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The Light-Hearted Dance
(2013-04-03 - 2013-04-03)
King Mickey and a group of weary adventurers unexpectedly meet for a chance encounter of joyful drink, dancing, and other forms of fun at The Rabanastre Inn and Pub!
King Mickey The Rabanastre Inn and Pub.

A 1... a 2... a 1-2-3-4!

Just then, the swinging beat begins from a traveling bard and his band of merry players on the far side of the pub. An unusual sight to be sure for this early in the day for the Rabanastre Inn though it does seem to liven the mood for the patrons who are beginning to form into the pub at this hour. The public appears to be appreciative of the upbeat music and conversations begin to happen through out the bar. Waitresses happily swing to the music, delivering both food and drink to those around, while a gruff looking barkeep curls a manly smile of delight to see his customers enjoying themselves.

The Barkeep begins to go about his duties coming up to a small and unusual sight: A anamorphic mouse is sitting in the stool before the bar, looking up at him with a smile. At first, he appears confused though quickly dismisses it, given the mood and decides to serve the mouse like any other customer, "By golly, my friend you appear a tad small to be in dis here place. Whadda it be?"

The Mouse looks to the man and smiles, "Club soda, please."

The Barkeep bellows a loud roaring laugh at the mouse's request, "Hahahaha! My boy! I'm afraid you must be in the wrong place as we do not serve those modern drinks here! How about a meed for starters?"

The mouse looks on somewhat nervously at the loud roar and the barkeeps's suggestion. He sighs in defeat, likely ought to have known this might be the case and shrugs his shoulders, "Ya know, sure! It's been a mighty while since I've had one! So, fill er up, partner!"

"Atta, boy!", The Barkeep says, giving the mouse a wink as he goes to fill up the glass!
Zeke Zeke wasn't exactly sure where 'here' was. It's like with that one time he woke in a bar not only in a diffrent city or continent but a diffrent WORLD than he remembered. That was a mite embarassing especially since he hand't had much to drink before passing out.Now wasn't like then though.

For one thing he was Sober.

For another he had simi-intentionally gone thorugh the portal this time. Granted he wasn't sure where it'd go or of it'd stay open but what's the fun in not taking the occasional chance? Here we are though in an unfamiliar place but a familliarish feel to the setting. Zeke straightened his hat, smoothed out his coat and walked into the bar.

Then promptly saw Mickey.

The fact Mickey is wholly unlike anything he's seen before gets his attention. It wasn't like Faruja. That he was familliar with. This? Not so much. He sat down near the mouse. "Ale, potatoes if you've got any please." And to add punctuation to his order he sat down a small pile of silver coins. "And I be payin fer what th'fella there," Thumb jerk over to Mickey, "Is orderin."
Serah Farron She's getting tired.

Yeah, for the pink-haired girl in common clothes, ever since she got to this world it seems like its been a constant movement, on the run from the various heartless that seems to be following her like a shadow.Barely a few moments of respite here and there. Its a good thing l'Cies get some boost to their constitutions, because she never trained for this either.

Even so, there's a limit, and she's tired. She leans against the wall next to the door of the inn, sighing and rubbing her forehead with her wrist. This country is like a desert, its nothing to help her in this state.

Well at least its a city, she won't be alone, maybe there's a few people that can help her, maybe she can get ar ide somewhere else rather than walk and run too. Who knows.

So she steps through the doorway, not able to read the scriptures, but the door seems to be open, so might be a shop or an inn.
King Mickey The Barkeep swings around and sets the pint down before the mouse as Zeke wanders up to the bar and places in his order. He looks at the weathered man suspiciously for a moment though nods at this request, "One order of spuds and a ale, comin up!", and then turns around to take care of the order.

Mickey turns to the man whom graceously paid for his drink, offering him a nod of appreciation as he squeaks, "My thanks to you, my good man.", raising his glass up.

Just then, The Barkeep comes back with Zeke's ale and says, "Food will be out in a lil while. Enjoy!"

Just as Serah enters The Inn, a bell rings to signal her arrival and a young woman looks up from the front counter, beginning to say, "Welcom--" though is cut short as she sees the tired young woman, asking politely, "Miss, are you alright?"

Meanwhile back in the pub, the presence of a strong heart is sensed by the King, causing his ears to twitch slightly and mousey senses to tingle. He begins to lower his glass, glancing over towards the entrance of the inn for a moment curiously and then turning back to Zeke. He will look into the matter later though it would be rude of him to leave without sharing a few words with the one who purchased his drink. Turning to the crowd, Mickey comments to Zeke, "I must say this is quite the lively crowd. Don't you think so?"

Just then the Barkeep returns with Zeke's order of potatos and sets it before the man, "Aye... That'll be 2 gil or do ye want to start a tab?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks a bit. Well, this is an inn apparently, or a bar? Either way, maybe she can get a bit of a breather. She nods to the barkeep as she gets closer to the counter "Ah, yes, I'm fine, just tired. Been travelling alot. Just... being chased by heartless, not even time to look at a map, so I just end up being lost in... well... I was going to say weird places, but its onyl weird because I've never been here before I suppose..."

