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(2013-07-30 - 2013-07-30)
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Jihl Nabaat Jihl Nabaat has been on vacation for several days. As of this point, however, she has opted out of actually doing anything sort of 'vacation-y' and has resorted to residing in her penthouse suite that she calls home, a place where only she and the only two people she trusts can ever properly use.

As such:

Night has fallen on Palumpolum, leaving Jihl in her little home. Settled in on the couch, Jihl actually has the TV on some sort of silly comedy movie, and she's reading a book - not a work book, or a procedures book, but a good book. A mystery-thriller. A cup of take-out noodles resides between her knees for easy access.

Read, read. Bad take-out. It's a normal 'vacation-y' sort of night.
Maximilien Max was as good as his word. He came back that same night, cooked her dinner, and stayed with her all night. He hadn't said a word about what she'd told him; not a single word of scorn or distaste. He had treated her no differently than he had when they'd first begun seeing each other.

The next morning, he had gone to do his 'job/hobby', and he hadn't been back since, leaving Jihl a little bit of quiet time - and giving himself time to think, to come to terms with what he had learned.

As for tonight, however...

The TV shuts off with a wave of his hand - a flick of the wrist and a well-placed strike to the button with a concealed rock, nothing more - as Max climbs onto the couch above Jihl. He moves the noodles to the table, then slides under the book, his arms wrapping around her shoulders as he leans in for a deep kiss.

"Bonsoir, pet. You are not very good at this 'vacation', non?"
Jihl Nabaat Jihl looks up. "My movie-!" She protests, right before the couch - and her, by extension - get Max'd. The kiss leaves her breathless, before she hooks the book on the back of the couch to not lose her spot, giving him an almost briefly annoyed look, before she tosses her head.

"At least I'm not doing paperwork." She points out, almost dryly.
Maximilien "I confess that I was surprised by that, oui," Max teases wryly. "I half-expected you to be hip deep in paperwork."

Max buries his face in her neck for a few minutes, tightening his arms around her before he says anything else. Then...

"I made up my mind."
Jihl Nabaat "It never gets bad enough for hip deep..." Jihl protests. "Knee deep, maybe."

She freezes underneath him, however, at his words, biting back her own breath, waiting.
Maximilien "I am..." Max leans up, his hands pressing against her arms as he pushes himself so he can look her in the eye. He has to look her in the eye; he has to see her face as he talks, has to remind himself of all the feelings inside him. His eyes meet hers.

"I am not comfortable with what you have done. I am not comfortable with the woman you have been, with the deeds you have done or the acts you have allowed to occur." Max looks away for a moment and takes a deep breath.

His eyes go back to hers. "But I love you. You mean a great deal to me. I may not be happy with what you have done, but I care too much about you to abandon you. If you are serious about attempting to change, about attempting to be...better than you were....then I will be beside you every step of the way."

"I promise."
Jihl Nabaat Max sees fear in her eyes, fear and worry. Jihl takes a deep breath, especially when his words, his sentences, start out with 'I am not comfortable'. She does not flinch; Jihl is very good at avoiding flinching.

"I..." She then smiles at him, wanly.

"You promise?" She whispers. "Even though I did all of this stuff while we were dating, at least at the beginning?"
Maximilien "I promise," Max replies, letting himself sink back down. His fingers go into her hair gently. "But only so long as you are serious about attempting to change. It will not be easy, but I will hold your hand and help you, as you help me; I will not abandon you because of who you were. I will love you because of who you want to be."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl gives him another smaller, proper, rare smile as Max responds to her questions. She lets herself rest underneath him, before a whispered comment gets a elbow in the rib from the woman. "You're terrible!"
Maximilien "Occasionally," Max agrees, wincing as she jams her elbow in his rib. But he grins nonetheless.

Max flicks his fingers to the side again, another little Thief trick as the TV turns back on. He was very precise with thrown weapons, after all. "Tomorrow, I am going to take you somewhere for a proper vacation. Tonight, though...tonight, we ought to stay in, non?"
Jihl Nabaat Max flicks the TV back on with a flick of his fingers, and she gives him a curious look. "Thieves!" She says, her tone not derisive, but amused. She gives him a smile. "If you insist." There is a very, very long pause, then:

Jihl asks, "Can I have my noodles back?"
Maximilien "I am afraid not," Max replies as he settles against her comfortably. "I will simply have to cook something for you when I feel the need to move."

"That may be a few hours, pet. I am quite cozy."
Jihl Nabaat Max cosies up on top of her, and Jihl sighs, shoving one arm out as she flails at the just-out-of-reach think of noodles. "Pleaaaase?" She asks wistfully. "They're my favorite ones!" Her green eyes are wide and hopeful.

Maximilien "You prefer a cup of instant noodles from a microwave to my handmade meals?" Max asks, his hand going outwards to grab hers, his fingers curling between hers. "Is that really how you feel? A soulless machine-made hunk of preprocessed dough and water to a meal made thinking only of you?"
Jihl Nabaat "Maaaaax." Jihl says, rolling her eyes at him.

"No, but I survived on these things for ages before you came along, give a woman her weird tastes."
Maximilien "Mmm," Max considers quietly. Eventually, however, he releases her hand and picks up the noodles, passing them to her. "I will let you have them...but only if you allow me something in return."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl eyes Max. "Deal." Noodle slurp.

"I mean, it can't be that bad."
Maximilien Max laughs and settles back in, letting his eyes sink shut. "I love you."
Jihl Nabaat After a long moment, Jihl murmurs back: "I love you too."

This scene contained 19 poses. The players who were present were: Maximilien, Jihl Nabaat