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The Pot is Bubbling
(2012-12-27 - 2012-12-28)
A peaceful evening spent at Shard Seekers headquarters naturally becomes a comedy of errors as the allies and their welcome guest gather. With friends like these, who needs enemies?
Ivo Galvan A rich aroma wafts from the kitchen in the back of the Shard Seekers HQ lobby, its windows overlooking a now well-tended garden, the desert sun perfectly positioned in the early evening to flood the room with light. Humming to himself, his cloak absent in favor of an apron in a similar hue, Ivo lifts a ladle from a large steaming pot and takes a delicate sip, nodding to himself and furrowing his brow slightly before sorting through some powders on the countertop. On the far side, a lovely cake, now a couple days old, has been eviscerated, likely by multiple hungry adventurers. Ivo himself still has a smidge of frosting on the corner of his lip. Someone was spoiling his appetite.

It took a while for the Seekers to adopt any sort of regular eating schedule, most of them eating whatever they could whenever they could, and many of them on irregular schedules, but the knight-errant -- focused on clan business while the others gallivanted about attempting to save Manhattan -- has continued his periodic quest to improve their home life. Culinary exploration is one of his favorite aspects of venturing throughout the worlds, and he has discovered that Desert Curry, a perfect preservative for long treks, is also delicious. Supposedly, it gets even better the longer it keeps, too, so it's great for a group of kids who eat at all hours of the day.

Thus it is that, apropos of nothing -- but perhaps inspired by the mysterious chef responsible for that cake -- Ivo is cooking up a storm today, enjoying a lull in the continuous Shard Seekers shenanigans.
Priel Aylin Returning from another day of dubious activities that totally have nothing with furthering the goals of the Shard Seekers, Priel steps through the front door of HQ. "Hmn?" She mumbles curiously, ears perking up as she took a couple whiffs of the air.

Someone was cooking. And it WASN'T her? Wow, so these people DID have someone in their midst who was not utterly helpless. What a surprise. Without further ado, the dragonic girl proceeded onwards into the main area, stepping into the former workshop at a casual pace to see...Ivo. In an apron. Cooking.


"Oh wow. What's this~?" She spoke loud enough to rouse the knight wannabe from his task. "Has the Not-Quite-Knight finally given up the sword in exchange for the ladle~?"

Giggling in amusement, Priel brought a hand up to her mouth in a halfhearted attempt to stifle it as she walked over to the central table, having herself a seat to watch for now. "Who would have thought?"

She could also spy what was left of her cake, most of it having been mercilessly slain by the various members of the Shard Seekers in the past few days. Good. Wasting food was terrible.

"Welll, this look suits you much better, I say! Ahahahahaha~!"
Reize Seatlan Guess who was the first one to get the cake?! Reize was, that's who. Afterall, Reize is generally hungry and he is the eversotrusting adventurer. Naive, isn't he? Nevertheless, Reize had decided totake a break to spend time with the family.

Reize is emerging from the boy's dormitory, looking like he is sleep-walking. Not really, but the way his arms are out and mummified, well...

"Foood.... foooood..."

Then, the boy snaps awake, looking around to ee that Ivo is cooking, and then he looks at Priel. Blink.

"Ooooooii!" He brightens.
Lily Lily's also had a slice of cake. Sweet and full it is! She's nommingg on half a piece left, using a fork to nab bits of it at a time, her face a shining beacon of childish glee and joy. "Tasty food, tasty food for everyone!" With a singsong mood guiding her, she reaches over to the newly awakened Reize and simply delivers a speedy happyhug!

.. then goes back to nibbling on her slice of cake.
Lenn Lenn smiles to Reize. "Good morning." She's primly nibbling on her own slice, watching Lily happy as any kid should be.
Raiya Fujihara It twas only in the early eve, but there were already many people a-stirrin' within the Seekers' house. And there was one visitor who had practically sneaked in as quiet as a mouse. But, it was only Raiya.