Its not like Rabanaster is a very filthy city or anything, not quite as modern as where she comes from though, but that's alright. But Bangaas and Vieras, that's the first time she sees anything like them. Even in costumes. "... Do you have uhm, milk maybe? I'm not a big drinker really..."
Zeke Zeke nodded politely to the barkeep before raising his glass to Mickey and drinking. He didn't get much more than a short sip before Serah wandered through.

Zekefrowned slightly and gestured to the coins he'd sat down. "Those be enough?" He ursed his lack in foresight, but really he's been broke up till recently and hasn't had any real time to get his usual diverse collections of coin. "If not then a tab will have to be run until I can get it exchanged for somethingsuitable." Pleasent voice, but distracted as he wanted to keep an ear to Serah's situation. "I do have to ask though. What sort of news is hearabouts? I came thorugh unconventional means an I lack the lay of the local color. Something i do wish to remedy."
Myla Mason Food, Drink? A good time, Myla's down with that. She'd entered into the pub lookign fairly alien really with her clothing, the tattoos on her arms and even teh streak one on her face but she seems to be in a good mood as she pulls up to the bar to call i her order.

"Captain Zeke? Didn't think you'd come this way!"
Evja Speaking of Viera, much about this point one walks in! Of course, there were probably one or two already here abouts anyways but that wasn't so much an issue. Viera were common enough in Rabanastre after all, and really, this one wasn't visually much different other than instead of wearing somewhat skimpy clothing as the Viera in these parts tended to...
She wore a large white cloak of sorts that looked like it might be more fitting for somewhere wintery. Slipping past those near the door without thinking much about it Evja makes her way to the far side of the bar and takes a seat before flagging over the bartender and ordering, "Something filling, and water." as she put it.
Luso Clemens Ah, Rabanastre.

Luso hadn't been here since that time Gilgamesh randomly challenged him to an ultimate duel of ultimate destiny in the middle of the city streets in order to decide the fates of the worlds! ...And it was decided that they would continue to prosper for a little while longer.

...Okay 90% of that completely made up, but they did have a duel!

Now why was Luso here this day? Easy! With the hit that Clan Gully took from Khamja recently, the boy had decided to set out and see just what other leads he could find on Khamja's activities. And of course, the best place for information were pubs! Stepping through the doors, he came, stretching his arms above his head and groaning to himself.

It had been a journey coming here! The rest of his accompanying clan mates were off doing their own thing within the city. If a job came up, they'd come together again. That aside though, he moved over to the pub counter, getting up onto a stool and then hailing the bartender for a drink. ...A kid friendly drink of course!

The others were not yet noticed.
King Mickey The young woman nods to Serah as she tells her story, appearing empathatic to her troubles, "Sounds like you've been through the ringer a few times, miss.", coming around from behind the counter and helping Serah into the bar, offering a reassuring smile in the process, "Im sure we have that in stock. Just so you know, our place equals as both an inn and pub. So if you require a room, I'd be happy to set one up for you. We have rooms ranging from 10 to 1000 gil a night."

The two enter the pub, as the patrons are singing and dancing along to the band's ballads. The young woman leads Serah up to the bar and offers her a seat, calling out to the Barkeep, "Thomas! Milk! Tall! for the lady on the corner!"

Thomas, the gruff barkeep serving Mickey and Zeke, raises his hands, "Milk!?! BAH! What ab---"


Thomas grumps loudly at the barking order, "Psht.. Milk." and then nods to Zeke, "Ya that be enough. I'll begin ye a tab though..", then turns around to get his next order.

Thomas appears to have not heard Zeke's request of news around the area though his small companion is happy to comply with the question.

Mickey responds, "Rumor has it there has been a military expedition that went arwy from this region. Something about a massive creature that arose from the sands, nearly wiping out the entire crew."

As Myla approaches, The King turns to her curiously before looking back to Zeke, "Friend of yours, by chance?"

Thomas notes the two orders from Evja and Myla, nodding to them, "Gotcha! Be a little bit.", then notes Luso's order, "BAH! Another kid drink!? Comin' right up.." and then mumbles something beneath his breath.
Zeke Zeke gave a soft laugh to Myla. "Aye lass it is a long ways from home but I got asked t'poke me head through see what's on the other side." Another sip from his drink as he considered the sea woman. "Never got a chance t'thank you proper fer yer help. Did manage t'find a few things ye might like." A squint as he considered Myla's, to him anyway, outlandish cloathing. "At least somethin t'cover up proper with."

His attention briefly turned to the bar. "Sir. I don't mean to be disrespectful but not everything needs to be so strong you end up with a headach th'next day."

And with that the bar-man was promptly forgotten and focus turned towards Mickey. "Oh Aye?" Curiosity got the better of him there. "What sort of beast. Local. Heartless? Something new?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles as she's guided, although she can still stand just fine, but she's definitely weary and wanting to sit down. "I'm sorry if its not something you like to serve usually." She tells the barkeep, looking back to the woman "Well I might want to spend the night, refresh myself a bit before trying to figure out where to go next." She has a simple dagger sheathed in her back, but doesn't seem like it got much use either.

She leans on her elbows on the counter, listening to the other conversations a bit for the moment, not sure what to interject either way, not sure she should be saying anything either. He's talking about heartless though, which got her attention.
Myla Mason Myla Mason had not been to this city before and it been quite an interesting place it was advanced in someways in others it was not yet? She liked it. Also the Ariships being about was here as she does catch the tail end of Serah's story however.

