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1365FinishedIsaac HanlonThe Sun Will Come OutTomorrow is always a day away.
1162FinishedIsaac HanlonThe Trouble With SandwichesAs it happens, sandwiches are not actually the primary problem here.
1121FinishedIsaac HanlonThe Ending Is Just The Beginning RepeatingIsaac gets some visitors. Emi asks an important question.
784FinishedIsaac HanlonPointed Questions And Expected AnswersIsaac goes to ask Morrighan some questions. It kind of works! Kind of.
652FinishedIsaac HanlonHam RadioDJ Zero has been having trouble getting the good word out there lately. Whenever the Zero Hour goes on the air, he's pestered by a horde of Pig Noise, apparently attracted by his broadcasting spell! Can his hastily-assembled ragtag band of heroes avert the aporkalypse of iBacon?!
578UnfinishedIsaac HanlonNo Title SetNo Description Set