With the amount of supplies that they use, it is important to make sure that everything checks out. However, Reize ran into a sailor who was willing to teach him on ship handling.

0Training for [Ship Loading] mini-game complete!
Emi Dennou Ami and Imi are in attendance today. They are making their way through the port. They seem to be discussing something at length with one another in hushed tones. Ami has probably said more words today than she does on most days already, but she has been speaking them so quietly it's impossible to hear.

The two spot Ivo and slow down as they head in his direction. They wave simultaneously at him.

/For Now/
Morrighan Alazne Morrighan had accompanied Faruja to this only because the higher ups had asked. Otherwise, she would have sent the rat in the tin can off on his own. She was sure he'd not miss her either. But alas, here she was. Walking along with this tiresome zealot. Joy. Arms crossed and eyes narrowed, Morrighan already looked as if she was suffering enough.

Listening to Faruja address a supposed acquaintance, the dark elf's eyes turned to the sight slowly, taking in just who he was speaking to. "......." A pause. Cue a rather painfully long moment of staring. And then the sound of her templar companion introducing her brought her back to reality. "YOU." She all but cried angrily, pointing indignantly at the man in the blue cloak.

"Finally, I have caught sight of you, you wretched thief!" Oh boy. And right off the bat, pleasantries are dropped. Or more accurately, they were never even given a chance to take hold. "How can one man be so impossible to find? Are you some manner of illusionist? Is that it? I demand answers! Daring to make a lady search under every rock for you and your shabby cape! You should be ashamed!"

Crossing her arms in a huff, Morrighan leveled a glare at Ivo, finishing off her angry spiel with one last statement. "What do you have to say for yourself!?"
Faruja Senra Really, Faruja likes Ivo's taste. In bars. He likes his women with tails and good massage skills. The man always manages to find a bar both a. low class enough to not enflame his anti-noble sentiments and b. safe enough to not get shanked. Always a plus. The Templar walks down Carwen's street, trying to think more of a pleasant time with friends than the woman he's brought along. Calling her an ally is true only in the political sense. Not too long ago he'd want nothing more than to see her at the end of a rope in Mullonde's gallows.

If he's honest with himself, as useful as she is, that much hasn't changed. Curse that damn Count!

But she's /useful/. Bringing along a specialist in Darkness alongside his own rather forceful undead slaying skill makes sense, even if he's not happy about it. If nothing else, Faruja is a professional. "Ser Galvan! Lord in heaven, 'tis been too long my friend!" A certain wolfess has had her influence, it seems, as the rat leans in to embrace him with a heart half-hug, half manly-slap-on-the-back; a gesture given to brothers, and very close friends in his homeland. Only after, remembering the elf's presence, does he back off with a slightly embarrassed flush. A polite bow.

"Well met, my friend, and Lord bless. Please, allow me to introduce an...associate of mine. Lady Morrighan Alazne."

For now, he doesn't yet notice the others, too caught up in seeing his favorite not-a-fake knight!
Faruja Senra Faruja's good cheer evaporates like ice cream in Fluorgis' desert. With a quiet sob, Faruja places his muzzle into his palm, shaking his head. "By Ajora's waistcoat, Ser Galvan."
Ivo Galvan Little aware of Reize's shenanigans and Riku's plight despite his roaming gaze, Ivo rises languidly from his seat at the sight of two of the Dennous, raising his hand in salutation with an amiable smile. "Imi, Ami," he greets good-naturally, at least ninety-percent sure that he has their names right. "Glad you could join us. Thanks for waving this time, Ami." His nose was smarting for a while after that headbutt. It's over their shoulders that he sees a familiar and long-unseen face emerge from the crowd, and his eyebrows lift in surprise. He doubts that she could have gotten the message, but if this is a coincidence, it's a fortuitous one-- "Katyna!" he calls, his smile broadening. "Long time no see. Care to join me for a drink? My treat."

Ivo, when you're being nice to girls, at least try to make it sound like you're not ambiguously trying to pick them up.