"It's fine it was quite the adventure really oh really?" Well her clothing was rather well normal for her people, if asked she might very well give an annswer.

"I'd like just whatever the special is and a beer." She's close enough to the age of drinking on her world not to care and honestly if you can die for your country or world you damn well are old enough to have a drink.

"Oh hey, I'm Myla Mason"
Evja Once her meal was ordered the Viera took a moment to simply look around the room at those there. A rather piratey-looking fellow, the normal Rabanastre crowd, a ... mouse?
Evja stared at him idly a few moments before she looked towards Luso and seemed more surprised at him showing up than, well, the mouse at the moment. "Luso, what has you within Rabanastre? I would have thought you were in Fluorgis or somewhere nearby?" Not to mention Viera had the ability to do two things at once - have a conversation and listen to practically everything else at the same time. Big ears and all. It was a curse, and a benefit.

Which is why she was otherwise occupying herself with reaching into her cloak to pull out what appeared to be a satchel of gil.
Luso Clemens Hearing other's conversations, Luso wound up snapping out of his own thoughts and looking over. "Huh? What's this I hear about Heartless now? Do we have a monster problem that we should be worrying about?" Stepping into a conversation that he wasn't even initially part of, Luso just smirked as he swiveled in his seat to face the others.

Oh hey, he recognized some of them! "Oh, Zeke, is that you?" The mouse was familiar as well. Oh and there was Evja! Small world, huh? "Evja! hey!" He raised a hand in greeting, grinning good naturedly. "Is it really so surprising to see me here? Clan Gully isn't tied to just one area now! We go out and solve problems everywhere!"

Nodding at that fact, he went on. "Annnnyway, I'm in the city for now to look into some old information regarding a certain group..."
King Mickey Thomas ignores the other comments though quickly works to fulfill his customer's orders and then proceeds to go about his business.

Mickey takes another sip of his drink and nods to the Captain, "That's the word on going around anyway. I'm afraid I have not heard much about what the specfics were, except that there were few survivors and that the attack was in the desert."

The King takes a moment to glance around to notice the other new commers into the pub. His gaze sways between the conversation of the Viera and her adventuring companion then to Serah, lingering for awhile longer. He returns to the conversation before him, nodding to Myla as she introduces herself, offering out his free hand, "Mickey. It's a pleasure young lady."

As Luso interjects, Mickey chuckles lightly, seeing he is the odd one out, "By the sounds of it, I would reckon each of you know one another fairly well. Tell me, how did you all meet?"
Serah Farron Has seen the dog people, and lizard people... there was a rat person she met recently, now there's a rabbit person, and a mouse person. Well, this world is full of new things alright.

She doesn't know anyone here, but she is listening. Could be useful information, or something interesting at least. She takes her glass of milk to sip on it, frowning just a bit. Well, maybe asking for something cold in this world is a bit too much after all...

She looks at her hand, and hmms... and then tries to poke the glass with the tip of a finger. She used magic before, can it help here?

Well, the glass freezes entirely, including the milk inside. She eeps. Okay, maybe she can't use it this way -.-
Zeke Zeke blinked and flushed, suddenly realizing his rudeness. "Ezekiel Fawkes Ser Mickey." He smiled broadly to the mouse. "And a... Desert you say?" His cheer faultered then. One of the great disadvantages to portals. You knew jack nothing of what was around. "That's like th'opposite o what I do."


Then his attention turned to Myla. "An nothin be wrong with yer clothes lass fer swimming but think you they might be a little immodest for daily wear?"

Granted his convrosational method seemed scattered but Zeke ended up going back to Mickey and stabbing at a potato with his fork. "I actually dunna kneh the lass that well but she an' a few others helped free my parents from some bad business in Tortuga." Sure he still had debts from that venture but still. Worth the cost. "And what of yourself?" He squinted, tried looking Mickey over ot try figuring out what he was and shook his head. "I dunna wish t'seem rude but just what are ya?"
Evja "I suppose I can believe that." Hopefully none here were the type who would hop on a Church bounty and attempt to garotte Evja for a few coins. At least that is what the Viera was hoping. Not that she couldn't handle herself, just... not really what she was looking for. Also why she was in Rabanastre. And why she was wearing the large cloak and such.

Kind of hard to recognize. Kind of.

Not really. She's really the only Viera around these parts who wears such heavy clothing anyways. Eyes flicking here and there over the various other patrons, Viera included, Evja looks to Mickey who seemed rather personable before adding towards Luso, "Indeed... I wonder who you know and how myself."
Luso Clemens Luso shrugged towards Mickey, beginning to answer in kind. "Well, you're not unfamiliar to me yourself. You're Mickey right? I know I saw you back when the Shadow Lords were attacking Manhattan a long while ago!" He decided to neglect mentioning certain keys for now and moved on.

"Well, I met Zeke here at a festival in Fluorgis. The one that took place to celebrate the victory over the darkness." And then he gestured to Evja. "And Evja here, we met in Fluorgis too! I think it was when Klesta had attacked the city? Yeah, that was it!"

