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1923UnfinishedAviraGummiship Troopers: MontressorNo Description Set
1906FinishedAviraGummiship Troopers: IvaliceI lost my heart to a gummiship trooper~
1858FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
1854FinishedAviraMoonlit MadnessNo Description Set
1832FinishedAviraTis the SeasonNo Description Set
1804FinishedAviraMaidenly MisunderstandingNo Description Set
1781FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
1771FinishedAviraFor a FlowerNo Description Set
1748FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
1737UnfinishedAviraLife at the OutpostNo Description Set
1688FinishedAviraThe Worst FaceNo Description Set
1682FinishedAviraThieves in the nightMaximilien begins to impart an entirely new skillset upon Avira. Ouch.
1681UnfinishedAviraAt Camp Pair DadeniNo Description Set
1650UnfinishedAviraMeanwhile at gummi camp...No Description Set
1641UnfinishedAviraSeige on Pair DadeniGummi ship research in the Golmore Jungle has attracted a seemingly endless horde of undead! Can Arthur, VALKYRI, and friends defend the test site?!
1632FinishedAviraIncident Off a Mountain RoadNo Description Set
1627FinishedAviraVALKYRI Beach Party!VALKYRI works hard. They also play hard!
1605FinishedAviraLet's get down to business!Avira is ready to whip Mercade into a lean, mean, melee weapon-fighting machine!
1519FinishedAviraWhat If - Bad EndNo Description Set
1364FinishedAviraA Vicious Trial by Fire, Love ChaosNo Description Set
1288FinishedAviraDark Cave of WondersThe wolf catches the hunter! ...for some long overdue catching up.
1242FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
1241FinishedAviraApology DinnerNo Description Set
1231FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
1227FinishedAviraMeanwhile in Heorot...Maira imparts some shocking news.
1201FinishedAviraPurging ChaosNo Description Set
1191FinishedAviraTwilight Valkyrie Needs Hug BadlyNo Description Set
1107FinishedAviraGrendel AttacksVALKYRI's carefully planned party is rudely interrupted by an attacking monster.
1087FinishedAviraA Nice Quiet MomentJust a quiet evening of tense planning. For once?
1058FinishedAviraDispleasureGarland is not happy and nor does he forget.
1054FinishedAviraSweet Dreams are made of theseAn unwanted visitor intrudes on one of Avira's strange dreams.
956FinishedAviraSilent Woods of StoneThe first stop on Riku and Avira's most excellent adventure...the Forest of Evil
914FinishedAviraWaking UpIn the house of the Twilight Detective Agency, Avira waits dreaming.
880FinishedAviraDarkest Before DawnIt can always get worse.
860FinishedAviraImpatienceNo Description Set
839FinishedAviraDinner with CHIEFCHIEF invites VALKYRI to dinner. Surely nothing will go wrong.
767FinishedAviraROUND 2: Team DLC vs No Sleep Till ManhattanNo Description Set
762FinishedAviraA VisitorNo Description Set
737UnfinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
682FinishedAviraOne Night In VALKYRINo Description Set
634FinishedAviraMystery of the BellsAvira and Sable wind up investigating the same rumor in Notre Dame.
631FinishedAviraTraining is MagicAvira and Lavi learn and bond over a bit of close combat training.
614FinishedAviraCatching UpNo Description Set
609FinishedAviraSmells like Chocobo?Avira finds something that is not a chocobo at all.
608FinishedAviraCourt of AppealsAvira requests the presence of a judge magister in order to negotiate. She winds up with none other than Gabranth himself.
577FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
567FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
553FinishedAviraSuckered into Shopping Square Deal
550FinishedAviraThe Garland GamesGarland makes good on his promises and ambushes Avira in the streets of Rabanastre.
521FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
514FinishedAvira"Let's Make A Deal"No Description Set
505FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
490FinishedAviraFated EncountersNo Description Set
474FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
471FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
468FinishedAviraDigital NativesNo Description Set
462FinishedAviraFor the CureGarland holds the cure to the dark mutation cursed onto Avira. Can she, Mercade, and Maira manage to secure it?
460FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
456FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
417FinishedAviraMutate Meets GiantLavi encounters someone that might remind her a little too much of the mutated horrors from her home.
410FinishedAviraStars in the Darkness: AviraWith the weight of Manhattan's fall upon and a parasitic darkness left in her heart by LEXUS, Avira takes a quiet moment to look to the stars for strength. Much to her surprise, an emerald star answers, baring none other than King Mickey himself.
393FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
374FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
359FinishedAviraSecret WaterwaysNo Description Set
346FinishedAviraGathering the VALKYRINo Description Set
334FinishedAviraCreatures of DarknessNo Description Set
298FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
287FinishedAviraImportant VALKYRI BusinessNo Description Set
272FinishedAviraA Visit to FriendsNo Description Set
259FinishedAviraOn The Run AgainNo Description Set
232FinishedAviraA Delightful ChatNo Description Set
227FinishedAviraLong Arm of the HarpyNo Description Set
221FinishedAviraMaster Garland?No Description Set
214FinishedAviraYou're Not AloneNo Description Set
178FinishedAviraManhattan MorningNo Description Set
176FinishedAviraBramble BeatdownNo Description Set
158FinishedAviraAwful Advice About MenNo Description Set
145FinishedAviraKaze! Misunderstanding the Red-Haired MaNo Description Set
130FinishedAviraEscape from FluorgisNo Description Set
128FinishedAviraEye of the WolfNo Description Set
126FinishedAviraLooking InNo Description Set
57FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
36FinishedAviraNo Title SetNo Description Set
34FinishedAviraSkoll StakeoutNo Description Set