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1410UnfinishedSammy ColtTailored to perfectionAfter a rough night, Sammy finds himself wearing rags. Unsure of what happened, he heads to the nearest clothier around.
807FinishedSammy ColtMeanwhile at ShinRa HQAfter a failed mission in China, Sammy Colt returns to base only to find...
764FinishedSammy ColtSeeking the Shard SeekersSammy, on behalf of the Turks, goes looking for a group of heroes to deal with the China Incident.
579FinishedSammy ColtLooking for something with a little more 'oomph'ShinRa's got plans. Big plans. For this big plan, however, it looks like they're taking stock of every powersource they know of, but for what reason?
391FinishedSammy ColtSleep By DawnThings move from Sammy bugging the Shard Seekers HQ to Zia revealing a big secret to Skoll.
77FinishedSammy ColtNo Title SetInside scoop
52FinishedSammy ColtAn Awkward AcquaintanceNo Description Set