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1747UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1714UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1690UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1665UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1585FinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1531UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1390UnfinishedJihl NabaatNo Title SetNo Description Set
1219FinishedJihl NabaatA Little Lost L'Cie Is FoundAfter months of hunting for a l'Cie - any of them - Jihl Nabaat and PSICOM finally come across the uncrystalized Serah Farron. Terrible things occur.
1109FinishedJihl NabaatNot Quite The Disney EndingMax says three very important words. Does Jihl manage to say them back?
907FinishedJihl NabaatHis Favorite Slinky Black DressMax interrupts paperwork time and drags Jihl out.
714FinishedJihl NabaatThe Pompa Sanctum ParadeJihl Nabaat runs the Pompa Sanctum Parade. People show up, talk, dance, and terrible things occur as the pagent for the win of the War of Trangression goes on.
708FinishedJihl NabaatI Want It AllMaximilien meets up with Jihl in her tower room, and things go not quite as planned.
621FinishedJihl NabaatHunting For FrenchmenJihl goes hunting for Max, in one of her first few forays outside her world. Hilarity ensues.
538FinishedJihl NabaatA Theft Of CuriosityWhile doing some research in the local PSICOM office in Palumpolum, Jihl Nabaat is .. wooed by a erring phantom thief - Max.