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1904UnfinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1742UnfinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1648FinishedMaximilienTrustNo Description Set
1568FinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1475FinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1432FinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1216FinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1198FinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
1177UnfinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
805FinishedMaximilienAftermath Of British OccupationAfter Clayton's invasion, the TDA winds itself down.
773FinishedMaximilienTrust IssuesMax and Jihl spend some time together and try to get past their mutual trust issues like real human people instead of the living emotional trainwrecks that they are.
736FinishedMaximilienMisplaced Compassion?After being saved from Garland's wrath by Isaac, Morrighan languishes in the Twilight Detective Agency, prisoner and ward at the same time. Unfortunately for her, Maximilien Amadeus Renaud-Sylvianne is too kind-hearted to leave well enough alone...
718UnfinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
602FinishedMaximilienMoonlight LilliesPhantom Thief MARS returns the Dusk Shard to the Judge of Wrath.
587UnfinishedMaximilienNo Title SetNo Description Set
580FinishedMaximilienThe Scene Of The CrimeMax returns to the scene of the Dusk Shard's attempted theft to see if he can find some clues. Cirra shows up, but it doesn't really spiral out of control until Emi arrives to tell Max about her bad dream.
499FinishedMaximilienPetit LegionLegion and Max have a nice little chat about life, the universe, and everything.