He began to laugh at the memories after that. "Heh, looking back, that was pretty funny! I had to run all over the city, getting chased by a bunch of cockatrice!"
Palom Desert! Palom's never been to a desert before! The young mage has taken to exploring the strange new portals and the worlds they connect by wandering heedlessly through them. It would be more of a problem, but wandering monsters don't really happen to him -- he happens to them, as pockets of scorched and cracked earth and general destruction dotting his path attest to. If he actually sees, like, an army or a large group of Heartless or something, even he knows better than to take it on alone and he turns around instead.

Wandering into the city and seeing a building with many people in it, Palom wanders in to investigate when he hears a familiar word. "Heartless?" The little boy is suddenly climbing atop a chair or barstool to get on everyone's level. "There are heartless attacking people in the desert?"
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks over at Zekek for a moment and seems amused. "This is daily wear for my people. We're almost always around water one way or another besides it's pretty hot and humid where I was from being bagged down by heavy clothing is asking to be basted. Besides as my mother put it you might as well show whatcha got while you got it."

She looks to Mickey for a moment nods smirking a bit "Good to meet you and Zeke, I'm a bit more modest than my mother was at this age. She was quite the Privateer, it's funny how she met dad really. Captured his ship of all things."
King Mickey The King chuckles at Zeke's embarassment and shakes his head, "Think nothing of it, Sir Fawkes. Its a pleasure to meet you as well."

Mickey takes in Zeke's attire and appears to concur with the Captain's prior statement, "I will admit, you appear a little out of your element here, my friend though one might say that I am the pot calling the kettle black. However, I am a mouse, of course!"

One of the King's biggest flaws is that he stands out, particularly among a more static population, such as those in Rabanastre.

The Innkeeper appears to be muddling to herself forgetfully, as she was figuring out the details of Serah's room. Snapping back to reality, the young woman looks around and rubs her head sheepishly, sticking her tongue out, "I am so sorry! I appear to be spacing out a bit.. I will proceed to get your room ready. Just a mo--.. Brrrr. its a little cold here is there a draft?"

The Innkeeper looks down, noting the frozen milk though does not seem to make much of a scene. She leans against the bar, asking Serah, "Are you sure you are, ok?"

Meanwhile back to the other conversation, Mickey glances over to Luso, as he curiously mentions Manhattan. Unfortunate for him, the mouse does not remember the adventurer! Oh, the oh-so-forgetful king remains to be himself. However, he is not without chivalry and raises his glass to Luso, "I see! So you were involved the battle yourself, huh? Cheers to you!",
The incident of Manhattan was an unpleasent experience for him though manages to put on a brave face for those around him. After all, it was due to adventurers like Luso and those around him that Manhattan was saved after all, which allows the king to take solace in that thought.

The King remains quiet as the others discuss openly about their ventures and introductions. He bids a nod to Myla and just enjoys the banter between the Captain and she. Mickey inquires a short time afterwards, "A privateer, you say? She and your father sound to have had quite the adventurous career."

tAfter a few moments, the group is interrupted by the sound of a young mage, which catches the attention of the King as he climbs up to meet them face to face. He turns to the young boy and asks, "Quite forward are you, young one. Though you appear interested in The Heartless? Tell us, what is your name?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blushes just a little as the barkeep seems to have noticed "Ah, yes, I'm fine... I mean, a little tired, but..." She points at the glass "... That wasn't supposed to happen. Can I ask for a second glass?" She wants to use this one to cool off the other one, somehow... while its frozen, might as well use it at least.

She looks over to Palom, frowning a little "... I wasn't aware there was any place that the heartless would not go to, honestly." She's been chased from Hawaii to the mountains to the desert... she's pretty sure they would follow her just about everywhere at this point.
Palom "Manhattan? The city we had to evacuate?" The little mage has no sense of not butting in to conversations. He turns and looks over Mickey. "I've never seen anyone like you before. I'm Palom, the Genius of Mysidia!" He holds out a little hand to shake. "I've blown up a lot of Heartless, but there's always more of them!"
Evja "I still wonder what caused that Cockatrice to act as it did." grumble grumble.

Not a pleasant memory being squashed, even if only a bit, by a fatass cockatrice. They smelled bad T.T

Still, all the talk of Manhattan did leave one to think about it. "So you were there when it fell too, Luso? Mm, you do get around. But I wonder, what were you doing there at the fall of it? I imagine trying to help, but I have not seen hide nor hair of you ever and I have been wrapped up in it to a point since just before the Hades cup." That was directed towards Mickey since Luso mentioned that.
And so many youth coming here too. Hm. Must be a popular thing in these parts.
Luso Clemens "I was there indeed! We heard about what was going on, so we came to help out. Maybe a bit too late to save the city, but...we managed to help a lot of people escape. That was the best we could do at the time." Nodding to Mickey, Luso then glanced at Evja, chuckling as she mentioned the cockatrice incident in Fluorgis.

"Heh heh...Yeah, Klesta is...pretty infamous in Jylland for being big, troublesome, and above all else, ridiculously tenacious! He just doesn't go down! And if you're almost about to beat him, he flies off!" He seemed pretty miffed about that one. But alas, it seemed like Klesta attacked the city for a reason. One that eluded him for now though.

