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733FinishedBaiganNo Title SetNo Description Set
654FinishedBaiganThe Plot ThickensEmi Dennou meets with the Mayor of Fluorgis, secures proper recompense, and investigates the strange goings-on in the city. The relation between the shadows over Fluorgis and the Fire Crystal is discussed, and the source of the darkness is pondered. A mystery is solved -- but not quite the one most relevant.
495FinishedBaiganPillaging the Dwarf WoodlandsWith Manhattan devoured by darkness and Xanatos Enterprises thwarted for now, Baigan plots to once again make his move in the name of Baron, aiming to restore the kingdom's glory and secure its territory after his setbacks on the Dias Plains and at Balamb Garden. In dire need of resources and in hatred toward all adorable forest critters, Baigan has set his sights upon an unsuspecting target: the Dwarf's Woodlands in Phantasia, with its plentiful lumber and precious metals and stones. All that's required is to secure the location for long enough to loot it and scurry away through a Portal with their ill-gotten gains, and then to use it to further enhance Baron's navy and air force... and adapt the technology stolen from Xanatos. Will Baron's vile plot succeed with its ranks blostered by new allies, or can our scattered heroes intervene in time to save the woodlands from total devastation!?
487FinishedBaiganA Dangerous GameAs though team-building exercises were not in themselves inherently ill-advised, Baigan forces the polar opposites which now occupy the ranks of Baron's officers to cooperate in play, with predictably disastrous results. Yet were it not for the presence of a certain masked wanderer, the results might not have been /quite/ so disastrous...
466FinishedBaiganNo Title SetNo Description Set
446FinishedBaiganBaron AscendantWith Manhattan fallen into darkness and Xanatos Enterprises thereby undermined, Baigan intends to secure Baron's 'safety' -- read: power and influence -- once and for all. Without mighty technology to oppose them, the only question is what battleground to choose, and who to send on the mission. But a new cadre of Baron's elite have formed, ready to take on these challenges...
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