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(2013-09-30 - Now)
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Jihl Nabaat For once in his lifetime, Maximilien does not find Jihl doing paperwork, wrapped up in a book, or being an absolutely terrible person. Heck, he doesn't even find her in the /house/ -- she's outside in the back where people can't see her from the road.

Sprawled out on a blanket, Jihl has a hat over her face and seems to be enjoying a very nice nap.
Maximilien Jihl is enjoying a nice nap when Max gets back from wherever it is he's been off to this time, and Max isn't really very good at /waking people up/. In fact, Max is quite the opposite of good at *waking people up*; his general skillset is all about being silent and invisible, after all.

So when he actually locates Jihl, Max is faced with a difficult choice. /Should/ he wake her up? She would undoubtedly be upset with him. On the flipside, it wasn't like he had much of a problem with Jihl being a little upset with him.

Max leans down and presses his lips against hers slowly. "Bonsoir, ma chere; I see the French countryside is agreeing with you, mais non?"
Jihl Nabaat Max does everything smothered in kisses and French and french accents. It is, to be frankly honest, not a terrible way to wake up. She opens her eyes and blinks as she takes in the fact that it is now several hours later and a certain someone has made his way home.

Jihl smiles almost lazily.

"Hiii." She drawls. "It is as far as sleeping goes." She raises an eyebrow at him, pushing herself up into a seated position, her silver-blonde hair fuzzed all to hell and back.
Maximilien "So I see. You took a break." That in and of itself was sort of telling, as far as Max was concerned; the very idea of taking a nap and a break back in Palumpolum was alien and insane. Palumpolum was a huge city, and Jihl had to try and micromanage it to an absurd degree; the countryside was quiet and sparsely populated, the town small and peaceful except for the odd talk of a Beast or witches.

Max sits down on the couch. "You look very different these days, you know. Happy, content, at peace."
Jihl Nabaat Jihl draws her knees up underneath her as she settles into a tailor's seated crouch; she tilts her head to her side as she observes Max slightly as he sits down nearby her.

"Sort of, yes. I had a good lunch." She grins at him. "I made it myself."

This scene contained 5 poses. The players who were present were: Maximilien, Jihl Nabaat