But the knight-errant's expression of lively enjoyment pales in comparison to the heartfelt pleasure that lights up his features when Faruja arrives. Though, as men are wont to do, the two of them have not dwelled on it in conversation overmuch, Ivo considers Faruja a true friend, and is grateful for the trust and respect of one who -- despite their ostensibly similar occupations -- stands at a far distance from him in many ways. "I have been the lesser for your absence, Ser Senra," Ivo replies, grinning as he easily accepts and reciprocates the embrace, placing his hands on Faruja's shoulders. "You look well. Has something good happened? A little tail, perhaps?" Irrepressible as always.

Though perhaps his timing could be better.

Ivo has only just had time to glance over behind Faruja to get a glimpse of the dark elf and get a sense that he has maybe seen here somewhere before, whereupon she unleashes a woman's fury upon him. He is very still for a few moments, poker-faced, as he does when he is carefully calculating just what social approach he wants to take. But when she fails to be specific about the nature of his crime, that poker face starts to seem more like the struggle to repress a smile.

"Forgive me, milady."

Stepping back from Faruja, he bows to her gallantly.

"Your beauty was such that I could not contain myself."

Wait, what?

"But though I apologize for whatever you have suffered," he says, utterly serious, even resolute, as he raises his head, "I could never regret the theft of your virtue."
Riku Bot "Hello Katyna." Riku rather soddedly greeted the wandering warrior from the side of the trail, near a pond that seems to be now populated very several extremely confused or startled amphibians. He raised a hand, waving idly while looking around at the waterways and byways with very little actual knowledge of the area that he just barely manages to keep off his face. He is JUST about to say something else when--

Dodge Check: FAIL

Player: What. Did someone swap out my dice again?! How can I be cool and nonchalant with a knapsack on my head?!

Riku takes a knapsack to the head.

The teenager lets out a startled 'OOFMPH' and whatever words he was about to utter are lost as the clothes drive into his back, and his face goes straight into the dirt so fast he does not even have time to get his arms beheath him. "I take it back. It could go much.. much better."

Riku coughs and rolls out from under the offending --- bundle? He pokes experimentally at the bludgeon and then starts to laugh softly. ".. felled by laundry." he whacks a hand to his face and shakes it back and forth with a chuckle. "Alright." he bellows in mock anger as he gets back on his feet.

"Whose the guy with the ranged weapon, huh? You have a permit to chuck laundry at bystanders?!"
Katyna Katyna grins and nods at Ivo. "Long time, no see! You been gettin' into trouble again?" She winks playfully, seeming to enjoy teasing him. Ooh, Riku's here too! She waves cheerfully to him, chuckling a bit at his water drenched form, "Heey, you okay? Didja missfire a portal again?"

As for Faruja, he gets a cheerful smile and nod, although she peers warily at Morrigan, "Heh, Faru, whatcha up to?" Oh yeah, that's the dark elf who was working with Valos, isn't it? "Can she really be trusted?"
Reize Seatlan It is a while after the boy manages to settle everything out at the dock that he finally makes his way into the bar. Reize is busy holding an arm as he rolls another arm, trying to get the kinks out.

Ahh, much better.

Arriving into the bar, Reize waves a hand out towards the crowd of folks, "Oooi! I ended up learning how to load a ship!" The young man brightens happily, "So, when we need to load the ship, I can handle that job!"

The eyes fall upon recognizing a couple of familiar faces, "Ooi! Faruja! Katyna! ...And ...Ivo's old friend?" The last one is referred towards Morrighan, who is giving the older brother-figure a verbal lashing.

Riku may have an idea the perpetrator of the flying laundry. Because every bit of Riku's misfortune points back to Reize. Totally.
Emi Dennou "Umi was the one who headbutted you, The Network explains that all this one did was open the window for her." She starts, as if she's going to duck behind Imi, but ultimately just steps away.

