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1951FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1950FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1941FinishedReize SeatlanAzure's CallingReize follows the guidance of a voice that has led him pretty far in his adventure. He is followed by Mir, a former client who decided to travel with the boy. She finds out that there is a bit more to the boy's journey than what it initially seems like.
1928FinishedReize SeatlanShinryu Investigation: Phantom ForestThis is what happens when you have Reize being the only person who saw the map for investigating the darkness. Reize leads Avira(much to her chagrin) and a few other folks to what was presumed to be the Crater where Shinryu was at...
1926FinishedReize SeatlanBonding Moment: LynnReize shares a moment with Lynn while tending to the garden. They discuss about each other's home.
1916FinishedReize SeatlanFinding Leads within the DarknessReize decided to make his travel into the Veins of the Darkness in search for clues about the darkness in the forest. He comes across a familiar face who has an abundant amount of information.
1909FinishedReize SeatlanCleaning and Baked GoodsFueled by the desire to restore the headquarters, Reize went on a cleaning spree while the client, Mir, was baking goods for her business. After all, she paid for their electricity, so she had a free stay. Of course, the Shard Seekers received a familiar face...
1903FinishedReize SeatlanSneak Thief and the PendantIt was just a normal day at Fluorgis until a thief decides to steal Reize's pendant. It quickly escalates to a chase scene.
1892FinishedReize SeatlanA Long Return and a ShardReturning home after his journey, Maira comes to visit the Shard Seekers to retrieve a World Shard that could unlock an important world for her.
1845FinishedReize SeatlanTopsy Turvy Day: Overlords' ConquestThe Overlord Reize came to take over the Old Kingdom, only to have his great rival, Overlord Luso show up to upstage him. Then a maid and then a nun. It was a sad day for the Overlords.
1814FinishedReize SeatlanCatching Up With the DennouAfter getting the herb to treat Violet, Reize was able to take the time to enjoy his stay in the Chinese Countryside. He comes across the Dennou sisters, Emi and Umi. It is a bit of catching up between them all.
1808UnfinishedReize SeatlanExploring the Siam TempleA set of scholars put up a post for adventurers to assist them with an important matter: Obtain any artifacts or tomes that tell the history of the temple. Reize also heard that a rare red plant grew there. With the assistance of the Shard Seekers and strangers, they explore the unknown.
1790FinishedReize SeatlanSearching for A Rare PlantReize made a return to the public to defend the Great Wall from the Undead. However, Reize's main reason for returning was to get an herb that was supposed to bring a friend of his back to good health. He has a talk with the VALKYRI members, who he had not seen in months.
1775UnfinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1703UnfinishedReize SeatlanMysterious Darkness in the Great WallNo Description Set
1561UnfinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1429FinishedReize SeatlanUnknowing ConnectionAboard the Romancing Saga III, Reize and Annalise have a chat with turns out into a small surprise between the two.
1362FinishedReize SeatlanPost Drunken Night: VioletReize wakes up from a drunk night. Lo behold, he wakes up onto Violet.
1287FinishedReize SeatlanA Heartfelt Talk: VioletReize has a heartfelt chat with Violet at the garden. Reize and her share a conversation concerning the day that they had prepared for an adventure.
1228FinishedReize SeatlanPreparing for AdventureTired of remaining in Fluorgis, Reize decided to gather the Shard Seekers together to leave the city and go on their long adventure.
1184FinishedReize SeatlanA Grand DecisionReize returns to the headquarters while Violet and Lily shop. The boy runs into Will, who had eaten everything in their fridge. However, Will is at the headquarters for an important reason: Reize's Path.
1180FinishedReize SeatlanConfrontation On An Explorer's FeelingsReize and Violet go camping at a site outside of Fluorgis. Violet asks him about his feelings regarding the girls he has known. Then the topic of their relationship comes up...
1169FinishedReize SeatlanSeeking Shards Are For The BirdsReize is leading the Shard Seekers on an expedition to find a World Shard with Ivo's "trusty" Shard Seeker device. However, between the treacherous mountains and the zuu, things were not made easy for the group.
1130FinishedReize SeatlanFearless Leader Fears Water!Reize and Violet are at the beach together. However, she learns of the brave adventurer's fear of water.
1052FinishedReize SeatlanA Picnic InterruptedReize, Lily, and Annalise were set off to enjoy a nice picnic. However, familiar new friends to the leader of the Shard Seekers were in danger.
1001FinishedReize SeatlanA Chat at the CafeAfter losing at the colisseum against Avira, they celebrate over WildKat cafe(with Reize buying) and have some serious discussions.
967FinishedReize SeatlanA Dangerous Mission to TakeDown at Fluorgis, Reize and Violet had a nice chat, only to run into the Judge Magister. What started off as initial gratiude for the assistance from Archades turned into an invitation for the Shard Seekers to assist them in exploring an untouched land.
