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1894FinishedSanelA Forbidden VisitorWithin Mullonde, a visitor visits the restricted dungeons to tend to a captive experiment locked away from society.
1828FinishedSanelBack to the Drawing BoardThe captured experiment is brought back to the man himself. However, the alchemist is disappointed because the objective was not taken care of.
1818FinishedSanelChocobo Field Winter WonderlandThe chocobos have fled the field as winter came. However, it was not the reason for the creatures fleeing the area...
1806ActiveSanelNo Title SetNo Description Set
1672FinishedSanelSanel's Bond With Big SisSanel is taking the time to bond with Kyra while Alma is missing. Forgotten memories slowly fester.
1542FinishedSanelUnveiled Scars of a BoySanel traveled through the world to find the Hyral sisters. Unfortunately, the boy's vulnerability in the desert left him in a very bad condition...
1486FinishedSanelEncountering Dennou Friend!While Sanel tends to task at the City of Bells, he comes across an old friend of his that he had not seen since he first awoken.
1478FinishedSanelThe Terrible OchuRumors had it that the terrible Lord Ochu dwells within the middle of Giza Plains, making it difficult for merchants to transport goods. A team of adventurers journey to get the beast out.
1338FinishedSanelLove And Memories AnewSanel encounters Faruja in Fluorgis. He learns the value of love and is set on his path to forget old ramnents of his memory and start anew.
1289FinishedSanelProtector and Dark OriginThe Hyral sisters were visiting Vector to survey the area for their technology. They come across Sanel, who had been helping one of the construction crew with their loadout.
1283FinishedSanelA Familiar Face Of An Unknown PastSanel takes Alma to a cemetary near Mullonde and they run into Faruja, who is paying his respects.
1240FinishedSanelSanel The White Knight! ...Wait, What?Taking Alma to Bodhum Beach, Sanel showed her of his origins of where he woke up. Then came Akari. ...Things spiraled down from there.
1210FinishedSanelSome Things Are Better Left BuriedSanel wanders into the Crossroad, determined to enter the Castle of Oblivion. However, a mysterious gate to another world opens. The figure leading him in learns that some memories are better left buried within the darkness.
1166FinishedSanelA Game of Tag and KidnappingsThe students of the Alexander Academy were tasked to assist Billy at the Chocobo Ranch with the stock. Of course, the Wild Card Sanel came into play.
1076FinishedSanelTensions Rise Near the VetSanel was freting near the vet when Avira came across him. However, as Evja and Lia emerged from their recovery, along with the presence of Carnus and Maira, tension rises surrounding Evja and other matters.
1074FinishedSanelEyes In the DarknessLouis travels back to Mullode to speak to the owner of a lost property and his current actions. The conversation is less than pleasant.
948FinishedSanelRetrieving Their OwnSanel was just enjoying his wandering, but the Church of Glabados had plans for the boy. It was an unlikely savior that came to the boy's aid.
904FinishedSanelThe Beast Amidst the CanyonAvira, in her mutate state, sought to avoid people. This lead her to the Cosmo Canyon. However, she encounters the boy who was crazy enough to try to claim Hydra as a pet.
902FinishedSanelStaring Away from the AbyssSome memories are to be left sealed away. Faruja finds this out the hard way.
713FinishedSanelHades Cup: Team DLC vs Team Two Men and a ManchildNo Description Set
575FinishedSanelThe Witness of the SecretsIt was just an ordinary day in Traverse Town. The amnesiac boy, Sanel, wanted to enjoy the day. However, to a devout templar, the boy brings back horrible memories.