"Yeah, I was in Manhattan. A lot of people were there, especially towards the tail end of the conflict. There was a huge battle in Central Park against Captain Hook! It was crazy!" Yeah, Manhattan was definitely a trying time. "I heard about the follow up restoration efforts, and I was there at the meeting with Merlin, but...Ah, other stuff kept me from helping out until the end!"
Myla Mason Myla Mason makes a face "I'm out of mine as well I don't like being away from the water for long honestly. Still it's everwhere if you know where to look." She settles down to wait on her ornder now and pause at th mention of Manhattan "I heard of that city, I need to visit it sounds like it's about as advanced as home but ... they don't use any magitech that's strange. As for them you have no /idea/."

She looks over to Serah for a moment "They are like vermin or cancer really. As for that city I heard it was restored." Thankfully for Evja she's not seen the bounty on them yet so she has no clue about it.

"I see sounds like it got a better shake than my world, we lasted less than 10 minuites."

she grimaces "There's maybe a dozen people left."
King Mickey The Innkeeper smiles and nods, "Not to worry, miss." and she flags Thomas, giving him a hand signal would appear to be fairly foreign, unless one knows what to look for. She turns back to Serah and says, "I'll have your room ready shortly, so you can retire at anytime. In the meantime, make yourself at home."
Meanwhile, Thomas responds with a nod to the Innkeeper and for goes the current order he's on to graciously grab Serah another glass of Milk. He wanders over as the conversation continues to unfold and rests it before Serah before going about his business.

Mickey glances over to Serah for a moment as she mentions The Heartless' reach. He notices the young lady's weariness and even more so, the sorrow that is surging in her heart. The King feels for her, knowing that pain likely more so than most. However, one of the best remedies Mickey's found for the solace of sorrow is being in the presence of others.
The King turns back to Palom and nods to the young mage and responds rather enthuasitcally, "Genius of Mysidia? I remember visiting Mysidia. It is one of the great cities of mages. I am surprised to to hear you have fought with The Heartless and were victorious. After all, you are so young. Talent must run deep with you, Palom."

Mickey turns his attention towards Luso and his Viera friend, responding politely, "It is as your friend says. I was there during the initial assault, helping to defend the city and its people. It is unfortunate that we could not save the city initially though the important thing was that we were able to evacuate many of its citizens. One might seeit as a bittersweet victory at best. Unfortunately, after the events that followed, I was unable to further assist due to complications."

Mickey motions up to the pair for a moment, "Excuse me for a moment." and then wanders over to the side of Serah, smiling as he asks politely, "Excuse me, miss. Would you mind if I sit here?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks as the mouseman decides to join her. She puts the fresh glass of milk next to the frozen one, hoping that the cold will spread to the milk like this. "Uhm, no, you can. What can I do for you?" She knows he moved closer to her for a purpose after all. Might have something to request of her or something?

She looks over to the innkeeper with a smile, nodding "Thank you, I'll use it in a bit." She does look like she could use a shower at the very least.
Evja "On the positive side of things Manhattan has been restored. I imagine that news was spread around fast enough, but if it was not." Just about this point Evja's soup finally comes! Yay~ Adjusting her veil a bit the Viera focuses simply enough on eating her food for the moment, and the bread that came with it, simply enough crumpling the bread into the soup before carefully forking it into her mouth while navigating that veil.

Ninja skills indeed.
Luso Clemens "Yep! Manhatten's back in the light, and there's no worries of the Shadow Lords trying to bring it down again." Luso nodded to himself at that and took his drink; some sort of juice, and had a sip. "With that out of the way, I'd say we're back on track! ...Some of us anyway." Clan Gully definitely wasn't, but hey. He wasn't going to mope about it.

"Oh right!" Remembering a certain promise he had made, Luso glanced towards Evja. "Evja, do you still need to see Lezaford? The clan and I were doing some investigations and I think we may have found him."
King Mickey Mickey nods and says, "Thank you." before hopping up into the stool next to Serah. He shakes his head in response to her question, "Nothing urgent fortunately. I just had noticed you sitting by yourself. A rare sight among such a lively crowd.", then proceeds to motion to the band and the gathering of patrons towards the open space at the southern end of the bar.

Then the king's gaze glances down towards the frothy mug in the young lady's right hand, lowering his voice as he continues, "Besides, it appears there may be other matters that may be on your mind."

The Mouse's voice perks up, smiling again as he asks charasmatically , "Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Mickey and it would be pleasure if you came to join us. Whadda ya say?", raising his glass to meet Serah's.

As the mouse had previously pointed out, the crowd of patrons are beginning to collect together. The Bard leading the pack looks out to those gathering around and says, "Looks like we have quite the crowd gathering today. Is it some sort of holiday I am not aware of here in Rabanastre? Ah we'll, we shall party like it is!"

The fellow patrons all raise their glasses in favor, followed by a loud cry of approval! Soon, the band begins with a nice favorable dancing theme that brings many up to their feet, ready to dance!

A pair of patrons begin to make their way over to the group of adventurers!

A young red-haired woman appears to have taken a liking to Luso and wraps an arm around him, looking between him and Evja, "Pardon me though might I have this dance?", then does not give him time to respond pulling him out onto the dance floor, among the crowd!

Meanwhile, another older gentleman wanders up to Evja, a tad more cordigal than the lady before him and asks, while extending his hand, "Quite the crowd out there. Mind if I have this dance?"