"Haha, it seems I have bothered some of my sisters with my inclinations." Imi smiles. "Oh well. Sorry for the trouble. Did you need help with anything, Ivo?, The Network wonders before being reminded of Faruja's existence."

The two glance towards Morrighan. Then they sloooowly look back towards Faruja.

Imi's eyes have gotten a little Emilike for a moment there. Ami, at least, approaches and starts patting Faruja on the head as soon as possible.
Faruja Senra Faruja's white fur is quickly colored red at the mention of 'tail'. Looking away, he chokes for a bit on his words, before coughing. "H...hardly! 'Twould be unconscionable to make advances upon the Lady while still so early within ou..." Pause. You're in /public/, Faruja. It's improper! A smile creeps up from his embarrassment, despite the anger of his elven companion. It only makes him smile that much more, now reunited with a dear friend. "Thy tongue of silver, and heart of gold most pure hath been a loss for so long. To count myself amongst thy company once more is a pleasure and an honor. This humble servant of the Lord is /unworthy/." There's exaggeration, friendly exaggeration, but the sentiments are true enough. Always unusual, so very different from himself, he knows a good person when he sees one. The rat would think less of the world without Ivo Galvan in it, even with enraged woman following the man around.

Still, matter at hand. Ivo's words have him facepalming all the harder. Crawling out of his impromptu sobbing, the rat tries to play peacemaker. "Now, now. /Certainly/ there is a logical explaination to this whole thing. Ser Galvan is a most..." Pause. Upright? Virtuous? "gallant and brave man. No doubt any theft was entirely accidental, and my dear friend would be /overjoyed/ to see proper reparations made to servant of the Holy Church." Peeeer! Faruja looks pointedly at Ivo. Be /good/, Ser!

Blink. It's a Katyna! "Lady Katyna. Lord bless. Ahh, but merely paying a visit to dear friends before the lot of us see to a loyal undead problem." The rat can't help a slight hint of sadness in his voice. Things are just so /awkward/, what with her still likely working with Ramza. At least no one's given him orders to arrest her.

Ear-perk. A familiar voice is on the wind. Inwardly, the rat shakes in rage. It's /HIM/. That filthy, vile, TRAITOR. Falling into a deep silence, he barely moves, every ounce of discipline and awareness used to keep himself from trying to erase Riku from this mortal coil.

It'd ruin the reunion. Nevermind blemish the Church's name here in Carwen. The rat has dreams. He'll not peril them before they are even laid out into action. "...Riku. 'Tis been some time." Comes the rat's greeting, the Templar's voice simply /tired/ for a moment. Some part of him, the one that Reize touched upon during that night in the rain, feels for the young man. Despite it all, he can't quite hate Riku entirely.

Distraction, go! "Reize. Reize Seatlan. Dear precious Lord, my friend, good eve! A ship, you say? My, my, my! I shall have to introduce thee to my friends in the Linblum airship yard! Put thy newfound skills to use!" Grin! Reach! The Templar ruffles the boy's head in greetings.

Ami! Emi! The smile he favors the women with is warm, but perhaps a touch apologetic in nature. He didn't miss that look. His tail flicks, in a vaguely shrug-like manner. Allies; can't live with them, can't hang them very easily.

"Ahh, Lady...Umi, nay...Imi!" Pause. He's being patted. Sightly lightly, trying to look dignified, he /smiles/. Pat pat pat. Long-suffering rat is long-suffering. "Lady Ami! 'Tis been far too long, my dears. Lord keep and guide thyselves, and all of thy precious siblings."
Morrighan Alazne "........"

Error, Error, there appears to be a disconnect in communications. Morrighan's eyes narrow at Ivo's answer. Not contain himself? From what? Wait a moment, what was he talking about here!? "......" Another bout of silence before she strode towards the blue caped knight and raised a hand. Smiling happily, it looked as if all was well before- "FOOL!" And then the hand was brought down, aiming to slap Ivo upside the head.

