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1881UnfinishedSouji MurasameNo Title SetNo Description Set
1649FinishedSouji MurasamePromotionHelena is set upon a task to harness her powers to help Souji at all costs. The dark being Garland gives her a quest. What does she find at the end of her road?
1575UnfinishedSouji MurasameA Dream Of ChainsHelena is called to speak with Souji about upcoming events, and the necessity to unleash something that Helena has held back for a long time from her past...
1488FinishedSouji MurasameA Valued EmployeeSouji rewards Minette for her work. This is totally normal and not going to be a problem for people at all.
1459FinishedSouji MurasameBoard of EducationSeloria and Souji meet in Luca to talk shop about a proposal to restore Alexander Academy. The not-so-fun parts.
1368FinishedSouji MurasameOpportunity CostSouji Murasame smells a chance to make friends and money. So he goes to Archades to offer his wares...
1275FinishedSouji MurasameResignationAlma and Souji come to terms about their differences.
1244FinishedSouji MurasameOblivion CallsTwo are drawn to Mirage Tower, where the Iron Nightmare makes an offer...
1243FinishedSouji MurasameCorporate TakeoverMinette Odam approaches Souji with a Plan. This Plan has a high degree of corporate attitude.
1235FinishedSouji MurasameThe Other Kung Fu HoboSouji Murasame and Alma Hyral meet with Akari Seran. Raine Arland gets caught up in the ensuing confrontation.
1225FinishedSouji MurasameCorporate DisciplineSouji calls Alma into his study to get some things straight.
1165FinishedSouji MurasameComplaints DepartmentAvira decides to take Souji to task for her comments to Maira. She finds out that Souji is a caring person who shares her concerns. One of these sentences is a lie.
1151FinishedSouji MurasameA Fishy DealSeloria tracks down Souji and offers her services.
1144FinishedSouji MurasameThe Limits Of HospitalitySydney Losstarot arrives on the Ame-no-Torifune. After an exchange of words, he finds himself being helped off.
1132FinishedSouji MurasameInterview To HireAlma meets Souji in Costa Del Sol, wherein she offers her services to Souji after a discussion of mutual interests.
1116FinishedSouji MurasameAnd Then A Hobo AppearedThe strangest things happen when you stop in Traverse Town for a coffee.
1104FinishedSouji MurasameA Dark OfferNo Description Set
1099FinishedSouji MurasameWheeling and DealingSouji meets with Ramza and offers him clandestine material support. The price...?
1085FinishedSouji MurasameResource AcquisitionSouji negotiates a deal to land in the wilds of Palamecia in order to harvest their resources. EXTREME NEGOTIATIONS ensue.
1081FinishedSouji MurasameSubsidiesKuja pays a visit to the new kid on the block. Murasame is given some interesting gifts and told to do with them as he will...
1077FinishedSouji MurasameThunder And SnowHigh above Narshe, Souji and Helena discuss current events...
1069FinishedSouji MurasameAn Offer He Won't RefuseSouji Murasame heads to Mullonde to meet with Faruja and make use of the materials he has... acquired recently. For a good cause, of course.
1049FinishedSouji MurasameGoods and ServicesSouji meets with Rufus Shinra, of the Shinra Electric Company, and strikes a deal for military equipment. He also gains some valuable background information...
1035FinishedSouji MurasameRight To The SourceSouji needs materials to work with. He knows Greene and Valodjn had uncovered an ancient ruin from the War of the Magi. There's stuff in there he can use. Useful stuff. So now he just needs to deal with the one man who can restore it into a marketable form...