A short-time after, a little girl approaches Palom and tugs him by the arm from below the stool, "Come on! Let's dance!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles softly, nodding "It sounds like a good idea... I just don't know anyone here, so I didn't want to disturb them either. But I guess we're all a bit in the same situation here, aren't we?" She nods as she does have lots of things on her mind, but there's only so much she can do on her own as well.

She turns heard her over to the music starting, and people getting pulled to the dance floor like that "Its getting alot more lively suddenly, isn't it?" she raises her glass for Mickey's, taking a sip of the milk.
Myla Mason Myla Mason doesn't seem too bothered really s she wits on her oder but she makes sure to listen as everyone else keeps talking.

"Then they are fortunate. We're still seeking a way to find out way home if it's even possible for us."

She now sdeddles back in to watch and listen.
Palom Palom starts to grin. The mouse-man has been to Mysidia and recognized its greatness! And he recognizes Palom's greatness! The boy positively /beams/, and he nods. "Yup! And Porom too!" Together, they practically /are/ a Sage! But then Evja gets his attention. "That Manhattan place is back?" But then there are introductions, and-- a little girl's pulling on his arm! He slides down from the stool. "Hi! My name's Palom!" He doesn't know how to dance, but surelt the Genius of Mysidia can figure it out by following her lead!
Luso Clemens "Huh?" Luso mumbled as a red haired woman got between him and Evja. "Wha? Dance? Well, I was just--whoa!" There was no time to even protest before he was dragged off. "Sorry Evja! Looks like we're gonna have to take a raincheck on this one!" He called to the Viera, raising a hand in a sheepishly apologetic motion.

With that out of the way, Luso turned his attention back to the woman that had whisked him away to the dance floor. She looked older than him. Maybe a couple years. But eh, whatever! He didn't mind. "So anyway, I'm Luso." He introduced himself plainly before asking. "Do I get to have your name? Or should I call you mysterious redhead?" He asked, grinning cheekily at the question proposed.
Evja "Hm?"

Why is it someone always walks up and asks a person a question when they have a mouthful of food? Evja sits upright a bit and turns to look towards the older hume before shaking her head a little. "I must apologize but I am in no shape to dance at the moment. I've greaves on, among my other armor beneath this robe and I... have not danced since before I imagine that one was born."

Evja points towards Palom, then thoughtfully points towards Luso, "Perhaps even before he was born." Indeed, it was many years ago. Just how old /was/ Evja? Excuses excuses, though.
King Mickey Mickey appears glad at Serah's acceptence of his invitation, while his gaze moves over as the band starts to build up the spirits of the crowd. He chuckles a bit as he responds, "It appears so. Its hard to discern whether the people simply know how to party or is it the band?", follows by taking a drink of his mead.

The Mouse's inquiry is quickly answered as Thomas comes up behind him and swats him on his back lightly, followed by his roaring laugh, "Oh! Ho ho! Ol boy! I'd give credit to the band though there is not a citizen of our fine city that does not enjoy a great party or know how to participate!"

... And that could not be more clear as the crowd gets fully underway! The dancers follow together in a seemless flow of upbeat energy, shifting together back and forth with one another as if a corregraphed project!

The young girl beams widely as Palom accepts her invitation and introduces himself, meanwhile introducing herself, "Hi! I'm Lita! Nice to meet you, Palom! Come on!" and then the pair get out onto the floor. Palom may not know how to dance and it shows. Lita giggles loudly at the genius' mishaps and smiles, "You aren't very good at this are you?"

Meanwhile, the young lady who has taken Luso out, twirls around as the adventurer introduces himself. As this pair flows with the group, She decides to stay quiet for a moment, almost teasingly before turning to him, "Luso, huh? Hmm.. Well, I guess you may call me.. Rose.", which she follows up by dancing around the young man, "You do know how to dance right?"

The music continues for quite awhile though the crowd certainly does not mind. After all of the news concerning the heartless and the darkness, a little light fun is certainly in order! Cheers and laughter remain about as men twirl their ladies into the air!

The older gentlemen nods to Evja respectfully as she declines her offer, "Nothing to worry about miss. Enjoy your dinner though." and then proceeds off to make another set of rounds. He spots Myla by herself without her Captain, Oh! Captain! How tragically opportunistic! However, he first decides to make his way to the bar and orders himself a drink.

Mickey coughs a lil as the slap hits his back and hits the front of his chest, before taking a deep breath. Sometimes even the mice get the worst of luck. Nevertheless, The King looks back up at Thomas and nods, "I'll certainly keep that in mind, my friend."

"Welp...", escapes Mickey's lips as he sets his pint on the table and leaps off his chair, looking up to Serah and smiling, "No sense in missing out on the fun. How about it?" and then extends his hand out graciously as he asks, "Would you present me with the pleasure of this dance, milady?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron hmms, looking between the dancers and the mouse a few times, considering. Well, when in Rome do like the Romans. Or something. There wasn't a Rome in her world. She must have picked that up from somewhere. She'll have to figure that one out later.

