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1671FinishedKing MickeyConfusion! Who Are You Again?Following an incident in the port of Palumpolum, new arrivals disembark from their designated ships only to find themselves in a pecuilar discussion of "Guess Who?".
1066FinishedKing MickeyMisty Night! Carwen's Horrible Fortune!Eerie mists enter in from the high seas, quickly surrounding the port and central parts of the city of Carwen. Lurking in the fog are the heartless seeking to devour the city's citizens and anyone else brave enough to rise against them. However, not all is lost! Along side the Palamecia Knights, heroes will rise to defend the city against an unknown foe! Will they succeed and will they discover the purpose behind this attack?
1021FinishedKing MickeyThe Cold Hard Truth! A Sinister and Diabolical Plan?The town of Narshe has been experiencing some mysterious and sinister sounds coming from their mines. With cries of concerns arising from its citizens, The Council of Narshe has taken it upon themselves to call upon the help of adventerous souls, following a failed attempt to discover the answer to the mystery on their own. As the adventurers arrive, all seems well in the small isolated town though not all is as it appears to be ... and then some.
999FinishedKing MickeyThe Light-Hearted DanceKing Mickey and a group of weary adventurers unexpectedly meet for a chance encounter of joyful drink, dancing, and other forms of fun at The Rabanastre Inn and Pub!
384FinishedKing MickeyThe Barefoot Knight And A MouseThe Dark Knight, Kaydin wanders down the long road leading through the Baron Plains to his home town, prepared to seek the fate lies in story for him. However, a chance encounter from The King is gifted upon the emerald star that flies through the night to disuade the young knight from making a terrible mistake.