The Wutai samurai and beleaguered teacher of Ivo had been drawn to the kitchen by the very pleasant smell in the air. After tending to her chocobo for so long, nice smells were something not to be taken for granted. And so, Raiya ventures forth to seek out the source of these smells. Dressed in her usual kimono, sandals, and katana; Raiya Fujihara enters the kitchen now with a small wave of her hand offered in greeting. "Greetings," the ronin says in a soft voice as a smile breaches her lips. "Something smells quite delightful." Well anything would smell great to a hungry samurai, but that is beside the point for now.
Ivo Galvan "A true knight is a master of many arts," Ivo calmly replies, though there's a touch of mirth in his eyes as the corners of his lips quirk upward, not looking away from his delicate work despite Priel's barbs as he adds a pinch more of curry powder. "Really, I got curious. Cooking seemed so interesting I had to try it myself. It's not so different from chemistry, in some senses, at least if chemistry had more flair for presentation." Maybe that's why he's more of a tinkerer than an alchemist. "Besides, this way, I can be the dutiful househusband while you go out and earn our bread, Priel, my sweet."

"On the other hand," he continues, now turning to look at the spunky redhead, his smile broadening, "I think I'd prefer to see you in an apron, at least if you weren't wearing anything under-- Reize," he segues effortlessly, raising his hand in greeting to the boy. "Hail to the chief. Curry should be ready soon, I think. Why don't you set one of the tables?" He glances back to Priel. "Mind helping me with the salad? You're handy in the kitchen, aren't you?" That was /probably/ not innuendo.

"Hey, don't spoil your appetite, Lily," Ivo doesn't-really-scold. He still hasn't wiped that frosting off the corner of his lip, so, yeah. Also, every time he sees that look on Lily's face, he can't help but start grinning too. If she's going to look that gleeful, he'll feed her cake until she's a little blob. He doesn't scold Lenn, which probably isn't fair, but she's eating so daintily it doesn't count. Anyway, who cares? That cake probably goes straight to her--

"Raiya-sensei," Ivo greets, his eyes lighting up in genuine delight rather than playful mischief, for once. "What a pleasant surprise." His tone is as composed as ever, but his smile has widened. "Have you come to grace us with your presence for dinner? Please, be our guest. Have you met the girls?" He gestures with the hand free from stirring. She knows Reize, but-- "This is Lily, Lenn, and-- I don't know who this one is," he finishes blithely, waving his hand dismissively at Priel, "but she follows me around sometimes."

Not that he poured his heart out to get his friends to accept Priel, or that there was material evidencce that it was his heartfelt wish, or anything like that.
Priel Aylin "Ah, but first you'd have to actually be a knight, no~?" Priel shot back, smiling pleasantly as she wagged a finger in mock admonishment of Ivo's reply. Her smile widened as he went on about her being in an apron. "Oh, wouldn't you like that, hmm? Maybe one day, I actually will do that juuuust to--Ah, if it isn't our idiot leader~!"

Much like Ivo, Priel smoothly swerved away from that previous line of thought, her smile turning into a grin as she watched the boy shuffle his way into the main area. "Why, you look like you haven't seen the light of day for ten years. What's wrong? Your harem keep you up alllllll night long? Ohohohoho~" Of course only she would say something like that now. The statement was topped off with a flutter of the eyes before the redhead turned her attention over to Lily and Lenn.

"Well look at what we have here!" She spoke in a playful tone, eyes narrowing and her tail waving about behind herself. "I wonder how much of that cake you've had, hmm~?" Resting her elbows onto the table, she leaned forward, her chin atop her hands. "Eat too much and you'll end up like a cute little rolly polly~ As hilarious as that would be. ....Actually, no. Please! Keep eating! I want to see that! Ahahahahaha!"

And of course, Priel is too busy laughing to afford Raiya a proper greeting. Not that one would want something like that from her anyway.
Reize Seatlan Blink.

