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1933FinishedGarlandKeyblade! A Deal With The Conquering ChaosKaydin seeks out Garland in the Corridors of Darkness in order to learn more about Angantyr's Keyblade. He is offered a deal too good to pass up...
1886FinishedGarlandNo Title SetNo Description Set
1352UnfinishedGarlandNo Title SetNo Description Set
1065FinishedGarlandStages Of MentorshipGarland has a conversation with Angantyr about Archadia.
528FinishedGarlandThe Wheels Are In MotionGarland calls Shego and Makenshi in to join the Alexandria/Burmecian War...on opposing sides, for his benefit. But to what ends?
366FinishedGarlandDespair! The Ironclad NightmareMullonde becomes ground zero in a battle between Garland, the incarnation of Chaos, and Kaze, the Unlimited Man of the Magun.
360FinishedGarlandTemple Of FiendsThe kidnapped Prince of Cornelia lies in the Temple of Fiends. A brave party enters to rescue him...but what awaits them inside these terrifying walls?
266FinishedGarlandNo Title SetNo Description Set
236FinishedGarlandNo Title SetNo Description Set
204FinishedGarlandAdventThe Champion of Darkness Garland makes himself known, sending out a call across the Darkness to as many people as possible in order to encourage them to unify into a guild sinister.