"That was not at all what I was referring to! In fact I have never even shared a- Oh forget it!" Huffing in irritation again, the dark elf rest her hands upon her hips and continued to glare at Ivo, choosing to elaborate a little more this time. "I speak of the fact that you continue to hold posession of a certain object of mine! My memory sphere!" Holding a hand out, she stared expectantly at him, as if Ivo would just place the object back into her hand just like that.

The sight of the two clone sisters however draws a small smile from Morrighan and she glanced over there way. "Oh, hello there. I failed to spot you earlier." Well, that's one person...or people that the dark mage didn't automatically hate. That little spot of kindness immediately evaporated after and she went back to glaring at Ivo with her hand held out.
Ivo Galvan Ivo leaves Morrighan to sputter for a little while.

He clucks his tongue quietly as Legion corrects his misapprehension. It just goes to show that ninety percent isn't a hundred percent. "I thought for sure I-- inclinations?" The swordsman looks vaguely curious, even baffled, but doesn't pursue the topic, instead smiling again. "Yeah, thanks for coming. We're taking a crew into the Ship Graveyard, as undead have started plaguing the town and the Shard Seeker device picked up some sort of reading nearby. We're not quite sure what we're walking into, but as long as we stick together, we should be fine." It's that kind of groundless but convenient confidence that Ivo prides himself on being able to deliver, and he turns his smile on Katyna, broadening into a grin as she teases him. He's always liked her attitude. "Not if I can help it, or there are pretty girls involved. So yes, most likely."

He's turning that grin on Reize to greet their fearless leader when Katyna's comment and familiar tone causes Ivo to freeze, his expression growing uncharacteristically rigid. "Misfire a..." And then Faruja's cold but cordial words to the white-haired youth cause Ivo to spin about, his eyes widening, even Morrighan's wrath temporarily forgotten.


He doesn't know what to expect, but for all Ivo's lack of spiritual sensitivity, looking into the young man's eyes, he knows right away that Riku's long journey, one way or another-- has gone well. Ivo's shoulders actually sag in something approach relief. He always feared Riku, the youth's inordinate power, the strange war he fought within himself, but knew that at the same time Riku was strong and reliable. To see him like this, apparently more at peace with himself--

"You look well," he says softly, smiling slightly.

Ivo feels somehow a little left behind.

He might be about to say more, but a firm slap redirects him. (Gentlemen don't dodge. Also, he wasn't paying attention.) "Never even shared a--?" He's like a shark scenting blood with that smile. "How could I forget such words? Do go on." The knight-errant lets his gaze roam over Morrighan in an extremely deliberate manner while she continues on, but his expression stills just for a moment at the mention of a memory sphere, a hint that he's processing again. "But whatever do you mean? I do hold a memory sphere, but what would make you think it is yours? Ser Senra has kindly vouched for my character." Always a mistake. "It is highly unlikely the contents match what yours held."

Yeah, sorry, he recorded over the Avira maid outfit when the maid cafe incident made it pointless to blackmail her. Though it's... strange that he doesn't offer to just show the sphere's contents.
Riku Bot "Yes. Unfortunately." Riku grunts at Katyna, rubbing the back of his neck in a 'lingering aggravation' sort of voice which peters out to actual amusement. "I should have known." he looks momentarily awkward and -- then chucks that to the side as well with the rest of the laundry. "SEATLAN." he yells in a voice of 'There are daggers coming right at you, Reize Seatlan. Duck.' and advances in his slightly sodden state towards the bar.

He then stops when he spots Morrighan, and then Legionettes, and then Faruja, and then Ivo.

This is the point where vague confusion crashes with annoyed contempt crashed into surprise and bemusement. Even Judge Cadets get mental traffic jams. Somewhere, a great deal of mental yelling and sarcasm later, Riku snaps out of his momentary trance and decides, for the sake of his sanity, to ignore Faruja.