Reize looks over Lily when she moves over to give him a speedy hug. His arms wrap around her, offering her a smile before he gives a sheepish smile. "Good morning, Lily." The boy hasa pleasant smile on his face. It turns more pleasant when he sees a face that has been a bit busy, "Ahhh! Lenn! Glad to see that you're doing well." He looks over to the happy Lily, who nibbles the cake along with Lenn.

Then, his eyes drift towards Ivo, waving a hand his way.

Now Priel, Reize furrows his eyebrows at. "...What do you mean keeping me up all night? What do you mean har-..." Blink. The boy's cheeks turn red, then he puffs his cheeks angrily, "Ooooi!" The antenna hair points threatening at Priel, as if ready to launch the AHOGE laser her way.

Then, Ivo's requst comes in, "Oh, right!" The boy begins to move towards the counter to get the plates and other utinsils ready for the meal. "Okay! I'll get ready!" Then, he turns to see Raiya, "Oooooi! Raiya!" He yelps, trying to keep the plates in a managable position on his arms.
Lily "Thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt!"

That is the sound of Lily raspberrying quite spectacularly at Priel, childish as anything, before stuffing another bit of cake into her mouth, showing a smile over at Ivo.

After going back to munching thouigh, she follows Reize's attention and turns questioning and curious eyes upon Raiya, who she doesn't really remember speaking with!
Lenn Lenn smiles too-sweetly at Priel. "Moderation does wonders for a girl, honestly." What did she mean by that? She looks to the one Reize greets, not remembering having met them. "Hello, there. My name is Lenn."
Raiya Fujihara The blonde-haired samurai is without her sunhat for once which allows her to casually direct her bundled up hair over her left shoulder. Raiya idly runs an armored hand through the ends of it as she looks around at those assembled in this small space. What a blessing to be surrounded by mostly familiar faces...and Priel with whom she had run into a few times long ago. Regardless of that, the Wutai ronin offers a slight bow in greeting to those present.

Her hearing is not the best that it could be, but she does overhear and catch sight of a few choice things as she enters. The grown woman has to visibly restrain herself from inserting her face into the palm of her hand. "I see things are lively here as usual," comments Raiya stoically on the current situation. "I remember Lily well. It was on Reize's back in which she was carried into Traverse Town where they were beset by Heartless soon after." Her eyes shift towards Ivo now. "That was when we first met as well." Reize's juggling act causes her to go to his aid. He might not need her help, but maybe her own agility can have stave off disaster that is many plates all breaking at once. The samurai will remain on standby should her assistance be needed. The food that currently fills the room is motioned to with her off-hand. "This seems to be a feast in the making. Is there some sort of celebration tonight?" While Raiya routinely speaks in a withdrawn tone, some excitement does filter through into her voice.

The only truly unfamiliar person in the room receives another a casual wave when she introduces herself as she had already bowed when entering the room. "And I am Raiya. A pleasure to meet you." Raiya once again speaks in her normal tone, but she does smile politely when her words finally cease.
Ivo Galvan Ivo can't imagine why anyone would think for a minute he's not a real knight. Meanwhile, his eyebrows raise in evident interest as Priel teasingly suggests the possibility of unlocking a Naked Apron Priel CG upon suitably ranking up. Hmm, the sight of that tail swinging around beneath the strings of the apron and above--

Whoop, the pot's boiling over.

Ivo has to turn to focus on the curry for the moment, but he snorts in amusement at Priel's harem joke, and the whole while seems as though he's suppressing a smile. Someone to tag-team the jokes with, and to needle him herself-- yeah, he's glad Priel is here. She even seems to be having fun, too. Maybe a little too much fun, but.

He blinks in surprise as Raiya reminds him of the obvious, and then looks back at the lady samurai. "Of course, how careless of me. I couldn't remember of the two of you were ever formally introduced. Lily's been staying with us since then. She's been a big help with the garden," he adds, in the slightly indulgent tone of a good older brother, though he looks a little more like a good father figure here in the kitchen with his apron on. "And she's taken good care of Dandy. Our dog," he explains to his sword teacher, "rescued from a nefarious duck." Don't ask. "He's out in the garden now."

