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1458FinishedNegaduckFlirting with DangerMalicia wanders into Hollow Bastion in search of the Shadow Lords to further her research, however, she comes across the very person who plunged St. Canard into the darkness.
908FinishedNegaduckWelcome Back, Manhattan!Nothing says welcome back to a world that just got restored like a bank robbery. Not even 24 hours into its restoration and Negaduck is committing crimes there! Watch the heroes take down this heartless villain.
859FinishedNegaduckNegaduck's Rampage In TraverseLeave it to Negaduck to take the undead and the Heartless to cause destruction. However, the heroes are there to stop him! ...Or do the make it worse?
808FinishedNegaduckTalks of New Plan With EmiAs the party at the pub is near, Reize takes the moment to reflect with his chat with Leida while considering what's ahead for the Shard Seekers. Emi comes to check up on Reize...
314FinishedNegaduckIn a New York Minute: MAP - NorthNegaduck had launched a plan to destroy the northern section of Manhattan with his good friend Bob and with the aid of Mirage. The defenders, Tifa, Aerith, and Yuna, moved to stop the fiends. However, the heroes get a surprise guest who finally comes out of the shadows...
243UnfinishedNegaduckBlack Friday WarzoneBlack Friday is a War Zone. It is the time where prices are so cheap and the items are limited that many risk their lives to get the items that they don't need. Who better to exploit such a 'holiday' than Negaduck? Chaos ensues within the mall madness as the store clerks are tied up and unable to manage the area, leaving Negaduck with total control of the chaos. Will you stop it?!
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