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1934UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1905UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1811UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1725UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1724UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1570UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1230UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1075UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
1030UnfinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
954FinishedTifa LockhartDagger in Danger!An unconcious figure, an open portal, and heartless. A perfect recipe for a barmaid and a mermaid to stumble upon.
892FinishedTifa LockhartTrio of MaidensA bit of post-Manhattan recovery and healing, the spirits are high and not thanks to drinks.
780FinishedTifa LockhartBarmaid and MermaidA barmaid, a mermaid and a crab walk in a bar. No punchline, just a social.
769FinishedTifa LockhartFrench CookingMaximillen offers up some of his own cooking to the tennants of the Cloud Nine.
704FinishedTifa LockhartBurgers and CricketsA small gathering for burgers and milkshakes, and a lovestruck cricket chasing a barmaid.
554FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
540FinishedTifa LockhartTDA is where you make itHolidays are over, but there's always troubles. Some explanations are given after a wild city chase, on the freeing of the Network.
518FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
496FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
493FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
476FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
467FinishedTifa LockhartEnter the Wind PrincessAfter the Sevent Heaven renovations are done, the girls admire the new Inn, until a lost WindDancing princess enters.
447FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
441FinishedTifa LockhartA Merry Sephiroth ChristmasHoliday spirits doesn't scare Sephiroth from visiting the Seventh Heaven to play mind games with the barmaid.
401FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
378FinishedTifa LockhartNew Drinking SpotJecht stumbles upon the Seventh Heaven, has a few drinks, and finds a new path as the Best-in-Everything.
364FinishedTifa LockhartOf Princess and GilgameshPrincess Sarisa visits the bar for business with Mercade, while Gilgamesh, still self-narrating, shows off his new (Totally Real) Keyblades.
317FinishedTifa LockhartLuso visits the Chocobo RanchToday Luso and friends (none for now actually) stumble upon the chocobo Ranch, where he gets to ride one for the first time! After retriving his hat of course.
291FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set
250FinishedTifa LockhartThe Don's RequestNo Description Set
202FinishedTifa LockhartShopping in ManhanttanNo Description Set
199FinishedTifa LockhartXanatos Business Proposal for a BarmaidXanatos has invited Tifa for some business proposal. Aerith and Rinoa tag along, taking the chance to all dress pretty.
167FinishedTifa LockhartWhen a SOLIDER meets a Flower GirlNo Description Set
162FinishedTifa LockhartAerith kidnapped!No Description Set
144FinishedTifa LockhartBarmaid StompingsKaydin learns that sneaking up on the barmaid, even by accident, is painful.
139FinishedTifa LockhartHalloween at the Seventh HeavenJack tries to spook people at the Seventh Heaven for Halloween, only to have the Hearless turn against him!
83FinishedTifa LockhartNo Title SetNo Description Set