This works up until they speak to him and he very slowly drags his eyes to Faruja. He looks.. almost pitying for a moment and then grits his teeth and attempts to be polite. "..Hello Faruja." Go go distraction! Riku looks at Ivo as if searching for something and smiles very slightly as he shifts his feet. "Let me guess." The teenager says in a very, very dry voice to Ivo, smirking slightly at the slap that gentlemen (and people not paying attention) don't duck.

"..A tribe of amazon woman, a world in peril and several months supply of tanning oil?"
Emi Dennou Faruja nearly goes through every Dennou in an attempt to get the name right. "Ami." She says, pet pet pet. She doesn't seem to show any sign of stopping. "This one apologizes for not visiting more, it seems." Though it's because they don't really want to get TOO involved in this heretic business.

"Yes, we solved the matter, but it seems it wasn't quite so solved." Imi 'explains' to Ivo, still all a smiles. "Faruja is vouching for your character? Oh dear." She looks to Faruja. "You're such an innocent, Faruja. Don't worry--"

Ami pets.

"Riku, we also haven't seen you in quite some time. Golly." Imi adds.
Katyna Katyna beams at the sight of Reize, but is careful to hold herself back from hugging him or anything. After what Emi told her about him having a fiancee, she's feeling a bit awkward now..Doubly so that he still reminds her terribly of her beloved Razan..Urk..Awkward! Instead, she just smiles quietly at him. "It's been a while. It's good to see you again, as always! And you too, Emi! Glad to hear you sorted things out..Heh." She grins a bit impishly at that.

"Oooh, ghost hunting, huh? Mind if I tag along? I just happen to have a ghost or two of my own that I'm looking for!" She grins, "Sounds like fun!" as for Faruja and his new associate, Katyna just arches a brow at Morrighan and shrugs, "well, if you trust her...."

As for Ivo...Kat just makes a face at him when he seems to make advances towards Morrighan. "Hah! Isnt' that just typical of you!" As for Riku, she just nods thoughtfully. "Hmm, that's strange though. I wonder if that's gonna happen to me eventually too." she shrugs and grins, "Heey, are you gonna come ghost hunting too? Sounds like fun!"
Reize Seatlan There is a grin awarded towards Faruja. The nezumi approaches him and the boy grins, "Faruja! It's good to see you again!" Wit the note of the Lindblum ship, Reize rubs his shoulder with a grin, "Of course!---" And he is brought over to have his hair ruffled. "Hahaha..!"

It takes a moment, but the antenna hair sticks out again. It feels to the left, and then to the right. ...And it points at Faruja with a /hiss/ before straightening. Ah, the antenna hair.

As his last name is shouted, Reize instinctively ducks for cover before he turns to see the source of the voice.

"Riku!" Nevermind not knowing why Riku is shouting at him, Reize is happy to see his friend! In fact, Reize swoops over and places an arm around his friend, "It's good to see you again! It's been too long! You came at a good time! We are going to have an adventure!"

And the boy turns to face the Dennou sisters. "Ah! Ami, Ii! It's been a while!" While Katyna greets him, the boy nods, "Yeah! A few of the Shard Seekers and I have been going out on adventures. We made no progress for some time, but... we did find something very awesome!"

Reize reaches into his pouch, procuring the gummi piece.

"...It's not edible."

A brief demonstration is made a couple of times with attempted bites, then he gives a look of 'bleh' from the lack of success.

Hrm, "Violet's likely handling some more shopping."
Faruja Senra Memory sphere? Faruja glances back and forth between the pair, not bothering to hide his confusion. For once, it truly seems as though Ivo's innocent. "I stand by my words, Lady Imi." Comes the rat quite seriously. People give Ivo a lot of guff, himself included at times, but he'll be darned if he's not going to stick up for the man every now and then.

Smile. Pat pat pat. The Templar relaxes slightly, allowing the animal-loving Dennou to pat away. "Quite alright, 'tis my fault entirely. Still working with dear Ser Mercade? How fares the man? Ser Sherman? Come to Mullonde some time, or the Seeker's headquarters. Lunch and tea, hmm? 'Tis long overdue for my to learn more of you all." Pause. Frown. He quickly smiles again, though it's forced.

