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Insert Coin
(2013-04-01 - Now)
A lady far from home comes back to one of the few bits of familiarity she's had and finds it isn't as it first seems.
Blackbird Blackbird was out for a walk. Ever since she'd heard Manhatten had come back from the shadows she'd taken to alking it's streets. It wasn't home but it felt home-like.

And then she saw something she could scarcely believe. At first she took it to be just a hallucination. That was Flynn's arcade. Not an 'east coast branch' not a fan recreation. THE arcade. It was here." Her feet carried her inside and she looked about not quite aware of everything going on by how she looked.

Deelel The door isn't locked but long ago Deelel has put in sensor net from the grid to keep an eye on things as Blackbird enters she gets alerted to it and the Arcade itself? Showed signs of being here there was little dust several of the machines had their dust covers off and all were active but that woudl mean someone is here? Could it be Flynn?
Blackbird "Mister Flynn?" Blackbird's voice called out tenetively. She hadn't expected Kevin to be here, but then again this place /should not be here/ so why not hope for one miracle on top of another. Her hand moved along the diffrent arcade machines as she looked about trying to get a sense of the place. Then she raised a flashlight. Sure it was long dead but a little electricity given by magical means caused it to shine brightly. Handy. Make a light that wouldn't work for anyone else. Also neat party trick to have your phone charge while you're using it. NO wait. That was genuinely useful.

Deelel Someone is coming down from the upstairs she's dressed a bit strangely, there's a charcam like thing on her back and on her exposed armo are circlt like glowing tattoos, and oddly as she speaks there's a slight digital warbel to it if one pays attention closely.

"Greetings can I help you, I'm afraid this arcade isn't in operation offically."
Blackbird Blackbird looked at the source of the voice and... Froze. She's seen some of the abandoned skunkworks Encom had back in Flynn's day for marketing Tron. This looked similar but... Not. "Ah..." Deep breath. "I'm sorry the door was unlocked I thought." Thought what?

"I apologize miss but this arcade. It's litterally a chunk from my home plunked in the middle of Manhatten."
Deelel Deelel looks confused rfor a moment as she leans on one of the arcade units.