963FinishedReize SeatlanNovice Tournament: Reize vs AviraThe tournament has started out in Traverse Town. Reize decided to enter the fight in order to try his luck against the group. However, his opponent was Avira, who decided to try her luck in the events as well! Let's see who comes out on top!
924FinishedReize SeatlanReturn Home and Bath Gone WrongReize returns home, Lily was not happy with Reize disappearing off. Later on, Reize takes a bath and a certain dragon girl gets her revenge.
920FinishedReize SeatlanHope for A Lost OneReize was on his way back to Fluorgis after getting lost. However, a wind storm directed him to a cavern, where he runs into a former Shadow Lord on the run.
912FinishedReize SeatlanConfessions of an AdventurerReize and Lily are at the bridge at Fluorgis, relaxing. Annalise comes in to join the two in their chat.
903FinishedReize SeatlanLet Mysterious Dogs LieAfter upgrading his boomerangs at Alexandria, the Shard Seekers, Luso, and Yurita encounter a myterious mercenary. Reize also learns to remember one of his knight's vows the hard way.
854FinishedReize SeatlanCamping at Macalania ForestReize gets his companion lost. What do you expect from him?
813FinishedReize SeatlanHeartful Moment With AnnaliseReize was relaxing at the garden, contemplating over his announcement for the Shard Seekers to depart Fluorgis. Of course, Annalise wanders in as she tries to get adjusted.
802FinishedReize SeatlanTruth of a Friend In NeedAfter dealing with an exhausting trip at Wutai, Leida returns to he headquarters to hide herself, but encounters Reize along the way. The two have an important discussion...
799FinishedReize SeatlanCelebration in FluorgisWith the Shadows Over Fluorgis passes, the city undergoes a celebration. Drunks, music, merriment all around. Some shenanigans are abound.
798FinishedReize SeatlanA Rough EncounterAfter Reize's time of reflection, he got ready to depart for Fluorgis to attend the celebration, but undergoes an unexpected and rough encounter.
797FinishedReize SeatlanA Quiet Reflection of Scattered StarsAs the Chapter of 'Scattered Stars' comes to a close, Reize takes a moment to reflect over his journey so far. He has a moment with the voice that has guided him so far.
775FinishedReize SeatlanClear the SkiesAs Heartless rage through the streets and Fluorgis teeters on collapse, its council makes a fateful decision, and employs the city's last ditch plan to protect the Fire Crystal from the darkness. In the midst of the melee, from the bowels of the earth bursts the Fire-Powered Ship, retrofitted as a mighty airship with the combined technology of Fluorgis and Karnak, which plunges bravely into the shadowy skies above with the Crystal within. Yet deep in the dark miasma, fearsome foes lurk with designs of their own. Can those trusted few allowed into Fluorgis's inner sanctum repulse these last invaders and preserve the city's livelihood?
738FinishedReize SeatlanFunhouse of Nightmare - Reize SideThis is Reize's side of the story and what happened from prior the group exporing the funhouse and within the remaining duration.
712FinishedReize SeatlanFunhouse of Nightmare - Group SideA mysterious funhouse has shown up and those who explored it never came out. Now, adventurers are tasked to find the missing people.
692FinishedReize SeatlanWhat to Do About The Weeds?In the Shard Seeker garden, Lily is growing concerned with Reize over the garden and she asks the garden.
662FinishedReize SeatlanLily's Confrontation with ReizeReize was asleep for the night, but then he woke up, unable to move. He first thing he sees is a very unhappy Lily
656FinishedReize SeatlanFull Report on MysteryAfter Emi's investigations, she went to search for the leader of the Shard Seekers to give him a full report of her findings.
645FinishedReize SeatlanReize's Decision to DepartReize made preparations to leave at midnight. However, it was not without getting the notice of those closest to him.
641FinishedReize SeatlanLingering DoubtsReize has started to doubt his role as the leader of the Shard Seekers. With the growing turmoil in Fluorgis and Manhattan, Reize's reasoning for leaving his home became more transparent. Yet, there are some people hopeful for him.
604FinishedReize SeatlanDefend the (Sand)Castle!Reize returns to Traverse Town to play with the refugee kids. However, he visits the beach to mull over his time with the Shard Seekers and Fluorgis in general. However, he comes across a young lady and her sand castle.
588FinishedReize SeatlanThe True Self?A mysterious fog fell over in Fluorgis. Strange mirrors erected in place and the adventurers who investigate found more than was expected...
573FinishedReize SeatlanFinding the Lost OneReize went to get groceries at Fluorgis, but got lost and ended up at Damasca Sands. It's up to Leida and Tom to find him.
569FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
536FinishedReize SeatlanAwkward EngagementReize finds himself waking up on Lenn and the topic of their fated engagement is discussed about. Hilarity ensues.