"Ser Hanlon is...recovering?" Concern etches his face.

'Trust'. 'Morrigan'. The rat falls silent again. "The Lady and I are associates." He can neither confirm nor deny any trust issues going on here, Katyna.

The rat is hissed at. By /hair/. Faruja's eye squints. Point! "Now, see here, thy troublesome piece of hair! Respect one's elders!" Up goes Faruja's tail. It waggles threateningly, several bits of tail fluff shaking imaginary sticks while complaining about kids. Get off our lawn!

Reize /hugs/ Riku. That boy's capacity for forgiveness never fails to amaze him. His gaze once again finds Riku. If Reize has forgive him...can he truly continue to hate this lost soul, this boy who seems /changed/ from the one he sought to slay? The thought is troubling.

Faruja turns away. He glances to the gummi, good brow rising. "...Curious, Reize." Wince. Sigh. "'Tis not flan, my friend."

The rat reaches into his robes, pulling out a flask. He takes a looong swallow. He'll need it. Not once does he move away from patting Network hands. It's offered to Imi. "A drink, M'Lady?" Because offering a hive mind alcohol is the /best/ idea.
Morrighan Alazne "If I were to believe every little thing tht escaped this man's mouth, I would have been six feet under a long time ago." Not true. "Now cease your usesless posturing and hand it over! I know that I lost it in your presence! I remember that much now!" And it would seem that she was still not going to give up.

Grabbing onto Ivo's shirt, Morrighan began to shake him incessantly. "I want it back! I want it, I want it, I want it! It's mine, I worked hard for that, I demand that it be returned to my possession immediately! Now! With haste!" And now the dark mage moved on to spoiled demands. Comments regarding trust issues and the fact that people were staring at her gave the dark elf no pause.

She was a woman on a mission. And that mission was slightly less noble and perhaps a bit vain, but damn it, it was a mission nonetheless!
Ivo Galvan Ivo grins lopsidedly and even looks slightly abashed, quite the rarity, as Riku offers -- as is typical -- an eeriely accurate assessment. "Well," he demurs, "I wouldn't call them amazons."

So, yes, pretty much spot on.

"Though I did learn that you're supposed to remove your clothes before swimming," he quips back at the soaking-wet sword prodigy. He just grins when Reize embraces Riku, though. He missed this kid too. "Yeah, join us, Riku. We could use your help. And I could always use someone else to mock." Who is he kidding, he doesn't need anyone else than Reize.

Most of Ivo's attention is occupied by dealing with Morrighan -- as in, exacerbating the situation -- but Imi's obscure comments keep tweaking his social instincts. "To what matter are you referring, Imi?" he queries, glancing at who he is /pretty/ sure is the correct Legion. Right, the one not petting Faruja. "That's right," he recalls, "you and the others share experiences to a degree, don't you? Did something happen to cause trouble for all of you?" Oh, Ivo, as if you need the Shard Seeker device to lead you into trouble.

And Katyna's offer of assistance gets a warm nod from him. "Your company is always a pleasure," he replies. He knows little about the young woman, even now, but their banter is eternally entertaining. And what does Ivo love more than banter?

"Pffftt..." Oh, Reize continually trying to eat that gummi, that's what. "I know you said you'd be the judge, but haven't you judged by now, chief?" he jibes. "Not that I doubt the complexity of analysis your taste buds are capable of, but maybe I should take it back to the laboratory in Fluorgis first." Unless someone else here knows about Gummis.

Ivo flashes a reassuring smile to Faruja, which looks like it says, 'Thanks for sticking up for me, man,' but actually says, 'Don't worry, she'll never be able to prove I took it.' Before he can speak, though, Morrighan has seized him and begun shaking him violently. He does not resist; in fact, his hand moves behind his back, subtly slipping into his pocket. When she's finished throwing her fit at last, he nods solemnly, a little too calm. "If the sphere is yours, I will surely return it," he says gravely. "But I cannot imagine that it is. Here..."

