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1969FinishedMercade AlexanderReturn To TwilightMercade meets with someone he never expected to see again: Chita. They exchange some information and discuss the future.
1940FinishedMercade AlexanderBad Decisions And Bad NewsNo Description Set
1910FinishedMercade AlexanderLady In RedA mysterious woman enters the TDA office on a Manhattan evening...
1643FinishedMercade AlexanderA Viera's RevelationsThe strange male Viera Mercade helped rescue in Fluorgis meets with him in the Cloud Nine, where he tells Mercade some surprising things.
1624FinishedMercade AlexanderBreakout!Mercade visits the Grid for the first time, and ends up getting in trouble in about five minutes. Avira and Deelel come to bail him out.
1613FinishedMercade AlexanderWhen The Gargoyle VisitsZia comes to the TDA to look for Will to speak with him on things. She doesn't find him, but she does find Mercade. They catch up on things.
1590FinishedMercade AlexanderMaira's Got A GunMaira's got a gun, you better run~ Also, some firearms training.
1543FinishedMercade AlexanderStarfall: The Broken LandThe intrepid heroes use their newfound conveyance to travel between the worlds and stop a great Heartless from destroying a world they have never seen before.
1489FinishedMercade AlexanderStarfall: The ConveyanceA mysterious being comes to Traverst Town to help give the forces of restoration guidance on how to solve a very large problem.
1485FinishedMercade AlexanderA Little TLCAvira's laid up in bed. Mercade helps out.
1474FinishedMercade AlexanderNo Title SetNo Description Set
1395FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Shining MazeA path to a new world opens... But it is not easily traversed. Nor do its occupants wish visitors...
1357FinishedMercade AlexanderStarfall: The Night Of Shooting StarsThousands of shooting stars descend across the world of Ruin, the Giza Plains at the centerpoint. What could be the secret of the falling stars?
1053FinishedMercade AlexanderRevelations Of Another KindA meeting with Katyna to relay the information discovered thus far bears unexpected fruit.
1019FinishedMercade AlexanderA Judge of SandwichesRiku stops in at Cloud Nine to enlist the help of Mercade and the TDA to track down a mysterious being and a Behemoth...
937FinishedMercade AlexanderThe FallenKatyna and Ramza approach Mercade to talk to him about the ongoing issue facing Katyna and those around her. The problem is getting worse... But the TDA is on the case.
867FinishedMercade AlexanderEnter MacbethWhile recovering from their wounds, the TDA meets with Evja... But more importantly, a man from Manhattan has come to introduce himself, named Macbeth. What could this mean for the ongoing battles to restore Manhattan?
842FinishedMercade AlexanderSuddenly SoraMercade's eating in the Cloud Nine, and Sora pops in for some food and drink. They chat!
836FinishedMercade AlexanderA Heretic's PleaA man walks into the TDA and requests their help after making startling revelations.
811FinishedMercade AlexanderHades Cup: Heaven's Punishment vs. No Sleep Til ManhattanThe final match of the round robin portion of the Hades Cup! Who will take home the Wind Shard?
763FinishedMercade AlexanderRoyal PardonLeida and Mercade finally meet again and get to talking about things.
758FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Case Of The Missing PriestessIt was a late evening in the Agency. I didn't expect any customers and I was just thinking of closing up. But then she arrived...
746UnfinishedMercade AlexanderNo Title SetNo Description Set
644FinishedMercade AlexanderNo Title SetNo Description Set
590FinishedMercade AlexanderBusiness Over DinnerRosemarie invites the TDA over for dinner and to discuss a mutially profitable business arrangement.
558FinishedMercade AlexanderSeekers Of TruthEmi and Mercade meet up while moving into what will soon be the new Seventh Heaven and TDA building. They take a break to talk about the past, present, and future.
555FinishedMercade AlexanderAppointments MadeMercade is followed by a strange person, who turns out to be there to give Mercade an invitation. What could the Mysterious Rosemarie and the spooky Dameon want with the TDA?"
547FinishedMercade AlexanderTotally Not A DateMercade and Avira go to La Cite Des Cloches to visit the wonderous Notre Dame, enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, and enjoy some fine dining as the sun sets over the Seine. And it's totally not a date.
544FinishedMercade AlexanderKnight Of SwordsA Gargoyle, Percival, meets with Mercade and Maximilien and asks them for help regarding the Fall of Manhattan. Mercade provides information while Max tests the Gargoyle's mettle. Arrangements are made!
522FinishedMercade AlexanderEnter The ShegoA new arrival appears in Traverse Town. Mercade Alexander tries to get the skinny and finds out that this one bites.
506FinishedMercade AlexanderSix From The DarknessMercade meets the restored member of the Legion Network, who he last saw in much less... alive circumstances.
492FinishedMercade AlexanderPick Up The PiecesMercade tries to broker a peace between Max and Will. It doesn't go well.
488FinishedMercade AlexanderSports, The Sky, And A Red LilyA meeting in Luca results in introductions... and confrontations.
449FinishedMercade AlexanderRunning Out Of TimeThe TDA meets the time-controlling murderer of Legion. Things get complicated!
430FinishedMercade AlexanderWe Are LegionMercade and Will meet an unusual girl. What mysteries does she hold?
423FinishedMercade AlexanderDive Into The HeartAn unconscious Mercade finds himself having an unusual dream...
403FinishedMercade AlexanderOut-Takes: At The CrossroadsRETCONNED! This scene was aborted for narrative reasons! THE DRAMATIC CONFRONTATION WILL HAPPEN LATER
397FinishedMercade AlexanderYou're Still YouMercade and the Mutate Avira meet on the beach of Bodhum, and catch up with each other while confronting the problems that they have both had to deal with since the Fall of Manhattan.
377FinishedMercade AlexanderThe ReunionMercade and Celina meet in Traverse Town, which rapidly develops into a massive confluence of fate... and a meeting with the one responsible for their ills.
358FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Sleeping JudgeCirra Constantine is sleeping in Rabanstre, caught in a waking nightmare. Mercade goes to visit her. Conversation ensues.