533FinishedReize SeatlanA Lack of UnderstandingReize spends time reflecting on various issues until he has a chat with Emi of the Legion...
517FinishedReize SeatlanPost-Prelude ShenanigansIt was after Fluorgis was attacked by the Heartless. The Shard Seekers and the adventurers were resting at the inn, recooperating from the fight. Of course, shenanigans occured.
508FinishedReize SeatlanPrelude ~ Panic in FluorgisIt started off as a normal day for the Shard Seekers, but then the Heartless invaded the city itself. Many adventurers banded together to stop the outbreak with a bit of a mysterious help...
500FinishedReize SeatlanGhostly GoalsThe Phantom Train is loading people who lost their lives in Manhattan to the Underworld, but a monster is in the Phantom Forest and may try to prey on them. Defeat the monster so these souls can safely pass on! Wait, who posted /this/ job anyway?
473FinishedReize SeatlanSide Quest: Hold My HandNo Description Set
442FinishedReize SeatlanTraining of the HawkeyeAfter the stubborn insistance of Leida, Reize decided to help Leida develop her combat skills in archery.
437FinishedReize SeatlanKissing Under the MistletoeThe Shard Seekers are doing community service in Traverse Town, providing the refugees with clothing and soup. Katyna meets with the group and introduces the leader of the Shard Seekers to the wonders of the mistletoe.
426FinishedReize SeatlanRevelation of Leida's PastThe story began with Reize letting Dandy out to play at the garden in the Shard Seeker's headquarters. Leida was contemplating about her potential ordeal until the young adventurer asked her about her past.
418FinishedReize SeatlanA Rough Step to AtonementWhen Reize arrived back to the Shard Seekers headquarters to resupply himself for his trip to Cornelia, his reunion with Will Sherman ended in dischord as Leida comes into the picture. A girl who accepted a demon in her past, faces one of the peope who had been the most affected by her actions...
398FinishedReize SeatlanExorcism of The DarknessReize attempted to journey towards the Temple of Fiends to find answers about the fallen prince. However, in his trip in the forest, he encounters the weeping girl with her inner demons.
389FinishedReize SeatlanThe Missing FriendRemaining at Cornelia for the time-period, Reize had contemplated over the Prince's fate. And yet, at the same time, Reize wondered about Riku... of course, he gets a special visitor.
376FinishedReize SeatlanTensions in the StormImmediately after the Shard Seekers had a tense discussion, Reize sought to have a private chat with Faruja regarding a certain bounty placed on a person that he considered a friend.
373FinishedReize SeatlanDarkclouded AftermathAfter the events of the Temple of Fiends, the Shard Seekers, along with Tifa and Rinoa, made it back to Cornelia to bring the prince to Princess Lara. Elated, she allowed the heroes to stay as guests. However, tensions rise as the health of the prince has not improved...(Update: In this, change all king and queen reference to Princess Lara. Woopsie.)
318FinishedReize SeatlanTrouble Brews In the FamilyAfter the situation with Shiki's shower incident, Reize called the Shard Seekers to a meeting. Should Priel be a member of the Shard Seekers?
315FinishedReize SeatlanIn a New York Minute: MAP - CentralThe Heartless have swarmed the Central Park, the Shard Seekers, lead by their Fearless Leader Reize, move in to try to stop the commotion. However, the storm in the sky had greatly enhanced the lead Heartless's strength, ensuing a difficult battle. Will the Shard Seekers surmount this obstacle?
300FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
297FinishedReize SeatlanFlowers Before A TripThis is just before Reizes for Manhattan. Reize spends his last moments in the garden to relax and reflect. As he prepares to look for Mercade, Sassaral comes in with seeds to plant some flowers. Many things blossom from this encounter...
276FinishedReize SeatlanTales of TruthAs Reize relaxes in Fluorgis, he comes across Riku, who is wandering blindly. Guiding his friend into the headquarters, Riku shares a secret with the boy...
257FinishedReize SeatlanSweet DeliriumMerlins magical sugar bowl escapes the tower and starts to ferment a tea-set rebellion amongst the inanimate objects of Traverse Town after an ill advised political lecture with Archimedes leaves the magical object delusions of grandeur. Shopkeepers all over town find their stores in chaos and their inventory rising up against them.
244FinishedReize SeatlanPuppy LoveReize decided to relax in the garden, thinking about the villagers from his home. As Sassaral joins with the boy, moments are shared in this bonding...
208FinishedReize SeatlanHooligans!Manhattan has run afoul of an unpleasant gang of vehicular troublemakers. However, this isn't a biker gang: it's the Heartless! Chase down this mob of Magnum Loaders and Hot Rods before they cause too much trouble!
205FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
184FinishedReize SeatlanThe Wolf Hunts The BoyWatching for the Shard Seekers, Hati lurked around for their leader, Reize Seatlan. In the midst of his shopping, she cornered him, pressing for information.
171FinishedReize SeatlanBeans?!A stalker has not only been troubling and injuring people late at night, but wherever he goes he always seems to destroy all of the beans in any grocer's nearby. What's the connection? - The mission was one that the Shard Seekers could not do alone. Enlisting the aid of the Twilight Detective Agency, the group set out to find out the mystery of the case.
169FinishedReize SeatlanRed Light TowerReize gotten himself lost while in Manhattan and wandered his way into The Grid. He encounters a pair of raiders who received mark about the current location having treasure. Meanwhile, as the group explores the tower, they get a guide in the form of a program.
166FinishedReize SeatlanMisdirectionsCirra encounters Reize and Kaydin in a grassy field, and makes a terrible terrible mistake. She asks Reize to show the way.
160FinishedReize SeatlanTo Market, To MarketIt's business as usual in Fluorgis...
152FinishedReize SeatlanReunion and Rising TensionsNeku wakes up in Traverse Town, unaware of his new surroundings. Meanwhile, Reize and Shiki return to Traverse Town to do some shopping. It's a bit of a joyous reunion. ...Somewhat.
151FinishedReize SeatlanGrowing StrugglesIt was morning for the Shard Seekers. Ivo and Reize discuss about the growing feelings that he's having for Shiki, Lily, and Lenn. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Riku and Ivo. ...Hilarity ensues.
143FinishedReize SeatlanDaft Girl In FluorgisFinally recovering from his near fatal event, Reize decided to take an easy and do some town missions and possibly shop for goods for the headquarters. However, Reize meets an artist along the way...
125FinishedReize SeatlanFirst KissHours after recovering from Riku's itching powder, Lily visits Reize. The two bond a bit closer.
124FinishedReize SeatlanBedridden ConfessionsAs Reize lays bedridden from the incident at Halloween Town, he is visited by Riku. The two have a heart-to-heart talk about various subjects. A few secrets were exchanged.
113FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetAfter the tribulation of the sandstorm, the adventurers found their way into the heart of Cleyra. It was a large tree to explore that was filled with monsters. Could the city be here?
111FinishedReize SeatlanA Noisey DesertAvira and Reize traveled along the Bare Desert in search of the City of Illusion. It was not long after that Lenn and Lily caught up with the two and their encounter with Mercade and Will of the Twilight Detective Agency. However, what lurked in the desert were not all friendly.
108FinishedReize SeatlanThe Path to CleyraReize wandered along the Bare Desert in search for the City of Illusion that he had heard about. This brought him to encounter with another newbie, Avira. She would help him find the strange city under the circumstances that he helped her with her mark. Hilarity ensues.
106FinishedReize SeatlanLost Bracelet and the MouseReize decided to help an injured traveler who lost his lucky bracelet that his wife gave him thanks to an encounter at Figaro Desert. Reize traveled to begin his search, but he would not be without help in the form of a mysterious mouse.
104FinishedReize SeatlanHunt or the HuntedIn the latest adventure for Reize and Riku, they got to bond over getting pricked by cactites. Wanting something a bit more exciting, Riku mentioned about hunting a Wild Saurian. Unfortunately for the pair... it remembered Reize.
97FinishedReize SeatlanDreams of HopeIt's the morning after Reize's nightmare. What happens next?
96FinishedReize SeatlanReunityReize reunites with his friends. But...
93FinishedReize SeatlanSurviving WanderersAfter the reunion with Lenn, Lily, and Shiki, Reize got some rest and then finally went back out in the desert to do some more exploration. However, his travel brings him to a familiar face and a new face that is in trouble.
75FinishedReize SeatlanDown the Underground RuinsAfter the plan to save Shiki from Priel had took a different turn for Reize and Priel, the two are forced to work together to navigate through the torturous underground ruins. There is a surprise waiting for them both...
69FinishedReize SeatlanProving Grounds in the DarknessAfter the Fun in the Sandpits, Reize reflects on the night, thinking about his recent failures and an important mystery. Riku and Reize have a heated exchange of words, which becomes a fight for survival. Was it just a dream?
64FinishedReize SeatlanFun In the SandpitThere had been rumors of holes and sandtraps appearing out at Figaro Desert that are smaller than an antlion's sandpit. There had been rumors of treasure, but those that went to explore it had never came back.
61FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
47FinishedReize SeatlanShard Seekers ShenanigansAbout after an hour of the mess with the first meeting, the team pulled through together at the end. Now, the group gather at the bar and relax. Antics ware to be had.
46FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
44FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
42FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
41FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
25FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
21FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
14FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
11FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
9FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title SetNo Description Set
3FinishedReize SeatlanNo Title Set
2FinishedReize SeatlanLet's make some Noise!No Description Set