"By the way, sensei," he adds as he continues to stir the pot, his smile widening a little, "I haven't forgotten our most recent bet. There's a New Year's festival in Mysidia coming soon, and word is in Luca that the fireworks the wizards make there are the best around. You're available, I hope?" He tilts his head slightly, voice lowering as his eyes sparkle. "As per our agreement, I won't be calling you 'sensei' that day."

Her real name is one thing he hasn't forgotten.
Priel Aylin Her attention drawn away from Ivo for now, Priel grinned at Reize's indignant response. One which was met with a simple flutter of the hand in greeting. "Oh dear...Your hair is acting up again, Reize~" Grin widening, she added onto her statement, her hand making obscene motions reminiscent of the day of that meeting.

"Perhaps I should give you another...'massage', yes~?" An amused giggle followed as Priel turned away from the boy and back to Lily and Lenn. Just in time to see the raspberry blown her way by the younger girl.

"Awwwww, how precious! But I wonder..." The redheaded girl began to muse, tapping her cheek with a clawed finger in thought. "...Would you still be eating that cake so enthusiastically if you knew that it was /I/ who made it now~?" Holding back her laughter, Priel's face contorted into a fanged grin, watching the girls for their responses.
Reize Seatlan Of course, with Raiya nearby, the young adventurer is glad to have the blonde samurai help him. The young boy brightens considerably once she is on the near point. However, Reize -does- manage to bring the plates over to set the table.

"...Lily still has a lot to learn, though." Reize adds, "However, she has gotten better at controlling her powers, just a bit." But then, Reize looks over the interaction between Ivo and Raiya.

The massage, howver...

The eyes widen and his cheeks turn red. "OOOI! You did not have to dothat!" He grits his teeth. But then...

The bombshell is dropped.

Priel made the cake?
Priel? The one who has been a pain in the butt, who stole their clan money, and who has tormented Shiki... made the cake?


Suddenly, Priel has both arms wrapped around her waist in a hug. A river of tears flow along the boy's eyes comically as he sniffles.

"It.. was beautiful. ....You...*sniffle* you are able to...*sniffle* actually 0cook!!!!"

Tears of joy from the leader of the Shard Seekers.
Ivo Galvan "I can cook too," Ivo murmurs, as he continues to stir the broth. "Where's /my/ hug?"

After a moment, he casts Raiya a suggestive glance.
Lily Ker-WHA?

Priel made the cake? Lily blinks a few times, not exactly used to the concept of lying or not lying. If Priel says she did, then didn't she?

She immediately ceases that, and peers down at the cake, then at Priel.

Slowly, ever so slowly, her expression grows from startled to baffled. "... I'd ask... why you were being so mean for so long when you can be nice instead. Cake is good. People like caike. If everyone had cake lots of people would be really happy." And of course, through that slightly not-that-logical social bungling, she giggles a bit. Triumphantly. Apparently not at all bothered by Reize's reaction.

No, instead of dwelling on that she peers at Raiya. "Ah... I remember! You didn't say much... or maybe I'm not remembering it that well..."
Lenn Lenn nods to Raiya. "Lenn Silv. A pleasure." She then blinks at Priel. "So YOU cooked this..." She hmms, and looks at it... "Well, it seems plenty tasty. Seems you have a talent for baking."
Priel Aylin Priel was just about ready to unload another round of jabs at Reize when suddenly...

...Before she knew it, a yellow and red blur had attached itself to her waist. "...Eh? ...Ehhhh?" Honestly dumbfounded by this turn of events, she couldn't do much more than stare down at the boy.

"Ahaha....oh come on. While I have absolutely no faith in the lot of you, Ivo here can still cook!" Chuckling, apparently somewhat entertained by this now, Priel's tail rose up, as if it had a life of it's own and began to pat Reize's head.

In the meantime, the redhead's eyes were drawn back to Lily and Lenn at that point. "...I was bored. So I made a cake. That is really all there is to it." A devilish smirk followed that statement as Priel brought a hand to her mouth to cover it up just slightly.