351FinishedMercade AlexanderGuiltyKaydin finds Mercade in Goug. He asks Mercade for forgiveness for his part in the destruction of Manhattan. Is Mercade in a forgiving mood?
347FinishedMercade AlexanderFrom Hell To HeavenAfter a traumatic experience getting back to civilization, Mercade Alexander finds his way to the Seventh Heaven, meeting with Rinoa and Tifa.
339FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Odds Are Against YouMercade wakes up in the Casino GOLD. Again. Mica Melchiott has some words for the detective, who... isn't exactly in a state to hear them.
327FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Prisoner's GameFollowing the trail of Riku, Mercade Alexander reaches Costa Del Sol. What he finds there is not Riku, but someone else...
284FinishedMercade AlexanderMeeting MerlinMercade and King Mickey go to meet with Merlin to gain some important information on what the Deal is.
281FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Phantom SeventhA mysterious Frenchman confronts Mercade and Celina in unusual circumstances.
251FinishedMercade AlexanderWhat The Hobo Brought InIt's a stormy evening in Manhattan, and sometimes even the King of Hobos brings in a lost one for help. Too bad this time it's Leida...
240FinishedMercade AlexanderA Confluence Of FateChaos erupts in Baron as a number of plots crash together in the halls of power with all of the grace of a freight train.
233FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Great Mouse (and a Detective)Mercade and Mickey run into each other in the city of Baron. The King hatches a daring plan to infiltrate to determine the nature of the Darkness within the country...
229FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Gift of ThanksRiku and Cirra Constantin drop in on the TDA at the end of their Thanksgiving celebrations. Food is had, friendship is shared, and The TDA gets a new roomer.
225FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Ice Cream Of FateShortly after narrowly having his life snuffed out by a Shadow Lord, Riku invites Mercade over for some Sea Salt ice cream in Luca. Deliciousness ensues.
223FinishedMercade AlexanderTake All Of The Shadows AwayMercade takes a rest near a river in a land far from Manhattan, where he meets a strange girl who is afflicted with a terrible condition. Will hope save the day?
218FinishedMercade AlexanderAnd Then There Were SixAnother new face shows up around the Detective Agency. What's her story, and why did she come here?
213FinishedMercade AlexanderEnter The MagnussonIt's just a normal day in the TDA... And then Tom Magnusson kicks in the door.
186FinishedMercade AlexanderJudge of RabanastreMercade and Will stop in at Rabanastre and run into Judge Cirra Constantin, as well as Avira.
174FinishedMercade AlexanderThis Ship Runs On...Riku appears on the Traverse Town beach in dire straits. Mercade and Will learn something horrible and try to convince him that he still has the help of his friends.
173FinishedMercade AlexanderKnights And ReapersThe Church Knight Faruja comes to the Twilight Detective Agency to meet with Mercade and offer him a job to investigat the dangerous Reaper organization.
155FinishedMercade AlexanderA Welcoming CommitteeLenna Tycoon comes to Manhattan, looking for her father. She runs into Mercade Alexander and friends. Conversation Ensues.
153FinishedMercade AlexanderIn A New York Minute: Keys To The CityA group of artists and a charity group hold a fundraising ball and art auction in order to help fund the group Hearts Intertwined. Everyone is invited to the party. Nothing terrible will happen at all, surely.
146FinishedMercade AlexanderDown In LowtownA chance meeting in Rabanastre's Lowtown district brings unusual people together.
141FinishedMercade AlexanderA Gathering In Central ParkNo Description Set
140FinishedMercade AlexanderMeet WatsonKaydin the Dark Knight of Baron brings Mercade an advance payment for his job. The payment is not quite what he expects....
138FinishedMercade AlexanderTo Escape The PastMercade and Avira meet in Central Park to discuss some things. Mercade reveals to Avira that he's figured something out, and she explaind why, before they are joined by a group of travellers... And a hobo.
129FinishedMercade AlexanderKnight Of BaronA Black Knight of Baron comes to... offer Mercade a job? Another dark knight observes the exchange and encounters some difficulties of his own.
120FinishedMercade AlexanderNo Title SetNo Description Set
114FinishedMercade AlexanderPizza With A Side Of ReaperAfter a destructive clash in Manhattan, Mercade, Deidra, Maira, and Ward Zabac go to get some pizza and recover from a place they like. On the way, they encounter the Reaper Uzuki Yashiro. Can the offer of pizza get her to relax?
110FinishedMercade AlexanderCoffee BreakMercade and Riku run into each other again in the WildKat Cafe. Over some food and coffee, the pair catch up on things, and Riku gets focused on a goal....
109FinishedMercade AlexanderOn Monsters And UpgradesMercade checks in with Cid the Engineer in Traverse Town for some possible redesigns on his gear, but finds instead Sarafina and Zeke. A conversation about Sarafina's homeland reveals some of her dark past, and gives Mercade a plan to do something about it.
107FinishedMercade AlexanderA Meeting In AtlantisEven bad luck can be good sometimes. Mercade is swept out to sea during a discount scuba diving lesson, and ends up in the lost city of Atlantis, where he meets with a mousy King! Looks like there's more out there than he thought...
105FinishedMercade AlexanderPuzzlesMercade and Riku encounter each other in Ixion's Cloister, and they try to solve fiendish wall-circuit puzzles while talking about things. Unfortunately, the problems they face are even worse.
101FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Burden Of 'Magic'Mercade finds Riku, who is thinking about the events that occurred earlier in the evening (Scene #100). Discussions of what happened then brings up the dangers of magic. Riku decides to give Mercade an example, by giving him a taste of his 'gift'. Lessons are learned.
100FinishedMercade AlexanderAn Explosive SituationA busy day at the Twilight Detective Agency becomes explosive as unexpected magics combine and tempers flare. What will happen between Riku and Will?
98FinishedMercade AlexanderA Frog In ManhattanThey say that sometimes the rain brings out the frogs. They like the water, you see. This time, one specific frog happens to come visit the Twilight Detective Agency...