Either way, she smiles and puts her hands in Mickey's, nodding "With pleasure." As long as Minnie doesn't hear about this, right? Serah's not really dressed for dancing, but its not like its a formal party either, so her casual, schoolgirl clothes do just fine, even if they look nothing like the clothes people wear in Rabasnastre. She's not a great dancer, but she can follow the lead at the least.
Luso Clemens Luso was almost thinking that she wasn't going to introduce herself. Getting ready to call her Mystery Lady, but then it came. Watching her twirl around him like some sort of ballerina, he chuckled, nodding his answer. "Of course I can dance! I....well, it sorta got forced on me. Hard to forget after what those girls had done to me." He was talking about Prima Donna, one of Clan Gully's rival clans. Something about a dance competition and he was their only hope.

It was a weird time. He'd rather not recall.

"Well whatever, nice to meet you Rose! Shall we then?" He asked, holding out a hand to her for them to begin in earnest.
King Mickey As Serah accepts his invitation, The King takes her hand and leads her out to the dance floor! Noting his partner's hesistation, Mickey decides to take the lead and begins to guide her through each step-by-step of the dance. The two experience a few moments of combined mishaps, which the mouse just smiles at and remains to be patient. Each attempt showing more and more improvement as they synchronize with the flow of the music, "There ya go! You're getting it!"

The King decides to deviate from the norm a bit, adding in a couple twirls and even giving control over to Serah to lead to further show her progress. All in all, at least he's having a good time!

As the dancing tune continues, the patrons begin to move into more complex forms of dance, adding in the exchange of partners momentarily until returning to their originals!

Lita and Palom stay along the side lines, as the young girl continues to try and teach Palom the basics of their dance. She continues to giggle though remains patient with him. After all, it is not often she gets to dance or meet a new friend all in one day.

Meanwhile, Rose looks to Luso with a heart-felt smile and a giggle to boot, "I thought you'd never ask, Luso!".

Luso and Rose begin their dance together, following along with the flow of their fellow dancers and exchanging between partners!

Soon, Luso and Serah cross paths, followed by Mickey and Rose til they meet up with their original partners. The band picks up the tempo a bit and the crowd begins to widen into a large circle, leaving Luso, Mickey, Rose, and Serah in the middle by themselves. The crowd begins to applaud in unison, almost as if to cheer the group on to dance!

Mickey exchanges a glance between each of them, shrugging his shoulders and deciding to go with it, "Come on, guys! Let's give em a show! Just follow my lead!"

The King leaps out in front with the other three behind him and begins a dancing alone. His lithe and nimble nature shows as he easily pulls off some simple dance steps that flow according to the beat of the music, awaiting for the others to follow suit!
Serah Farron Serah Farron blinks as she suddenly gets swapped partners, but she smiles. She's been doing well to follow at least, once some of the ackwardness has disapeared. It takes a while sometimes when you're not used to it. Its not like l'Cie powers turn you into James Bond or something.

If she knew who that was. Why are there so many cultural references in my narration anyway?

Still, she takes Luso's hand as she continues through the dance, following the music a bit more on her own now. And then she's back with Mickey again, under the cheers of the onlookers.
Zeke Zeke sighed, not quite sure where to fit himself in all the doings and goings around before finally tapping Myla on the shoulder. "Mis Myla. A word if you please ma'am?"
Luso Clemens Luso picked up the steps of the dance easily enough and soon he was following along with the crowd like a natural. Switching partners, Luso wound up with Serah first to which he gave a cheerful greeting. "Hey! Excuse me!" And then came Mickey. "Yo, Mickey, comin' through!" And then it was back to Rose.

Noticing that the formation of the dance had begun changing, Luso took a moment to glance about, noticing that they had been encircled in. What this their time to shine!? What abrupt timing! "Heh, looks like we've got to show them just how it's done! Come on guys!"

That said, Luso took Rose's hands, leading her into the final and apparently climatic pair solo! Wait, that made no sense!
Myla Mason Myla Mason looks over to Zeke and smiles a bit as she replies "Humm what might be on your mind?" She meanwhile sips at her drinks.
King Mickey As the two pairs continue into their final performances, the crowd goes wild for them, continuing to clap to the rhythm of the music!

Noting Luso's performance, Mickey looks to Serah and smiles, "Time we did the same!" and then the pair swing into action for a final performance!

Rose looks to Luso with a beaming smile about her face. It has been some time since she has had this much fun! The Followthroughs, spins, and twirls! She is happy he remained true to his word of being able to dance!

As the bard and his band begin to wrap up their song, the pairs twirl together as the last note is played and then complete silence!

Mickey has tipped Serah downward gracefully and without touching the ground! No funny business! He's a gentleman mind you! Geeze!

Meanwhile, the opposite has happened on the other side as Rose has tipped Luso, touching her lips to his!

The crowd bursts into a roar of applause for both the band and those participating!
Luso Clemens "Annnnd here we go!" Luso announced, going into the final twirl and the tip downwards. Or rather, he would have, but Rose seemed to have taken it upon herself to do it instead! Wait, wasn't he supposed to be leading!? The applause of the crowd elicited a nervous grin from him.

"Eheh heh..You're a pretty good dancer, Rose, but--mrgh?" Wait. Wait a second. Did she just--!? Luso's cheeks began to redden after and immediately he instinctively looked around as if someone were likely to kill him for what just happened. After a moment, he realized that no, Adelle, Cid, and Hurdy were not around. "...Oh right. phew..."

