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1948UnfinishedHadesNo Title SetNo Description Set
1611FinishedHadesNo Title SetNo Description Set
891FinishedHadesTo Hell and BackAvira has been captured, dragged into the depths of the Underworld. Avira's friend band together, ready to rescue their friend, and free Manhattan from darkness once and for all. There can be no failure here, for failure has...perminate consiquences.
862FinishedHadesThe Real Xanatos GambitHades invites himself over for tea, things get ultra complicated.
823FinishedHadesTo the Victor...Hades hands the World Shard of Wind to th Winners of the Hades cup...and NOTHING else.
666UnfinishedHadesNo Title SetNo Description Set
642FinishedHadesNo Title SetNo Description Set
636FinishedHadesNo Title SetNo Description Set
620FinishedHadesHades Cup: Qualifying Event - THE RACEThe first qualifying event of the Hades Cup Tournament, in which the Junior Heros race each other to get qualified in the Hades Cup Tournament!
610FinishedHadesThe Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames!Hades Announces the Hades Cup, reveals the Manhattan Shard of Wind, and reveals TNT.
416FinishedHadesThe New BossHades gatheres the Reapers and Players up...deciding that a new management style is needed in the Reaper's game.
344FinishedHadesWheelin' and Dealin'No Description Set