Scene Theme:
95FinishedMercade AlexanderLike Thieves From The NightAvira, Mercade, and Riku meet up in Halloween Town to investigate rumors of Heartless activity. Amidst the culture shock of the area, some thieves steal something important from Dr. Finklestein's lab! What could it be, and what does it mean?
94FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Path To GougIt's a bit arduous to get to Goug. Travellers find this out the hard way, as a group of them stumble into Seventh Heaven, and Whiskey Time happens. Fun for all ages!
92FinishedMercade AlexanderMeeting With The BossXanatos has a conference call with the TDA to get updates and marching orders.
90FinishedMercade AlexanderWelcome To BaronMercade and Will go exploring and end up in Baron. While there, a chance encounter with Riku as them talking about more current events.
88FinishedMercade AlexanderComparing NotesA visit from Riku to Manhattan finds Mercade Alexander of the Twilight Detective Agency working outdoors in Central park. Both of them catch up on current events and trade information. Will this help them achieve their goals?
45FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Pursuit Of Ice Cream: Frozen FearThe search continues, this time into the frozen mountains of the Land of Dragons. How or why the recipe is here, the seekers do not know, but they do know that the piece is apparently part of something greater than they could have known.

The craggy mountains themselves defy those who would cross, let alone the ever present threat of the Huns, and the terrors that are rumored to lurk in the frozen lands. It will take a strong arm and a stalwart heart to plumb the secrets of these lands and return with with the piece.

All are welcome to join in the search, whether to help or hinder in their own way!
40FinishedMercade AlexanderThe Search For Ice Cream: Coastal ChaosThe Twilight Detective Agency is on the case, hunting down the stolen pieces of the famous Sea Salt Ice Cream recipe! However, nothing worthwhile in life is easy, and the EEEEEEEEEEVIL Magica DeSpell will not allow the recipe pieces to be taken so simply. She has plans of her own...

One of the pieces is found off the coast of the beach resort of Costa Del Sol, but the search will be dangerous (and Scrooge is footing expenses). The TDA has sent out a call for adventuers, mercenaries, and do-gooders to help secure that recipe... And the forces of Darkness might be interested in interfering as well.

Come on down to Costa Del Sol, one and all!

The water's fine.

31FinishedMercade AlexanderNo Title SetNo Description Set
26FinishedMercade AlexanderA Heartless In Central ParkA massive mechanical Heartless arises in Central Park for unknown reasons. Who can stop it from destroying and consuming what remains of Manhattan?