"Really I had no idea nd are you certain it could be a world shard." She shrugs a bit "Well that's fine, I should have locked it and I'm Deelel by the way."
Blackbird Blackbird offered Deelel a hand. Thing of it is while she wans't using enough electricity to cause more than a mild tingle she wans't yet good enough with magic to limit to just whatever Thing she wanted charged. "Blackbird." The Name might mean something to Deelel if she had any contact with the encom systems. Might not. "You... come from a strange world if your fashion is normal." There was a ghostly smile as Blackbird looked Deelel's suit and tatoos over. "And I rather like the look. How do you get them to glow like that?"
Deelel Deelel is joltent a bit by the charge and well raise an eyebrow at that. "You could say that and I guess it's normal enough, as for the look? I have always had these, everyone does from where I'm from. It's always a bit unsettling to see people without them honestly."
Blackbird Blackbird frowned at her hand and made her magic go away. "Sorry sorry I... was told to keep practicing at fine control. I don't have much power so I try working on less flashy applications." There was a small laugh. "ALways nice to know my phone'll stay charged no matter where I am."
Deelel Deelel says "Don't worry about it and really that must be pretty useful. I found the power life on a lot of devices here are rather substandard for me but I deal." She looks over at some of the arcade games for a moment "I found interesting things here really."
Blackbird Blackbird looked across at some of the machines and briefly wondered if she could power any before discarding the idea. Power? Maybe. Power and have concentration enough to play? Not a chance. Not yet. "Here is... diffrent than home. It's like going back a couple decades in some ways." Then her mind drifted to some of Xanatos's toys. "Ahead a couple in others. What kinda work you do miss Deelel?"
Deelel Deelel says "It's one of the most advanced locations I seen short of my home to be honest." She nods tilting hert head for a moment "Art, Music, professional trouble maker for certain people." She's been getting better at picking up on user mannerisms when it comes to talking. "I have a few works up in Tranverse town if you want to take a look, though be wary there. There's something going on..."
Blackbird Blackbird quirked an eyebrow. "You sound rather busy. I"ve mostly been doing chairty work, rebuilding this and that... Actually got an old patch job someone had done to get power going." She sounded proud of that. "Sure it's an ugly hack but the guy's running a street clinic out of his home and needed the extra juice."
Deelel Deelel looks back to Blackbird and shrugs. "I'm prone to getting into trouble it seems. So I might as well claim to be professional at it." She nods "That's not a bad, helping others right that and you have right to be proud of it." She heds over to one of the arcade games as she talks. "So you say you know this place?"
Blackbird Blackbird's answer was to walk over to one of the arcade machines and put a hand on the console. Sure she couldn't split attention between making it power on and actually PLAY it, but talking she could do. "I grew up here. Don't remember why everyone kept dumping their kids here before Mister Flynn went missing but it was a nice place. Safe. Then Flynn went away and I stopped coming for awhile. Came back when I herd it was getting shut down. Was this huge petition that encom ignored. Said they had to focus on 'a unified direction'." The machine slowly died as Blackbird withdrew her magic. There wasa slight hitch in her step as she recovered from the exertion. "Translation. It's not making us money. I know this one guy worked a restoration center out of... Knsas I think Zack. Said he was wanting to buy the place if it didn't reopen soon."
Deelel Deelel recalls Tron mentionign the name Flynn once she'll have to talk to him but Users have layer upon layers of alias she found they don't even use their true names normally on computers. "It's a nice enough place, I think these ... machines desver some care." She doesn't voice her thoughts they likely contain basics like her self. "Well this is where I first woke up in Manhattan don't know about the rest of it but that how it seems go go one over riding directive to make money. I don't even get it's value, you can't eat it, you can't use it for anything..."
Blackbird Blackbird shrugged. "Beats constantly having to barter." Then her voice shifted in attempt to mimic a convrosation. "'Hey I'll give you this wagonload of apples for that cow.' 'nah. i want five loaves of bread three bushles of apples and a few chickens.'" Eyeroll.
Deelel Deelel say "It's not that we don't have an ecomic system for lack of a better term we use energy. Rather than some valuless currency honestly." She smirks for a moment and laughs at the mental image of barter.
Blackbird Blackbird just... sortof stared at Deelel. "Well that WOULD solve a thing or nine but usually you can't get say a new car out of thin air." Then her phone blipped that it was fully charged. "OK fine I can cheat a little and avoid paying an electric bill but even that comes from burning calories." Then another thought hit and she squinted at Deelel. "Dll... wait you're the person that's been leaving all those murels around."
Deelel Deelel just smirks widely liek she knows something that Blackbird does not. "You totally can." She laughs for a oment "Fair enough but yes what about them so you have seen my work then." She grins widely.
Blackbird Blackbird shook her head at Deelel not quite getting the joke. "Sure Magic can do amazing things but... you don't get something for nothing and in every system. Every storage mechanism every... Everything there is always some amount of waste energy. Some sort of breakdown." She absentmindedly started going about poking at the machine she'd been looking at, trying to see if anything was obviously, to her anyway, wrong with the controls, if anything acted wierd on powerup, etc etc.

"Look I'm going to be in town for awhile now that it's back so you going to need help getting the place cleaned up? I'm... not personally familliar with the old boards but I had a lot of friends that refurbished or just plain built these for a living." Granted her own interests were similar enough to not matter but she was playing modest. "Or do I need ot send a resume in and wait six weeks before I get told no?"
Deelel Deelel says "That's why we use energy for currency more or less as you understand it." She's still grinning however about light cycles and the like she finds it quite funny. "Magic is chaotic unpreditcable." She notes for a moment "Prehaps I can talk to Alan about it later when I catch up with him. The machines are functional I kept them runing even after something broke into the arcade and fought here. That was two weeks of repair work there." she's got to admit fixing user things are strange. She pauses looking at BB as she looks things over. "I'll see what he says."
Blackbird Blackbird perked at that name. She wouldn't have known /which/ alan but. "Bradley?" Look it was an impossible shot but she's met Alan Bradley a couple times. Past the veneer and flash of public meetings and the board when he actually got to talk with the rank and file he seemed like... well an engineer at heart. she liked him from what little she'd seen.

"In the meantime." There was a sidelong glance at the space paranoids cabinat. "That one work? I had high score... OK fine high score outside of Flynn but when the only guy ahead of you is the guy that litterally /created/ the game." Grin. Modesty? What Modesty?
Deelel Deelel shakes her head a little bit "I'm afraid not just Alan." She shrugs a ltitle bit as she looks over at the game. "Sounds like you think you got game hummm prehaps a challenge." She has tow odner though if this woman's played it did she hear abotu the tanks in Tranverse town.
Blackbird Blackbird tossed a quarter at Deelel and grin. "Do I have game?" There was light musical laughter. "Lady. I /AM/ the game." Beat. "And you are so going to lose."

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