"Ah, but rather than cake, I know something that will make Reize here /really/ happy! You want to know what it is? The both of you, I mean~" Well, this certainly couldn't be heading in a good direction...
Raiya Fujihara With recent events in Wutai weighing heavily on Raiya, she had nearly forgotten about Ivo defeating Riku in a duel in what seems like ages ago. The warrior is caught off-guard and she suddenly wishes she still had that sunhat of hers to hide behind. She is just going to have to make due without it and try not to let anything further catch her off-guard. A cough is breathed into a closed fist as she 'puts on her armor' once more. "I should be around for a few more weeks before I must head back into Wutai." Raiya says in a noncommital tone.

Thankfully she is saved from embarassment by Priel's cake statement and Reize's glomp of a hug that was aimed back at Priel. The sheer speed of plate-holder to hugger causes Raiya to turn to the recently put down plates in caution. They wobble slightly, but thankfully she doesn't need to dive after them. Sheesh, Reize could sure be fast when he wanted to be.

Lily and Lenn are now turned to with the plate-problem being over. "I did not have much to say back then, that is true. Reize and Ivo have been keeping me updated, but I want to ask you directly as well. How have you been with everything that has happened as of late?" Sure it was a pretty loaded question, but she did want to make sure that Lily was alright. Lenn also gets a small nod when her full name is given. "I take it that you are a Shard-seeker as well?" She asks simply.

Ivo's offhanded comment causes Raiya to shoot an icy-glance his way. "I only will hug those who can defeat me in a duel. Tragically, you do not fall into that category." She teases back with a late-breaking grin.
Ivo Galvan Ivo does his best to restrain his smile at Raiya's momentary fluster. It is brief, of course, but such fleeting sights are worth all the punishment. He admires her strength, and is -- truth be told -- far more humbled by her trust in him than by any of her scolding, and wouldn't change anything about his dear swordmistress. But the infinitely charming cast to her expression as her stoicism cracks just a little stirs such fondness in his heart that, well... maybe if she showed him that just a little more, he'd be content.

Then again, maybe he'd just tease her even more.

His hopes of pushing Raiya's boundaries a little further before she can fully recover are dashed by Reize's display, which is entirely worth it, all things considered. Priel's comment, however, causes Ivo to bite his lower lip and look away, clearly with nothing to add. (Good luck, Reize. Aim for the stars.) Or maybe he just wouldn't be able to open his mouth without laughing. Better to field interference in case sensei gets scandalized.

In fact, some of Raiya's own playful wit is on display, taking Ivo visibly aback for a moment before he grins in response. "It's a deal," he quips. "Once I defeat you with my patented Sash Cut, you'll have to hug me -- without putting your kimono back on, of course."

He adopts a faux contemplative expression as he turns back to the pot, which seems to have reached a good simmer. "That body wrapping of yours..." he comments. That was an exciting discovery from their previous duel. Does Raiya even know he saw it through her loosened kimono, though? "Does it just... unwrap? Like a present? I like to imagine it does."

H-how often does he imagine that...?
Reize Seatlan Sniffle.

Reize is so happy. Someone can cook. Someone. Well, sure, Ivo can cook, but still! Lenn doesn't cook! Lily may set the place on fire trying to cook, Shiki... probably not, and Reize only does field cooking. So happy. God, so happy.

The tail idly pats him on the head, the boy makes no effort to let go for just a moment longer.

But finally, Reize settles back and he retracts the hug.

"....I..wh--hey!" Reize's antenna hair flops up and then back. The boy peers towards Priel, "...What are you getting at?"

Then, Ivo goes into contemplation with Raiya, "..Eh?" Reize stares at Ivo, "...What are you talking about?"
Lily After peering confusedly at Priel and her obtuse answer is shelved away in Lily's head for further thought...

"Ivoooooo, you're really confusing. You wear them all the time but you seem to hate people wearing clothes a LOT." Lily points out in a tone full of 'hrmph' , her lips twisting about perplexedly towards the Shard Seeker.