And his hand emerges from his cloak, extracting a memory sphere. It sure looks familiar, but they all look rather similar. For a moment, Ivo looks just a little regretful, before he activates it.

The video is just... a field of blue. But the audio comes in quite clearly, a series of desperate female cries. 'I want it, I want it, I want it!'

Then silence.

"Oh, dear," he murmurs, "it seems I accidentally hit record while I was reaching into my cloak for it. I do regret the loss of my previous video." He actually sounds quite sincere.

He probably won't be able to get video of Raiya and Priel in the Shard Seekers HQ bath for a long time, if ever again...

"I do think," he then adds with a sparkle returning to his eye, "I'd like to keep this audio, though."
Riku Bot "Hello trouble and all of your incarnations." Riku says to Imi, although he says it in a relatively friendly manner. "So-- you are all going on a mark hunt or just investigating places where you are all likely to get your noses and or other parts bitten clean off?" he chuckles faintly. "This somehow does not surprise me." Riku turns to Katyna and shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe. Just be looking out for it. Sometimes portal errors are not quite so nice as just falling out of a ---GWACK" Reize. Just.... Reize.

Riku sweatdrops so intently that he just almost suffers another mental crash before he starts to smile. (Boy. That combination with the red cross marks is sort of scary) and puts an arm around Reize, his friend and long lost adventurer pal after his moment of inedible 'bleh' (although this movement looks suspiciously like a headlock) "An adventure? Wow. I never would have guessed! ALSO. Point of fact, Seatlan. Just for future reference. I am not a /laundry/ /HAMPER./"

-!Ruffle hair with malice of forethought!-

Also-- staying out of the way of a lady with a mission. FAR out of the way. Although he is considering if they have any popcorn on this adventure cruise. "I'm glad to see you haven't lost your edge, Ivo." Riku says this in a dry voice, unable to contain a snicker as the shaking continues and is then followed by some underhanded recording schenadigans. Which he does not protest, being someone liable to use them himself. "What a shame." he says with a straight face. (Mostly)
Emi Dennou "Well, long story short--" Imi begins but Ami uses a free hand to cover her mouth. "Mmhpmhpmhpmhpmhph."

She pets with the other hand. Imi blinks twice at the offer of a drink and seems to consider it. And eventually she gives her answer.


Hm. This may be tricky.
Katyna Katyna smirks at Ivo and shakes her head at his clothing comment. "Shessh, never learn, do ya?" Although she is quite surprised when Reize hugs Riku, "Wow, you got guts, even I'd never try that, heh.." She is curious to see his response too. "Soooo, about those ghosts...." Kat peers eagerly at Ivo.
Reize Seatlan It is the expressive antenna hair Versus the burmecian's tail! This epic battle is one to go down in history! It maintains its hecked position until Reize mutters to bat the hair a bit, then he goes on as if it never happened.

"I didn't want to give up yet, Ivo! It has to have some taste to it! ...It doesn't." His head hangs low.

It is then that Riku, who has those scary cross marks, places an arm around Reize. So, Riku is hugging him as wel! ...Wait, why does the grip feel a bit tight? This is suspiciously like a headlock. "...ACK!" As if to emphasize Riku's point on the laundry hamper, Reize is ruffled with gret malice.


His antenna hair looks scrunched up. At this point, it looks like it had taken a beaten. In act, he stumbles around.

Reize's current look: @_@
Faruja Senra Ami performs Dennou Interrupt upon her sister. A red eye blinks, peering at the two. Smile. Sigh. Faruja shakes his head.

"It shall be a pleasure, then. Scones and mint tea suit Fluorgis' weather perfectly!" Of /course/ that mumbling was a yes! The Templar smiles like a happy pseudo-englishman-rat, tail swaying. "Send Ser Hanlon my regards. Should any support be required, at but a word." The rat has the good taste to not say 'offer the man a hand.' Out loud, anyway.

