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1739UnfinishedMinette OdamNo Title SetNo Description Set
1678UnfinishedMinette OdamNo Title SetNo Description Set
1664FinishedMinette OdamFanservice Shower TimeMinette gets wet and naked and Helena provides the fanservice.
1546UnfinishedMinette OdamCatch 22 And A HalfHaneisuru is dead and it is a very sad thing.
1502FinishedMinette OdamNothing Wrong HereA perfectly ordinary happenstance, nothing at all out of the ordinary here.
1497FinishedMinette OdamMixandrette, The Fell And TerribleThe brave Sir Thirza goes off to slay a dragon and save distraught damsels... or... not.
1435FinishedMinette OdamDial 'M' For MinetteMinette goes to comfort a friend. Like everything Minette does, it backfires. Bizarrely.
1394FinishedMinette OdamDark Lord of the AbbacusMinette recruits the latest member of the Murasame Zaibatsu... Aeschere Childs!
1371FinishedMinette OdamKyra Hyral's Volcano LairMinette goes to ask Kyra Hyral for advice. Kamon goes sans pants. Kuwabara, kuwabara.
1329FinishedMinette OdamMinette Talks With A Mormon ChildMinette and Kamon bump into each other in Narshe. A conversation happens. No one cries this time!
1285FinishedMinette OdamNiklas Dragonius Dies In MagmaMinette Odam has challenged Niklas Dragonius to a dramatic duel atop the Brooklyn Bridge for reasons that no one can remember, least of all Minette herself. But this doesn't change the fact that NIKLAS DRAGONIUS DIES IN MAGMA!!!
1246FinishedMinette OdamBad Idea, Worse IdeaMinette asks Helena for advice on how to seduce someone. This goes about as well as one might expect and probably a whole lot worse.
1221FinishedMinette OdamOpen Mouth, Insert Both FeetIt's Minette's big chance to leave a positive impression on her schoolyard crush! She doesn't.
1205FinishedMinette OdamAwkwardness SquaredAlma thought she was the most awkward person working for Souji. Then she saw Minette's room.
1179FinishedMinette OdamMeet The Deep FryerMinette aquires a deep fryer. Science quickly follows.