She does however answer Raiya. "Fine! Reize keeps getting in trouble... bad things keep happening everywhere else... but I'm okay. Things at home are nice! .. Even Priel's sort of okay!" She glances at the troublemaker. "... right?"

She tilts her head, wondering just what she's getting at now.
Lenn Lenn nods to Priel. "Indeed, I've been one of the ones working on crafting the badges for the group..." She then looks over at Priel. "What, exactly, do you mean by that."
Priel Aylin As Reize finally broke contact, Priel's tail lowered back down behind herself. Returning to swaying about randomly as she continued to grin at the three. "Weeeeellllll...y'see, to get the best effect, you need to find Reize at night! Drag him into your room and then your bed...And it's best if neither you have any clothes on and theeeeeen-"

Oh lord, someone cut in and stop her. She's about to brazenly continue onwards with the terrible things she's about to say, utterly unapologetic about the younger minds among them.
Raiya Fujihara Raiya Fujihara was suddenly and mysteriously quite thankful that she did not loosen up her sashes this day as she often does in hot environments. Thankfully, her chocobo was able to move fast enough to keep her from overheating. And yet, this kitchen suddenly feels awful hot. "What I wear underneath my kimono is -not- up for discussion." She replies in a firm tone before cringing slightly. She knew Ivo better than this. Any sort of comments on this topics will simply cause his one-track mind to roll further down the rails. She needs to nip this situation in the bud

The samurai takes her sheathed katana off her waist and points it towards Ivo. "Know this. If you ever try such a technique against me, I'll be forced to demonstrate that actual technique in return." The held katana is then lowered to point towards Ivo's nether regions. "Also know that I tend to aim low and rarely miss." Raiya grins ruefully as she offers a slow, mock slice through the nearby air before returning her weapon to her sash.

Unfortunately it seems that someone else is going to have to stop Priel. Raiya is a little preoccupied with grim gestures at the moment.
Lenn Lenn 's head practically explodes with steam as Priel explains. "Wh... Wh... I'm not... we're not.... what... We're not ready for something like that..." But Lenn isn't saying 'no.'
Ivo Galvan It's all fun and games until someone gets castrated.

Ivo too is a little preoccupied, not that he's likely to stop Priel on her noble mission to corrupt young minds in the name of advancing Reize's LIPS. In fact, in the moment he does spare, he spends it savoring Lenn's bashful reaction and, of course, 'helping'. "Only some people, Lily," he says mildly. "Only some people. Priel understands. See, she's trying to explain." They're both just so helpful.

In his case, of course, he's busy congratulating himself on his cleverness as Raiya seems to overheat a little, all too delightfully. Of course, he knows that tone when he hears it, and this time keeps his mouth shut. Believe it or not, he does know his limits... sometimes. He lifts the pot of curry off of the stove, now that the banked flame has cooled it to an edible temperature and simmered it to something approaching perfection. He'll entertain himself with transposing the sight of Raiya's burning face on the fantasized image of slowly unwrapping her--


Protective instincts take over. Insufferable self-satisfaction is wiped from Ivo's face as his eyes widen, and he staggers out of the way of her feigned slash, unnecessarily. She'll do it, though, she really will. Losing his balance slightly, Ivo overcompensates, twisting--


--and some of the curry, though fortunately not all of it, sloshes out of the lip of the pot and directly at Priel's side, whereupon, if she doesn't avoid Matrix-style, it will splash all over her face and the front of her clothes, and there will follow an awkward silence.

"Whoops," Ivo finally says. "Should have worn an apron."


"And taken off your clothes."

Nice save!
Reize Seatlan What can we say about the situation?

Well, with Priel describing the event, Reize listens carefully over the course of action. Dragged into the room, okay...

It's best if neither have any clothes on...

Wait what?!

Reize is unaware of the fact that Raiya is threatening to chop off Ivo's sign of showing that he is a man. His face is too busy being red. See, his antenna hair is flopping up.

As the boy's face becomes enirely red, so does his antenna hair, now steaming.

