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1444UnfinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
1393FinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
1254FinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
1233FinishedSeloria DelacreauxBig Girls Don't CryAlma and Helena both seperately try to find Seloria. They succeed, but then things go... just a little wrong.
1212FinishedSeloria DelacreauxTwo Summoners Talk ShopThe most literal version; a explanation of Seloria's deal with Souji sends Nik into a rage, even as it ends up in their own version of terrible...ness.
1203FinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
1120UnfinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
852FinishedSeloria DelacreauxNo Title SetNo Description Set
825FinishedSeloria DelacreauxSand In Our SocksSome of the students of Alexander Academy hit Costa Del Sol, and run into a reoccuring network.
748FinishedSeloria DelacreauxCorrespondence ClassThe students of Alexander Academy, and one of their Professors, converge on Cornelia. The end result is hilarity, and well... homework.