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1979FinishedZero-OneBehind Closed DoorsThe top executives of Shinra meet to discuss the future of Rhiannon Zellen.
1958UnfinishedZero-OneCrimson VisitorNo Description Set
1946FinishedZero-OneWizard Visiting HoursMerlin gets visitors. A lot of them. The topics at hand seem to involve the strange blade that Chita holds, as well as Kaydin's new Keyblade.
1900FinishedZero-OneUnexpected ResultsThe town of Narshe falls prey to another unusual visitor, one who wants to destroy Rhiannon, the scientist who attacked the city earlier. How is this creature related? How do people react in the face of this overwhelming vengeance?
1890FinishedZero-OnePower Play: AssemblyA secret installation on the edge of Purgos and the Outlands holds the answer to whatever needed so much power. What happens when the heroes move to try to confront the mysterious JAVA? It looks like they're not the only ones interested...
1885UnfinishedZero-OneNo Title SetNo Description Set
1872FinishedZero-OnePower Play: Supply and DemandThe logical place to look into a power shortage is the local energy distribution station. The energy control grid is usually a heavily guarded place, but what secrets could it hold to explain the outages in Purgos?
1866FinishedZero-OnePower Play: A Bit of FateAn unusual encounter in Purgos leads to the forces of Restoration gaining wind of an unusual situation...
1857FinishedZero-OneOld Glare-EyesAngantyr finally gets a visit with Yen Sid. What does he learn?
1846FinishedZero-OneWizardly ExpositionAngantyr Vespar has some long-standing questions to ask of the Sorcerers to follow up on information given to him in the past. And where better to start than the only one who's open for general consulting, Merlin?
1836FinishedZero-OneWizards and WanderersChita heads to Merlin's house to ask him a few questions about relevant subjects.