"....Buh?!" And then... Ivo comes with the curry splashing out.

!! "Ivo! Watch out!" He finally snaps out of it.
Lily Lily's peering at Priel with this discerning sort of look. As if she's clearly listening, but not entirely sure if she should be wary of what she's saying or not!

Mostly because that is exactly how she feels right now. Bits of amazement and curiosity are flickering in her eyes, all until--

Clank-splash-- "Huah--"

The girl in white whirls about, a bit of frosting on a cheek, and joins Reize's voice with her own. "Look out, it's hot!"
Priel Aylin "Oh come on! Once you're both without clothes and in bed, all that remains is for you to--" Whoops! In a feat of speed not usually like her, Priel managed to lean her head aside juuuuuust in time to avoid getting a face full of curry. But her clothes however were not so lucky.

Part of the fur around her shoulders is treated to a nice splash of curry.



"Ivooooooo~" Priel spoke in a pleasant tone with a smile that belied her irritation with the so called knight. "You and I....need to have a nice, long talk now, don't we~?"

In a manner almost similar to Reize, one of her little hair antenna was twitching in agitation, much like her tail was at the moment. Her claws were also drumming against the surface of the table methodically, creating a light clacking noise

Perhaps he should run?

Raiya Fujihara The Curry / No Clothes debacle almost causes Raiya to face-palm again. Tch. Word choice Priel, word choice. Raiya knows that Priel means business, but Ivo is Ivo. She should warn Ivo, but then again...he has got this coming to him. And so, Raiya merely turns towards Lily. "I am glad to hear that. And I am not surprised in the least to hear that Reize is still getting into trouble," responds Raiya belatedly with a brief smile. Trouble seems to find Reize or he finds it. Which is -totally- unlike Ivo, who is merely dealing with the effects of karma.
Ivo Galvan Ivo carefully sets the pot of curry down on the table, his lips pursed like a naughty boy who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, holding his breath for Priel's reaction. She's got a sense of humor about everything, right? She'll just turn it into a joke like she always does--


The hairs rise on the back of Ivo's neck as his eyes widen, heart quickening with the fight-or-flight instincts of one facing a born predator. At long last, he begins to understand why it is Shiki gets so worked up by Priel's presence. It kind of feels like she actually /is/ going to eat him. But she wouldn't do something like that.


"If you're going to eat me," he says, holding one finger aloft, "I'd prefer it if you started with my--" He doesn't finish the sentence, leaving the fake-out hanging in the air as without another word he turns and literally leaps through the open window above the countertop, a quite graceful dive. All gathered can hear the sound of him rolling safely upon the grass, and then see him rushing toward the fence some distance away.

'Woof! Woof!'

"Dandy! Go get her! Stop Priel!!"

'Woof woof woof!'

"No, don't chase /me/! Stay! Stay!"

'Woof! Woof woof!'

"I'll give you curry!!"
Reize Seatlan Reize's cheeks are red. His eyes are widen and the flush is running along his face. As the blushing face runs course, the young man just gapes. He is rather perplexed over Priel's statement. But, that quickly comes to an end when Ivo ends up splashing her with the curry.

Her suit is not looking hot.

Oh hey, Priel is pretty angry now.

What's more, Ivo is suddenly braking away to make a ma dash away and leaps through the opened window. Blink.


He tilts his head over as he hears the sound of Dandy chasing him. "...There he goes."
Priel Aylin ".....Ehehehehe~"

And thus, Priel only giggled lightly in response to Ivo's sudden escape. No, she wasn't going to get up and chase after him. That would be a waste of energy.

Besides, he had to come back eventually. There would be plenty of time and chances to catch the knight off guard. "Well then, it looks like I have to wash this jacket now. That idiot's punishment will have to wait for later~"

With a sigh, she took off the aforementioned jacket, leaving her shoulders bare. With her trademark jacket marred by curry, the redhead couldn't help but frown a little. "Oh well~" Standing up then, she turned and made her way off to the female dorms. "Bye now~ And remember what I said~"

And she was gone.

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