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1728UnfinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
1139FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
878FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
835FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
684FinishedWill ShermanHades Cup: Team Two Ladies and a Tramp VS No Sleep 'Till ManThe members of the TDA have it out in the Hades Cup to determine who gets to be the MAIN CHARACTERS! WHO WILL WIN?! HOBO OR DETECTIVE?! JUDGE DREADETTE OR LASOR MAGE?! THE SWARM OR whatever Avira is?!
643FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
548FinishedWill ShermanDive into the Heart: Angantyr VesparAngantyr is really getting sick of these weird dreams.
513FinishedWill ShermanBrooklyn's gota guuuuunBrooklyn finds will, and confronts him about what happened at the world heart in Manhattan.
494FinishedWill ShermanThe Dark Knight and the HoboCirra and Will meet, it is time for ackwardness because it's the first time they've seen each other sense Manhattan, alone.
451FinishedWill ShermanThere's something about OmiAfter Umi was critically injured after throwing herself in the way of Cronus and Will, Omi comes to give Will a piece of her mind.
434FinishedWill ShermanDeidra and Will's Bogus JourneyWill asks Deidra about her knowledge on the Fae...and her special book.
424FinishedWill ShermanSarafina Moms at WillSarafina decides that Will needs a talking to and shouldn't be left alone after his encounter with Leida.
413FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set
307FinishedWill ShermanSeeking Aid in RabanastreNo Description Set
270FinishedWill ShermanSomething Grinning This way comesNo Description Set
262FinishedWill ShermanNo Title SetNo Description Set