"Uh, Rose, can I go now?" He asked ina tone that seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, if that were even possible.
Zeke Zeke sat by the sea lady and sipped his drink. "Specifically at this moment?" There was a matter of factness to his voice. "Worry over whether that thing still has it's claws stuck in my head, trying to figure out the best venue for my parent's shop in traverse what sort of favors Rosemarie will have me perform." Beat. He looked about to make sure nobody was activly listening in. He figured what with Ariel getting hauled out of the water in full view of everyone Myla knew. "Ariel's condition. You know." Light tone now. He tried to smile and act as if it was all idle thoughts of no importance. "This and that. You?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron's pink hair tosses and floats around as she moves with the king. Its cute too. She lets laugh a bit of an eep followed by a laugh when she's tilted backward. Considering that Mickey is quite a taller smaller than she is, that's pretty impressive too. She manages to get her balance enough to straighten herself up at least afterwards.

At least the king didn't try to kiss her!
King Mickey The bard speaks up, following the performance, "Thank you! Thank you, all! You all are much too kind! My my, that was quite the performance by everyone, particularly our lone dancers in the front. Let's give a big round of applause for them and each and every one of you!", which is followed as requested by the audiance!

Rose lifts back up with Luso, somewhat blushing herself and embarassed by her actions. She chuckles though and looking back to Luso, "Of course but umm... Thank you for the dance..", to which she curtsies and takes her leave.

Mickey helps Serah back up. He smiles and nods to her, "Now, that was fun! Thanks for the dance! Umm..." and now scratches his head, realizing his mistake, "Umm... I don't think I caught your name now that I think of it?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron smiles, and offers her hand to the king, not to dance this time though, but after this dance, its the least she can do really "My name is Serah Farron. I got in this... well... world only a few days ago, been on the run from hearltess ever since." She feels like she's attracting them like a magnet somehow, but she can't really explain that. She must just have a yummy looking heart, maybe.

She moves back to the counter to take a sip of her milk, which has managed to cool down some thanks to the proximity of the frozen one, which still as a way to go to unthaw enough to drink.
Luso Clemens "'s okay. No problem!" Luso chuckled, rubbing the back of his head and adjusting the hat on his head. Nodding to the band and the audience and waving slightly in acknowledgement, Luso then scuttled off, downing his drink before making his way out and into the city.

With the pub being that festive, there was certainly little chance to be able to seek out information. So he'd check out some other parts of the city. ...It WAS fun though! If a little embarrassing at the end.

But it'd be over his dead body if any of his clan mates found out about it!
King Mickey King Mickey smiles and reaches up to grasp the young lady's hand, shaking it with a firm grip, "Well, its a pleasure to meet ya, Serah."

The King follows along, hopping back up into his seat and taking a drink of his mead. He listens further to Serah's story pertaining to her arrival and being on the run from The Heartless, "So, you mentioned just arriving here. Where were you before all this happened?"
Serah Farron Serah Farron thinks about that "... Its hard to explain, but... I was in this world, but asleep. I was in Eden, but when I woke up everything had changed. Eden was on a world we called Cocoon, it was like a planet, a ball of dirt, floating in the sky of another planet that was called Gran Pulse. But Eden here is not on Cocoon anymore, so its hard to tell what happened.
King Mickey King Mickey appears confused by Serah's explaination. He is not sure how Serah's world and the current worlds have managed to merge or its cause, much less where though it appears it remains subject to the heartless. He looks back to Serah and nods, "Well, it certainly sounds as if you have been through quite a lot. You mentioned being pursued relentlessly by the heartless. Not a rather favorable trait to have. Any particular reason? Are you in possession of anything that might attract them?"

The Mouse has his ideas and while fairly confident in his thoughts, still decides to probe anyway.
Serah Farron Serah Farron shakes her head "Not that I know of. I just end up getting jumped repeatidly it seems. I didn't get much rest since I got here. I suppose I should find some travelling companions." She smiles softly "Well, can't say its been all the time, but it just seems I keep moving to avoid them, and there's always more around the corner."
King Mickey King Mickey finishes the remainder of his mead and sets the glass on the bar, nodding to Serah as he does so, "As you are aware, The Heartless are as dangerous as they are numerous. However, it is rare for them to relentlessly pursue individuals unless they possess a strong heart that they feel can sustain them."

Mickey looks back to Serah and says, "If that is the case, they will continue to come for you until you are theirs. If I may offer some advice to you, seek a safe haven within one of the realms of light and/or train your heart to become stronger to resist the call of the heartless. Either one will keep you safe though the combination of both will reveal the best results."

From there, The King leaps from chair and looks back towards Serah, "Unfortunately, I must cut our conversation further short as I have other matters to attend too. It certainly has been both fun and a pleasure to make your acquaitance, Miss Farron. Until next time we meet!"
Serah Farron Serah Farron tilts her head as she thinks about it. Making one's heart stronger? How would someone do that? But she'll try to remember those words at least. She slips out of her chair with a smile, nodding "We'll meet again I'm sure. It was nice to meet you, Mr Mouse Mickey." She plays on the name a little bit.
King Mickey The Good Mousey King nods and begins to take his leave from the establishment, leaving behind not only good feelings but memories and lessons to boot. Its their move now.

Where life will take them next is only known by the stars. .../*

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