Ignoring Riku-based headlocks and REize hugs, Faruja manages conversation for the sake of politeness. "I prefer to do the biting, myself." A glance at his own body. "...Though I /do/ seem to have a habit of losing important bits." Frown.

Amazons. Oil. Then Ivo plays that memory sphere. Faruja is left with a bleeding nostril. A memory sphere that Morrighan wants rather desperately. The look he gives the woman is searching, as the rat puts two and two together.

Cue an even larger nose bleed. Pardon the rat, he's going to be stemming a blood rush with his handkerchief for a while, and praying for a cold shower soon.
Morrighan Alazne "....YOU DID WHAT!?" Morrighan cried, gripping Ivo's shirt tighter while glaring up at him. "HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT, I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO FINALLY HAVING THAT SPHERE BACK IN MY POSSESSIONS NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO-" Pause as Ivo actually plays what's on it. That was her. From just now. Did he really just...?

That audio did sound horribly wrong out of context. "If you think that I will just let you off with that audio, you have another thing coming." She raised a hand then, making a finger snapping motion. "I made that sphere from my very own time magic. I can erase it in much the same manner if I so choose."
Faruja Senra /Siiigh/. "Ser Galvan, my dear friend, please give Lady Alazne the bloody sphere."
Ivo Galvan At last Ivo has found, in Riku, someone who appreciates his genius. Or whatever it is that Ivo has. Cunning? Unflappabllity? A distinct lack of shame? He just barely manages to suppress a grin at the young man's comments, before turning back to the others to let Reize and Riku get their erstwhile bromance on. Clearly, Ivo is not the possessive type.

If he sees any problem with Faruja offering the muffled clone a drink, he does not say so. This is no doubt fully intentional. Instead, he turns to the ever-lively Katyna. "I wish I had more details for you," he remarks in a placating tone, "but we may just have to go see for ourselves to discern the nature of the undead. Regardless, something surely awaits us there, and the townsfolk will be grateful if we rid them of whatever menace is causing the surge in ghoulish incursions." He pauses and grins. "Besides, now Reize knows all about loading boats. I'm sure that'll come in handy in the Ship Graveyard."

A minigame in a dungeon? Well, lacking any mine carts at sea...

"Biting? Ser Senra, how bold." Ivo will never fail to seize an opportunity to turn casual polite conversation into innuendo. "I know you for an ardent man, but I hope you spare the ladies' skin." Or-- fur. Well, it doesn't matter. It turns out he didn't need to pile on at all. The insinuations Ivo laid out around Morrighan's attempt to recover this sphere are working like a charm. Surely she'll back off now--

Or she'll play her trump card.

"Urgh..." Without the video of Avira -- which must have been what she was seeking, which makes him rather curious, though he can't ask about it without incriminating himself -- there's no reason why Morrighan wouldn't dematerialize the sphere. He hates to admit it after coming this far, but Ivo may be cornered. Just as he struggles to think of a way out, considering that despite her personality she might be bluffing, Faruja cuts it, and there's no way Ivo can refuse him. Carefully masking his disappointment, Ivo bows graciously to Morrighan. "Pardon my intransigence. The sound of your sweet voice is not easily relinquished. Of course, what is mine is yours." Yeah, he's still not going to admit it.

Handing over the sphere with a smile, as though he's glad to do so, he then adds, letting another little twinkle of mischief into his eye, "I'll simply have to coax you into speaking those words another time."

He's also not going to give up without a parting shot.
Morrighan Alazne Much to Ivo's pleasure, that last jab causes red to blossom all over her face. "Wh-What!? Excuse me? did you just--? But did....I....!" It would appear that she was at a loss for words. Continuing to stammer for a couple more seconds, Morrighan eventually just gave up and reared back with a hand.


The sound of the slap that followed could be heard for miles. Across oceans. Possibly across worlds.

Just another day in Carwen.

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